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It’s August, and summer time is slowly dragging on toward a much anticipated end. Unbearable temperatures and stifling droughts have made it nearly impossible to enjoy the past few months. In fact, without a quality cigar at hand, how could any of us have survived? Thompson Cigars understands better than anyone the plight of being stranded in the heat without our favorite smoke to help bring a satisfying end to the day. If your humidor is running low and you’re wondering how you’re going to make it through the next few weeks, don’t panic! Enter the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” going on right now and you may just end up with the relief you’re looking for!


Always thankful for our dedicated customers, Thompson Cigar is pleased to provide top quality cigars and smoking accessories to people across the nation. We believe in giving back to our fans, just ask the winner of our first week give away – Brook C. from Wisconsin! By entering the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” and showing her love of great cigars, Brook will receive a collection of products that would make even the most experienced smoker jealous!


To participate, head over to the Thompson Cigars Facebook page and simply click on the “Like” button! Every week in August a new package loaded with cigar related prizes will be revealed, giving you four chances to win a collection worth $900. That’s over $3,000 worth of product given away in a single month! After liking the page and providing the required information, check back every Friday at 11AM to see the latest set of prizes. No purchase is necessary, meaning your winnings are completely free! There’s still time to participate and win, so don’t delay!


Get “Stranded” with a Prize Pack of your Favorite Cigars!

Are you the self-declared cigar expert of your group of friends? Would you find it impossible to go a single day without the smooth taste of your favorite quality smokes? Do you know exactly which sticks you would want with you if you ever found yourself stranded on a deserted island?

If so, Thompson Cigar is willing to make your fantasies a reality!  If a fine collection of sticks would be as important to you as water, food, and shelter, you’re just who we’re looking for! Aficionados and new comers alike are welcome to participate in the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” going on right now!

Thompson Cigar is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cigars and smoking accessories like humidors, cigar cutters, lighters and more! Since 1915, we have prided ourselves in offering the smoking world the best selection at reasonable prices. To thank our loyal customers, we want to give a little something back.

To participate, head over to the Thompson Cigar Facebook page, click on the “Like” button, and enter to win! We’ll reveal a new prize package (worth over $900) every week starting 8/2/13 for a total of 4 weeks. That’s over $3600 worth of cigars and gear that you won’t want to miss!

After liking the page and providing the required information, check back every Friday at 11AM to see the latest set of prizes. No purchase is necessary but you must be 21 years or older to enter. Consider it our way of protecting you the next time you find yourself stranded!


How to Smoke a Cigar

Smoking a cigar should be an enjoyable experience every time. Whether you prefer one in the morning, afternoon, evening, or have some special cigar smoking ritual, here are some basic tips you should consider before firing up your next cigar!


The Summer Cigar Sampler

Summer is approaching and that can only mean one thing....summer cookouts!  I can't think of a better way to get together with my buddies and the family other than by sitting out on the porch smoking a quality cigar.  True aficionados bring cigars to share to the party, although sometimes it can be difficult to know which cigars to bring when everyone has their own preference.  That is why the 90 Plus Rated Deluxe Sampler is always a great choice!  You can bring an assortment of cigars that have a broad range of flavors and will surely be a crowd pleaser.  They're easy to light and even nicer to smoke.  Be the talk at all of the parties by bringing the gift that keeps on giving!

It's not often you can save on BIG NAME cigars – cigars that others will envy as you smoke them! The Highly Rated Sampler contains 2 C.A.O. Brazilia, 2 C.A.O. Criollo and 2 C.A.O. Gold… plus 2 Vintage 1990, 2 Vintage 1992, and 2 Sungrown by Rocky Patel. These glorious cigars will give you hours of smoking pleasure.  It's no wonder people are talking about this sampler!

Looking for Cheap Cigars?

Save up to 80% on Cigars
Looking for CHEAP CIGARS?

You've come to the right place for great deals on cigars, cigar samplers, humidors and more! Shop the best selection of discount cigars online including huge price breaks on handmade premiums and machine made daily smokes, flavored and non-flavored, and cigar samplers with all of the above. We have the best cigar deals online and we discount different items all the time!

Sample different selections of cigars from premium brands, 90 plus rated and more. Shop cigar samplers that include top brands, value packs and all your favorite cigars in a convenient cigar sampler. Whether you are a seasoned cigar smoker or a beginner, trying a cigar sampler is a great way to smoke a variety of cigars, or perhaps find a new favorite! Experience the wide selection of cigar samplers offered by Thompson Cigar with best selling cigar samplers, national brand cigar samplers, premium cigar samplers, and our BEST selling 90 Plus Rated Samplers.

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Father's Day Cigar Gift Guide

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you better start Fathers Day Gift Guide
thinking what you’re going to get Dad. You can get him another tie that he may never wear, OR you can get him something that he might actually enjoy. Right now, on, you can get free shipping on ANY item in our Gifts category! This special offer only last until June 12, 2011 at 11:59pm so you better get started.

In the Gifts category, you’ll find all kinds of gifts that Dad would absolutely love. If he needs a new place to store his cigars, get him a humidor. We have the classical looking Bally Humidor that holds up to 100 cigars – perfect for keeping cigars at their optimum freshness. Or you can get him the Venetian Cherry 125-count Humidor; the gold accents on its shiny, cherry finish make it a great addition to any room in the house. Dad will love it!

Nub 460 Cigar SamplerWe also have a several cigar samplers in there that he is sure to enjoy. We have the Oliva Nub 460 sampler, which consists of 10 cigars – they're short cigars with a big ring-gauge so you get the full flavor of a full size cigar, but you don’t have to commit an hour to smoke it. We also have the ever so popular Gold Standard III Sampler – in this, you get a variety of top notch brands like Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, among other 90-rated cigars. If Dad likes the bolder smokes, get him the Nicaraguan Ninety Rated Sampler. It’s an excellent selection of full-bodied cigars – makes for a nice evening smoke. Or we have the Best Cigar Sampler: self explanatory. It consists of 16 cigars like Gurkha, Rocky Patel, CAO, Perdomo – all the heavy hitters in the industry.

Andre Garcia 3-Finger Cigar Travel Case
If Dad is already stocked up on smokes, get him some of the right tools to enhance his smoking experience.  Right now, the Vertigo Bullet Dual Torch Lighter is on sale for only $19.95. It’s got a cigar punch built right into it! We also have the Colibri Firebird Cutter – cuts the cigars clean every time for a perfect draw. If Dad likes to smoke during his outdoor activities this would be a perfect gift for him – an Andre Garcia 3-cigar case; sleek AND practical. If your Dad travels a lot, then get him this Travel Aluminum Case. It holds five cigars securely, and is sturdy enough to get Dad’s cigars from point A to point B safe and fresh. And remember, ALL of these items are SHIPPED FREE until June 12, 2011 @ 11:59pm. Don’t miss out!

Huge Savings - Sign Up for Email!

Sign Up For Thompson Cigar Email!There are HUGE SAVINGS to be had when you signup for Thompson Cigar email! Exclusive sales, freebies and limited quantity premium cigars are featured every week! Don't miss out on your chance to rake in the discounts and pack your humidor with loads of premium cigars!

Don't believe me? Here's what Thompson Cigar is featuring this week!
Don’t miss it! Our huge Labor Day Outlet Blowout Event- 2 Days Only, THIS Sunday and Monday 9/5 & 9/6 AND you can only access it via e-mail. Make sure you are signed up for email today!


Cheap Phillies Cigars

Phillies Cigars are a sweet treat when you're craving a flavored cigar. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and wrappers, these little blunts pack a big punch at a small price. Produced in Puerto Rico, Phillies cigars feature tobacco filler from the Dominican Republic and Honduras for the perfectly mild-bodied taste.

"The Phillie Strawberry Blunts are one of my favorite cheapie smokes, but are getting pretty pricey if you pay-at-the-pump. Finding that Thompson Cigar had them in Boxes online for about 1/2 the price was a huge bonus. I bought a box for me - enjoyed them - and then turned around and bought a box for my uncle - perfect gift!"

Phillies cigars are advertised for the "value-conscious smoker" and while I believe this to be true, I think that only accounts for half the Phillies smokers out there. The reality is that every cigar brand has a demographic and Phillies is dominated by a younger, hipper group. How many cigar smokers out there start off with a Cohiba or Ashton cigar? Every cigar smoker starts off somewhere and for many that somewhere was a gas station Phillie or Swisher Sweet. Either way, these little cigars pack a lot of flavor at a cheap price, sure to keep 
you and your wallet happy.

The Brown Bag Sampler - Worth The Mystery

Brown Bag Sampler

... I know what you're thinking. Believe me, I was not on the Brown Bag Sampler's side when the idea was in it's infancy. I thought to myself, this is essentially like going into your local shop, picking up an unknown box off the counter and buying it - only sure of one thing - cigars will be inside. Well - my opinion was shot down and to my surprise the Brown Bag Sampler is flying off the shelves - we literally make up new samplers every week to stay in stock. That's the beauty of it - we don't have to worry about what's in stock because its genuinely completely random. Sometimes you'll get a few Rocky Patels, CAO or Ghurkas in there - other times you might get a few Don Lugo's or Cubanacan - it's totally random (in a good way).

Don't be afraid to venture into the unknown on this one. The Brown Bag Sampler is totally worth the mystery and money. AND - to make you a believer I'm going to open up one of these cigar samplers and tell you what's inside, so here goes...

- 2 Flor De Dominguez
- 2 Cubanacan
- 4 Reyes Family Vintage
- 6 Victor Sinclair
- 7 Exclusive Brands
- 2 CAO
- 7 Mystery Cigars (I have to leave some mystery!!)

So - I proved it to you -  When you purchase the Brown Bag Sampler, you will be getting thirty great cigars!


Save Money On Top Brands - Shop Our Cigar Auction!

It's probably not a huge surprise that I am a giant fan of cigars; all cigars, I try my hardest not to discriminate (although Rocky Patel will always have a very special place in my heart!). If you asked my colleagues when I started smoking, they would probably guess that I started smoking when I started here at Thompson Cigar, however how wrong they are! I started smoking a little over 10 years ago (working here for three) so I've been buying cigars for quite some time. With all of that said, I know what it's like to crave a great cigar but not the high price tags. This is where the Thompson Cigar Auction comes into play, saving you boatloads of cash.

The Cigar Auction site is your one stop online auction where you can bid on all of your favorite cigars, humidors, cigar memorabilia, cigar accessories, and more for great deals you can't find anywhere else! Most cigar auctions start at just $1.00 and inventory turns quickly as there are literally thousands of cigars and cigar products just waiting for your bid! Shop top of the line smokes, cigar lighters, ashtrays, humidors and humidor accessories, and so much more - and get them all at the price you want! To start bidding now, register here.


Davidoff - A Cigar for All Smokers

Davidoff cigars are celebrated for their consistent high quality and precise craftsmanship, and Thompson Cigar is proud to carry their distinctive lines of handmade cigars. First created in Cuba in 1946, Davidoff cigars are now made in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Our exclusive blends offer customers a degree of selectivity never before experienced: the mild to full-bodied Aniversario, the full-flavored but gentle Thousand Series, and the aromatic Grand Cru and Special Series, of which Series R is a long-time customer favorite. We also carry the full-bodied Millennium Series, offering a unique, bold taste since 2001. The precise, handmade construction of your Davidoff cigars, combined with rich flavor profiles and scents, will allow you to appreciate the quality of the fine tobacco leaves and superior binding from the first puff to the last. Trust Thompson Cigar to provide you with Davidoff cigars that never let you down. If you don't want to take my word for it, here's what some customers are saying about their Davidoff cigars...


Davidoff Review


Mega Cigar Sale - ALL YEAR LONG!

Do you love cigars but not the prices? Well, I've got great news for you! Thompson Cigar offers cigars and cigar products at heavily discounted prices in their Outlet that is updated daily. Only here can you shop big and save bigger! Find savings on premium name cigars, including Gurkha, Partagas, and H. Upmann, as well as a wide selection of cigar samplers, cigar gifts, cigar cases, cigar accessories, cigar humidors, and cigar combos. From final markdowns to newly added items, you'll find everything you need and want from Thompson Cigar at unbeatable deals.


Dad is sure to love A Cigar Sampler of the Month Club!

Father's Day is coming up and I always find myself panicking a little. What am I going to get my Dad for Father's Day that he doesn't already have AND that I can afford! (Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a Ferrari?) I'm sure it comes as no surprise that every year I get my Dad a great Cigar Sampler; it's one of the perks of working for a cigar company! And every year he gets excited, acts surprised and the whole process reminds him that indeed, he does have a favorite kid. This year I've decided that I'm going to 'up the ante' (just in case my sister was thinking of trying to out do me...) by getting good ol' Dad not just one cigar sampler but six cigar samplers! That's right, I signed my Dad up for a Cigar of the Month Club; quite possibly every cigar smoking man's dream! Each monthly package will be delivered with an informative newsletter. This newsletter will not only explain the cigars in great depth, but also offer great cigar advice, terminology and discounted products. And best of all, FREE SHIPPING on all shipments plus Dad will get a great selection of the top brands like Cohiba, Arturo Fuente, Gurkha, CAO cigars, Punch and so many more!

Obviously this is a great gift because its on auto-pilot. Thompson Cigar will ship the samplers for FREE and do everything to get it out for Dad (or whoever, it makes a great gift for any cigar smoker) for Father's Day. If you're on a stricter budget and want to send someone the Cigar of the Month Club for 2 months, 3 months, 5 months, whatever, that's fine because they have every possibility you could want that fits every budget. Check it out!


Have A Good Time Rolling Your Own Cigars!

Do you find that some cigars aren't flavored enough? Do you ever wish you could roll your own cigars? Well here's a great option for those of you out there! Good Times Flat Wraps are flavored tobacco wraps made for the cigar smoker who wants to spice it up. Good Times Flat Wraps are blended from select tobacco ingredients, come in a wide variety of exciting flavors like Mango-Licious, Sour Apple, Grape, Blueberry, Strawberry-Kiwi, Passion, or Natural, and come packaged in 30 guaranteed-fresh sleeves each containing two wraps or 60 total wraps.

The great thing about rolling your own cigars is you can decide the ring gauge and flavor. If you want a 15 minute smoke, roll a little cigar; if you want a 40 minute smoke, roll a larger cigar, the option is entirely yours.

The Best Humidifier Around!

The La Veil DCH-200 Humidifier is a staff favorite here at Thomspon Cigar! Designed for humidors up to 300 count, this system easily attaches to the inside lid, the walls, or anywhere there is room inside the humidor.  This is easily one of the most ingenious humidifiers ever created for desktop humidors becase unlike others, this electronic humidifier doesn’t come with any wires that can compromise the integrity of a humidor and get in the way! With its unique rechargeable cell-phone battery that is built right into the unit, this humidifier was designed to last up to months before it will tell you that it needs a recharge.  When it is time to recharge, just take the device and plug it in for just a couple hours, then you are set for months before another charge. If that's not easy enough, there's more! The unit is easily removed to refill the humidification device, which is removed, re-soaked in distilled water, and placed back in the unit.  The unit also includes a precise electronic hydrometer so you know exactly what the RH (relative humidity) is at all times.

Cigar humidors can sometimes require a lot of maintenance, but now with this spectacular system, cigars (and cigar lovers) can rest with the reassurance that they are in the perfect shape possible with one of the best and most convenient humidifiers on the market.

Cigar 101 Introduction

Cigar 101 Introduction

Confused by cigar-specific terms such as wrapper and long filler? Not sure of the best way to store your precious smokes? Just interested in learning more about the hobby of enjoying premium cigars or humidor care? Our Cigar Speak pages are dedicated to providing you with a host of cigar-related information. Plus view tons of cigar related videos from our Cigar Aficionados here at Thompson Cigar!

Check out How To Smoke A Cigar with Al Remp, one of our Cigar Aficionados!


Thompson Cigar is Blogging!

Thompson Cigar is blogging! After being inundated with some great questions, comments, feedback and testimonials, we've decided to start a blog and share it all with you! Not only can cigar lovers visit Thompson Cigar Blog for the latest news in the cigar industry but you can get information and advice on cigars and cigar smoking, plus find the best deals and discounts offered at Thompson Cigar.

Thompson Cigar Blog is the only place you can go to hear real cigar smokers discussing new cigar brands and important industry news. Need some tips on which cigar will taste best with your morning cup o’ joe? Or do you want to know what the cigar experts really think about that new cigar line? Or maybe you just want to find a great offer on a cigar sampler. Well, Thompson Cigar Blog has it all! Stop by regularly to read up on cigars, and join in on the discussion!