Buy C and C Gordo Cigar Samplers for a Fantastic Deal on Premium Everyday Smokes

C and C Gordo Cigars are one of the more recent additions to the Thompson Online Cigar Store. However, despite being one of the newer cigars on the block, these smokes are C & C Gordo Sampler Gordoattracting quite the following. In fact, some people have been buying a few samplers at a time because these sticks make for fantastic everyday smokes. The thing about these cigars is that they fit the bill as an everyday stick by merit of their low price (10 sticks for less than $30) while also being a premium 6 x 60 cigar. Yes, the Corojo has a 90 rating and both sticks in this sampler are good enough to merit a special place in any humidor.

The recipe for these quality smokes is simple yet produces excellent results. As with many other quality cigars, these fine sticks are rolled by hand and use choice Dominican tobacco to generate a satisfying, medium-bodied quality smoke. However, each cigar brand also makes use of a particular blend of tobacco and the fermented leaf chosen for C and C Gordos is a definite winner because they will probably be one of the best everyday smokes you have ever tried. Given the bargain prices for these fine sticks, who knows how long supplies will last so order a few C and C Gordo Samplers today.

Find great deals on these and hundreds of other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Use Cigar Cases to Keep Cigars Safe During Travel

Protek 15 Count Travel CaseThe winter might be cold and dreary in many parts of the country but we don't necessarily need to stay around and shovel out the driveway. This is the perfect time of the year for taking a vacation and no trip should take place without a good set of cigars. No matter where you go, bring cigars to celebrate the trip. What you bring is up to you but you might want to take a bunch of favorite everyday smokes to enjoy while walking the greens, going fishing, or just relaxing at the hotel. However, don't forget to bring some premium cigars too because a vacation is a time to celebrate.

Enjoy that time to the fullest with some top shelf smokes but don't forget to keep them safe with a good cigar case. The Protek 15 Count Travel Case is a perfect case for the task no matter where you happen to be going. This case works on comfortable trips and not so comfortable adventures because it uses waterproof, extremely tough materials, is rustproof, mold-proof, and even has a pressure release. Not to mention, this tough travel case also has s small humidifier in its lid to keep your treasured sticks from drying out.

Save on this and other quality cigar cases at Thompson Cigar today.


Buy Bundles of Thompson Black Label Corona Habano Cigars for Everyday Smoking Happiness

Thompson Black Label Corona HabanoEveryday cigars are those sticks that we light up whenever we feel like enjoying a good smoke. It's as simple as that so it's worth it to have a good supply of everyday sticks at all times. With that in mind, everyday smokes have to be available for an affordable low price. All that means is that the cigars in question need to fall within one's own cigar budget. For aficionados fortunate enough to have a big cigar budget, everyday smokes can even be premium, boutique cigars that sell for fairly high prices.

However, for most of us, since most premium smokes are too expensive to enjoy on an everyday basis, we need to find lesser known brands that sell for low prices without sacrificing on quality. One of the best of those everyday smokes is the Thompson Black Label Corona Habano. The price is more than right for these satisfying sticks because twenty count bundles of Thompson Black Label Corona Habanos are available for less than $20! Despite the very low price, these cigars generate a quality, very enjoyable smoking experience. Every stick is rolled by hand, uses quality Philippine tobacco, and is wrapped in a delicious Habano wrapper.

Find great deals on bundles of Thompson Black Label Corona Habanos and hundreds of other quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


The Importance of Enjoying Cigars the Right Way

Jetline Gotham Quad Flame Black Finish LThose of us who enjoy smoking cigars don't just partake in the experience because we enjoy fine, fermented tobacco. We also smoke cigars because we relish the experience of testing and tasting the subtle difference in flavors that come from different types of tobacco and wrappers. We enjoy inspecting cigars and noting the quality of their construction, and focusing on the difference between the start, sweet spot, and end of the cigar. These are a few of the reasons why it's important to enjoy cigars the right way and that procedure includes:

  • Choosing the best cigar for the moment: Pick a mild stick for the morning, medium-bodied smoke for the afternoon, and full-bodied cigar for the evening. It might be an everyday smoke or premium cigars for special situations.
  • Inspecting and cutting the cigar: After checking and appreciating the construction of the stick in question, carefully snip off the tip with a quality cigar cutter. It's important to use cigar cutters and not a knife or scissors because the cutter results in the type of  good, even cut necessary for properly enjoying the cigar.
  • Lighting and smoking it: Use proper cigar lighters to evenly light the end of the stick and then casually smoke it with enough time to savor the fine flavors.

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Two of the Best Premium Cigars for the Winter Months

H Upmann 1844 Reserve Belicoso NaturalThe winter is always a tough time of the year. In most parts of the country, golf is a distant memory, if you want to go fishing you have to know how to cut a hole in the ice, and it can be a challenge to stay warm during those daily walks in the park. Not to mention, the cold, dry weather can also pose a threat to your cigar collection. However, even if you don't take a vacation to a warmer clime, winter can still be a good time to enjoy cigars.

For example, a great top shelf smoke seems to be even better when you can sit back in a warm den and enjoy that fine tobacco as the snow and ice coat the backyard. It's also a great time of the year to enjoy some fine cigars with friends while watching the Super Bowl and basketball games. It's a time to treat yourself to fine cigars and two of the best are the Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore Box Pressed Maduro Belicoso, and the H Upmann 1844 Reserve Belicoso Natural. Both of these sticks are major, top shelf smokes that have earned respective ratings of 95 and 93. The medium to full body and excellent flavors of these premium smokes will brighten even the darkest, coldest days of winter.

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Find Fantastic Value with Vista de Cuba Cigars

Vista De Cuba Torpedo MaduroThe best cigar deals aren't the ones that sell smokes for the lowest prices. They happen to be the deals and sales that sell quality cigars for a very good price. For example, when you buy Vista de Cuba cigars at the Thompson Online Cigar Store, you get nothing short of a fantastic deal on high quality cigars. How can you trust that Vista de Cubas are top shelf smokes? How about the fact that they were created by the same cigar experts behind the 90 plus rated Aging Room and Swag cigar brands!

Yes, Vista de Cubas are made by Oliveros and show it by generating a top shelf, very fine cigar smoking experience. Choice long filler Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos are used in conjunction with a Dominican binder and excellent wrappers to conjure up a mild to medium-bodied tobacco treasure. That's part of the reason why buying a box of these sticks is such a good deal. The other part is related to the low price paid for a box of these fine smokes. For a limited time, 20 count boxes of Cuba de Vista Cigars are selling for less than $40 and 20 count boxes of premium Churchills are going for less than $50. Compare that to original pricing of $110 and $116 and we have an excellent deal on fine cigars.

Find the best deals on quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Have Some Extra Time? Spend It at the Cigar Auction!

Perdomo Patriarch Torpedo CorojoWe live in a busy world but it's very much worth it to take time out to reflect and relax. No matter how busy you may be, if you don't take time out to enjoy the good life then it just doesn't happen. You end up putting it off again and again and before you know it, are enjoying fall less of the good life than you would like. Smoking cigars reminds us of the importance of scheduling in some free time because that's the only way to truly and fully enjoy a top shelf stick. Once we realize that not only is it possible to have that bit of extra free time to enjoy cigars, we also realize that it's essential for living a full, satisfying life.

One other way of spending a bit of that free time is by participating in the Thompson Cigar Auction. It doesn't take long to do and even if you check it a few times a day, you might still get lucky and win auctions that result in premium cigars for bargain prices. There are dozens of items being auctioned off every day of the week with new offerings on a very regular basis including everything from wonderful Perdomo Cigars to quality cigar lighters and much more. So, the next time you find yourself with ten minutes to spare, check out the Thompson Cigar Auction and place a few bids.

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Buy Factory Overruns to Save Money on Quality Cigars

Cusano Factory Overruns Churchill ConnecticutWe all want to spend less on cigars but none of us want to make any sacrifices on quality. That' the conundrum of being an aficionado who has a monthly cigar budget but there are ways to make that key combination happen. Shop for cigars at the Thompson Online Cigar Store (and you are going to find plenty of deals and sales) but if you really want premium cigars for low prices, check out the page with Factory Overruns. This is where you will find page after page of quality cigars for much lower prices than sticks of the same brand and series that get a cigar band and make it into a cigar box.

The last step of the cigar manufacturing process involves one final bit of quality control. If a cigar has certain wrapper flaws or just doesn't pass inspection for some other small reason, it is excluded from the cigar box even though it's made from the same high quality tobacco blends and has the same delicious wrapper. Those sticks are the factory overruns and much to the fortune of aficionados on a budget, they are sold as cigar bundles for a fraction of what they would cost if they had made it into a cigar box. This is an excellent way to buy Rocky Patel Cigars, Gurkha Cigars, wonderful Cusano Cigars, and other premium brands for low prices.

Save on top shelf cigars and much more at Thompson Cigar today.


Enjoy Fantastic Medium to Full Bodied Toro Cigars with the Montecristo Connoisseur Edition Sampler

Montecristo Connoisseur Edition AssortmentIt's always a good day when you can relax with quality cigars after a delicious lunch or excellent dinner. On such occasions, you don't want to smoke the same mild mannered Connecticut as you did during a morning of golf or after going for a morning walk. The afternoons and evenings call for fuller-bodied cigars that match the palette and one of the best smokes for the latter half of the day is a fine, robust Toro. Those fat sticks seem to be especially satisfying after a long day of work or travel and when they incorporate high quality tobacco, they are absolute, end of the day treasures.

One of the finest samplers of Toro treasures is the Montecristo Connoisseur Edition. This very fine assortment of cigars includes 8 big gauge, fantastic Toros made from limited small batch tobaccos. Each one has a medium to full body and is a beautiful, carefully crafted stick that could easily be reserved for special events. Buy this premium sampler and you get 2 each of four different boutique sticks that are crafted from choice Dominican tobaccos. Each is also named after different American cities or states to reflect their character. Sample the Texas Toro, light up a Las Vegas Toro during an evening at the casino, and compare the fine flavors of the New York and Chicago Montecristo Toro Cigars.

Enjoy the fine flavors of the Montecristo Connoisseur Edition Sampler and great deals on hundreds of quality smokes at Thompson Cigar today.



Cigar Gifts for Firefighters

Firefighter CutterGiving and receiving gifts is a big part of the winter holiday season. However, there are some people who deserve gifts at every time of the year. Firefighters are one of those special people. Time and time again, they risk their lives to save the lives of others and do their best to save homes from terrible, tragic fires. Although they just say that it's part of the job and don't usually ask for any recognition, it's always nice to remember the active and volunteer firefighters who work in our communities. One of the easiest ways to thank those heroes is with quality cigars and other cigar gifts.

Some firefighters are aficionados while others have yet to experience the fine flavors of quality tobacco but all of them will appreciate receiving cigar samplers like the Ultimate 90 Plus. Each of the cigars in this sampler is a premium, high-rated smoke that will be very much enjoyed by any aficionado. The quality of the top shelf sticks in the Ultimate 90 Plus Sampler also befits the type of cigars our community heroes deserve. In addition to bringing one of these samplers to the local firehouse, don't forget to give several of the firefighter cigar cutter to your favorite firefighters.

Find the best deals on hundreds of quality cigars and excellent cigar gifts at Thompson Cigar today.


How to Get Macanudo Cigars and a Cigar Lighter for less than $40

Macanudo Collection With Lighter Toro GordoMacanudos. For any aficionado who has experienced these classic cigars, the brand name alone invokes fine memories of superb tobaccos, very smooth smokes, and the reason why we look forward to enjoying Macanudos on every occasion. These cigars are one of the most famous of the classic, premium smokes and as befits their distinguished status, they aren't exactly available for bargain basement prices. Although the premium experience of a Macanudo is worth the higher cost, it's still very nice to pay less for these high quality cigars whenever the opportunity presents itself.

One such opportunity is found with the Macanudo Toro Gordo Collection with Lighter combo. For less than $40, this premium gift comes with 6 genuine Macanudo cigars and a fine double torch cigar lighter. Since there are three different types of Macanudos, this combo also makes for a fine little cigar sampler. Enjoy the Macanudo Cafe as a premium after breakfast smoke or when you feel like sampling fantastic double aged Dominican long filler tobacco bound with a San Andres Valley binder and rolled in an excellent Connecticut wrapper. Save the Macanudo Maduro for a fine afternoon smoke, and the excellent Cru Royale for the most special of occasions.

Buy the Macanudo Toro Gordo Collection with Lighter combo as a gift for a fellow aficionado or to treat yourself to fine flavors in the form of an excellent cigar deal.


The Classic Cherrywood VI Combo is an Excellent Gift and a Great Cigar Deal

Classic Cherrywood VI ComboGifts for the aficionado come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Some samplers of premium cigars cost two or three times as much as samplers of lesser known brands and the same can be said of cigar lighters, and other cigar accessories. Although higher quality items tend to cost more, shop at the right place and you can still find great deals on quality cigars even though they cost less. One such deal also makes an excellent gift, especially for people just getting started with cigars.

That fine cigar deal and gift is the Classic Cherrywood VI Combo. Since this nice combo was originally priced at $107 and presently sells for less than $40, it's one of the better cigar combo deals at the Thompson online cigar store, especially when you see what you get for that low price! The lucky buyer of this combo gets a beautiful Cherrywood humidor that uses a quality humidification system and has Spanish Cedar linings and dividers. No humidor should ever be empty and that's why this combo also comes with 20 Hacienda Rio Churchill Connecticut cigars. A Noah Edge cigar lighter is also included so you can sample one of those Churchills as soon as this combo is delivered to your door.

Find the best deals on cigar gifts and hundreds of premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Enjoy Even Lower Prices on Premium Cigars

La Caya II Habano ChurchillAt Thompson Cigar, we have always made efforts to offer quality cigars for great, low prices. The working relationship that we have with many expert cigar makers, and the fact that we deal with thousands of cigars, makes it possible for us to offer so many deals on samplers, cigar bundles, and even boutique cigars. However, if you thought you found some great cigar deals at the Thompson site during the past ten years, get ready for even better savings on quality smokes because for a limited time, we are able to offer more savings on more cigars than ever before.

For example, how does 100 premium Churchill cigars for less than $100 sound? Yes, we are offering 100 La Caya II Habano Churchills for just $99. Compare that to an original price of $250 and the fact that these are full sized, hand-rolled Dominican Churchills and you know that this is a good cigar deal! This is a fine buy for weddings, New Year parties, and other events that call for lots of fine cigars.

Or, how about 30 Cohiba cigarillos for less than $55? Tins of Cohiba Pequeno Cameroon Cigarillos are on sale and these fine little smokes show the same fantastic flavors as their full sized brethren. Pair those great Cohiba cigarillos with a box of Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Maduro Lonsdale Cigars for even more savings on top shelf sticks.

Find the best deals on premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


See Our Staff Favorites Page for Stellar Cigar Gift Ideas

Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar SamplerEven if you already know what sort of presents to buy for fellow aficionados, it's still good to have a set of gift ideas. You are always going to find a few ideas you hadn't considered and they might even make fine presents for your own collection of premium cigars. The list is even better when it's compiled by cigar experts and that's why the Thompson staff favorites page is a such a good place to look when searching for all sorts of cigar-related gifts. If the items on that page are favorites of the people who work at Thompson Cigar, you can bet that they are going to represent an excellent bunch of cigars because Thompson has been at the heart of the cigar distribution business for nearly a century.

Several selections are favorites because they combine premium cigars with an excellent low price. The Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar Sampler is one such item because for less than $30, this sampler includes 15 quality sticks including Maduros and Connecticuts. Other staff favorites that go for an excellent low price are the Four Aces 12 Cigar Sampler and the delicious Maduro Madness Sampler. You will also find good deals on fine humidors, and small samplers of premium cigars such as the Rocky Patel vs. Romeo and Julieta Super Six.

Find these fine cigar gifts and hundreds of premium smokes for low prices at Thompson Cigar today.


Find Premium Tobacco Flavors for a Low Price with the Premium Nine Maduro Sampler

Premium Nine Maduro SamplerA smooth Connecticut is arguably the best way to finish off a good breakfast but evenings should be reserved for strong Maduro cigars. Veteran aficionados of course know this but people new to the game might not realize that Maduros are best enjoyed at the end of the day. Maduros bring a wonderful array of tobacco flavors to the palette, especially when the cigars in question are premium brands. The easiest way of enjoying premium Maduros without breaking the cigar budget just might come from buying the Premium Nine Maduro Sampler.

True to its name, this fine cigar sampler treats the aficionado to nine absolutely mouth watering high quality Maduros. Give it as a gift to someone who relishes the bold flavors of a fine Maduro or get a couple of these fine cigar assortments for yourself. When you try any of the quality smokes in this sampler, you will immediately know why this is a premium collection of stellar Maduros. Inside, you have two of the wonderful Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve, a CAO Gold Maduro, an Oliva Gold, Gloria Cubana, a fine Sonador, a pair of delicious PDR 1878, and an excellent Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva. Considering the quality of the Maduros that come with this sampler, the less than $30 price tag also makes it an excellent cigar deal.

Find the Premium Nine Maduro Sampler and other cigar deals at Thompson Cigar today.


Need Cigar Gifts? Shop at the Thompson Online Cigar Store Gift Guide!

Peterson Pipe Tobacco Holiday Tobacco 2013 Collection'Tis the season to be jolly and shop for all of our favorite friends and family members. If one of the special people on your list loves quality cigars, not to worry. Even if you know nothing about cigars, you can still find easy cigar gifts for that special cigar smoker in your life if you shop at the Thompson online cigar store. Just check out our cigar gift guide and instead of wondering how you are going to possibly find an appropriate cigar-related gift, you will be treated to more options that you can imagine.

Every cigar aficionado loves a good cigar sampler. These are assortments of cigars that make it easy for the lucky recipient to try out a variety of cigar brands, cigars that use different wrappers, and premium cigars he or she may have always wanted to sample. The Triple Threat Ten Cigar Sampler is just one of many fine cigar sampler gifts and you can make it even better with a beautiful Cherrywood Humidor. Humidors are essential for proper storage of cigars and you can bet that every cigar smoker will be very pleased to get one or more as a gift. For the pipe smoker in your life, you can also give a fine tin of Peterson 2013 Holiday Pipe Tobacco.

Shop our cigar gift guide page to find the best cigar gifts for all of your aficionado friends.


Thank You and Keep Supporting Your Right to Smoke Cigars!

Thank you! Because of your efforts, Thompson Cigar was able to generate an additional 4,780 emails to Congress in support of H.R. 792 and S. 772! Haven't heard of these bills? If you think you have the right to enjoy premium cigars, then you and every other aficionado needs to be very aware of this legislation and its importance. During the time period of April 26, 2010 to December 21, 2012, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration had indicated that they planned on regulating cigars. While the FDA hasn't said how they plan on regulating cigars and cigar tobacco, there's a wide range of unpleasant possibilities.

For example, they may place a ban on certain walk in humidors, limit advertising and promotions (which would certainly impact many of the cigar deals we aficionados enjoy), actually prohibit the use of words like "cigar" and "tobacco", and cigar makers may even have to submit their secret tobacco blends to the FDA for "testing". Prices will go up, there will be fewer cigars available, and it will be more difficult to enjoy quality cigars as you please. Oh, and that's just a short list so please support and encourage other aficionados to support the H.R. 792 and S. 772 bills; the two most important legislation pieces aimed at curtailing the regulation of the cigar industry by the FDA.

To learn more about these bills, see this action alert on the Cigar Rights of America site.

Find great deals on cigars, cigar samplers, and more for the aficionado at Thompson Cigar today.

Support Your Right to Smoke Cigas


The Importance of Rating Cigars

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amore Box Pressed Maduro BelicosoNo two cigars are the same unless they pertain to the same brand and series. Even if two cigars from different brands use Connecticut wrappers and long filler tobacco from the same country, they are still going to show subtle differences in taste and construction. Those differences stem from different cigar companies and cigar experts using their own secret tobacco blends, leaf that comes from different farms, different years, and may be fermented in different ways. Throw in additional differences that come from using various wrappers and binders and it's easy to see why each series and brand of cigar generates a distinct experience.

Those differences of course result in cigars that vary in terms of quality and this is why it's so important to rate cigars. We rate them because a 95 rated tobacco treasure like the Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore merits recognition. The people who created this premium cigar ended up making a top shelf masterpiece of a smoke and this fact should be made known to aficionados so we can buy a box of these beauties when searching for truly premium, full-bodied cigars. Those ratings keep us from spending too much for cigars that might not be worth the price and give us a good idea of where to look for the very best cigars.

Find Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore and other premium cigars for low prices at Thompson Cigar today.


How Do Ten Rocky Patel Cigars in a Humidor Sound as a Gift?

Rocky Patel Ten Sampler With HumidorNot sure what to get for an aficionado friend, someone who is just getting started with cigars, or a family member in the military who is home on leave? You will find plenty of gift options at the Thompson Cigar site, one of the best being a cigar combo known as the Rocky Patel Ten Sampler with Humidor. If you have already smoked a few of Rocky Patel's cigar creations, you know that a sampler with ten of his cigars is going to be good. If you haven't had the privilege of taking a draw on a Rocky Patel, try one to experience a premium Honduran cigar that has been crafted with care and only features choice, high quality tobaccos. Each of the ten sticks in this sampler are nothing but top shelf in nature and fit to be enjoyed only when you want to experience a premium cigar.

The lucky guy or gal who gets this combo also gets the chance to enjoy such Rocky Patel 90 plus rated smokes as the 15th Anniversary and 1961, and other prize cigars like Rocky's Autumn Collection, Vintage 1999, and the Edge Maduro. The variety of wrappers on the cigars in this sampler ensure a different high quality smoke for every occasion, and they are presented in a classy white humidor with orange lettering. The humidor would make a nice gift on its own but it gets far better when it comes with the 10 fine cigars inside.

Find this cigar sampler and other quality cigar gifts for low prices at Thompson Cigar today.


Three Winning Cigar Gift Ideas for 2013

Acid Collector Tin Assortment InfusedIf you are an aficionado, you probably have a fair idea of what to get for a fellow cigar smoker. However, if you know nothing about cigars, finding a good gift for someone who enjoys a fine smoke once or twice a day can be a challenge. Don't fret, though, because any of the following gift ideas will make wonderful presents for people who have been enjoying fine smokes for years as well as those just starting out with cigars:

  • The 2012 Cigar of the year: Buy a single or a box of the Flor de Antillas Sun Grown Toro and you will put a huge smile on the face of that special person. This was named the top cigar of 2012 by Cigar Aficionado and was given an amazing high rating of 96. This will probably be one of the best cigars they have ever smoked.


  • A Thompson Cigar Gift Card: This is of course the easiest way to buy a cigar gift. Instead of trying to figure out which cigars would be best for that person in question, just buy a gift card and let him or her pick something out. Trust us, they will know what they want!


  • The Acid Cigars Collector Tin: If you weren't aware, Acid cigars are high quality, unique cigars that have been infused with various flavors. This assortment will help that special person try several of these flavored tobacco creations.

Find the best in cigar gifts at Thompson Cigar today.