Coffee and Cigars

Baccarat Churchill Connecticut SweetIt isn't the beverage that one traditionally associates with cigars, but for me a strong cup of coffee and a good smoke are the best way to spend some quality time sitting outside, watching the leaves change colors, and contemplating life and its mysteries or why my fantasy football team can't find the end zone with a map and compass.

A month ago, when the weather was so hot and humid that you could either fry or poach an egg on the sidewalk, I drank a lot of iced coffee. I really liked how the Baccarat Churchill Connecticut Sweet went with that -- that was a great summer cigar for me, blending well with the sweetness of the iced coffee.

Now that it's not so oppressively hot, I tend to drink my coffee with one of the Rocky Patel Cigars, or the CAO Mx2. I like my hot coffee to be as strong as humanly possible, and those cigars can both stand up to whatever my French press can brew while augmenting the spiciness of the drink with their own flavor. It's a great way to start off a weekend morning, with the drink I depend on and the cigars I so enjoy.

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