Three Premium After-Dinner Cigars

Cigars can be mild, they can pack a delicious punch, or fall somewhere in between. As all experienced aficionados know, we wouldn't want to light up a robust, strong-bodied smoke in the Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City Colorado Toro Singlemorning because the palette isn't quite ready for that big array of flavors. Instead, we start the day out with mild and smooth cigars before moving on to a medium-bodied smoke in the afternoon, and going for a big and bold cigar to finish off a fine, evening meal. The following are three premium cigars that make a nice end to dinner any day of the week:

  • Padron Aniversario 1964 Exclusivo Maduro Robusto: This 94 rated masterpiece made it into the top 25 cigars of 2011. This is a fine, medium to full bodied Maduro indeed and a fantastic end to the best of evening meals. Save it for a special dinner or live the good life and enjoy one of these fantastic Maduros every night of the week.


  • Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City Colorado Toro: Some of the best cigars have long names and this is definitely one of them. This legendary full-bodied Dominican puro is going to be one of the best cigars in your humidor.


  • The Davidoff Nicaragua Toro Habano: Davidoff cigars are known for being top-shelf premium sticks and this Nicaraguan puro is no exception. In addition to using select long filler tobaccos, it boasts a 10 year aged Habano wrapper to bring spicy flavors to the palette.

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Three Choices for Backyard Cigars

CUSANO ESTATE RESERVE CHURCHILL CONNECTICUTNow that summer is here, we find ourselves spending a lot more time outdoors. If you are lucky, most of that time will be spent hitting balls on some beautiful greens. Other outdoor moments might be spent fishing, hiking, or even mountain climbing. For most of us, though, we enjoy the outdoors right in the comfort of our own backyard. It represents that private outdoor space where we can relax by the pool, play catch with our kids and grandkids, and grill up some fantastic summer food. Of course, for aficionados, the backyard also acts as a fine place for enjoying our favorite cigars.

The following are three cigars that are especially good when enjoyed in your own backyard:

  • Cusano Estate Reserve: This fine Connecticut is a fantastic smoke to enjoy as an after breakfast treat and is an excellent accompaniment to the morning paper. The smooth, creamy flavors will fit right in with the peace and tranquility of your own backyard.
  • The Rocky Patel Robusto Maduro: A fine smoke for just about any occasion, this medium-bodied masterpiece is filled with wonderful Maduro flavors and is a great cigar to smoke while working the grill.
  • Thompson Rum Punch Cigarillos: These delicious little flavored smokes go great with backyard parties or as a fun cigar to enjoy while hanging out by the pool.

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Watch cigar expert Al Remp talk about Cusano Estate Reserve cigars in this video.


The Uncommonly Good Experience of Punch Rare Corojo Cigars

PUNCH RARE COROJO DOUBLE CORONA COROJO SINGLE CIGAROne of the great things about tobacco is that it doesn't all taste the same. If that were the case, cigar smoking would be a pretty boring endeavor. Instead of looking forward to comparing and contrasting differences between aged, oily Maduros and silky smooth Connecticuts, we would have the same old, predictable cigar smoking experience with every draw. Thank goodness that this isn't the case because one of the best things about cigars is the variety of flavors and textures that are shown by different types of tobacco. Region, year, and quality all come into play in determining the flavors that greet our palettes and can produce very rare tobaccos given the right set of circumstances. Those uncommon tobaccos aren't always good but every once in a while, an exceptional leaf is produced.

Such a leaf is used by Punch cigars in their appropriately named Punch Rare Corojo line. This fine smoke gets its name from using a very rare, oily and dark Corojo wrapper. This distinctive wrapper heightens the experience with a unique set of flavors that combine with a select blend of quality Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran fillers, and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. This stick is the perfect choice for aficionados in search of a full-bodied, robust cigar that carries a fine set of interesting flavors.

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Escape the Cold with the Tropical Flavors of Thompson Mango Punch Cigars

THOMPSON MANGO PUNCH CIGARILLO NATURAL MANGOIf you happen to reside anywhere in the northern United States or Canada, you are probably spending most of your time indoors. It's just too cold to sit down and enjoy quality cigars in the backyard. The local golf courses are probably blanketed in white and driving involves ten or more minutes of scraping the ice off the car and allowing the engine to warm up. If you can take a vacation, this is the time to do it! Go to a place where you don't have to put on anything more than a light jacket, where the grass is still green, and where you can enjoy 18 holes of golf in comfort.

If you can't get away, at least you can feel as if you are somewhere tropical by enjoying the right type of cigars. Those smokes would be our very own Mango Punch Cigarillos. Hailing from the sun-drenched fields of the Dominican Republic, these little smokes offer a fine smoking experience. They are crafted with quality tobacco and given a hint of extra mango flavoring to remind you of places where palm trees wave in the breeze and beaches beckon with soft sand and beautiful tropical scenery. These little cigars are delicious at any time of the year but seem to be best enjoyed during the winter while seated in front of a warm fireplace.

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The Best Times of the Day to Smoke Cigars

For the true aficionado, smoking a cigar is far more than just lighting up and drawing on something crafted with fermented tobacco. For many of us, it's a ritual of sorts that includes picking out the right smoke from the humidor, holding it to the nose to take in the tantalizing aromas, and rolling it between our fingers before the cut, light, and first draw. In part, the ritual comes from knowing that each cigar can provide a different experience due to brand, wrapper, the blend of tobacco used, and other factors. With that in mind, different types of cigars also work better at different times of the day.

For the morning, a nice mild cigar seems to go hand in hand with a fresh cup of coffee. The reason for that is because since you haven't eaten anything yet and have just woken up, it's easier to detect and enjoy the subtle flavors in a smooth, mild cigar.

In the afternoon, your palette has experienced enough flavors to more adequately enjoy medium-bodied smokes like Punch Deluve Chateau Gran Coronas. By the time evening rolls around, your palette is ready to take on a solid, full-bodied stick like a Romeo and Julieta 1875 Reserve Robusto.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about the best time of day to enjoy cigars in this video.

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Is There a Best Time to Smoke Full-bodied Punch Cigars?

We all have our favorite times to enjoy our favorite smokes. For many aficionados, it seems like the evening PUNCH PUNCH PLUS HUMIDOR MADURO LONSDALEhours are one of the most preferred times for drawing on quality cigars. It's a perfect way to unwind after a long day of sealing business deals, traveling, or playing a round of golf. Cigars also work well right after dinner and some aficionados enjoy cigarillos during lunch breaks.

The strength of the cigar can also determine when it should be smoked. While most aficionados stay away from cigars in the morning, if you haven't tried it, you might be surprised at how good a strong smoke can taste in the morning. If you are a veteran of full bodied cigars, try lighting one up after breakfast to start the day out with a full-flavored, satisfying smoke. Those who don't have as much experience with strong smokes can also give that a try but they shouldn't be surprised if they end up feeling dizzy.

If you are new to full-bodied smokes such as Punch Maduro Longdales, it's probably best to enjoy one after a good meal in the evening. Despite the great taste, don't be in a rush to smoke it either or you will feel the effects! Take your time with it and enjoy it bit by bit, putting it out and smoking the rest at some other time if you have to.

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Where to Find Big Savings on Gurkha Cigars

GURKHA VALHALLA SAMPLER CAMEROONThe Gurkha brand of cigars packs a quality punch each and every time you smoke them. As with the legendary soldiers these smokes were named after, you can always count on them to deliver. One of the best of the Gurkha sticks is the Valhalla brand. The blue Valhalla cigar band around the chocolate brown Cameroon wrapper mark these sticks as one of the better cigars in your collection. If you love the taste of Cameroon leaf, this is a must-have smoke because it's one of the best Cameroon-wrapped brands in existence.

However, like many great smokes, it's not that common. The use of choice filler and a careful aging process limited the number of Gurkha Valhallas from the start. It's hard to say how long supplies of this great smoke will last so it's better to buy them right now. When word gets out about Thompson offering Valhalla samplers for much less than half their regular price, these excellent sticks might sell out faster than you expect. The place to go for fantastic savings on Gurkha Valhallas and dozens of other quality brands is the Thompson Cigar Deals page.

Don't forget to check back for more sweet deals on smokes after purchasing your quota of Valhallas!

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Little Cigars That Pack a Punch

IGUANA LITTLE CIGARS 3-FER NATURAL FILTERED RUMThe "classic" cigar might be a hefty maduro but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment we get from smoking other sizes of cigars, cigarillos included. The cigarillo is just a term for a small cigar. Although many of the smaller brands tend to be flavored, there's not much difference between those pint-sized smokes and big Churchills. The experience generated by smoking any stick will of course vary by brand and the aging process but just because a smoke is small, that doesn't change the fact that it's a cigar.

Although you might prefer a larger cigar at the end of the day, those small smokes are especially handy while working. They fit right into lunch and smoke breaks and are especially good while enjoying the great outdoors. Aficionados who haven't tried any of the smaller brands might be pleasantly surprised by the Iguana brand. Filtered and heightened with such flavors as rum, vanilla, and cherry, these small, mild to medium smokes offer great taste for a low price.  For quality smokes with stronger flavors, try the high quality CAO Brazilia Gordos. Those fine little sticks will probably vie with any of the larger smokes in your collection.

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Patel Quality Cigars That Pack a Punch

THUNDER BY NIMISH PATEL THUNDER BY NIMISH PATELL PLUS ASHTRAY NATURAL ROBUSTOSince he first made his name in the world of the aficionado, the name "Patel" has become recognized as being associated with fine cigars. Rocky Patel, the man behind the brand, was actually a lawyer before entering the cigar business. It takes a serious aficionado to leave a successful career for another, much more risky endeavor. Nevertheless, Rocky knew what he wanted to accomplish and did so with flying colors. Apparently, cigar making runs in the family because his cousin, Nimish, had a hand in blending one of the most flavor-filled smokes to grace your humidor.

Thunder by Nimish Desai is a real powerhouse of a smoke. He uses plenty of high quality, Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos that are heavy on natural flavors to make a seriously robust cigar. However, the big kick for the taste buds might actually be generated by its premium Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Dark as the rich soils that grew it, the mature wrapper is overflowing with flavor. If you are looking for a complex, ultra-robust experience, Thunder by Nimish Patel is the brand of your dreams!

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Punch Cigars Combine Two Classic Caribbean Flavors

THOMPSON RUM PUNCH CIGARILLO NATURAL RUMThe Caribbean is a classic hotspot for cigar tobacco. Many of the finest smokes in the world were created from Cuban seed, Dominican leaf that was expertly cultivated and fermented, and cigar makers from the Caribbean region who passed their secrets down from generation to generation. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the sweet aroma and complexities of cured tobacco are just one of the flavors associated with the Caribbean.

One of the other principal flavors that is strongly associated with the Caribbean Islands is the sweet scent of rum. Both rum and cigars seem to go hand in hand as their aromatic flavors play off each other. Sipping top shelf rum while enjoying premium cigars will put anyone into a Caribbean mood and make you wish that you had bought that hand-made hammock on your last trip to the Dominican Republic. For a the perfect mix of these two evocative flavors, try the Thompson Rum Punch Cigarillo.

Flavored with cherry rum, these sweet little smokes promise a delicious smoking experience. The fine, high quality, flavor filled Dominican tobacco also ensures satisfaction with every draw.

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Cigarrillos for Short Sweet Smokes

BACKWOODS CIGARILLO MADURO SWEETCigarillos are small, short cigars. Some brands don't pack the punch of complex flavors, nor the slow burn of an excellent, hand-rolled corona but many of the small sticks are fun to smoke nonetheless. Their quick and easy nature and wonderful, aromatic flavors have actually made brands like Backwoods Cigars some of the most popular smokes around. Of course, the great, low price also helps but millions of aficionados vouch for this brand and show it by being faithful Backwoods customers for decades. Backwoods are so popular for the following reasons:

  • A great, everyday smoke: When you just feel like enjoying quality tobacco at any time of the day, these tasty little sticks are heard to beat.
  • Cost: Yes, I already mentioned that one but the low price is such a good point that it merits extra attention.
  • Taste: Backwoods blends natural and flavored tobaccos for an intense, sweet experience that showcases the reasons why fermented tobacco has been so popular for more than a thousand years.
  • It's a good smoke: Of course, this is the best reason of all and is basically why so many people can't seem to get enough of this great brand.

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No Need to Travel for a Great Smoking Experience

HEMINGWAY SAMPLERThere are hundreds (if not thousands) of cigar brands available and thank goodness for that! Such a variety of fermented tobacco helps aficionados try everything from mild Corona cigars with Connecticut shade wrappers to short, fat robust smokes that pack a punch. There are also flavored smokes for every occasion and limited edition 90-plus rated cigars for the most important of events. Good smokes are made by both machine and hand, and produced in a number of countries. Nevertheless, you don't have to travel to find great smokes. All you need to do is shop the Thompson online cigar store and you will find a world of great cigars.

Buying cigars online from Thompson eliminates the need to buy a plane ticket, park the car in the airport lot, waste hours in annoying lines, and search for smokes upon arrival. Even if you think you find the right smokes, they might also turn out to be counterfeits. Instead, it's far easier to just search through the easy to use site for Thompson Cigars, pick out an interesting looking sampler, and place the order. Many of the cigars also come with free shipping and your quality smokes will be delivered to the front door before you know it.

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The Best Time to Smoke a Maduro

The tobacco enjoyed by aficionados shows off its complex flavors as a result of the fermentation process. The tobacco leaf itself already has the plant compounds that translate into various flavors but they are CASA MAGNA CORONA COLORADOstrengthened (and truly make themselves known to the palate) after the fermentation process. Although there are a number of variables involved with the cultivation of fine tobacco, in general, the strength and robust nature of a cigar is determined by the amount of time allocated to curing and fermentation of the leaf. The leaves that harbor the strongest flavors are used for "maduro" cigars and they can pack a seriously flavor-filled punch.

Most maduros aren't for the faint of heart. The heavy, aromatic flavors tend to make novice aficionados dizzy and is why they are typically enjoyed by veterans of the cigar smoking experience. Their robust nature also means that they might not be suitable for every occasion. Although diehard fans of robusto smokes will surely light up maduros whenever they feel like enjoying a smoke, those who enjoy them on a more occasional basis may want to reserve them for certain events. For example, you might want to take that heavy maduro out of the humidor when you already have plans for devoting the evening to smoke and drink. You might want to bring a few to Vegas to smoke them when you hit a jackpot. Whatever your reasons for smoking that fine Casa Magna robusto cigar, you know that you will be in for a flavor filled experience.

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Talk About a Robust Cigar Sampler...

Samplers are an excellent way to add variety to any humidor. Even if you collect good smokes on a regular PADRON NO. 88 SAMPLER MADURObasis, you are still going to get some brands that you have never tried when buying samplers. When you can build your own sampler, getting new smokes is pretty much guaranteed. It's also nice to see samplers that focus on certain types of smokes. Try a sampler of Padron Cigars or Davidoffs to experience some of the most high quality smokes of your life or buy a sampling of mild smokes to share with novice aficionados. However, if "robust" is what you had in mind, then you truly need to order the Clash of the Titans sampler!

True to its name, this sampler is not for the faint of heart. Filled with nothing but heavy hitters that are destined to pack a punch, they range from medium to heavy-bodied smokes that tend to explode with flavor. Peppery and seriously robust, this sampler includes Rocky Patels, Alec Bradleys, and a solid Cain Nub Habano. Not a single one is to be taken lightly so get ready for major flavor with these powerful smokes!

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Gift Ideas for Aficionados Who Love Flavored Cigars

Anyone who enjoys and appreciates cigars is an aficionado. Whether celebrating with an occasional Casa Magna smoke or enjoying a daily discount cigar, you earn the aficionado title  ACID COLLECTOR TIN ASSORTMENT INFUSEDas long as you love cigars. Although every cigar smoker is an aficionado, that doesn't mean that everyone likes the same types of cigars. Rookie aficionados tend to prefer milder smokes before working their way up to something like a full-bodied Cohiba. On the other hand, people who have been enjoying cigars for twenty years might prefer smokes that pack a flavor-filled punch.

There are also aficionados who actually prefer to smoke machine-rolled, flavor-dipped cigars. They probably wouldn't turn down an award winning Padron, but when it comes to everyday smokes, they light up cigars like Backwoods or Swisher Sweets. Try these gift ideas for aficionados of the flavored cigar this holiday season:
  • Rum-flavored Swisher Sweets Outlaws: The sweetness of rum makes it one of the more popular holiday season spirits. The double-dipped flavor of these cigarillos will add a festive note to every aficionado who smokes them.
  • ACID cigars: Aficionados of both flavored and non-flavored smokes love these quality cigars that are infused with vanilla and other taste-bud tingling sensations.
Find gift items for every aficionado at online cigar stores.

Father's Day Cigar Gift Guide

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you better start Fathers Day Gift Guide
thinking what you’re going to get Dad. You can get him another tie that he may never wear, OR you can get him something that he might actually enjoy. Right now, on, you can get free shipping on ANY item in our Gifts category! This special offer only last until June 12, 2011 at 11:59pm so you better get started.

In the Gifts category, you’ll find all kinds of gifts that Dad would absolutely love. If he needs a new place to store his cigars, get him a humidor. We have the classical looking Bally Humidor that holds up to 100 cigars – perfect for keeping cigars at their optimum freshness. Or you can get him the Venetian Cherry 125-count Humidor; the gold accents on its shiny, cherry finish make it a great addition to any room in the house. Dad will love it!

Nub 460 Cigar SamplerWe also have a several cigar samplers in there that he is sure to enjoy. We have the Oliva Nub 460 sampler, which consists of 10 cigars – they're short cigars with a big ring-gauge so you get the full flavor of a full size cigar, but you don’t have to commit an hour to smoke it. We also have the ever so popular Gold Standard III Sampler – in this, you get a variety of top notch brands like Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, among other 90-rated cigars. If Dad likes the bolder smokes, get him the Nicaraguan Ninety Rated Sampler. It’s an excellent selection of full-bodied cigars – makes for a nice evening smoke. Or we have the Best Cigar Sampler: self explanatory. It consists of 16 cigars like Gurkha, Rocky Patel, CAO, Perdomo – all the heavy hitters in the industry.

Andre Garcia 3-Finger Cigar Travel Case
If Dad is already stocked up on smokes, get him some of the right tools to enhance his smoking experience.  Right now, the Vertigo Bullet Dual Torch Lighter is on sale for only $19.95. It’s got a cigar punch built right into it! We also have the Colibri Firebird Cutter – cuts the cigars clean every time for a perfect draw. If Dad likes to smoke during his outdoor activities this would be a perfect gift for him – an Andre Garcia 3-cigar case; sleek AND practical. If your Dad travels a lot, then get him this Travel Aluminum Case. It holds five cigars securely, and is sturdy enough to get Dad’s cigars from point A to point B safe and fresh. And remember, ALL of these items are SHIPPED FREE until June 12, 2011 @ 11:59pm. Don’t miss out!

Punch Uppercut gets the job done

One of the newest releases from among the oldest names in cigars, the Punch Uppercut cigars definitely pack a wallop.Punch Uppercut cigars

This has a distinct taste from what you might expect from other premium cigars, thanks to its use of the rare Ometepe long fillers. This Nicaraguan leaf is harder to grow and manage effectively because of the humidity issues associated with growing tobacco on this volcano-made patch of land, but as folks have gotten more skilled at growing it, it's starting to show up in quality cigars like this one.

The Ometepe blends with the Dominican, Honduran, and its other Nicaraguan long fillers for a flavor that is virtually impossible to find elsewhere. The first third tastes mostly of tobacco, but it gets mellow in the middle before surging to a powerful finish that makes it a shame when it finally gets too small to continue smoking.

Also, not to be superficial, but the Punch Uppercut cigars look awesome. I've never seen a bad wrapper, and the labels have the classic-looking logo and an image of the Ometepe region where its signature leaf is grown. It's not just a great cigar to smoke, it's one of the best to carry if you also use a cigar as an accessory. When you whip this out at a business dinner, it looks the part of a cigar that means business, even if you usually prefer something more mild and have to nurse it for longer than usual. It burns impressively and holds the ash well, making it one of the best Punch cigars to keep in the humidor.

Bohemian cigars are a big deal -- literally

If you're a big guy, or just someone who likes a big cigar, Bohemian cigars may be for you.Bohemian cigars

This is one of those cigars that graduated from the "size matters" school. Both the Bohemian Black and Bohemian Buddha cigars are 6"x 60, taking up a lot of space and lasting a long time before the journey to ash is completed. In other words, don't pick these up if you only like smaller cigars or quicker smokes.

But if you like the longer ring gauges, as I do, these Victor Sinclair cigars stand out because they're more than just extra-large stogies. To be honest, I find that too many of these extra-large cigars are just a mediocre smoke that has been super-sized, and that's no fun at all. Twice as much of a mediocre thing doesn't equal something good ... just twice the mediocrity.

These Bohemian cigars, however, are something special. They are sassy and spicy, with long filler tobacco and premium wrappers, and pack enough of a punch that they are the cigar equivalent of an old Mike Tyson uppercut. And if you pick up a Bohemian Toro Gordo, you get 10 Bohemian Black cigars, 10 Bohemian Buddha cigars, and a free three-finger cigar case thrown is as well. That makes this a big deal, in every sense of the word.


Rum Punch cigars help the medicine go down

One of the movies the kids are really into now is Mary Poppins. Since the past few months have been filled with extended car trips in which the DVD player is always on (how we managed those in the days before modern technology, I have no idea), so I can recite the movie's script word for word at this point.Thompson Rum Punch cigars

There's a scene early in the film after Mary and the kids get caught out in the rain and need to take medicine, which of course the Nanny with the flying umbrella magically provides in their favorite flavors. When it's her turn, she smacks her lips and says "Rum Punch!"

Which is a long way of saying that rum punch is a more than a great-tasting alcoholic drink -- it's a great flavoring for anything. That includes cigars, especially since rum and cigars have long been an excellent combination when you're looking to relax at the end of the day. The Thompson Rum Punch cigars combine the two into one package, and is one of the premium flavored cigars available.

These aren't made by machines either -- each is hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic from premium tobacco. And if rum punch isn't your style, you can get Thompson Rum Twist cigars, Thompson Mango Punch cigars and Thompson Mango Twist cigars as well. In whatever flavored cigars you choose, you'll find a premium product at a reasonable price, and that would make even a nanny from the Victorian era in England happy.


A great sampler in a small package

I know I've made no secret that I'm growing to really like smaller cigars. That's because they fit into to my work life (and the short breaks that I can take) better than a fuller cigar that takes a long time to truly enjoy. If I can find a small cigar that I really like, I tend to buy a bunch and keep them in my office or in a travel cigar case for the car so I'll always have them handy.Shorty 8 Brand Torpedo Sampler

If you're like that as well, or if you know someone who is, check out the Shorty 8 Brand Torpedo Sampler. You get a pair each of eight excellent Felipe Gregorio smokes at a bargain price.

Shorter cigars are becoming easier to find, but it's been my experience that the quality is more uneven. I have higher standards for flavor for these, because the whole point of them is to get the maximum pleasure in the shortest amount of time. While I'm willing to give a longer cigar a little time to open up and reach its full potential, I'm disappointed when that happens with something I am specifically smoking because I demand instant satisfaction.

These don't disappoint. They get right after you with their premium filler, and the wrappers also pack a lot of punch in a small package. That's why I couldn't wait to try these ... with the care in which these hand-made cigars are crafted, it was pretty obvious these were going to be big sellers, and they are a must-have for anyone who enjoys smaller cigars and is looking to add some variety to their cigar humidor.