Have Some Extra Time? Spend It at the Cigar Auction!

Perdomo Patriarch Torpedo CorojoWe live in a busy world but it's very much worth it to take time out to reflect and relax. No matter how busy you may be, if you don't take time out to enjoy the good life then it just doesn't happen. You end up putting it off again and again and before you know it, are enjoying fall less of the good life than you would like. Smoking cigars reminds us of the importance of scheduling in some free time because that's the only way to truly and fully enjoy a top shelf stick. Once we realize that not only is it possible to have that bit of extra free time to enjoy cigars, we also realize that it's essential for living a full, satisfying life.

One other way of spending a bit of that free time is by participating in the Thompson Cigar Auction. It doesn't take long to do and even if you check it a few times a day, you might still get lucky and win auctions that result in premium cigars for bargain prices. There are dozens of items being auctioned off every day of the week with new offerings on a very regular basis including everything from wonderful Perdomo Cigars to quality cigar lighters and much more. So, the next time you find yourself with ten minutes to spare, check out the Thompson Cigar Auction and place a few bids.

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Two Fantastic Sun Grown Cigar Samplers

Ashton Vsg Sampler Sun GrownWhen we shop for cigars, we may see descriptions of the tobacco used for filler, the country of origin for the binder, and information about the wrapper. Typically, the name of the country where the wrapper was grown is given along with the type of wrapper used, and if it was grown in the shade or in direct sunlight. Many wrappers come from plants that are carefully cultivated in the shade because this process results in finer, more delicate leaves with fewer veins. It's easier to let a tobacco plant grow out in the open but the strong rays of the tropical sun results in leaves that are tougher and have more veins.

Nevertheless, there are also ways to carefully cultivate leaves used for wrappers that are grown in completely unshaded conditions. It's a difficult process but creates sun-grown leaves that are prized for the sweet flavors they add to a cigar. Two samplers that showcase the beauty and premium smoking experience of choice sungrown wrappers are the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sampler, and the Ashton VSG Sungrown Sampler. Both of these samplers host prize, medium and full-bodied sticks that feature select, premium long filler tobaccos, and exclusive sungrown wrappers. All are fine cigars indeed and fit for the most special of occasions.

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Give a High Quality Cigar Gift with the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Sampler

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown SamplerWould you like to put a smile on the face of a fellow aficionado? If so, then give that special person a fine sampler that showcases some of the best in Nicaraguan cigars. That exquisite selection of smokes is the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Sampler and once you get a look at the fine cigars inside, you will probably also want to buy one of these quality cigar gifts for yourself. The five cigars in this sampler were made to mark 20 years of creating quality smokes and you will realize that Perdomo is serious about celebrating the occasion as soon as you take a draw on any of the five sticks inside.

The premium cigars in this sampler are only crafted with very select tobacco grown in the rich volcanic soils of Nicaragua. The combination of excellent growing conditions and expertise of the Perdomo family results in cigars that showcase a wonderful array of flavors and a present truly fine cigar smoking experience. Each of the fine sticks in this gift sampler are Nicaraguan puros that come wrapped in tantalizing sun grown leaf for an extra bit of flavor. However, they don't use just any old sun grown wrapper but leaf that has been carefully aged for more than a year in bourbon barrels. That aging process puts the final crowning touch on these high quality cigars and helps turn them into a fantastic gift for friends and yourself.

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What Happened at the Thanks Troops Golf Classic

On Patriot Day, September 6th, Thompson Cigar sponsored the 5th annual Thanks Troops Golf Classic at the Crescent Oaks Country Club in Tarpon Springs, Florida. We are happy and proud to say that this year's event was a success and included a paratrooper parachuting down to the greens with a beautiful 60 foot flag, Cigarsand a fine day of golfing enjoyed by participants. The weather cooperated nicely and many of the participants also got the chance to sample a variety of premium cigars. These were represented by such sponsoring cigar brands as Rocky Patel, Gurkha, Perdomo, Cusano, CAO, Oliva, Pinar del Rio, and other top shelf brands.

CigarsHowever, most importantly, this event honored America's VIPS; the men and women who have been wounded in combat while serving our country in the armed forces. During the day, many of these great Americans got the chance to do some golfing on the beautiful greens of the Crescent Oaks Country Club, enjoyed breakfast from McDonalds, lunch on the golf course, and fine spirits from four liquor companies. One of the many highlights of the day was meeting the only, all-amputee Color Guard in the country. We look forward to next year's event and other ways to support our wounded veterans and troops.

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Treat Yourself to a Crash Course on Premium Cigars with the Ultimate 90 Plus Sampler

Ultimate 90 Plus SamplerWhile many cigars are good, there is definitely a big difference between an everyday smoke and a high quality cigar. Any aficionado who has sampled a Cohiba, Macanudo, or Rocky Patel can attest to this and is why so many of us are always on the lookout for great deals on premium cigars. If you have yet to experience the flavors and quality of highly rated cigars, there is an easy way to sample a number of such very fine smokes without breaking your cigar budget. Just head to the 90 plus rated sampler page on the Thompson Cigar website and choose from any of the excellent cigar samplers available.

Any of the samplers shown on that page will treat you to a fantastic array of high quality cigars, including the wonderful Ultimate 90 Plus Sampler. Every one of the 16 sticks in this fine assortment of cigars has been given a rating of 90 or more from Cigar Aficionado and will certainly show you why veteran aficionados strive to fill their humidors with premium smokes. Learn about the fine flavors and smooth smoking experience that comes from using select tobacco blends and choice wrappers with cigars made by the likes of Rocky Patel, Oliva, Padron, Perdomo, and other premium brands. This sampler is a true premium treat and a perfect avenue for injecting the humidor with high quality cigars.

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How to Get 5 Macanudo Gold Cigars for Free

Macanudo Gold cigars are seriously smooth, mild smokes that earn their name by using a beautiful, golden wrapper. The smoking experience that comes from blending premium Dominican tobaccos with a carefully cultivated Connecticut shade wrapper is as precious as 24 karat gold and a deserving fit for very special occasions. With that in mind, it might be hard to believe that we are giving these premium cigars away for free. No, that wasn't a typo, you can actually get your hands on fantastic Macanudo Gold cigars for free when buying certain boxes of premium smokes.

For a limited time, you get a free 5 pack of Macanudo Golds when you buy select boxes of fine cigars. For example, purchase a box of Padilla Legacies Robusto Connecticuts and we throw in 5 Macanudo Golds. Or, if you would rather combine the naturally sweet experience of a Macanudo Gold with a big, fat Habano-wrapped cigar, buy a box of Romeo and Julieta Havoc Magnum Habano Gordos. These are just two of the premium brands that come with a free 5-pack of Macanudo Golds. You can also receive those premium, naturally sweet smokes at no extra cost when you buy boxes of Perdomo Estate, Rocky Patel Nording, and Capricho Cubano.

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Watch cigar expert Al Remp talk about cigars and their countries of origin in this video.


Get Enough Cigars for the Holidays and Enjoy Free Shipping

ULTIMATE 90 PLUS SAMPLERGetting ready for the holidays is much more than making those dreaded shopping trips to the mall or putting up decorations. It's also about buying some quality items for yourself to help you experience the good life. This holiday season,, don't forget to reward yourself with quality cigars. While you are picking out a select assortment of top-rated smokes for yourself, buy a bunch of great smokes to share with family and friends. It's easiest to order cigars from our online cigar store and when you buy more than $50 worth, you won't even have to pay for shipping!

Get the Ultimate 90 Plus cigar sampler for a great assortment of top-shelf smokes meant to share with close friends. This popular sampler is packed with 16 high quality sticks, all of which have received a 90 plus rating. The brands in this sampler are a veritable roll call of tobacco goodness and include the likes of Padron, Rocky Patel, Oliva, CAO, Alec Bradley, and Perdomo.

For party guests, co-workers, and family, you can't go wrong with a couple bundles of Thompson Unique Toro Maduros. The combination of low price and quality in these mild to medium maduros might convert them into one of your everyday favorites.

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Where to Find a Cigar Sampler for Less Than $20

CIGAR SUPER EIGHT SAMPLERIt's important to settle on cigar brands suited to everyday use and those that should be set aside for events like the Super Bowl. Once you find the brands that work best for you, the humidor can be stocked, and there's no more need to look around for other types of cigars. Well, there wouldn't be if you didn't want to live life to the fullest but since most aficionados do believe in sampling life's many flavors, it's worth it to buy cigar samplers.

One of the many great things about samplers is that they don't need to cost an arm and a leg. While you can invest in higher-priced samplers that help you acquire smokes that cost a fortune when purchased by the box, you can also buy assortments of cigars for less than $20. The place to find just such amazing deals is the Thompson Cigars samplers page.

For example, check the page and you might come across the Cigar Super Eight Sampler. For just $14.95, you can get two each of quality brands like Perdomo, Serrano, PDR, and Gran Habano. That's not the only deal either so check out the Thompson sampler page to save on great varieties of cigars.

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How to Get Five Free Premium Cigars

PERDOMO RESERVE 10TH ANNIVERSARY CHAMPAGNE PLUS 5 PACK CONNECTICUT ROBUSTO CIGARQuality smokes for free? Yes and anyone can have them as long as supplies last. No, you don't have to write an essay about why you love to smoke cigars nor sign up for some raffle. It's just a great cigar deal plain and simple and you can get it when you buy a box of Perdomo Reserve Cigars from the Thompson Cigars online cigar store. For a limited time, when you buy just about any box of Perdomos, you get a free 5 pack sampler!

For example, order a box of Perdomo Reserve Tenth Anniversary Champagne Cigars and you get a 5 pack of Perdomo Connecticut Robustos for free! Since Perdomos are some of the finer smokes in town, this is quite the reward for buying a box of those quality sticks. In fact, when you think about it, since you are already rewarding yourself by just buying a box of Perdomos, that extra 5 pack sampler is quite the gift. You also get that same extra five pack whether buying a box of Perdomo Maduro Churchills or a box of spicy Perdomo Criollo Toros. Nothing like getting fantastic Cuban seed cigars for free when buying quality smokes from Thompson Cigars.

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Father's Day Cigar Gift Guide

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you better start Fathers Day Gift Guide
thinking what you’re going to get Dad. You can get him another tie that he may never wear, OR you can get him something that he might actually enjoy. Right now, on thompsoncigar.com, you can get free shipping on ANY item in our Gifts category! This special offer only last until June 12, 2011 at 11:59pm so you better get started.

In the Gifts category, you’ll find all kinds of gifts that Dad would absolutely love. If he needs a new place to store his cigars, get him a humidor. We have the classical looking Bally Humidor that holds up to 100 cigars – perfect for keeping cigars at their optimum freshness. Or you can get him the Venetian Cherry 125-count Humidor; the gold accents on its shiny, cherry finish make it a great addition to any room in the house. Dad will love it!

Nub 460 Cigar SamplerWe also have a several cigar samplers in there that he is sure to enjoy. We have the Oliva Nub 460 sampler, which consists of 10 cigars – they're short cigars with a big ring-gauge so you get the full flavor of a full size cigar, but you don’t have to commit an hour to smoke it. We also have the ever so popular Gold Standard III Sampler – in this, you get a variety of top notch brands like Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, among other 90-rated cigars. If Dad likes the bolder smokes, get him the Nicaraguan Ninety Rated Sampler. It’s an excellent selection of full-bodied cigars – makes for a nice evening smoke. Or we have the Best Cigar Sampler: self explanatory. It consists of 16 cigars like Gurkha, Rocky Patel, CAO, Perdomo – all the heavy hitters in the industry.

Andre Garcia 3-Finger Cigar Travel Case
If Dad is already stocked up on smokes, get him some of the right tools to enhance his smoking experience.  Right now, the Vertigo Bullet Dual Torch Lighter is on sale for only $19.95. It’s got a cigar punch built right into it! We also have the Colibri Firebird Cutter – cuts the cigars clean every time for a perfect draw. If Dad likes to smoke during his outdoor activities this would be a perfect gift for him – an Andre Garcia 3-cigar case; sleek AND practical. If your Dad travels a lot, then get him this Travel Aluminum Case. It holds five cigars securely, and is sturdy enough to get Dad’s cigars from point A to point B safe and fresh. And remember, ALL of these items are SHIPPED FREE until June 12, 2011 @ 11:59pm. Don’t miss out!

Saluting this 21-cigar sampler

The 21 Gun Salute Sampler is one of the best gifts for anyone who loves premium cigars and feels stuck in a rut. It offers a taste of enough brands and blends to ensure that the next batch of cigars they order will have something they really like.21 Gun Salute Sampler

It comes with, as the name suggests, 21 cigars. But this isn't designed to be one of those stock-your-humidor-for-a-song cigar samplers. Rather, it's 21 different individual cigars, with a variety of wrappers, blends, and styles, each from one of the premier cigar manufacturers in the world.

Gurkha, Perdomo, Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey ... they're all here, and that's just the appetizer. Every one of these fine cigars is something that carries a great reputation, looks good, and smokes exceptionally well. It's a crash course in the best cigars available online, like a graduate school class in cigar management.

The 21 Gun Salute Sampler is popular enough that it tends to be hard to keep in stock, and the individual cigars involved might change if supplies of a particularly in-demand stick run short. Regardless, if you're searching for a new cigar that could be something really special, or you know someone else who is, this is three touchdowns' worth of cigars that fit the bill.

Sample the best of Perdomo cigars

Perdomo cigars are one of the best brands to come out of Nicaragua. If you're looking for the reason why in a small and affordable package, the Taste of Perdomo sampler from Thompson Cigar makes a great introduction to the brand.Perdomo sampler

Nick Perdomo Jr. represents the third generation of family involvement in cigars, and the company that bears his name utilizes its facilities in Nicaragua for the bulk of its tobacco and cigar production. The initial Perdomos plied their trade in Cuba, which had disastrous consequences for family patriarch Silvio Perdomo. He was a top executive at Partagas before being imprisoned early in the Castro regime, and was not released and allowed to leave the country until 1974.

Now, his family has grown its operation from a garage-based business (literally) in 1992 to one that seems to be constantly expanding both its facilities and its offerings in the present. It has an 88,000 square foot facility in Estil, Nicaragua that is affectionately called "El Monstro" ("The Monster"), and produces some of the best cigars in the world.

If you want to prove that for yourself, the Taste of Perdomo sampler comes with seven premium cigars. You get two Perdomo Habano Corojos, four Perdomo Lot 23 cigars, and one Perdomo Reserve Champagne cigar. That's a great cross-section of Perdomo cigars, and will illustrate exactly what all the fuss is about.


The aptly-named Artesanal

Let me say for the record that I have never met Nick Perdomo personally, but I've heard plenty of stories about his work habits and his standards. Which is why the story behind Perdomo Artesanal cigars is so believable.Perdomo Artesenal

Thompson Cigar approached him a number of years ago about creating a proprietary cigar for the company to sell exclusively. That's a no-brainer on the company's part, since Perdomo cigars are thought so highly of and these are smokes you can only get here. But the great thing about working with Nick is that he's not the type of guy who will say, "Sure, we'll give you some leftover filler, grab some wrappers from the warehouse, get the designers to slap together a label and we're good to go."

It's not about that -- it's always about him using his specialized knowledge to craft something new and interesting, so this cigar that nobody else has is something that is truly worth smoking. If his name's on the label, he's darn well going to make sure the product does him credit.

And to his credit, he outdid himself this time. His idea was to create a cigar combining long fillers from each of Nicaragua's three major tobacco-growing regions: Esteli, the Jalapa Valley, and Condega. As a result, the Perdomo Artesanal cigars may be the quintessential Nicaraguan cigar. They have a mild-to-medium taste with a brilliant aroma that make this one of the finest offerings ever from Perdomo, high praise indeed.


Picking out the New Year's cigar

Are you the type of person who gives a lot of though to the quality cigar you plan on smoking right after the ball drops to celebrate the start of the new year? Or do you just grab whatever happens to be handy.Perdomo Reserve10th Anniversary Champagne cigars

I'm much more of a cigar person than a champagne person, as you may have guessed. If I'm in charge of the bubbly for New Year's, I'm basing the decision on price and whatever the wine guys suggest, since that isn't my usual beverage of choice and I don't much care whether it is great or merely good. (By midnight, I assume everyone will be in a state of mind where they can't tell either).

Cigars, on the other hand ... well, let's just say that I have more of a reputation to uphold there. I know that my cigar humidors are stocked and everyone will have some options to choose from, but I have no idea what I'll choose for myself.

The most obvious choice I have is one of my Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne cigars. I already have them on hand, and they are smooth and satisfying smokes that I know will get the new year off to a rousing start.

I haven't made a final decision yet, however, and depending how much champagne I wind up drinking the choice could be a lot more random than what I am currently planning. But either way, I'm curious to hear your thoughts -- what do you plan on smoking when the ball drops?

The Multitool made for cigar lovers

As a gadget guy and an amateur camper, I have a bunch of Swiss Army knives and Leathermans in my arsenal. You never can have too many of those, I always say.Cigar multitool

But if you know someone with similar tastes who uses those tools to cut their cigars, do them a favor and point them towards the cigar multitools available at Thompson Cigar.

These cigar multitools, from the geniuses at Xikar, start with the principle that everyone deserves the right to have every cigar accessory they need in the same compact and convenient package. They not only are a cigar scissors, but also have a cigar box opener and cigar poker, as well as a screwdriver and bottle opener. And it weighs just an ounce and fits on a key chain.

I'm not saying that the Xikar cigar multitools should replace your deluxe Swiss Army Knife in your camping gear. It's not going to be quite as useful as that if you're roughing it in the nature and could find yourself attacked by a bear. But if you're planning on attacking premium cigars instead of wildlife, you need something that will do those Perdomo Cigars justice, and this does the trick. It's a lot better than trying to saw through your cigar by the campfire, and believe me, I speak from sad experience on that count.


New Years Eve Cigar Bar: Champagne & Cigar Pairings

"Very nice, mild cigar, I like them a lot. Good taste and no bad aftertaste on your tongue. This is a good one to stock up on."

-Mark the Lawyer
Chicago, IL.

"The 10's keep on coming with this line of cigar. The Maduro Epicure's and Churchill’s are awesome. Family and friends enjoyed every very fine smokin' inch!"

-Johnny B Goode
North Aurora, IL.

"Perdomo has always been my favorite cigar since discovering them 5 years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the Champagne line but now discovering the Criollo Robusto feel Perdomo has made a perfect cigar. Gone is the occasional harshness Perdomo has had in their other lines, replaced with a silky smoothness and great taste that is consistent from stick to stick. This is the only cigar I buy by the box and heartily recommend it to all who are looking for a mild, great tasting and consistent smoke."

-Louie the Lip
Nashville, TN.

"Defiantly a mild cigar, it stayed cool with no harsh burn. Creamy vanilla hints and leather sensations. Over-drawing will give you a tiny hint of cedar. This cigar burns even if you know what you're doing and has a light, flakey ash. No heavy after taste and great, even for beer and soda drinkers (don't hear that very often). Overall it was a delightful starter cigar for someone developing their tastes or wants to smoke a mild cigar that does not offend others around them."

Sac City, IA.


Keeping the golf game sharp in the winter

I've sadly put the golf clubs back in the basement, taking them out of my car trunk for yet another season. While there are those who don't mind playing in freezing temperatures -- my father-in-law being one of them -- the cold and wet weather we experience in the winter months makes getting out on the course for a round a dicey proposition. I made it official by taking the Perdomo 4-Finger cigar case out of the bag, and placing the cigars back into the humidor.

That doesn't mean I intend to let the clubs gather dust, however. There are plenty of ways to stay sharp in the winter.

When there isn't snow on the ground, I'll spend some time on the weekend hitting the driving range that's open year-round. It's rarely crowded this time of year, which means I'm in less of a rush and the afternoon is a form of relaxation as well as practice. I can smoke Cohiba cigars and not feel like I'm holding anybody else up when I take my time between shots trying to figure out why my seven-iron is acting more like a nine, or whether I will actually get one of my drives airborne.

If the weather won't cooperate, there are plenty of drills I can do inside. Putting on the carpet is classic, though the only thing I worry about there is whether my aim is true. It messes up my stroke if I start to worry about getting it perfectly in the center of the cup, since the ball rolls much faster on the green than it does on my rug.

I'll also spend a lot of time practicing my grip while I watch TV. I'll alternate between using a training club I have that forces my hands into the right position on the shaft and one of my usual irons, hoping to get comfortable. As someone who grew up playing baseball rather than golf, the golf grip is something I always struggle with, and winter marks the perfect time to try and get that more ingrained into my system.

Anyone have any other useful golf tips to share?


Kahlua + Cigars = Party

Kahlua is one of my guilty drinking pleasures. I'm rarely the one to break out the bottle, but when we have people over and someone makes a request, I'm more than happy to partake.Perdomo cigars

If you want to combine some quality cigars with something like a Black Russian, you're in luck. One thing I like about Kahlua is that it goes with pretty much everything. I like a full-flavor cigar, but those who prefer milder sticks will have an equally fine experience. The sweetness and the power of the drink makes finding an appropriate pairing something other than rocket science.

The Kahlua-cigar pairings are also a lot of fun because there's never any pretentiousness surrounding it. I find that something like a Port can sometimes be less comfortable for someone who doesn't often drink that or smoke cigars and finds themselves intimidated by either or both. Kahlua is decidedly not a sipping beverage, especially when it's mixed, and it makes for a great party atmosphere when people are looking to loosen up.

I went with the Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Anniversary Churchill Maduro cigars last time I had this choice. I really enjoy those cigars and the contrast of the medium-full Maduro flavor with the taste of the Kahlua, but I could find 10 other cigars that would also work very well in my humidor without breaking a sweat.

One small word of caution. If your Kahlua and cigar gatherings go anything like ours do, they'll tend to get very loud. You might want to warn the neighbors, or better yet invite them over. With both Kahlua and premium cigars, the more the merrier.


Top Notch

turn1171 from Amory,MS reviewed the THE EXECUTIVE SAMPLER WITH CASE SAMPLER

Outstanding smokes. Great after a good meal or with a good drink.

Bottomline: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


Pros: Easy To Light, Good Draw, Great Flavor, Undamaged Wrapper, Well Constructed
Best Uses: Gifts, Special Occasions
Describe Yourself: Special Occasion Smoker

A C-Suite sampler at a Mailroom price! Our Executive Travel Sampler includes ten tantalizing cigars – Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Natural, CAO Gold Robusto Connecticut, Cohiba Lonsdale, Gurkha Black Dragon, Nub Cameroon, Oliva Serie G Cameroon, Padron 2000 Maduro, Perdomo Habano Corojo, Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, and Tatuaje Havana VI – in a waterproof, crushproof, airtight Cigar Caddy travel humidor that is perfect for any travel situation. In honor of our all-star mix of cigars, we're even throwing in an additional discount. While supplies last the Executive Travel Sampler is yours for $30 off of MSRP!


A true cigar smoker smokes a maduro.

Roundman from Mobile, Ala. reviewed the MADURO MADNESS ASSORTED MADURO SAMPLER

Stopped at a cigar shop in New Orleans and got a maduro (did not note the brand). Excellent cigar for a beginner such as myself. Got the assortment to find the right one. Really like the Palma Real.

Bottomline: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


Pros: Easy To Light, Good Draw, Great Flavor, Undamaged Wrapper, Well Constructed
Best Uses: Events, Special Occasions
Describe Yourself: Special Occasion Smoker

Some people think that all Maduros are created equal, but when you’re talking about cigars of this quality, nothing could be further from the truth. In our Maduro Madness Sampler, we’ve collected some of the best dark and rich Maduro wrapped smokes on the market and we’ll leave it to you to decide which one is best. You’ll get 13 total cigars, one each of Arturo Fuente Chateau Maduro, C.A.O. Gold Maduro, Cuba Aliados Maduro (90 Rated), Cusano 18 Maduro, Gurkha Gran Reserve Maduro, Gurkha Legend Maduro (90 Rated), Iguana Maduro, Occidental Reserve Maduro, Palma Real Maduro, Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro, Victor Sinclair Legacy Double Maduro, Trilogy Maduro (90 Rated), and Maduro by Rocky Patel. That’s a ton of Maduro!