The Aristocratic, Elegant Cigars in the Davidoff Tubos Sampler

Davidoff Tubos Assortment Sampler ConnecticutThere are truly legendary names when it comes to cigars but that of Davidoff is in a category of its own. Davidoff cigars were created by Zino Davidoff in Switzerland during and after the second world war. One of his main goals was creating high quality, absolutely luxurious cigars and several of them were named after famous, high end wines and spirits. Quality control was of such high importance that Zino actually burned more than one hundred thousand (!) cigars from the Cuban Davidoff series because he thought that they were unfit to be branded with the Davidoff name! That attention paid to quality and tobacco expertise has resulted in many high rated cigars, including some of the highest rated smokes of all time.

Although Zino passed away in 1994, the Davidoff company continues to produce premium cigars that are the very definition of tobacco elegance. That characteristic is perfectly expressed in the Davidoff Tubos Sampler. The elegant white box and white individual tubes for each cigar are an indication of the aristocratic nature of these Connecticut wrapped smokes. A Davidoff 2000, Special Series "R", and Classic No. 2 are featured in this high class cigar sampler and each are more than fit to hold a very special place in any humidor. Save the very smooth smokes in this classy sampler for the very best of occasions, and present it to good aficionado friends as a very special gift.

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