A Brief History of Cigar Shop Culture

Cigars have a much longer history than most people realize. Native Americans were fermenting and enjoying tobacco for hundreds if not thousands of years before the arrival of Thompson Cigar Retail ShopColumbus and at least one Mayan image dating back to the 13th century shows someone smoking what appears to be a cigar. The Spaniards discovered the beauty of fermented tobacco shortly after colonizing the Americas and cigars eventually spread to Europe and elsewhere. Although little information is known about the cigar shop from before the 18th century, we do know that tobacconists were selling cigars in many parts of Europe and the Americas by the 1820s. At that time, since a high percentage of the populace was illiterate, a statue of a wooden Native American was used to denote the location of a cigar shop. This emblem was used because tobacco played such an important, sacred role in native cultures.

Those early tobacco shops resembled the ones that graced many small American towns and cities up to the 1970s and 80s. The culture was also similar and involved very knowledgeable tobacconists who worked closely with customers to find the best cigars for their needs. Although customers could and did ask for specific brands of cigars, the owner of the cigar store was also expected to be capable of recommending a good cigar for the morning, everyday smokes, and high quality cigars for special occasions. Cigar smoking began to decline in popularity during the 1970s and 1980s along with a similar decline in traditional cigar shops. Once the Internet happened, fewer brick and mortar cigar stores became available as the popularity of the online cigar store grew. Although one can still find brick and mortar tobacco shops here and there, the online store has more or less taken over because a good online cigar store provides a wider variety of product for low prices as well as expert tobacconists ready and eager to recommend a good cigar.

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