How to Get 10 Oliva Cigars for Free

Oliva Cigars are one of those premium brands that we strive to have in the humidor. The reliable, premium nature of Olivas can always be counted on for a top shelf smoking experience.  Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro Connecticut Plus  BONUS Oliva 10 Pack SamplerThe cigar masters at Oliva came up with the wonderful Nub, and many other series of smokes that demonstrate their expertise and pride when it comes to cigars. With that in mind, it's always a good day when you can find Olivas for free! Not that Thompson Cigar is giving them away but then again, they sort of are because when you buy boxes of just about any Oliva Cigar from Thompson, you also get a free Oliva ten pack sampler!

For example, buy a box of wonderful Magna Carta Toro Habanos and you get a very fine sampling of Oliva sticks. Since that box of fine cigars is already sold for a discount, the 10 extra Oliva cigars turn it into a pretty good cigar deal. Not to mention, those fine Magna Cartas are also exclusively available from Thompson Cigar.

Enjoy those Magna Carta cigars when you feel like experiencing an excellent, medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro but when the situation calls for a full-bodied smoke, you can't go wrong with a 24 count box of Oliva Habano Rothschild Nubs, especially because it also includes that fine cigar sampler at no extra cost!

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Find Fantastic Value with Vista de Cuba Cigars

Vista De Cuba Torpedo MaduroThe best cigar deals aren't the ones that sell smokes for the lowest prices. They happen to be the deals and sales that sell quality cigars for a very good price. For example, when you buy Vista de Cuba cigars at the Thompson Online Cigar Store, you get nothing short of a fantastic deal on high quality cigars. How can you trust that Vista de Cubas are top shelf smokes? How about the fact that they were created by the same cigar experts behind the 90 plus rated Aging Room and Swag cigar brands!

Yes, Vista de Cubas are made by Oliveros and show it by generating a top shelf, very fine cigar smoking experience. Choice long filler Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos are used in conjunction with a Dominican binder and excellent wrappers to conjure up a mild to medium-bodied tobacco treasure. That's part of the reason why buying a box of these sticks is such a good deal. The other part is related to the low price paid for a box of these fine smokes. For a limited time, 20 count boxes of Cuba de Vista Cigars are selling for less than $40 and 20 count boxes of premium Churchills are going for less than $50. Compare that to original pricing of $110 and $116 and we have an excellent deal on fine cigars.

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Aficionados Who Enjoy the Great Outdoors Will Also Enjoy Duck Commander Cigars

Duck Commander Toro Habano 3 Cigar Sampler Plus BandanaMost of us have become familiar with the reality show phenomenon known as "Duck Dynasty". If you haven't watched it, you have probably at least come across photos of the camo wearing, long bearded stars of the show. The show is apparently popular among more than just those of us who love the great outdoors because the premiere of the fourth season became the most watched nonfiction cable telecast in history! Their family company, "Duck Commander" might be best known for making duck calls but as it turns out, they also appreciate fine cigars. At least, it seems that way with the Duck Commander Toro Habano Three Cigar Sampler.

This trio of fine cigars was created by cigar experts from the Dominican Republic and that fact is made evident by smooth flavors and a quality cigar smoking experience. Each of the medium-bodied cigars in this fine little sampler are presented in a glass tube and showcase a rich blend of premium American, Nicaraguan, and Dominican long fillers that are bound with Dominican Piloto leaf and rolled in a delicious Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The end result is a truly fine cigar and one that should probably be reserved for such special occasions as bagging a trophy buck, or celebrating a long successful day of duck hunting. To top this gift off, for a limited time, this sampler also comes with a free Duck Commander bandana.

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Give a High Quality Cigar Gift with the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Sampler

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown SamplerWould you like to put a smile on the face of a fellow aficionado? If so, then give that special person a fine sampler that showcases some of the best in Nicaraguan cigars. That exquisite selection of smokes is the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Sampler and once you get a look at the fine cigars inside, you will probably also want to buy one of these quality cigar gifts for yourself. The five cigars in this sampler were made to mark 20 years of creating quality smokes and you will realize that Perdomo is serious about celebrating the occasion as soon as you take a draw on any of the five sticks inside.

The premium cigars in this sampler are only crafted with very select tobacco grown in the rich volcanic soils of Nicaragua. The combination of excellent growing conditions and expertise of the Perdomo family results in cigars that showcase a wonderful array of flavors and a present truly fine cigar smoking experience. Each of the fine sticks in this gift sampler are Nicaraguan puros that come wrapped in tantalizing sun grown leaf for an extra bit of flavor. However, they don't use just any old sun grown wrapper but leaf that has been carefully aged for more than a year in bourbon barrels. That aging process puts the final crowning touch on these high quality cigars and helps turn them into a fantastic gift for friends and yourself.

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Three Very Good Reasons for Smoking My Father Cigars

My Father No. 3 Natural Toro Single CigarWe all know about the major players and brands in the cigar industry but what about some of those lesser known cigars? Do they make sticks that taste just as good as a Cohiba or provide a smooth smoking experience that rivals a Macanudo? Although it of course depends on the cigar brand in question, yes, you can bet that there are quite a few very high quality lesser known brands of cigars very likely to make a very good impression. One such brand of smokes is known as My Father Cigars and if you haven't tried these high quality cigars yet, the following are three perfect reason why every aficionado needs to sample these very fine, full-bodied sticks:

  • High quality cigars: The fact that My Father Cigars are high quality premium sticks is probably the best reason for smoking them. They attain premium status by making use of select Nicaraguan filler and binder that come wrapped in a choice Ecuadorian wrapper for stellar results.
  • Made by Jaime Garcia: These excellent smokes are the creation of Jaime Garcia, the son of legendary cigar maker Don Pepin Garcia. When you try one of these excellent sticks, it becomes immediately obvious that Don Pepin passed on his cigar making knowledge to his son.
  • Created in honor of his father: Just like the cigar name says, Jaime created these cigars with loving, expert care to honor and show his love and admiration for his father. That level of respect and strong emotions come through to produce one of the very best full-bodied cigars you will ever experience.

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Get Medieval with Gurkha Cigars

Gurkha Medieval Robusto Habano Plus Gurkha HumidorOf all of the eras in human history, the Medieval years may have been celebrated in words and on the silver screen more often than any other. We are all familiar with the castles, jousting knights, and fairy tales from this era but it was far from an easy time to live. Most people worked very hard just to survive, there weren't any modern medicines, and the threats of war and starvation often went hand in hand. However, those tough times also bred tough people and they showed it by participating in physically challenging games and living life to the fullest. As aficionados, whether we realize it or not, many of us continue that tradition by pushing ourselves to succeed in outdoor activities, business, and otherwise. We also celebrate whenever we can with fine cigars, quality spirits, and great food.

It should come as no surprise then that one of the top makers of premium cigars is offering a fine stick known as the Gurka Medieval Robusto. This limited edition stick makes use of a wonderful blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aged for a full seven years. Those select tobaccos are then expertly rolled in a delicious Habano wrapper to impart them with even more flavor. Not to mention, while supplies last, a box of these fine cigars also comes with a free Gurkha humidor.

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Smoke La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore Cigars and Enjoy the Very Best in Full-bodied Cigars

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amore Box Pressed Maduro BelicosoOnce you start smoking cigars, it doesn't take long to also start a personal search for the best deals on everyday smokes and the very best in premium cigars. We all start this search because we quickly realize that there is a vast difference between regular cigars and top rated premium sticks. As soon as you find the best online cigar store, you also discover the best place to look for cigars of all types and can start the search in earnest. Aficionados who try several cigar samplers and cigar bundles don't usually take too long to pick out a solid, satisfying everyday smoke. Finding the best in cigars doesn't take long either once you know where to look (try the page with 90 rated cigars). One of the best of those very fine cigars is the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore and for aficionados who enjoy a full-bodied smoke, it might end up being the very best cigar in the humidor.

This impressive cigar is up there at the top of the very best in cigars because it earned a rating of 95 from Cigar Aficionado and was named one of the best cigars for 2011. This Belicoso Maduro earns those major ratings with small batch fantastic Nicaraguan tobaccos that are rolled in a high quality Cuban seed wrapper. The end result is a full-bodied masterpiece that entertains with hints of nuts and woody flavors. Buy a box of these supremely good cigars for the best of occasions.

Find good deals on La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore Cigars and hundreds of other high quality brands at Thompson Cigar today.


Three Premium After-Dinner Cigars

Cigars can be mild, they can pack a delicious punch, or fall somewhere in between. As all experienced aficionados know, we wouldn't want to light up a robust, strong-bodied smoke in the Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City Colorado Toro Singlemorning because the palette isn't quite ready for that big array of flavors. Instead, we start the day out with mild and smooth cigars before moving on to a medium-bodied smoke in the afternoon, and going for a big and bold cigar to finish off a fine, evening meal. The following are three premium cigars that make a nice end to dinner any day of the week:

  • Padron Aniversario 1964 Exclusivo Maduro Robusto: This 94 rated masterpiece made it into the top 25 cigars of 2011. This is a fine, medium to full bodied Maduro indeed and a fantastic end to the best of evening meals. Save it for a special dinner or live the good life and enjoy one of these fantastic Maduros every night of the week.


  • Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City Colorado Toro: Some of the best cigars have long names and this is definitely one of them. This legendary full-bodied Dominican puro is going to be one of the best cigars in your humidor.


  • The Davidoff Nicaragua Toro Habano: Davidoff cigars are known for being top-shelf premium sticks and this Nicaraguan puro is no exception. In addition to using select long filler tobaccos, it boasts a 10 year aged Habano wrapper to bring spicy flavors to the palette.

Find these and other premium cigars for great prices at Thompson Cigar today.


Great Cigar Deals Happening with Torano Cigars

TORANO RESERVA SELECTA ROBUSTO HABANO PLUS TORANO TUMBLER & 5PKTorano cigars are premium, hand-rolled smokes that blend quality tobaccos from two of the finest cigar producing nations to make sticks that can only be described as being top shelf in nature. Choice cured tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are used as long fillers, and fine Esteli Nicaraguan leaf is used as the binder. The wrapper might be a select Ecuadorian Habano, choice broad leaf Connecticut, or other tobaccos selected for excellence and appearance. No matter which Torano series you buy, you know that it's going to be a premium smoke and when you purchase them at the Thompson online cigar store, get ready to enjoy some fantastic cigar deals.

For a limited time at Thompson Cigar, not only are most Torano Cigars on sale, but they also come with a couple of nice freebies. Buy a box of excellent Torano Casa Maduro Churchill Cigars for more than 50% off the regular price and you also get a free Torano tumbler and a Torano Robusto five pack sampler! Yes, that's five extra premium cigars for free and a sleek tumbler on top of an excellent price for top shelf cigars. A box of very fine Torano Reserva Selecta Robusto Habano cigars can be had for an even bigger discount along with the same free tumbler and 5 pack, and similar discounts are offered for other Torano series cigars.

Enjoy this and other excellent cigar deals from Thompson Cigar today.


Try Isla del Sol Sumatra Cigars Instead of After Dinner Coffee

Isla Del Sol Robusto Sumatra CoffeeA fine cup of coffee is a great way to start the morning and an even better way to finish an excellent meal. One of the only things that might surpass the satisfying flavor of a good cup of coffee after a fine meal are quality, coffee flavored cigars. The robust flavors of coffee are similar in some ways to the complex taste of choice cured tobacco and they complement each other nicely. One of the best coffee flavored smokes available is the Isla del Sol Sumatra.

This excellent cigar blends the wonderful flavors of select Nicaraguan leaf with a delicious, sun grown Sumatra wrapper and the added flavors of Sumatran coffee. Even without the extra coffee flavors, this mild to medium stick would be a fine way to end a meal but after sampling one of these quality cigars, you won't even think twice about reaching for an Isla del Sol Sumatra instead of that cup of coffee. Get a box of these fine smokes to enjoy in the comfort of your home and another box for working late at the office. They also make a great gift for anyone who appreciates quality tobacco, fine dining, and other aspects of the good life.

Find Isla del Sol Sumatra cigars for great low prices at Thompson Cigar today.


Thrive on Big, Bold Magnificence with E.P. Carillo Inch Series Cigars

E.P. CARRILLO INCH SERIES NO. 64 MADURO GORDO PLUS EPC 4 PACKWhat aficionado doesn't enjoy nice big cigars? This is one of the reasons that Churchills are such a popular type of stick, why most of us go for a large cigar over a cigarillo if smoking time allows, and why so many people in the cigar smoking world have been calling for fatter, bigger sticks. When we enjoy a cigar, it's no quick 20 minute smoke. We love those fine, complex aromas and the satisfying experience so much that we would much rather have the smoke last as long as possible. That way, the cigar also truly goes hand in hand with a very fine, very relaxing experience.

To meet the demand for larger, thicker sticks, master cigar maker Ernesto Perez-Carrillo of La Gloria Cubana invented the E.P. Carrillo Inch Series 64 cigar. This wonderful, big bodied smoke is partly named after its hefty 65 ring gauge and provides further, long-lasting flavors with its 6 and 1/4 inches length. In addition to its large proportions, this premium cigar is likewise big on quality tobacco that comes in the form of Dominican Corojo, Piloto Cubano, Piloto 98, Nicaraguan Viso, a Nicaraguan binder, and choice, delicious wrappers. The end result is an absolutely premium cigar that has a medium to full body and generates wonderful, spicy flavors.

Save on E.P. Carillo Inch Series Cigars and hundreds of other quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Three of the Best Cigars Available in 2013

FLOR DE LAS ANTILLAS TORO SUN GROWN SINGLE CIGAROne of the many beautiful things about enjoying cigars is that there are hundreds of brands to choose from. Each was created with certain tobacco blends and combinations of filler, wrapper, and binder that generate a unique experience. Many of those cigars are good, even more are average, and a few end up being poor in quality. However, it's the cream of the crop that we are concerned with and the following are five cigars that made it onto the top 25 cigars of 2012 according to Cigar Aficionado:

  • Flor de las Antillas Toro: Given that this fine stick was named the number one cigar of the year in 2012, it's arguably among the best of the best when it comes to cigars. This 96 rated smoke earns its accolades with a gorgeous, brown sun grown wrapper, and choice Nicaraguan tobaccos that deliver delicious flavors highlighted by hints of white pepper and nutmeg.
  • Padron Family Reserve Number 85 Natural: This fine, rare cigar is crafted with Cuban seed Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aged for ten years. Carefully crafted by the the only cigar company to have won Cigar of the Year on three occasions, this excellent smoke does justice to the Padron name with a wonderful, complex array of flavors that include hints of rich black cherry and truffle.
  • Tatuaje Cojonu Sumatra: Try one of these fine sticks to experience an absolutely premium, full-bodied cigar that is wrapped in a beautiful Sumatra leaf and expresses hints of pepper and cocoa with every draw.

Save on these and other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Try Don Pepin Cigars to Experience Fantastic Full-Bodied Nicaraguan Flavors

DON PEPIN GARCIA EL CENTURION ROBUSTO NATURALNicaragua has demonstrated that this Central American country is ideal for growing high quality tobacco. Many Nicaraguan smokes have received high ratings and several premium brands use quality Nicaraguan tobacco in their blends and for making top grade cigars. Although it might not be an island in the Caribbean, the climate is very similar to that of Cuba and the Dominican Republic while the volcanic soils provide a wealth of rich nutrients for tobacco plants. The Don Pepin cigar brand is one of several fine smokes to come out of Nicaragua and shows how good Nicaraguan leaf can be by displaying a host of wonderful, full-bodied flavors.

One of Don Pepin's best is also one of the finest Nicaraguan puros you will ever taste. It's called the Don Pepin Garcia  El Centurion Robusto Natural and aficionados who enjoy a full-flavored smoke are going to absolutely love this masterpiece. The flavors come to town with this stick by merit of a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper that has been carefully aged for three years, and a fine blend of four different select Nicaraguan tobaccos. These quality tobaccos are Criollo '98, Corojo Habano, Criollo, and Sancti Spiritus and they work together to just pack this fine cigar with a wonderful selection of flavors.

Find deals on Don Pepin cigars and hundreds of fine cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.

See an interview of one of the guys from Don Pepin cigars in this video.


Go with Don Lino Robusto Rosado Cigars for Excellent Everyday Smokes

It's always worth it to keep an eye out for everyday cigars. Whether you have yet to decide upon an everyday smoke or have enjoyed a favorite for several years, you might find an excellent reliable cigar for a great low price. Basically, those are the two main factors to look for in an everyday smoke and if the price and quality are better than the everyday cigars you enjoy at the present time, you might want to make the switch. Even if you don't plan on giving up on your favorite brand of everyday sticks, it will still be fun to at least try out some potential candidates.

One such candidate is the Don Lino Robusto Rosado, a beautiful, hearty, medium-bodied stick that sells for less than $40 for a 20 count bundle. Before you try this cigar, though, keep in mind that it has a very good chance of replacing your current brand of everyday smoking pleasure. These fine cigars have a lot going for them because they display a very pleasant taste on account of using choice Nicaraguan long fillers and binder, and a distinctive Rosado wrapper. The medium body of these delicious sticks also makes them easy to enjoy as an after lunch treat or relaxing evening smoke.

Get great cigar deals on Don Lino Robusto Rosado cigars, premium sticks, and much more at Thompson Cigar today.

See tips on purchasing cigars from cigar expert Al Remp in this video.


La Gloria Cubana Serie R Pequeño Cigars Pack Full Bodied Flavor into a Small Package

LA GLORIA CUBANA SERIE R PEQUENOS NATURAL CIGARILLOWouldn't it be wonderful if you had all of the time in the world to do whatever you wanted? It would be great to sit back with one of your Connecticut wrapped cigars after a leisurely breakfast on every day of the week. It would be fantastic to just head over to the greens, play a round, and then celebrate by spending an hour or two with a fine Churchill. While those of us who are retired may have such luxurious amounts of spare time, most of us either need to work for a good part of the day or have a number of responsibilities that need to be taken care of. In short, we just don't have the time to dedicate an hour or more to a fine stick whenever we feel like it. Maybe in the evening, but certainly not during the middle of the day.

Sure, you take brief breaks now and then but it's not really enough time to enjoy a full sized cigar. Fortunately, there's a great, full-bodied solution to that daily conundrum and it's called the La Gloria Cubana Serie R Pequeno. This fine little smoke is small enough to enjoy on a busy day and blends Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos with a delicious Ecuadorian natural wrapper for an excellent, full flavored cigar experience.

Find savings on La Gloria Cubana Serie R Pequenos and other excellent cigars at Thompson Cigar today.

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The Online Cigar Store that Gives the Best Prices on the Biggest Cigar Brands

Buying cigars has come a long way from the days of the local tobacco shop. While those brick and mortar stores still exist, sadly, we find fewer and fewer of those classic establishments. For the most part, they have been replaced by convenience stores that sell cigarettes and cheap machine made cigars, a few upscale cigar shops in high end shopping districts and malls, and online cigar stores. A good online cigar store can really take over as a purveyor of fine tobacco because it offers so much more than brick and mortar establishments and upscale tobacco shops.

For example, shop at the Thompson online store and it only takes a few minutes to pick out and order favorite, premium smokes like Olive Serie V Belicoso Sun Grown cigars, a fantastic 93 rated Nicaraguan work of art. You might have to wait to smoke it longer than buying it at a tobacco shop but the wait is worth it when you consider that even if the tobacco shop offers such a fine smoke, it's going to cost a lot more than the price offered at the Thompson online store. The same goes for other premium brands like Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, Cohiba, and Partagas. Find these and other excellent cigars in various 90 plus rated samplers as well as boxes of top shelf sticks for premium low prices.

Shop at Thompson Cigar to find the best in cigar deals and great prices on big cigar brands.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about some of his top cigar picks in this video.


Buy La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore Maduro Belicoso Cigars to Experience the Unique Flavors of a 95 Rated Smoke

LA AROMA DE CUBA MI AMORE BOX PRESSED MADURO BELICOSOWe all have our own personal preferences for cigars but smokes that receive ratings of 90 or more tend to be very good. They earned those ratings by merit of such factors as the construction of the cigar, the overall quality of the smoking experience, and fine flavors generated by the select tobacco blends used to make these premium smokes. Many quality cigars are given ratings that range from 90 to 93 and any such stick is going to be a very fine smoke. It goes without saying, then, that cigars with ratings of 95 or more are going to be simply outstanding. That logic certainly bears fruit in the case of La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore Belicoso cigars.

These very fine smokes earned a rare rating of 95 and were named among the top 25 cigars of 2011. A choice Cuban seed Maduro wrapper and a rare, select aged blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos were used to create this masterpiece of a cigar. Many aficionados who have tried this premium cigar refer to it as outstanding and one of the best cigars they have ever smoked. Such accolades stem from a typically wonderful experience from start to finish that features unique flavors with highlights of nougat, nuts, chocolate, and coffee. If you ever wanted to see why certain cigars achieve a rating of 95 or more, the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amore Maduro Belicoso will tell you why!

Find the best deals on premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Cigars to Enjoy in Memory of James Gandolfini

PADRON 2000 NATURAL ROBUSTOOn June 19th, a well known actor passed away who was loved by millions. While vacationing in Italy with his family, James Gandolfini suffered a heart attack and the world lost a gifted actor as well as an aficionado. Yes, just like Tony Soprano, the character that made Jimmy G. famous, Gandolfini loved great cigars. He had said more than once that he enjoyed smoking three or four cigars a day and viewed it as a ritual of sorts. Many of us follow that same ritual and what better way to remember "Tony Soprano" than by sitting back with one of the choice smokes in your humidor.

Pick out a favorite and smoke it in tribute to the late, great James Gandolfini or wait until you buy such worthy smokes as the following:

  • Padron 2000 Natural Robusto: This wonderful, 90 rated smoke uses high quality Nicaraguan filler that has been carefully aged for two and a half years and a choice natural wrapper with delicious results.
  • Cohiba Black Corona Maduro: These full-bodied, fantastic Maduro Coronas make for a fitting tribute to the man who brought Tony Soprano to life. A beautiful black Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and three year aged select filler make this excellent Cohiba a true star of a smoke.

Save on the best in high quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.

Learn about cigar expert Al Remp's top cigar picks in this video.


The Uncommonly Good Experience of Punch Rare Corojo Cigars

PUNCH RARE COROJO DOUBLE CORONA COROJO SINGLE CIGAROne of the great things about tobacco is that it doesn't all taste the same. If that were the case, cigar smoking would be a pretty boring endeavor. Instead of looking forward to comparing and contrasting differences between aged, oily Maduros and silky smooth Connecticuts, we would have the same old, predictable cigar smoking experience with every draw. Thank goodness that this isn't the case because one of the best things about cigars is the variety of flavors and textures that are shown by different types of tobacco. Region, year, and quality all come into play in determining the flavors that greet our palettes and can produce very rare tobaccos given the right set of circumstances. Those uncommon tobaccos aren't always good but every once in a while, an exceptional leaf is produced.

Such a leaf is used by Punch cigars in their appropriately named Punch Rare Corojo line. This fine smoke gets its name from using a very rare, oily and dark Corojo wrapper. This distinctive wrapper heightens the experience with a unique set of flavors that combine with a select blend of quality Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran fillers, and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. This stick is the perfect choice for aficionados in search of a full-bodied, robust cigar that carries a fine set of interesting flavors.

Try single sticks of Punch Rare Corojo Double Coronas and other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


The Padron 1964 Aniversario Is Just as Good as Its Appearance

PADRON 1964 ANIVERSARIO EXCLUSIVO NATURAL ROBUSTOPremium cigars don't just earn their stripes for their select tobacco blends and high quality wrappers. The makers of fine cigars also take pains to ensure that the sticks that receive their cigar band look simply fantastic. A truly good cigar does more than provide a highly satisfying smoking experience. It also carries itself with a refined, elegant appearance. An excellent example of that high class look is shown by the Padron 1964 Aniversario Exclusivo Natural.

This top shelf smoke is very carefully rolled by hand with a rich, reddish brown natural wrapper that gives it a distinguished appearance. That top shelf look is heightened by the classy band placed on the cigar and completed with a Cuban box-pressed shape. Nevertheless, aficionados who have never tried this elegant smoke might be wondering if it actually tastes as good as it looks. While appearance isn't everything, in this case, the Padron 1964 Aniversario Exclusivo Natural tastes even better than it looks. A premium experience is generated  by using select Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been carefully aged for four years before being rolled in a flawless, choice natural wrapper. The end result is a premium, 93 rated cigar destined to be one of the top tier sticks in any humidor.

Save on this fantastic smoke and hundreds of other quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.