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 CIGAR ACCESSORIESIf you were ever wondering how we can offer so many cigars and cigar accessories for such low prices, it's partly because we have been in the cigar business for nearly 100 years. In fact, you could probably say that we are one of the pioneers when it comes to mail order cigars because that's how the company got started in 1915. We still hold Postal Permit #1 for Tampa, Florida and have been filling out orders for premium cigars ever since.

We have always been able to offer great deals on cigars in part because our huge, 300,000 square foot humidor storage site (the largest inventory storage humidor in the country) enables the storage of equally large numbers of cigars,and we sell quite a few of our own quality cigar brands. Not to mention, being a major cigar distributor for so long has provided us with the type of connections to cigar makers and insight into tobacco growing that results in great cigar deals for our customers. Of course, we also absolutely love fine cigars and are very pleased to share that passion for quality, cured tobacco with like-minded people. Since we started out as a mail order business and have always worked with a catalog, selling cigars online was an easy, natural transition. That said, if you happen to be visiting the Tampa area, make sure to stop by our on site, retail store. It is open from 9:00 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, and from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. You will find the same cigars and inventory as our catalog and website plus fantastic deals only found at the store!

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Fine Honduran Lonsdale Cigars for Less than $2 a Stick!

Thompson Honduran Finas Lonsdale MaduroAs any experienced aficionado knows, Honduras has become an excellent source of high quality tobacco. The growing conditions and soils in this Central American country are apparently ideal for Cuban seed tobacco because many high rated cigars have come from Honduras. If you have yet to infuse the humidor with the beauty and modern prestige of Honduran smokes, you can't go wrong with a box of Thompson Honduran Finas Lonsdale Maduros. These choice cigars express the fine flavors and experience that comes from a solid Honduran stick for an equally excellent low price.

For example, a 50 count box of these quality Lonsdales is selling for less than two bucks a stick! That's a rare find indeed no matter where you shop for cigars and especially when the stick in question uses select Honduran tobacco and a choice Costa Rican Maduro wrapper. The combination of those choice tobaccos produces a very nice array of flavors for the palette and a quality smoking experience that works well as a medium bodied, after lunch or afternoon smoke. The Costa Rican wrapper in particular adds distinct and delicious flavors to this fine cigar by merit of the way in which they are grown. Instead of receiving the full brunt of the tropical sun, the leaves that become these Maduro wrappers are cultivated on steep hillsides with volcanic soils. These factors provide excellent growing conditions for tobacco and let the leaves obtain a large amount of nutrients that become the rich flavors that eventually entertain the palette.

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Enjoy Free Shipping on Padron, Arturo Fuente, and Other Quality Cigars

When we buy quality cigars, we reward ourselves with the fine flavors of choice, carefully cured tobaccos, flawless wrappers, and an overall high quality cigar smoking experience. These are a few of the reasons why we strive to fill the humidor with cigars that have received ratings of 90 or more and why most of us would rather search for deals on premium cigars instead of just buying large numbers of cheap, everyday smokes. At the Thompson Online Cigar Store, yet another reason to buy top shelf cigars is because you won't have to pay a thing for shipping. While not every cigar at Thompson gets a pass on shipping costs, most of the premium brands do.

For example, if you feel like giving a good friend an absolutely beautiful sampler of five stunning Davidoff Robustos, buy it from Thompson Cigar and it gets shipped to your place for free. If the time has come to reward yourself with a box of 94 rated, super premium Padron 1964 Aniversario Torpedo Maduros, you won't have to pay an extra cent on shipping that box of treasures right to your front door. Likewise, if you need another box of fantastic Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story Torpedos, they get shipped to your place for free.

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Fill the Humidor and Save Money with Excellent 809 Churchill Connecticut Cigars

All aficionados should pay their respects to Winston Churchill for popularizing such a great size for a cigar. If it weren't for that tough British leader, we probably wouldn't have the chance to sit back and enjoy so many different brands of those long, satisfying smokes. Many of us see the large size of these cigars as a bonus and thus make efforts to always keep a few on hand in the humidor. Given the length of these smokes, it's also worth it to keep an eye out for deals on Churchills because you get even more tobacco smoking goodness for less. One such deal has been recently offered at the Thompson Online Cigar Store and it's one that no aficionado of the Churchill should miss.

For a limited time, you can get sixty 809 Churchill Connecticuts for less than $40! Yes, that's less than a dollar a stick and these aren't just any old Churchills we are talking about either but smooth premium cigars that were created by a third generation cigar maker and a cigar blender who learned much of his expertise in the factory that makes Davidoff cigars. Yeah, they know what they are doing and show it with a wonderful, carefully blended Dominican cigar highlighted by a Sumatran binder and creamy Connecticut wrapper. This fine deal on three bundles of 809 cigars is perfect for weddings, parties, and other major celebrations.

Find this excellent deal on 809 Churchill Connecticut cigars at Thompson Cigar today.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about the different sizes and shapes of cigars in this video.


Cigars for Sale Help Fill the Humidor

CAPRICHO CUBANO CHURCHILL CONNECTICUTIt happens to all of us. We forget to stock up on cigars because of a busy schedule or travel, and before you know it, the humidor starts to look empty. That empty humidor syndrome is especially common after throwing a few parties or hosting poker games and it's a sad sight indeed. Ideally, it's best to stock up on a variety of cigars before the supply begins to dwindle. However, if you do find yourself in situation where cigars are lacking, there is a quick, easy, and economical solution.

The easiest and cheapest way to restock your humidors is by heading to the Thompson online cigar store, and click on the "sale" page. This brings you to the Thompson cigar outlet and it's hard to find an easier, cheaper means of buying a good bunch of smokes for the humidor, gifts, parties, and other celebrations. For example, check out the cheap cigar bundles and you will find a large assortment of hand-rolled quality smokes for low prices. For example, a 20 count bundle of Capricho Cubano Churchill Connecticuts sells for less than $30 while a 20 count bundle of premium Nestor Miranda 1989 Cigars can sell for less than $35! It's also worth it to check out the Closeout Deals page because it routinely hosts some of the best cigar deals available.

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Do You Have All of the Cigar Accessories You Need?

THOMPSON SOLUTION PLUSAs aficionados, we strive to search for cigars that bring interesting and novel flavors to the palette, high-rated cigars for premium smoking experiences, and cigar deals that fill the humidor with complex flavors for a bargain. Nonetheless, when you smoke cigars, you actually need much more than the cigars themselves. Sometimes we forget about this fact and end up searching for a lighter in vain, or just can't find enough room in the humidor for that new delivery of premium smokes. This post is a reminder of the need to buy accessories for cigar smoking on a regular basis because humidors fill up, lighters can be lost or break, and a cigarette ashtray should not be used for a cigar.

If the humidor looks a bit full, then it's time to buy an additional one. You want to have enough room for a large number of cigars in case you see some great deal on bundles or someone happens to give you something like an Ultimate 90 Rated Sampler. Even if you already have a couple of cigar lighters, don't hesitate to buy another because you always want to be prepared to to enjoy a cigar with the proper set of tools. Among other accessories, it's also always a good idea to stock up on humidor solution.

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Get tips on preparing a new humidor in this video.


Two Places to Find Cigar Deals for Amazing Low Prices

The cigar world is filled with thousands of cigar brands and accessories that help us enjoy this premium pastime. This makes for a neverending cornucopia of cigars to sample, humidors to pick from, and torch lighters to buy. However, the large variety of quality items in the realm of the cigar can make it tough to decide on cigars to smoke and accessories to purchase, especially due to their cost. For that reason, most aficionados are always looking for a good cigar deal or two (or three). Basically, discounts, sales, and other ways to save help us enjoy more fine cigars so it's pretty important to know how to find those deals. The following are two of the best "places" for finding some of the best deals on cigars anywhere on the planet:

  • Cigar deals at $19.99 and under at the Thompson online cigar store: Thompson offers deals that fall into a range of price brackets. Check out the page for cigar deals at $19.95 and under and you find items like the quality Super Eight Sampler and Noah Edge 2-fer Lighters for less than $15!
  • The second site for finding great deals is the Thompson cigar auction: Keep checking and participating in our cigar auctions and you are going to find plenty of fantastic deals.

Of course you can also find discounted cigars and sales on premium smokes by visiting most of the pages at the Thompson Cigar site.

Watch cigar expert Al Remp give tips on how to properly smoke a cigar in this video.


Live Large with Dom Big Boys Churchill Gordo Maduro Cigars

In the world of cigars, we have smokes that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There is the ugly-looking yet delicious cheroot, dainty Petite Coronas, the classic Robusto, and long and lovely Churchills. Then there are the cigars that push the boundaries of shapes and sizes such as the wonderfully stout and flavor-filled Oliva NUB and cigars so big that they almost need their own traveling case. The Dom Big Boys Churchill Gordo Maduro is one such cigar. With a 60 ring gauge and a seven and a half inch length, this is one massive stick that lives up to its name!

You can't help but live large when you take a draw on one of these big cigars. The smoking experience satisfies from start to finish by merit of choice Dominican filler, binder, and a tasty Maduro wrapper. Although this stick is definitely a big fat Maduro, it's a very pleasant mild to medium cigar that works well as a long, post-breakfast smoke, or to enjoy during a leisurely morning in the park. It also works fine as a cigar to enjoy during a long, morning game of golf. Better yet, these fine cigars come in bundles for a great, low price when you buy them at the Thompson online cigar store.

Find Dom Big Boys and hundreds of quality cigars for low prices at Thompson Cigar today.

Watch Al Remp give tips on preparing the humidor for cigars of all sizes in this video.


Two Sleek Humidors for Sale

BALLY 100 COUNT HUMIDORThe humidor is more than just an essential accessory for keeping your cigars fresh and ready to smoke. It can also act as a fine piece of decor for both office and the living room. Of course, you have to get the right type of humidor and not some basic, average-looking wooden box. Shop at the Thompson online cigar store and sometimes you find classic, beautiful humidors offered for fantastic discounts. Even if you didn't have a cigar collection to maintain, the following two humidors would make for fine, sleek interior decor:

  • The Bally 100 Count Humidor: This fully functional humidor is crafted from fine, beautifully grained hardwood and features a glass top to put your choice cigars on display. It has solid brass hinges, a lock, and an external hygrometer to ensure that your treasured cigars are stored at the right conditions. Inside the humidor, Spanish Cedar is used for both the lining and for a removable dividing tray. Since it can hold up to 100 cigars, this large humidor can also be used to store a sizeable portion of your collection.
  • Half Dome Humidor: This 150 count humidor is perfect for anyone with a burgeoning cigar collection. The outside is made with beautiful, polished hardwood and the inside is lined with fine Spanish Cedar. It can also be locked, and has a hygrometer and humidifier. Not to mention, if you buy this humidor while it's on sale, it's offered for less than half of the regular price! HALF DOME HUMIDOR 150 COUNT

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Small Humidor or a Large Cigar Storage System?

CHERRYWOOD HUMIDOR 40 COUNT CAPACITYOnce you start smoking cigars, you have to get a humidor. Accessories like a proper cigar cutter and torch lighter are also important but a proper place to store cigars is vital to keeping them safe, sound, and in proper smoking condition. Basically, that means making sure that your cigars are just as moist as they were upon arrival at your front door and a humidor makes this happen by maintaining your precious smokes in conditions with 70% humidity.

So, getting a humidor may be an essential part of enjoying cigars but which kind of humidor do you buy? They generally come in three main sizes, including some that hold 30 sticks and others with enough room to safely store 150 cigars.

With that in mind, the number and types of humidors you need depends on where you smoke cigars and the number of sticks in your collection. If you only smoke at home and maintain a small collection of cigars, a medium-sized humidor like the 60 count Art Deco is a good idea.

If you also enjoy cigars at the office, a small, classy humidor like the 40 Count Cherrywood works out nicely. Aficionados who like to collect large numbers of cigars need equally large humidors such as the beautiful Half Dome 150 Count Humidor.

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Enjoy Excellent Value with Thompson Tusker Toro Cigars

TUSKER TORO MADUROShopping for the right cigar can be a challenge. If you are fortunate enough to be an aficionado for whom money is no concern, you might as well put a large humidor into the home and fill it with box after box of top shelf, rare, premium cigars. However, if, like most of us, you happen to be an aficionado who has to be somewhat careful with expenditures, you want to find the right balance of high quality for an affordable price. There are actually plenty of cigar deals like this just waiting to be found in the online cigar store but it still takes some patience to find them.

One of those deals involves the Thompson Tusker brand. These are fine Dominican smokes made for us by the cigar experts at Victor Sinclair and the cigar smoking experience they produce is nothing short of a premium experience. The blend of fine tobacco and a nice price make this Thompson exclusive an excellent value and one of our more popular brands. It earns fans my merit of the wonderful, slow-aged Dominican long filler tobaccos and the select wrappers that give these great smokes an extra amount of premium flavors. These are excellent cigars to enjoy at any special event or when you want to reward yourself with a solid Dominican smoke.

Find Thompson Tusker Toros and good value on hundreds of wonderful cigars at Thompson Cigar today.

See what cigar expert Al Remp has to say about these fine smokes in this video.


Why the Art Deco 30 Count Humidor is Ideal for the Office

ART DECO-30 HUMIDORAs every aficionado knows, humidors are absolutely essential for cigar storage. They keep our precious smokes at the appropriate levels of humidity and provide protection for them in general. However, in addition to keeping a cigar collection safe and sound, a good humidor can also make a statement. Many are crafted from beautiful hardwoods and would act as an elegant piece of decor even if they didn't harbor a set of fine cigars. This fact also makes the humidor an ideal piece of functional decor for the office. The following three reasons explain why the Art Deco 30 Count Humidor is especially suited for the office:

  • Classic, elegant beauty: Anyone visiting the office won't help but notice that you use decor with class. It shows that you have good taste and are a reasonable, stable person.
  • A glass top to showcase your cigars: When people notice that you smoke cigars, they also see that you live the good life. Cigars are a sign of success and you demonstrate this as soon as they see the humidor.
  • Small enough for the office, big enough for offering cigars: This particular humidor is small enough to fit on an office desk yet large enough to hold a good variety of smokes.

Buy and save on the beautiful Art Deco Humidor at Thompson Cigar today.

Watch this video for some tips on humidor maintenance.


Some Explanations on Shapes of Cigars

As every seasoned aficionado knows, not every cigar has the same shape. The different sizes and shapes shown by cigars is a reflection of the artistic side of cigar creation along with the need for different smokes for different occasions. For example, when you could go for a long, drawn out smoking experience, you might want to pick a large Churchill out of the humidor instead of drawing on a smaller cigar. Here are some of the more common cigar shapes explained:

  • The Nub: A very short, fat cigar developed by the people at Oliva that is meant to demonstrate the cigar sweet spot from start to finish.
  • Petite Corona: This is basically an obviously small cigar. Many of the machine-made brands are petite coronas.
  • Corona: An average-sized cigar that looks maybe a bit on the small side.
  • Robusto: Slightly larger than a Corona and perhaps the most common, traditional cigar size.
  • Belicoso: Larger than a Robusto but not quite the size of a Churchill.
  • Churchill: The most commonly seen large cigar, this long stick was popularized by the man who loved to smoke them the most, Winston Churchill.
  • Solomon: If you see a very long cigar that is too big to be a Churchill, you have found a Solomon!

To learn more about cigar sizes and when to smoke them, watch this video of cigar expert Al Remp.

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Stocking Stuffer Cigar Gifts

Cigars and accessories are perfect stocking stuffers for the aficionado in the family. Although large humidors, XIKAR ENVOY 3 CIGAR CASE HAVANA COLLECTIONbig bundles, and boxes of cigars might need to be wrapped and placed under the tree, just about every other cigar item will fit into a Christmas stocking.

The good thing about shopping for an aficionado is that he or she will appreciate just about any cigar-related gift. They can always use another lighter, cutter, and plenty more cigars so it should be easy to find a number of stocking stuffers at the Thompson online cigar store.

Every cigar smoker needs a traveling case or two or three and the Xicar Envoy 3 Cigar Case Havana Collection makes for a perfect gift. Your aficionado friend or family member will appreciate the classy appearance and Havana themed cap of this padded leather case. They will also appreciate how the Spanish cedar lining and crush proof construction of this case keeps their smokes safe and sound during travel. Don't forget to fill the Xicar case with three choice cigar singles!

The Xicar X12 Granite Silver Cutter is a perfect match for that Xicar case. Crafted with a lightweight nylon fiberglass composite and sharp, stainless steel, this cigar cutter is as elegant and powerful as it is easy to carry around.

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You Gotta Love Cigars that Get Shipped to the Front Door

ROMEO Y JULIETA 1875 RESERVE BULLY SUMATRA ROBUSTOThe best cigars are always the ones we smoke but they are that much better when you get them delivered to your house. While their taste doesn't change, acquiring them is so much easier than buying from a smoke shop that it becomes that much more of a pleasure to smoke them. Instead of spending hours just searching for a place that carries a good supply of your favorite quality cigars, all you need to do is get connected to the web, "visit" an online cigar store and pick from hundreds of excellent cigar brands.

Once you find the cigars needed to complete your humidor, ordering them is as simple as clicking a button. The process can take as little time as a few minutes and that's obviously nothing compared to the hours that can easily be involved with buying cigars from tobacco emporiums and cigars shops (if you can even find one near home). When it comes down to it, the toughest part of the purchase is just deciding which cigars to buy. That's always more difficult than in sounds when you shop at an online store that offers thousands of brands, every accessory possible, and more discounts than you can imagine. Buy certain smokes or place a large enough order and shipping also happens for free!

Get all of your favorite smokes delivered to your front door at Thompson Cigars.


Get Prepared for Celebrations with This Cigar Box

LA CAYA II HABANO CHURCHILLEnjoying fine cigars is a very personal experience that involves you and the complex tastes and feelings generated by quality, fermented tobacco. Whether other people are around or not, no one can change the fact that it's just you and the cigar. However, as much as we enjoy a good smoke on our own, most aficionados also love to share the cigar experience with others. When we meet fellow aficionados, we love to show them our humidors and pick out a few choice cigars to share. We bring several sticks to parties just in case we run into someone who also appreciates a good smoke, and we can't wait to give away cigars at special occasions like weddings, graduations, and births.

However, when you are giving away large numbers of cigars, you can't just round up the smokes in the humidor and randomly distribute high-rated sticks that you have been aging for months. It's better to buy bundles or a box of smokes made up of one or two brands to avoid giving a 90 plus stick to one person and a mild-mannered cigarillo to another. One such box of smokes that happens to be perfect for large celebrations is a 100 count box of La Caya II Habano Churchills. These high-rated medium smokes deal out the quality merited by a celebration at a very affordable price.

Buy La Caya II Habano Churchills and other great smokes at Thompson Cigars today.



Pay Less to Stock the Humidor

Humidors are meant to be stocked with a great selection of fine smokes. In the eyes of the aficionado, cigar samplerthere are few experiences as sad as opening humidors and finding just one or two cigars. If that happens, you have either given away too many smokes or just forgot to buy more. The time for buying more cigars varies but in general, if you look into the cigar storage device and count ten sticks or less, it's fair to say that you need to order a bunch of smokes.

Buying a couple of samplers is a great way to restock those humidors since they will probably include a fine selection of everyday and premium brands. However, the best way to fill your humidors is by simply ordering large numbers of cigars at one time. That's easy enough to do but it can also cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars so most aficionados tend to buy fewer numbers of smokes with each purchase. Nevertheless, there is a way to get 150 hand-rolled sticks for less than one buck per smoke! That sweet deal is called the "Trust Me Combo" and includes 6 bundles of quality cigars. Whether needing to stock the humidors or getting prepared for party, this is an excellent deal.

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Throw a Saint Patrick's Day Cigar Party

That day when everyone is wearing green clothing and drinking large quantities of green beer is here. No CHAMPION FIFTEEN II SAMPLERmatter where your ancestors come from, it's an excellent reason to have a party. You could head down to the local parade and meet up with other members of the community for an evening of good drink, great smokes, and music, or you could skip the parade and just throw your own Saint Patrick's Day party. Better yet, if you have enough friends who are aficionados or might be interested in trying out great cigars, you could throw your own Saint Patrick's Day cigar party.

Although it would be nice to just focus on the best cigars the entire evening, you will probably convince more guests to come and celebrate if you add a few other activities. If you have one, set up the golf practice machine in the backyard. Cater in authentic corned beef and cabbage and serve up a few bottles of fine, Irish whiskey. Throughout the night, you can also hand out smokes from a well-priced, mild mannered cigar sampler. Don't forget to show them your humidor and make sure and play at least some Irish music.

Find all of your cigar-related Saint Patrick's Day needs at Thompson Cigars today.


Is it Time to Upgrade Your Humidor?

VENETIAN CHERRY 125 COUNT HUMIDORUpgrades aren't just limited to computers. Although the pace at which technology moves forward has made "upgrading" nearly synonymous with computers, many aspects of life are also in need of improvement on a regular basis. You upgrade your home every time you remodel, add on a room, or fix the roof. You upgrade your car whenever you trade it in for a newer model. One can even argue that you upgrade yourself when you go to the doctor for some needed treatment. Of course, there is also always plenty to upgrade when it comes to cigars.

Adding more high-rated cigars to your collection is an upgrade of sorts. Replacing an old, faulty lighter with a steady flame Rocky Patel lighter is an excellent upgrade to your smoking experience. While these are a couple of upgrades that you don't necessarily require, there is at least one type of upgrade that can't be avoided. This is the acquisition of a bigger humidor. Once you have too many cigars for your old storage device, you have a couple of options: either give away half of your cigars or get a large humidor. Unless you are extremely generous, it's best to buy a quality cigar storage device that can safely store and preserve your quality smokes.

Find the best in cigars and cigar-related items at Thompson Cigars today.

The Churchill Cigar

CHURCHILL MANIA CHURCHILL SAMPLERWinston Churchill is one of the most well known figures in human history. As the leader of the United Kingdom during the Second World War, he played a huge role during the twentieth century. During his tenure as prime minister, he gave some of the most impressive, captivating, and encouraging speeches that the world will probably ever witness. They were a reflection of his stalwart and undaunted character in the face of tough, unrelenting opposition and the need to give his fellow Britons hope during dark and dreadful times. He characterizes holding fast and keeping hope in the face of a deadly storm along with the belief that those who fight the good fight will never surrender and eventually prevail.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that Churchill was an aficionado to the core. His love for good cigars was displayed at all times as he was an inveterate cigar smoker. Just about every image of Winston Churchill from the time of the war shows him with a cigar in hand or in the mouth. We can only imagine what treasures were held in the humidor of this great leader but his legacy lives on in the form of a cigar actually named after him. Cigars known as "Churchills" are long, large, Corona smokes with a 48 ring gauge that are similar in size to the smokes enjoyed by the man they are named after. Whether you enjoy Ashton Cigars, Baccarat Cigars, or other brands, don't forget to treat yourself to a Churchill now and then.

Find Churchills and all of your smoking needs at Thompson Cigars today.