The Classic Cherrywood VI Combo is an Excellent Gift and a Great Cigar Deal

Classic Cherrywood VI ComboGifts for the aficionado come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Some samplers of premium cigars cost two or three times as much as samplers of lesser known brands and the same can be said of cigar lighters, and other cigar accessories. Although higher quality items tend to cost more, shop at the right place and you can still find great deals on quality cigars even though they cost less. One such deal also makes an excellent gift, especially for people just getting started with cigars.

That fine cigar deal and gift is the Classic Cherrywood VI Combo. Since this nice combo was originally priced at $107 and presently sells for less than $40, it's one of the better cigar combo deals at the Thompson online cigar store, especially when you see what you get for that low price! The lucky buyer of this combo gets a beautiful Cherrywood humidor that uses a quality humidification system and has Spanish Cedar linings and dividers. No humidor should ever be empty and that's why this combo also comes with 20 Hacienda Rio Churchill Connecticut cigars. A Noah Edge cigar lighter is also included so you can sample one of those Churchills as soon as this combo is delivered to your door.

Find the best deals on cigar gifts and hundreds of premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


A Cigar Gift Set for People Who Appreciate Premium Full-bodied Cigars and the Fermented Fruit of the Vine

H Upmann Legacy Toro Sumatra With Wine Accesories SetMost of us not only love to smoke cigars but we also appreciate the best in food and drink. This is a natural outcome for anyone who strives to enjoy the good life. When not searching for quality cigars to grace our humidors, many of us browse the aisles of a local distributor of wine and spirits to pick out a choice, high rated bottle of Cabernet or a rare Pinot Noir. We like to pair those fine drinks with fine cigars because there's no point in not enjoying life to the fullest. At Thompson, we are well aware of this and other ways to enjoy the good life and this is why we offer gift sets like the H. Upmann Legacy Toro Sumatra with Wine Accessories.

This combination makes for a very fine gift for anyone who appreciates wine and premium full-bodied cigars. The tobacco treasures in question are five H. Upmann Legacy Toro Sumatras and these excellent Honduran cigars will surpass the expectations of just about anyone who tries them. Rolled in a tasty Sumatra leaf wrapper and filled with quality Honduran tobacco, these are truly top shelf smokes. The classy wine accessories that come with them include a multi-use wine key, aerator, wine stop, and drip stop ring.

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The Best Methods of Finding Fantastic Discount Cigars

Cigars that sell for a discount don't always end up being the best cigars in your humidor. Many of us have purchased wholesale cigars that ended up generating a less than ideal smoking experience. Although we might have Victor Sinclair 55 Series 20 Cigar Sampler Churchillused them for everyday smokes or gave them away, we didn't exactly reach for those cheap sticks when we wanted to smoke a quality cigar. That experience has kept many of us from buying other discount smokes but the smartest aficionados keep on buying discount cigars and enjoy quality sticks for low prices with every purchase. Here are a few hints on how they make that happen:

  • Shop for cigars at a trusted, well established online cigar store: Buy cigars from an online store like Thompson Cigar and not only can you trust what is said, but there's also a much better chance of finding a variety of quality sticks for low prices. Search the Thompson Cigar sale page and you might find great cigar deals on sticks like the Victor Sinclair 55 Series Churchill Sampler.
  • Shop at the Thompson Cigar Outlet: This is an excellent way of finding great discounts on many types of cigars, including such deals as a Vintage Especiale Twelve Sampler for less than $25.
  • Cigar auction: Partake in the cigar auctions held by Thompson Cigar and you have a very good chance of getting quality cigars and accessories for excellent low prices.

Find the best discount cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Two Reminders of Why it’s Better to Buy Cigars at Online Cigar Stores

Gran Habano Gran Reserva 6 Cigar SamplerIf you are still buying your cigars from brick and mortar cigar shops, there are several reasons why you might be better off buying cigars from a reliable online cigar store. If you have already ordered cigars from an online store then you are probably already aware of the main reasons why this is the best way to buy cigars. However, if you have yet to shop for cigars online or still make most of those cigar purchases at a local cigar shop, the following two reasons might convince you to do all of your cigar buying at the Thompson Online Cigar Store:

  • More and better cigar deals: A good online store can offer so many deals, you might not know where to look first. For example, click on just about any page at the Thompson Cigar site and you will find sales on cigars, accessories, humidors, and much more. However, head to the cigar deals page and the Cigar Auction and you will probably find some of the best deals on cigars that you have ever seen. This is because unlike brick and mortar stores, an online store can carry more product, has far more customers, and can thus offer more deals.
  • Cigar samplers, cigar accessories and more: A good online store like that of Thompson Cigar carries products held in a warehouse and can thus offer many more samplers, quality cigars, and much more than a brick and mortar shop.

Find excellent deals on premium cigars and much more at Thompson Cigar today.


When to Know If It’s Time to Buy a New Cigar Ashtray

Padron Family Reserve Crystal AshtrayEnjoying cigars is more than buying the sticks we love to smoke. Although picking out and buying cigars is of course an essential part of being an aficionado, we also need various cigar accessories. The humidor is the accessory you probably need to buy first because you can't store your cigars without one. The cigar lighter probably comes second and the cutter is a close third. However, there's one other accessory that often gets overlooked when buying cigars and supplies for enjoying them. That item is the ashtray and you know you need a new one when the following happens:

  • The old ashtray breaks or gets too dirty to clean: Ok, so a dirty ashtray can still be used but let's face it, it looks terrible and doesn't work as well for holding the ashes. Buy something along the lines of the Padron Family Crystal Reserve ashtray to add a touch of class to your smoking room.
  • You just don't have one: Even if you have an ashtray in the den at home, you might also need one in the office or one to bring with you during travel. The Thompson Jumbo is a fine, basic cigar ashtray to use in the office as is the Stinky Cigar Original. Both also work well as ashtrays to bring on trips.

Find a fine selection of ashtrays, other accessories, and premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Why the Black Leather 20 Count Humidor is the Perfect Gift for a New Cigar Smoker

Black Leather 20 Count Humidor With AccessoriesFinding gifts for people who are just starting out with cigars can be easy as long as you shop in the right place. The gift possibilities at most local brick and mortar shops are going to be limited at best and probably over-priced.  Instead of looking for gifts at a local cigar shop (if you can find one), check out the Thompson Online Cigar Store for a wide array of gift items that range from singles of premium cigars to every type of cigar accessory. However, if you want to spend as little time as possible in picking out a gift for a new aficionado, buy the Black Leather 20 Count Humidor with Accessories. This makes for a fantastic gift for anyone just starting out with cigars because:

  • It includes a humidor: Every cigar smoker needs a humidor and the sooner that special person gets one the better. Cigars can't be safely stored without it! In addition to the 20 count humidor, this cigar deal also includes a small traveling humidor.
  • Double-bladed cigar cutter: Cigars need to be cut before smoking them and a cigar cutter is designed for the task. The new aficionado is going to need one and this double-bladed cutter works like a charm.
  • Cigar case: Cigars should never be carried in a pocket without some form of protection. The black leather two finger pocket cigar case is ideal for bringing a couple of smokes to the golf course, or to enjoy after a fine meal.

Find the best deals on cigars and cigar accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Two Ways to Keep Cigars Safe During Travel

At home and in the office, we keep cigars safe and sound by storing them in well maintained humidors. While a humidor is the proper place for storing cigars, it's not meant to be lugged around the golf course or carried with us while traveling for business or otherwise. Fortunately, we can enjoy smokes whether walking the greens or taking a trip to the other side of the world because there are other means of keeping cigars safe and ready to enjoy during travel. Two of those ways are:

  • The Protek 15 Count Travel Case: This tough cigar case is the one to bring when you want to carry 10 or 15 sticks on a fishing trip, and while hunting, hiking, or other outdoor endeavors. It will also be handy during days of travel by train or backpacking through India. The Protek works in such rough conditions because it's waterproof, rustproof, dustproof, airtight, and more or less unbreakable.
  • The Thompson Black Telescoping Three Finger Cigar Case: While the Protek is ideal for long, rough trips, you won't need it for the golf course. Use a small, three-cigar case for a morning at the club, while taking a walk in the park, or when you want to bring a couple of choice sticks to an evening event.

Find quality cigar accessories and hundreds of premium cigars for great prices at Thompson Cigar today.

To get some tips on smoking cigars from a true expert, watch Al Remp in this video.


Save on Cigars with Cheap Bundles

Victor Sinclair 40 Churchill Sampler When you enjoy as many cigars as we do, you always need to be keeping an eye out for cigar deals. Fortunately, if you check the Thompson online cigar store on a daily basis, you can't help but find savings on everything from premium cigars to cigar lighters and other accessories. If you check the sales page, you can also connect with many a fantastic deal by purchasing cigars bundles. In opting for bundles instead of boxes, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars on cigars and we aren't talking about poorly made, unsmokeable sticks either but quality, hand rolled smokes.

Just one fine example of a great cigar bundle deal is found with the Victor Sinclair 40 Churchill Sampler. While supplies last, this assortment of 40 quality, hand made cigars sells for just $49! The deal gets even better when you realize that each of those 40 sticks is a full-sized quality Churchill cigar. All of these mild to medium bodied smokes are also crafted with delicious Dominican tobaccos and include such brands as Flor de Dominguez, Cuban Delight, and Tesoro Cubanos. The quality and price of this sampler makes it a nice one to get when you could go for an everyday Churchill, for parties, or when the humidor could use a few extra Dominican smokes.

Find excellent deals on cigar bundles, boxes, and cigar accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Cigars for Sale Since 1915

 CIGAR ACCESSORIESIf you were ever wondering how we can offer so many cigars and cigar accessories for such low prices, it's partly because we have been in the cigar business for nearly 100 years. In fact, you could probably say that we are one of the pioneers when it comes to mail order cigars because that's how the company got started in 1915. We still hold Postal Permit #1 for Tampa, Florida and have been filling out orders for premium cigars ever since.

We have always been able to offer great deals on cigars in part because our huge, 300,000 square foot humidor storage site (the largest inventory storage humidor in the country) enables the storage of equally large numbers of cigars,and we sell quite a few of our own quality cigar brands. Not to mention, being a major cigar distributor for so long has provided us with the type of connections to cigar makers and insight into tobacco growing that results in great cigar deals for our customers. Of course, we also absolutely love fine cigars and are very pleased to share that passion for quality, cured tobacco with like-minded people. Since we started out as a mail order business and have always worked with a catalog, selling cigars online was an easy, natural transition. That said, if you happen to be visiting the Tampa area, make sure to stop by our on site, retail store. It is open from 9:00 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, and from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. You will find the same cigars and inventory as our catalog and website plus fantastic deals only found at the store!

Find deals on hundreds of quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Three Tips to Find Discount Cigars and Reduce the Cigar Budget

Flor De Filipinas Londres Natural CoronaWe would all love to enjoy a couple Cohibas a day but for many of us, that's not even close to being an option because we just can't afford it. Sadly, some of us have other responsibilities that don't allow for a huge cigar budget. Nevertheless, there are ways to enjoy many a great cigar even with a low budget and the following three tips will help:

  • Check the Thompson Online Cigar Store every day of the week: If you shop for choice smokes at a brick and mortar cigar store, that reduced cigar budget might only allow for 3 or 4 sticks a month. Fortunately, the online store at Thompson Cigar makes it possible to find a variety of ways to save on cigars. Just search for your favorite brands and there's a good chance you will find a discount. However, if you are looking for even better deals, check out the excellent low prices at the Cigar Outlet.
  • Buy more and save: This is one of the easiest ways to spend less on cigars and still manage to fill the humidor with quality smokes. For example, a 25 count bundle of hand-rolled Flor de Filipinas might sell for less than $14!
  • Work the cigar auction: Our cigar auction could be the best way to buy premium cigars for rock bottom prices. Since you won't be the only aficionado at the auction, you can't expect to win every deal but work it enough and you will eventually get great cigars and accessories for fantastic prices.

Find the best deals on cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Thompson Cigar Co. Celebrates Contest Winners

The Cigar Lover’s Sweepstakes being held by Thompson Cigar Co. has finally come to conclusion. Each of the four lucky winners received a prize package worth over $900.

Thompson Cigar Co. announces today that their much anticipated “Cigar Lover’s Sweepstakes” has drawn to an end with the beginning of September. For the past four weeks, customers were invited to enter a drawing to win a prize package of high quality cigars, professional accessories, and gift cards for added personalization.  Since 1915, Thompson Cigar has taken a direct interest in the satisfaction of their patrons, offering smoking hobbyists opportunities to easily find and purchase premium cigars. With the contest reaching its conclusion, four lucky customers have walked away with prize packages worth over $900 each. Brook C. and Jim B. from Wisconsin, Brian M. from Indiana, and Kevin R. from South Carolina are all enjoying the final days of summer with their wealth of prizes.  

Thankful for being given the chance to win, Kevin R. stated “It was really exciting to get the notification of the sweepstakes win.  Can't wait to try a cigar I would probably not have bought on a whim!  The Opus X and the 1926's are going to be saved for some very special occasions occurring in the near future. Thanks again! “

Fellow winner Jim B. expressed that “It was like Christmas to come home to the gifts, the humidor was beautiful.  Yes, I was ‘forced’ to have a cigar on Sunday when we got home!  Looking forward to using the gift card to order some more cigars I have been dying to try that I can’t find locally.”

The Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes may be over for now, but Thompson Cigar Co. may provide similar contests in the future. America’s oldest mail order cigar company will continue to provide their customers with the quality of service they have come to expect.


Thompson Cigar was founded in Key West, Florida, in 1915 and is the oldest mail order cigar company in the country. In fact, Thompson still holds Postal Permit #1 for Tampa. Thompson Cigar has always been devoted to delivering a wide selection of products covering all price ranges and tastes. The various Thompson private label cigars reflect our keen desire to provide customers with the finest cigars at a fraction of what a comparable national brand would cost.


Survive Summer with Free Quality Smokes!


It’s August, and summer time is slowly dragging on toward a much anticipated end. Unbearable temperatures and stifling droughts have made it nearly impossible to enjoy the past few months. In fact, without a quality cigar at hand, how could any of us have survived? Thompson Cigars understands better than anyone the plight of being stranded in the heat without our favorite smoke to help bring a satisfying end to the day. If your humidor is running low and you’re wondering how you’re going to make it through the next few weeks, don’t panic! Enter the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” going on right now and you may just end up with the relief you’re looking for!


Always thankful for our dedicated customers, Thompson Cigar is pleased to provide top quality cigars and smoking accessories to people across the nation. We believe in giving back to our fans, just ask the winner of our first week give away – Brook C. from Wisconsin! By entering the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” and showing her love of great cigars, Brook will receive a collection of products that would make even the most experienced smoker jealous!


To participate, head over to the Thompson Cigars Facebook page and simply click on the “Like” button! Every week in August a new package loaded with cigar related prizes will be revealed, giving you four chances to win a collection worth $900. That’s over $3,000 worth of product given away in a single month! After liking the page and providing the required information, check back every Friday at 11AM to see the latest set of prizes. No purchase is necessary, meaning your winnings are completely free! There’s still time to participate and win, so don’t delay!


Get “Stranded” with a Prize Pack of your Favorite Cigars!

Are you the self-declared cigar expert of your group of friends? Would you find it impossible to go a single day without the smooth taste of your favorite quality smokes? Do you know exactly which sticks you would want with you if you ever found yourself stranded on a deserted island?

If so, Thompson Cigar is willing to make your fantasies a reality!  If a fine collection of sticks would be as important to you as water, food, and shelter, you’re just who we’re looking for! Aficionados and new comers alike are welcome to participate in the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” going on right now!

Thompson Cigar is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cigars and smoking accessories like humidors, cigar cutters, lighters and more! Since 1915, we have prided ourselves in offering the smoking world the best selection at reasonable prices. To thank our loyal customers, we want to give a little something back.

To participate, head over to the Thompson Cigar Facebook page, click on the “Like” button, and enter to win! We’ll reveal a new prize package (worth over $900) every week starting 8/2/13 for a total of 4 weeks. That’s over $3600 worth of cigars and gear that you won’t want to miss!

After liking the page and providing the required information, check back every Friday at 11AM to see the latest set of prizes. No purchase is necessary but you must be 21 years or older to enter. Consider it our way of protecting you the next time you find yourself stranded!


Cigar Lighters and Other Cigar Accessories to Get with That First Box of Cigars

JETLINE SUPER TORCH CLEAR FINISH LIGHTER for CigarsIt may have been a gift from a friend, or hearing about the beauty of cigars. Whatever the reason may be, you have come to the realization that smoking a good cigar is a very enjoyable, relaxing, distinguished experience. Welcome to the club, here is some advice on accessories to buy with that first box or bundle of cigars:

  • A cigar lighter: While you may already have a few small lighters lying around the house, please don't even attempt to use them with any of your cigars. The sticks we smoke deserve a device that lights them in a proper, measured manner and this is why we use lighters that were specifically developed for enjoying a cigar. That would be something along the lines of a Jetline Super Torch Clear Finish Lighter or a slick Xikar Element Lighter.
  • A cigar cutter: Yes, you need something to cut the tips off the cigars you smoke but you don't want to ruin the cigar by employing a crude knife. Instead, we use tools like the Thompson Perfect Cut Cutter or a Xikar X8 Black Cutter.
  • A humidor: Of all of the accessories you get, this is probably the most important. Without it, you won't be able to safely store cigars nor collect them. Although a beautiful Bally 100 Count Humidor will give you more than enough room for a while, you could also go with a nice 30 Count Executive Starter Kit Humidor.

Find the best deals on quality cigars and accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Quality Cigars for Sale and Excellent Deals for the Humidor

SONADOR HABANO ROBUSTO GRANDE COROJO CigarsShop at the Thompson Online Cigar Store and you will find your fair share of cigar deals. Many of the cigars are going to cost less than buying them at a nearby tobacco shop because they are offered for low, on sale prices. However, while saving on cigars by simply searching and finding your favorite everyday smokes and premium cigars, you can also find some of the best deals on the site by checking out the offerings on the Cigar Sale page. Visit the page, take a look around, and it won't take long to find some truly amazing discounts on quality cigars and accessories.

For example, how about a box of twenty, fantastic, premium Honduran cigars for less than $2 a stick? The Sonador Habano Robusto Grande Corojo originally sells for more than $130 but if you order before supplies run out, a 20 count box of these fine smokes is available for $39! Crafted with choice tobaccos that have been aged four and five years, this is truly a top shelf smoke that deserves a premium spot in any humidor.

Or, how about the Best of Boutique Blends 10 Cigar Sampler? Originally available for more than $70, if other aficionados don't buy them all first, you can get this wonderful sampler for less than $35! It includes such boutique Dominican smokes as Swap, Small Batch King (S.B.K.), and Aging Room.

Find excellent deals on quality cigars by shopping at the Thompson online cigar store today.


Where to Find the Top Ten Humidors

VENETIAN BLACK 125 COUNT HUMIDORIf you are starting out with cigars, you need a humidor. In fact, if you hope to take advantage of the many cigar deals at the Thompson online cigar store, it would be a good idea to get two or three humidors. Put one in the living room, another in the bedroom, and save another for the office. Likewise, even if you have been enjoying quality cigars for decades, getting another humidor will give you more room to augment your collection of fine smokes.

When you could use another humidor or two, the first thing you need to know is where to buy these cigar smoking essentials. The best place to start that search is probably also going to be where you end it when you see the low prices for the beautiful humidors on the Thompson Cigar website. Click on the page known as the "Top Ten Humidors" and you will see a fine selection of cigar storage devices that are as functional as they are eye-catching. For a seriously classy humidor, you could go with the Venetian Black 125 Count or the 125 count Bally Humidor. Both of these elegant accessories can hold 125 sticks and let you and guests admire them through the thick glass top. Or, if you just need a small humidor, start out with the classy, domed Quote 25.

Find wonderful deals on beautiful humidors and premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about the importance of humidors in this video.


Give the Classic Gift of a Savinelli Pipe

SAVINELLI TIGER RUSTIC BENT PIPEWhen you need to find a gift for an aficionado, you are in luck because most cigar smokers are going to love to receive just about any high quality cigars. They will also love quality cigar lighters and opening the gift wrapping to find a beautiful humidor. However, if you want to surprise and please an aficionado with something they might not have, try giving that special person a pipe.

You shouldn't just give them any old pipe either but an elegant, hand-made pipe like a Savinelli. These pipes are such beautiful works of art that you might be tempted to just put them on display instead of using them to enjoy tobacco. As with other Savinelli Pipes, the Savinelli Tiger Pipe is hand made by pipe craftsmen in Italy and uses a classy acrylic, non-oxidizing mouth piece. These fine pipes are made to last and impress with their quality construction and elegant looks. Of course, a gift of one of these fine works of art should also come with a tin or two of delicious pipe tobacco and you couldn't find a more fitting blend of cured leaf than the Savinelli Special Tobacco Blend. Savinelli also offers such classic blends as English Mixture and Cavendish.

Find great deals on Savinelli pipes, cigars for every occasion, and other tobacco accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Collect Cigars but Don’t Forget to Smoke Them!

MONTECRISTO ROBUSTO CONNECTICUT SINGLE CIGARThe online cigar store has made it easy to collect cigars. All it takes is a quick search and a click of the mouse to find great deals on boxes of your favorite brands and more than a few smokes you would love to try. Look a bit further at the right online cigar store and you can find bundles of fine smokes for excellent prices, fantastic deals on cigars that have to go, and auctions that provide opportunities to get everything from humidors to top shelf cigars for incredible prices. Add deals on excellent cigar samplers to the mix and it's easy to end up with a fantastic cigar collection.

However, the more rare, high quality sticks you acquire, it sometimes becomes that much more difficult to smoke them not because you don't want to but because you end up saving many of those smokes for extra special occasions. While it is important to save certain cigars for important occasions, it's also just as important to remember that cigars are meant to be experienced by smoking them much more than leaving them in the humidor. Don't be shy about smoking a Montecristo Robusto now rather than saving it for some supposedly distinguished occasion because life is meant to be lived to the fullest every day of the week.

Find hundreds of excellent deals on quality cigars and cigar accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Three Important Things that People New to Cigars Should Know

You tried a cigar and it turned out to be an eye opening experience. Now you know why so many successful, refined gentlemen and women partake in such classic smokes as Cohibas and Partagas. Welcome to the club, now here is a bit of handy advice:

  • Where to find cigar deals: For people just getting started with cigars, it can be tough to know where to find the best deals. It's easy to feel confused or know which prices are true deals when confronted by hundreds of different brands. Most of us have all been there so take it from us, the best deals on cigars are found at the Thompson online cigar store. Thompson can sell cigars for less because this company has been in the business for nearly 100 years. While there are plenty of deals on every page of the site, the best are usually found in the Thompson cigar outlet and in the Thompson cigar auction.
  • Cigar samplers: These assortments of smokes are the easiest means of trying out a bunch of different cigars for an affordable price. Get a sampler every month or two and you will quickly become well versed in cigars.
  • A humidor is essential: Get a humidor as soon as possible. Basically, you can't start collecting cigars without one. These devices are absolutely necessary for safely storing any of your cigars.

Find the best deals on cigars and accessories at Thompson Cigar today.

Get some valuable tips on buying cigars from cigar expert Al Remp in this video.


Cigars for Sale Help Fill the Humidor

CAPRICHO CUBANO CHURCHILL CONNECTICUTIt happens to all of us. We forget to stock up on cigars because of a busy schedule or travel, and before you know it, the humidor starts to look empty. That empty humidor syndrome is especially common after throwing a few parties or hosting poker games and it's a sad sight indeed. Ideally, it's best to stock up on a variety of cigars before the supply begins to dwindle. However, if you do find yourself in situation where cigars are lacking, there is a quick, easy, and economical solution.

The easiest and cheapest way to restock your humidors is by heading to the Thompson online cigar store, and click on the "sale" page. This brings you to the Thompson cigar outlet and it's hard to find an easier, cheaper means of buying a good bunch of smokes for the humidor, gifts, parties, and other celebrations. For example, check out the cheap cigar bundles and you will find a large assortment of hand-rolled quality smokes for low prices. For example, a 20 count bundle of Capricho Cubano Churchill Connecticuts sells for less than $30 while a 20 count bundle of premium Nestor Miranda 1989 Cigars can sell for less than $35! It's also worth it to check out the Closeout Deals page because it routinely hosts some of the best cigar deals available.

Find the best savings on quality cigars and cigar accessories at Thompson Cigar today.