Great Cigar Samplers for Great Low Prices

Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar SamplerCigar samplers are always fun to buy. Even though you know which sticks are going to arrive in the sampler, there's always a few that you have never tried. It's fun to compare those with our favorite everyday sticks and well known, premium cigars. It's also a good feeling to know that the humidor is going to receive a nice variety of sticks. Some are different sizes, come from different cigar makers, and showcase different types of wrappers. However, another nice thing about samplers is related to their price. Buy a sampler and you typically end up spending a lot less on premium smokes. It gives you a chance to try some top shelf sticks without breaking the cigar budget while other samplers are just fine cigar deals in every sense.

To find the best deals on samplers, visit the Value Cigar Samplers page. This is where you will find several excellent assortments of cigars for very good prices. For example, recently, the World Class 20 Sampler has been on sale for less than $30. That's four brands of 20 fine cigars for less than half of the regular price. The same can be said of the Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar Sampler. Buy that assortment and pay less than a third of the regular price for premium Victor Sinclair smokes.

Find the best deals on cigar samplers and hundreds of other great smokes at Thompson Cigar today.


When to Buy 100 Paso Doble Robusto Connecticut Cigars

Paso Doble Robusto ConnecticutHave you ever tried Paso Doble Connecticut Robustos? If so, then you already know why it's important to keep the humidor stocked with these fine smokes. Paso Dobles are mild to medium bodied cigars that are rolled in a smooth Connecticut wrapper and combine both Dominican and Costa Rican tobaccos to produce a fine, mild and wonderful smoking experience. Much of that mild, easy-going flavor comes from the Costa Rican tobaccos that go into this cigar. If you have ever tried premium Costa Rican coffee, the tobacco shows somewhat similar, very smooth flavors. The full package makes for an excellent everyday smoke and this is one of the best reasons to buy 100 Paso Doble Connecticut Robustos.

Another time for buying a bunch of these fine, mild smokes is when you are throwing a fair sized party for employees or friends. The low price for these smokes combined with their easy going flavors makes them an excellent choice for rookie aficionados and folks who have yet to experience a good cigar. It goes without saying, then, that Paso Dobles are also ideal cigars to bring to a wedding. If a good friend or family member is getting ready to tie the knot, ask them if they would like guests to help celebrate the event with good cigars and if they say yes, (they probably will), buy 100 Paso Dobles for less than $90.

Save on Paso Doble Cigars and hundreds of other fine cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Buy C and C Gordo Cigar Samplers for a Fantastic Deal on Premium Everyday Smokes

C and C Gordo Cigars are one of the more recent additions to the Thompson Online Cigar Store. However, despite being one of the newer cigars on the block, these smokes are C & C Gordo Sampler Gordoattracting quite the following. In fact, some people have been buying a few samplers at a time because these sticks make for fantastic everyday smokes. The thing about these cigars is that they fit the bill as an everyday stick by merit of their low price (10 sticks for less than $30) while also being a premium 6 x 60 cigar. Yes, the Corojo has a 90 rating and both sticks in this sampler are good enough to merit a special place in any humidor.

The recipe for these quality smokes is simple yet produces excellent results. As with many other quality cigars, these fine sticks are rolled by hand and use choice Dominican tobacco to generate a satisfying, medium-bodied quality smoke. However, each cigar brand also makes use of a particular blend of tobacco and the fermented leaf chosen for C and C Gordos is a definite winner because they will probably be one of the best everyday smokes you have ever tried. Given the bargain prices for these fine sticks, who knows how long supplies will last so order a few C and C Gordo Samplers today.

Find great deals on these and hundreds of other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Some New Cigar Samplers from Thompson Cigar

Dominican Toro Collection Toro SamplerThe Thompson online cigar store is a fantastic place for finding great deals on cigars, the best prices on everyday smokes, and wonderful cigar samplers. In fact, it's arguably the best place anywhere for finding samplers because so many are available for good prices. The cigar experts at Thompson also love to put together assortments of various cigars on a regular basis and that translates to more cigar samplers available for all of us aficionados to enjoy! To see the latest samplers in the online store, check out the page for new cigar samplers.

The Dominican Toro Collection Sampler offers up a wonderful assortment of 20 Dominican smokes, some with Maduro wrappers and others rolled in fine natural leaf. Get this sampler when the humidor needs an infusion of cigars that hail from the excellent tobacco farms of the Dominican Republic.

Another of many great samplers is the Victor Sinclair Ten Sampler Gordito. Like the name of this sampler says, it comes replete with ten wonderfully fat and delicious cigars. Each of these premium Gorditos is the creation of master cigar maker Jose Dominguez. They display the same fine character of other smokes made by the cigar expert behind Victor Sinclair Cigars.

Check the new cigar samplers from Thompson Cigar on a regular basis to find more smokes for the humidor and new sticks to try.


When to Know if It’s Time to Buy Cigar Samplers

Mild & Cheap 20 Cigar Churchill SamplerNo matter how big your cigar collection may be, there always comes a time when it needs to be replenished. We don't just store those cigars and forget about them. We of course smoke them and if you enjoy a cigar or two a day, you have to be careful about keeping the humidor stocked and ready to supply you with all of your cigar needs. Samplers are an excellent way to stock the humidor and also come in handy in other situations. If you notice any of the following three signs, the time has come to buy a few cigar samplers:

  • The number of cigars in the humidor is less than 20: If you notice that the humidor is looking rather empty, order a couple of cigar samplers to make sure that you always have enough cigars on hand.
  • You only have a few types of cigars: If you find yourself with just one or two types of sticks, order a sampler like the Best Cigar Sampler to have cigars for every situation.
  • You feel like trying new cigars: A big part of the appeal of cigars is having the chance to try sticks with different wrappers, different types of tobaccos, and noting the difference between premium and everyday sticks. Samplers like the Mild and Cheap 20 Cigar Churchill are excellent choices for trying new smokes.

Find the best variety of cigar samplers for the best prices at Thompson Cigar today.


How to Get 10 Oliva Cigars for Free

Oliva Cigars are one of those premium brands that we strive to have in the humidor. The reliable, premium nature of Olivas can always be counted on for a top shelf smoking experience.  Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro Connecticut Plus  BONUS Oliva 10 Pack SamplerThe cigar masters at Oliva came up with the wonderful Nub, and many other series of smokes that demonstrate their expertise and pride when it comes to cigars. With that in mind, it's always a good day when you can find Olivas for free! Not that Thompson Cigar is giving them away but then again, they sort of are because when you buy boxes of just about any Oliva Cigar from Thompson, you also get a free Oliva ten pack sampler!

For example, buy a box of wonderful Magna Carta Toro Habanos and you get a very fine sampling of Oliva sticks. Since that box of fine cigars is already sold for a discount, the 10 extra Oliva cigars turn it into a pretty good cigar deal. Not to mention, those fine Magna Cartas are also exclusively available from Thompson Cigar.

Enjoy those Magna Carta cigars when you feel like experiencing an excellent, medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro but when the situation calls for a full-bodied smoke, you can't go wrong with a 24 count box of Oliva Habano Rothschild Nubs, especially because it also includes that fine cigar sampler at no extra cost!

Find the best deals on Oliva and hundreds of other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Where to Buy Cigars Shipped for Free

Padron 1964 Aniversario Torpedo MaduroAs aficionados, we have to know where the best places are for buying cigars. That place has to have enough cigar brands to meet every taste, occasion, and budget, and should also be capable of providing excellent advice and service. Ideally, it should also be open at all times of the day and offer a variety of cigar deals. If all of the above sounds too good to be true for a brick and mortar cigar store, you are right. Few if any cigar shops can meet such standards but there is at least one online cigar store that makes good on all of the above and more.

That place is the Thompson Online Cigar Store and it's also where you need to go if you want to enjoy free shipping on fine cigars. Most of the top shelf, premium cigars offered by Thompson ship for free. This includes such superb smokes as the 94 rated Padron 1964 Aniversario Torpedo Maduro, and the fantastic Flor de las Antillas Sun Grown Toro (the 2012 cigar of the year) among other excellent additions to the humidor. To see the other fine smokes that get shipped straight to your door at no extra cost, check out the Thompson Cigars With Free Shipping page.

Find hundreds of great deals on cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Connecticut Cigars for the Holidays

Avo Classic Xo Intermezzo Connecticut Robusto Holiday CollectionWhether it's the holiday season or other times of the year, it's important to take time to sit back and enjoy a few choice Connecticut cigars. The Connecticut wrapper lends a wonderful, silky smooth experience to a cigar, especially so for mild smokes that work very well as after breakfast cigars, or sticks to accompany a mid-morning walk on the greens. A fine Connecticut is also versatile because it can add a smooth touch to parties during the holiday season, makes for a fine smoke while enjoying the sights and sounds of a tropical beach, and is probably the best way to read the morning paper.

With the accolades of Connecticut wrapped cigars in mind, the Avo Classic Intermezzo Connecticut Robusto Holiday Collection is a fine gift to get and give to any aficionado friend. This premium sampling of Connecticut Robustos includes four absolutely flawless Avo XO Intermezzo Cigars that demonstrate the importance of stocking the humidor with premium, Connecticut-wrapped sticks. Each of the fine cigars in this premium gift uses a choice blend of top shelf Dominican tobaccos and a select, very smooth Connecticut wrapper to generate a wonderful, medium-bodied smoking experience. These cigars are big on rich flavors without sacrificing the smooth, sumptuous sensations that come from using a choice Connecticut wrapper.

Find this very fine cigar gift and hundreds of excellent gift ideas at the Thompson online cigar store today. 


The Classic Cherrywood VI Combo is an Excellent Gift and a Great Cigar Deal

Classic Cherrywood VI ComboGifts for the aficionado come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Some samplers of premium cigars cost two or three times as much as samplers of lesser known brands and the same can be said of cigar lighters, and other cigar accessories. Although higher quality items tend to cost more, shop at the right place and you can still find great deals on quality cigars even though they cost less. One such deal also makes an excellent gift, especially for people just getting started with cigars.

That fine cigar deal and gift is the Classic Cherrywood VI Combo. Since this nice combo was originally priced at $107 and presently sells for less than $40, it's one of the better cigar combo deals at the Thompson online cigar store, especially when you see what you get for that low price! The lucky buyer of this combo gets a beautiful Cherrywood humidor that uses a quality humidification system and has Spanish Cedar linings and dividers. No humidor should ever be empty and that's why this combo also comes with 20 Hacienda Rio Churchill Connecticut cigars. A Noah Edge cigar lighter is also included so you can sample one of those Churchills as soon as this combo is delivered to your door.

Find the best deals on cigar gifts and hundreds of premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


See Our Staff Favorites Page for Stellar Cigar Gift Ideas

Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar SamplerEven if you already know what sort of presents to buy for fellow aficionados, it's still good to have a set of gift ideas. You are always going to find a few ideas you hadn't considered and they might even make fine presents for your own collection of premium cigars. The list is even better when it's compiled by cigar experts and that's why the Thompson staff favorites page is a such a good place to look when searching for all sorts of cigar-related gifts. If the items on that page are favorites of the people who work at Thompson Cigar, you can bet that they are going to represent an excellent bunch of cigars because Thompson has been at the heart of the cigar distribution business for nearly a century.

Several selections are favorites because they combine premium cigars with an excellent low price. The Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar Sampler is one such item because for less than $30, this sampler includes 15 quality sticks including Maduros and Connecticuts. Other staff favorites that go for an excellent low price are the Four Aces 12 Cigar Sampler and the delicious Maduro Madness Sampler. You will also find good deals on fine humidors, and small samplers of premium cigars such as the Rocky Patel vs. Romeo and Julieta Super Six.

Find these fine cigar gifts and hundreds of premium smokes for low prices at Thompson Cigar today.


Need Cigar Gifts? Shop at the Thompson Online Cigar Store Gift Guide!

Peterson Pipe Tobacco Holiday Tobacco 2013 Collection'Tis the season to be jolly and shop for all of our favorite friends and family members. If one of the special people on your list loves quality cigars, not to worry. Even if you know nothing about cigars, you can still find easy cigar gifts for that special cigar smoker in your life if you shop at the Thompson online cigar store. Just check out our cigar gift guide and instead of wondering how you are going to possibly find an appropriate cigar-related gift, you will be treated to more options that you can imagine.

Every cigar aficionado loves a good cigar sampler. These are assortments of cigars that make it easy for the lucky recipient to try out a variety of cigar brands, cigars that use different wrappers, and premium cigars he or she may have always wanted to sample. The Triple Threat Ten Cigar Sampler is just one of many fine cigar sampler gifts and you can make it even better with a beautiful Cherrywood Humidor. Humidors are essential for proper storage of cigars and you can bet that every cigar smoker will be very pleased to get one or more as a gift. For the pipe smoker in your life, you can also give a fine tin of Peterson 2013 Holiday Pipe Tobacco.

Shop our cigar gift guide page to find the best cigar gifts for all of your aficionado friends.


Thank You and Keep Supporting Your Right to Smoke Cigars!

Thank you! Because of your efforts, Thompson Cigar was able to generate an additional 4,780 emails to Congress in support of H.R. 792 and S. 772! Haven't heard of these bills? If you think you have the right to enjoy premium cigars, then you and every other aficionado needs to be very aware of this legislation and its importance. During the time period of April 26, 2010 to December 21, 2012, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration had indicated that they planned on regulating cigars. While the FDA hasn't said how they plan on regulating cigars and cigar tobacco, there's a wide range of unpleasant possibilities.

For example, they may place a ban on certain walk in humidors, limit advertising and promotions (which would certainly impact many of the cigar deals we aficionados enjoy), actually prohibit the use of words like "cigar" and "tobacco", and cigar makers may even have to submit their secret tobacco blends to the FDA for "testing". Prices will go up, there will be fewer cigars available, and it will be more difficult to enjoy quality cigars as you please. Oh, and that's just a short list so please support and encourage other aficionados to support the H.R. 792 and S. 772 bills; the two most important legislation pieces aimed at curtailing the regulation of the cigar industry by the FDA.

To learn more about these bills, see this action alert on the Cigar Rights of America site.

Find great deals on cigars, cigar samplers, and more for the aficionado at Thompson Cigar today.

Support Your Right to Smoke Cigas


How Do Ten Rocky Patel Cigars in a Humidor Sound as a Gift?

Rocky Patel Ten Sampler With HumidorNot sure what to get for an aficionado friend, someone who is just getting started with cigars, or a family member in the military who is home on leave? You will find plenty of gift options at the Thompson Cigar site, one of the best being a cigar combo known as the Rocky Patel Ten Sampler with Humidor. If you have already smoked a few of Rocky Patel's cigar creations, you know that a sampler with ten of his cigars is going to be good. If you haven't had the privilege of taking a draw on a Rocky Patel, try one to experience a premium Honduran cigar that has been crafted with care and only features choice, high quality tobaccos. Each of the ten sticks in this sampler are nothing but top shelf in nature and fit to be enjoyed only when you want to experience a premium cigar.

The lucky guy or gal who gets this combo also gets the chance to enjoy such Rocky Patel 90 plus rated smokes as the 15th Anniversary and 1961, and other prize cigars like Rocky's Autumn Collection, Vintage 1999, and the Edge Maduro. The variety of wrappers on the cigars in this sampler ensure a different high quality smoke for every occasion, and they are presented in a classy white humidor with orange lettering. The humidor would make a nice gift on its own but it gets far better when it comes with the 10 fine cigars inside.

Find this cigar sampler and other quality cigar gifts for low prices at Thompson Cigar today.


How to Buy Cohibas and Partagas Cigars for Less Than $20

Cohiba and Partagas are two of the top names in the cigar world. Even non smokers have heard about Partagas Puritos Cameroon Cigarillo Single Tinthose legendary smokes and we strive to put a few of each in our humidors. However, as with most famous, top shelf items, the price tends to be higher than many other cigar brands. The cost can pose a barrier to buying those excellent sticks for aficionados with a tight monthly cigar budget but even if you could never afford to buy a few boxes of Cohibas a month, there are a couple of ways to get your hands on those smokes.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the fine flavors of Cohiba cigars and Partagas smokes for less than $20 is by purchasing tins of these top shelf sticks. For less than $20, you can get five fine Cohiba Black Maduro Cigarillos and relish the rich, top shelf flavors of these premium smokes. Cohiba Blacks more than live up to the Cohiba name and display the same fine set of flavors and very satisfying experience as their larger siblings. As for Partagas, you can get 10 fine Partagas Puritos Cameroon cigarillos for less than $18. These excellent Dominican smokes have the same tobaccos and are just as rich and smooth as full sized Partagas cigars.

Buy tins of these and other premium cigars from Thompson Cigar to enjoy those legendary flavors for a great low price.


Get the Triple Threat 10 Cigar Sampler and Compare a Trio of Premium Cigars

Every humidor needs a good supply of quality cigars. Don't just fill that cigar storage device with everyday Triple Threat 10 Cigar Samplersmokes. Make sure that it also always has a few premium cigars to have the right sticks for special occasions and excellent smokes to share with good friends. It's also nice to compare quality sticks and give them your own personal rating. Samplers of 90 rated sticks are an easy means of comparing different types of quality cigars and one of those fine cigar assortments is the Triple Threat 10 Cigar Sampler. Unlike other samplers, this one features just three brands of cigars but that gives you more opportunities to relish the flavors and subtle differences shown by those excellent smokes.

This excellent little assortment of cigars features 3 Romeo y Julieta 1875 Anniversario Coronas, 4 Montecristo White #3s, and 3 Trinidad Club Selection Rothchildes. Each of these fine cigars offers a premium smoking experience and uses select, long filler Dominican tobaccos. Compare the peppery hints of flavor and Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper shown by the fine Trinidad Club Selection Rothschilde with the wonderful mild and creamy experience generated by the Montecristo White. After sampling the fine flavors of those two top shelf smokes, compare them with the high rated flavors that comes from the premium tobaccos and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper in the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Anniversario Coronas. 

Find great deals on the Triple Threat Sampler and other excellent cigar samplers at Thompson Cigar today.

Cigar Humidification for the Winter Months

The summer is gone and winter is going to be here sooner than we know it. What a lot of us forget is that it doesn't just get cold in the Churchill 125 Count Humidorwinter. The air also becomes very dry and that's where we have to be very careful with our cigars. Dry air is one of the biggest factors to be most aware of when it comes to collecting smokes because if you aren't careful, dry air can ruin your tobacco treasures in a matter of days. As we all know, cigars need to be kept in air with a temperature of around 65 degrees and 65 percent humidity. While 70 percent humidity and 70 degrees is often mentioned as being ideal, 65 for both might be even better because they may age better and will be even less likely to suffer from tobacco beetle outbreaks.

While temperature can be easily controlled, we need to be extra careful about humidity during the winter especially during the first cold snaps. When the temperatures drop outside, we of course turn up the heat and that tends to dry out the air inside the home even more. While something like the beautiful Churchill 125 Count Humidor is designed to keep your precious sticks safe and sound, you still have to be extra careful about making sure that it has enough humidor solution to keep your cigars from drying out. As it gets cold, check the humidor settings once or twice a day to avoid losing your entire collection of cigars!

Find beautiful, quality humidors for good prices at Thompson Cigar today.


Cigars for the Bargain Buyer

Bally 100 Count Humidor Some of us are lucky enough to have a cigar budget that allows for the monthly purchase of multiple boxes of Cohibas, Macanudos, limited edition Rocky Patels, and other top shelf cigars. While we all strive to be in that fortunate position, most of us have to be a bit more careful about what we pay for smokes. To get as many quality sticks as possible for a modest cigar buying budget, we spend a fair amount of time searching for sales and finding true bargains on premium cigars. However, once we discover the Thompson online cigar store, we don't usually shop anywhere else because there are just too many cigar deals to pick from.

If you really want to take the bargain buying a step further, though, check out the Thompson Cigar Gifts for a Bargain Buyer page. Once you do, it won't take long to realize that this is a veritable bargain gold mine for cigars. For example, there aren't too many places where you can get 20 Churchills for less than $30 or a high quality, beautiful Bally 100 count humidor for less than $60. bargain deals on this page change all of the time so check it every day to find the best savings on cigars.

 Shop the Thompson Cigar Gifts for a Bargain Buyer page and pay much less for quality smokes.


Three Fine Cigar Deals for Less Than $50

Rocky Patel Vs PDR 1878Once you start buying cigars on a regular basis, you quickly learn to always be on the lookout for cigar deals. We get that way because it's all too easy to come across fine cigars at local shops, in airports, and in fine restaurants that cost an arm and a leg. After paying top dollar for a couple of those sticks, we know that there has to be a cheaper way to enjoy premium cigars so we start looking into online sites and talking to aficionado friends to see where they buy their cigars. Those conversations and preliminary searches bring many of us to the Thompson Online Cigar Store and after seeing many of the deals on the site, we rarely shop for cigars anywhere else.

There are just too many ways to buy high rated cigars for good prices as well as deals to match every budget. For example, the following are three such deals for less than $50:

  • Rocky Patel vs. PDR 1878: This fine dozen of premium cigars normally costs more than $80. However, for a limited time, you can buy this wonderful sampler for less than $50.
  • 829 Maduro Torpedo Cigars: This deal makes it possible to buy 40 delicious Maduros for less than $50. This is a great way to get cigars for a party!
  • The Ultimate Powerhouse 16 Cigar Sampler: For less than $50, this fine selection of cigars puts 2 each of 8 different fine cigar brands into your humidor.

Find the best in cigar deals at Thompson Cigar today.


809 Red Label Cigars are Premium Everyday Cigars

It's always a good day when you come across a good deal on everyday cigars and even better when those sticks are premium in 809 Red Label Maduro Churchillnature. Unless you have a massive monthly cigar budget, everyday smokes are limited to cigars that cost a lot less than most boxes of top shelf brands. Since we might smoke one or two a day, it's better to buy a bunch for as low a price as you can find. However, at the same time, you don't want to shortchange yourself on quality so it's worth it to look around until you find excellent deals on bundles of quality smokes. That's exactly what you find when you buy bundles of 809 Red Label cigars.

809 Red Labels are premium sticks and lately, bundles of these quality cigars have been on sale at Thompson Cigar for an excellent low price. If you like the flavors of a fine Maduro, buy bundles of 809 Red Label Maduro Churchills to keep the humidor stocked with premium everyday Maduros. If you would rather smoke a Connecticut a day, you can't go wrong with bundles of 809 Red Label Connecticut Churchills. Or better yet, buy bundles of both to have everyday sticks for every time of the day. Both of these cigars are smooth, wonderful Dominican smokes and at less than $30 a bundle, a major bargain for quality everyday cigars.

Save on 809 Red Labels and hundreds of fine cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


The Aristocratic, Elegant Cigars in the Davidoff Tubos Sampler

Davidoff Tubos Assortment Sampler ConnecticutThere are truly legendary names when it comes to cigars but that of Davidoff is in a category of its own. Davidoff cigars were created by Zino Davidoff in Switzerland during and after the second world war. One of his main goals was creating high quality, absolutely luxurious cigars and several of them were named after famous, high end wines and spirits. Quality control was of such high importance that Zino actually burned more than one hundred thousand (!) cigars from the Cuban Davidoff series because he thought that they were unfit to be branded with the Davidoff name! That attention paid to quality and tobacco expertise has resulted in many high rated cigars, including some of the highest rated smokes of all time.

Although Zino passed away in 1994, the Davidoff company continues to produce premium cigars that are the very definition of tobacco elegance. That characteristic is perfectly expressed in the Davidoff Tubos Sampler. The elegant white box and white individual tubes for each cigar are an indication of the aristocratic nature of these Connecticut wrapped smokes. A Davidoff 2000, Special Series "R", and Classic No. 2 are featured in this high class cigar sampler and each are more than fit to hold a very special place in any humidor. Save the very smooth smokes in this classy sampler for the very best of occasions, and present it to good aficionado friends as a very special gift.

Find great deals on Davidoff cigars and other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.