Enjoy Even Lower Prices on Premium Cigars

La Caya II Habano ChurchillAt Thompson Cigar, we have always made efforts to offer quality cigars for great, low prices. The working relationship that we have with many expert cigar makers, and the fact that we deal with thousands of cigars, makes it possible for us to offer so many deals on samplers, cigar bundles, and even boutique cigars. However, if you thought you found some great cigar deals at the Thompson site during the past ten years, get ready for even better savings on quality smokes because for a limited time, we are able to offer more savings on more cigars than ever before.

For example, how does 100 premium Churchill cigars for less than $100 sound? Yes, we are offering 100 La Caya II Habano Churchills for just $99. Compare that to an original price of $250 and the fact that these are full sized, hand-rolled Dominican Churchills and you know that this is a good cigar deal! This is a fine buy for weddings, New Year parties, and other events that call for lots of fine cigars.

Or, how about 30 Cohiba cigarillos for less than $55? Tins of Cohiba Pequeno Cameroon Cigarillos are on sale and these fine little smokes show the same fantastic flavors as their full sized brethren. Pair those great Cohiba cigarillos with a box of Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Maduro Lonsdale Cigars for even more savings on top shelf sticks.

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Find Premium Tobacco Flavors for a Low Price with the Premium Nine Maduro Sampler

Premium Nine Maduro SamplerA smooth Connecticut is arguably the best way to finish off a good breakfast but evenings should be reserved for strong Maduro cigars. Veteran aficionados of course know this but people new to the game might not realize that Maduros are best enjoyed at the end of the day. Maduros bring a wonderful array of tobacco flavors to the palette, especially when the cigars in question are premium brands. The easiest way of enjoying premium Maduros without breaking the cigar budget just might come from buying the Premium Nine Maduro Sampler.

True to its name, this fine cigar sampler treats the aficionado to nine absolutely mouth watering high quality Maduros. Give it as a gift to someone who relishes the bold flavors of a fine Maduro or get a couple of these fine cigar assortments for yourself. When you try any of the quality smokes in this sampler, you will immediately know why this is a premium collection of stellar Maduros. Inside, you have two of the wonderful Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve, a CAO Gold Maduro, an Oliva Gold, Gloria Cubana, a fine Sonador, a pair of delicious PDR 1878, and an excellent Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva. Considering the quality of the Maduros that come with this sampler, the less than $30 price tag also makes it an excellent cigar deal.

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What Are the Best Cigars?

Flor De Las Antillas Toro Sun GrownEvery aficionado is always on the lookout for the very best in cigars. Those of us who have been searching for premium cigars for many a year have realized that cigars of the highest quality tend to show certain characteristics lacking in other smokes. A few of the things to look for in high quality sticks include such factors as:

  • Rating: Although we can all give our personal ratings to every cigar we sample, it's worth it to pay attention to the opinions of the best cigar experts in the country. If someone who has tried and tested literally thousands of cigar brands says that a particular cigar merits a rating of 96, then that smoke is going to be one of the best you have ever had. At least that's what many aficionados have said about the 96 rated Flor de Antillas Toro Sun Grown.
  • Smoking experience: The very best in cigars are going to exhibit an excellent experience from start to finish. There isn't any waiting for the stick to show flavors with the best smokes because they taste wonderful with every draw. The 91 rated Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story is a good example of one such cigar.
  • Presentation: Although it's a combination of what's inside and outside that counts, the best in quality cigars are also going to look like works of art. They only use beautiful, flawless wrappers and are rolled by expert hands.

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Smoking Cigars at the Wedding

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller Cameroon PerfectoWhen you truly enjoy cigars, you love having a good smoke no matter when or where you are. That said, we all know that some times and places are better suited for premium cigars than others. For example, while you could smoke that Cohiba during a mid-morning walk in the park, given its high quality nature, you might want to save it to mark a more memorable event. One such event is a wedding and whether the special day is for someone in the family or a friend, it really is the perfect time to enjoy a fantastic cigar.

As the reception gets underway, it's time to sit back and get reaquainted with old friends and family members. This is the perfect occasion to take out one of your choice Padron cigars and light it. As you enjoy that Padron, bring out the other cigars you brought to share with other wedding guests and pass them around to whomever wants to try one. However, those quality everyday smokes aren't meant for the bridge and groom. Since they deserve only the best in cigars on their special day, reserve sticks for them like Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Best Seller Cameroon Perfecto. Enjoy a Padron with the newlyweds, then sit back and smoke another choice cigar or two for a fitting finish to a memorable wedding.

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Three Premium After-Dinner Cigars

Cigars can be mild, they can pack a delicious punch, or fall somewhere in between. As all experienced aficionados know, we wouldn't want to light up a robust, strong-bodied smoke in the Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City Colorado Toro Singlemorning because the palette isn't quite ready for that big array of flavors. Instead, we start the day out with mild and smooth cigars before moving on to a medium-bodied smoke in the afternoon, and going for a big and bold cigar to finish off a fine, evening meal. The following are three premium cigars that make a nice end to dinner any day of the week:

  • Padron Aniversario 1964 Exclusivo Maduro Robusto: This 94 rated masterpiece made it into the top 25 cigars of 2011. This is a fine, medium to full bodied Maduro indeed and a fantastic end to the best of evening meals. Save it for a special dinner or live the good life and enjoy one of these fantastic Maduros every night of the week.


  • Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City Colorado Toro: Some of the best cigars have long names and this is definitely one of them. This legendary full-bodied Dominican puro is going to be one of the best cigars in your humidor.


  • The Davidoff Nicaragua Toro Habano: Davidoff cigars are known for being top-shelf premium sticks and this Nicaraguan puro is no exception. In addition to using select long filler tobaccos, it boasts a 10 year aged Habano wrapper to bring spicy flavors to the palette.

Find these and other premium cigars for great prices at Thompson Cigar today.


When to Smoke the Best of the Best in Cigars

Cigars vary a great deal in terms of quality. While some of those differences reflect the personal tastes and preferences of the aficionado and are thus subjective in nature, most cigars can be categorized and rated by the overall 90 Rated Dynamic Dozenexperience generated from smoking them. For example, we all know that a cheaper, unfamiliar brand that uses blends of short filler tobacco isn't going to come close to providing the type of experience that comes from smoking one of the masterpieces crafted by Arturo Fuente, Cohiba, or Rocky Patel. That isn't to say that the unfamiliar brand might be bad, just that it doesn't measure up to the quality of well known, highly rated premium cigars.

Those top shelf smokes are among the best of the best in cigars and although we would love to enjoy a couple of those fine smokes a day, we usually have to reserve them for special occasions due to budget limitations. Of course you have to decide which occasions are special enough to merit the lighting of premium cigars. Weddings are always a good excuse to smoke a fine cigar but you might not want to enjoy one of your treasured best of the best for any wedding other than that of a son or daughter. It's also tempting to smoke a fine cigar while watching Monday Night Football but you might want to save that premium stick to mark a championship win. Of course you can also enjoy those choice cigars whenever you feel like treating yourself to a tobacco treasure but it's going to taste better and be that much more memorable when smoked to mark a very special event.

Get the 90 Rated Dynamic Dozen to give your humidor some of the best in premium cigars.


Little Cigars Can Be Very Good Cigars

Arturo Fuente Cigarillo MaduroAs we all know, cigars come in many sizes. The most common and popular sizes for cigars are probably the Robusto and the Churchill. We like the Robusto because it's a good, classic length for a cigar while the Churchill certainly stands out for its large size and the long-lasting smoking enjoyment that it delivers. However, when you get used to smoking Robustos and Churchills, it's easy to overlook the smaller sized cigars. We tend to view them as inferior or not worth our while but that's usually only because we haven't tried any of them in the first place! Well, little cigars can certainly be very good cigars or some of the premium companies wouldn't be making them.

For example, Arturo Fuente offers Arturo Fuente Exquisito Cigarillos and as you can imagine, these are some fine little cigars indeed. The Maduro is a wonderful little medium-bodied smoke while the Natural shows a mild to medium body. Both use the same high quality, delicious tobaccos that go into the famed Hemmingway series and make for a fantastic cigar smoking respite when you don't have time to sit back with one of the larger sized sticks.

Even Cohiba makes a small cigar. Buy a box of Cohiba Mini Cigarillo Cameroons to treat yourself to the top shelf flavors of the famed Cohiba brand, but in a small, dynamic package.

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Enjoy Free Shipping on Padron, Arturo Fuente, and Other Quality Cigars

When we buy quality cigars, we reward ourselves with the fine flavors of choice, carefully cured tobaccos, flawless wrappers, and an overall high quality cigar smoking experience. These are a few of the reasons why we strive to fill the humidor with cigars that have received ratings of 90 or more and why most of us would rather search for deals on premium cigars instead of just buying large numbers of cheap, everyday smokes. At the Thompson Online Cigar Store, yet another reason to buy top shelf cigars is because you won't have to pay a thing for shipping. While not every cigar at Thompson gets a pass on shipping costs, most of the premium brands do.

For example, if you feel like giving a good friend an absolutely beautiful sampler of five stunning Davidoff Robustos, buy it from Thompson Cigar and it gets shipped to your place for free. If the time has come to reward yourself with a box of 94 rated, super premium Padron 1964 Aniversario Torpedo Maduros, you won't have to pay an extra cent on shipping that box of treasures right to your front door. Likewise, if you need another box of fantastic Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story Torpedos, they get shipped to your place for free.

Find these and hundreds of other premium cigars for low prices and free shipping at Thompson Cigar today.


Three Occasions for Cigar Samplers

Are you a cigar fan who appreciates variety in his smokes? Are you the sort of aficionado who has a hard time making up your mind? If so, why not solve your problems by investing in a cigar sampler? The cigar sampler is an excellent way to enjoy and experience several brands of sticks without spending hundreds of dollars on 20 different boxes of smokes! While you could buy and try a different sampler once or twice a month, there are a few circumstances that are very suitable for the purchase of cigar samplers. Three of these are:

  • Weddings: What better time is there to enjoy and share quality cigars with other people than a wedding? Such an important event, however, calls for more than just bringing along a few smokes for yourself. You should also bring a good supply of sticks to share with friends and family. Save money and time by purchasing a Pinar del Rio Value Line Reserve Sampler. The bride and groom are sure to thank you!
  • Parties: Whether hosting your own festivities or attending someone else's soiree, you will be the life of the party if you bring a good supply of sticks to share. Buy a couple Cigar Super Eight samplers and make it a night to remember.
  • Time to re-stock the humidor: One of the best reasons for buying cigar samplers is to refill your personal humidor when it begins to looks empty. Add a bunch of new flavors and sticks to the humidor with such offerings as the Mild and Cheap 20 Cigar Churchill sampler and the Arturo Fuente vs. the World 10 Cigar Sampler.

3 of the Very Best Cigar Samplers

ULTIMATE 90 RATED Cigar SAMPLERCigar samplers come in different sizes, different wrappers, flavors, and other factors that add beauty and variety to the world of cigars. If you want a good bunch of Churchills for a low price, you could go with the Mild and Cheap 20 Cigar Churchill Sampler. If you feel like sampling the quality of Pinar del Rio Cigars, the Pinar del Rio Value Line Sampler is just one click away. However, when the humidor could use a boost of high quality, 90 rated cigars, the following trio of samplers are three of the best:

  • The 90 Rated Dynamic Dozen: Cusano 18, Brickhouse, and Torano Vault are just three of the excellent brands found in this assortment of cigars that have achieved ratings of 90 or more. Oh yeah, and it also includes the fantastic 2012 cigar of the year, the 96 rated Flor de Las Antillas!
  • The Ultimate 90 Rated Sampler: There are 16 cigars in this sampler and each has been rated 90 or above by Cigar Aficionado. Every single stick is a fantastic smoke and includes the premium likes of Rocky Patel, Arturo Fuente, Cusano, CAO, and other hard hitting cigar brands.
  • The Dominican 90 Plus Sampler: We all know how fine the tobacco can be when it has been carefully cultivated and cured in the Dominican Republic. This excellent sampler lets you try out six brands of premium, 90 or 90 plus rated Dominican sticks.

Find the best deals on cigar samplers and high quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Two Good Reasons to Not Roll Your Own Cigars

ROCKY PATEL BROTHERS TORO MADUROWhether cigars are made by machine or rolled by hand, fine cured tobacco is always going to produce the fine flavors we so enjoy. Nevertheless, for many of us, we prefer the smokes that are made by hand. We like the fact that the cigar was carefully rolled by an expert cigar maker and feel that the draw and overall experience are improved when filler and binder are enveloped in a wrapper that is neither too tight nor too loose. Or, it might just be that we have a higher degree of trust in people than machines when it comes to cigars. Those factors end up convincing some of us that we should also try and roll our own cigars but in general, most aficionados are going to be much better off just buying hand-rolled smokes instead of trying to roll their own. The following are two of the main reasons why:

  • It's not easy to roll a cigar the right way: Have you ever tried rolling a cigar? You can eventually learn to roll a cigar with just the right amount of filler and firm feeling of the wrapper but you will probably make dozens of very poor or unsmokeable cigars to reach that point. The people who roll the cigars at the factories do it so well because they have crafted thousands of fine smokes.
  • Fine tobacco blends and wrappers: While you can buy wrappers and tobacco blends to make your own cigars, they aren't going to be anywhere even close to the quality used in Cohiba cigars, Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, or other brands of quality smokes. 

It's much easier to buy premium cigars for low prices than attempting to roll your own substandard smokes, especially when you can find great low prices on quality cigars at the Thompson online cigar store.




Puro Cigars versus Multi-Country Blends

ARTURO FUENTE CHATEAU SERIES DOUBLE CHATEAU NATURAL TOROAs every seasoned aficionado is aware, cigars can also be known as Robustos, Sticks, Churchills, Smokes, and Puros. This last term is especially common in Latin America and is used a lot more often than "cigarro", a literal translation of "cigar". Although "puro" might be used in lieu of "cigar", technically it only refers to cigars with tobacco from one country. In other words, a Dominican puro only uses filler, binder, and wrapper from the Dominican Republic. There can be (and are) Dominican cigars that use filler and binder from the Dominican Republic but if a Cameroon wrapper is also used, the cigar can't be known as a puro. It becomes a cigar that uses blends from different countries and that's fine but not if the quality of the smoke is diminished.

Nevertheless, although a "puro" might sound as if it is of a higher caliber than sticks that blend tobaccos from various countries, when it comes down to it, the quality of the cigar doesn't depend on it being a puro. The quality of the smoking experience is more a function of the tobaccos used to make the cigar no matter where they are from. While Dominican puros such as Arturo Fuente Chateau cigars celebrate the majesty of fine, Dominican tobacco, you wouldn't want to turn down a fantastic Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park Cigar just because it uses tobacco from more than one country!

Find the best deals on puros and cigars with tobacco from around the world at Thompson Cigar today.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about an excellent Dominican cigar in this video.


Great Savings and Great Maduro Taste with the Premium 9 Maduro Sampler

PREMIUM NINE MADURO SAMPLER CigarsThe unique, wonderful flavors that come from fine tobacco are a result of carefully cultivated and selected plants, leaves, and their blends. However, the flavors don't really show themselves unless the leaves are cured. Like fine wines and spirits, tobacco must also be aged for a specific amount of time in a certain way to let subtle chemical changes take place that result in the flavors we love. Age those leaves for a short period of time and you get lighter colored, easy-going wrappers. Let them mature over a number years, though, and we get those deep, delicious wrappers known as "Maduros".

"Maduro" can be translated as "aged" or "mature" but for aficionados who truly enjoy a fine Maduro, the word is synonymous with a fantastic, very satisfying experience. One of the best ways of delving into an excellent Maduro experience is by purchasing a selection of cigars that features several premium smokes that come rolled in oily, dark, and satisfying Maduro wrappers. One of the finest of such assortments is the Premium 9 Maduro Sampler. As the name says, this sampler provides the aficionado with 9 absolutely premium Maduro smokes, including such hard hitters as Rocky Patel, Arturo Fuente, CAO Gold, and Oliva Serie G. With names like that, it might come as a surprise to know that this excellent sampler sells for less than $30!

Find the best savings on premium cigars and fantastic cigar samplers at Thompson Cigar today.

Watch cigar expert Al Remp extol the virtues of Rocky Patel, CAO, and other cigars in this video.


The Three Most Famous Aficionados of All Time

H UPMANN HAVOC CHURCHILL NATURAL PLUS UPMANN ASHTRAYAficionados of fine tobacco have made their mark on the world in a number of ways. Although there are many contenders for being "the most famous cigar smoker in history", the following three gents have a strong claim to this title:

  • Ernest Hemingway: This legendary American writer ranks among the most influential of 20th century word smiths. In part, the Old Man by the Sea was able to captivate the reader's imagination because his stories were inspired by the adventurous life he lived. A true aficionado, Hemingway yearned to live life to the fullest and instill passion in every aspect of his being. It's no surprise that he was a huge fan of excellent tobacco and that legacy is honored with the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Series.
  • John F. Kennedy: One of the most well known and famous presidents in American history was also a big fan of fine cigars. As legend would have it, he tasked his press secretary with finding and hoarding over a thousand Cuban Petit Upmann cigars just before signing the Cuban embargo!
  • Winston Churchill: This famous British leader is probably also the most famous of aficionados. He loved long premium cigars so much that there are few if any photos that show him without one! He is also the only person in history to have a type of cigar named after him.

Enjoy premium cigars as good as the sticks smoked by these famous aficionados for great prices at Thompson Cigar today.


The Online Cigar Store that Gives the Best Prices on the Biggest Cigar Brands

Buying cigars has come a long way from the days of the local tobacco shop. While those brick and mortar stores still exist, sadly, we find fewer and fewer of those classic establishments. For the most part, they have been replaced by convenience stores that sell cigarettes and cheap machine made cigars, a few upscale cigar shops in high end shopping districts and malls, and online cigar stores. A good online cigar store can really take over as a purveyor of fine tobacco because it offers so much more than brick and mortar establishments and upscale tobacco shops.

For example, shop at the Thompson online store and it only takes a few minutes to pick out and order favorite, premium smokes like Olive Serie V Belicoso Sun Grown cigars, a fantastic 93 rated Nicaraguan work of art. You might have to wait to smoke it longer than buying it at a tobacco shop but the wait is worth it when you consider that even if the tobacco shop offers such a fine smoke, it's going to cost a lot more than the price offered at the Thompson online store. The same goes for other premium brands like Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, Cohiba, and Partagas. Find these and other excellent cigars in various 90 plus rated samplers as well as boxes of top shelf sticks for premium low prices.

Shop at Thompson Cigar to find the best in cigar deals and great prices on big cigar brands.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about some of his top cigar picks in this video.


Get the Major League Five Sampler with a Cohiba Cigar for the Ball Game

MAJOR LEAGUE FIVE Cigar SAMPLERIt's that wonderful time of the year for those of us who love baseball. Summer is here and so is the season for America's favorite national past time. As kids, we looked forward to those warm days and took advantage of the good weather to play baseball with neighborhood friends. If we were lucky, we also went to see our local teams play live. Although those nostalgic times can only be found in the places where happy memories dwell, we still relive the excitement of summertime baseball by watching out teams play at the stadium or on high resolution televisions.

Every game should be celebrated and as with any party, cigars should come into play. Although plenty of cigar brands will smoke just fine while watching baseball, the ideal cigar sampler to get for baseball games is the Major League Five Sampler. The five sticks in this sweet summer sampler add a fine tobacco touch to baseball in the form of high quality, cured, hand rolled tobacco. All are major league hitters in the cigar world and include the likes of Cohiba Grande Cameroon, Rocky Patel Vintage, Gurkha European Selection, Macanudo Cafe, and Arturo Fuente Double Chateau. When you consider that this fine sampler is also on sale for less than $20, buying it is like hitting a home run on cigar deals.

Save on the Major League Five Sampler and hundreds of other premium cigars from Thompson Cigar today.


Surprise Dad with a Beautiful Humidor

ESPLENADE 30 COUNT HUMIDORFather's Day is fast approaching but it's not too late to buy Dad a gift he will never forget. This June 13th, aficionado Dads across the country will be feeling very pleased when they open up cigar samplers of their favorite brands of smokes, cigar boxes of premium sticks such as the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Number 3 Cameroon Corona, and other quality tobacco treats. However, in addition to getting a box of fine cigars, any aficionado Father will also love the gift of a sleek, quality humidor. It doesn't matter if he already has a humidor or two because if the Dad in question collects cigars, you can bet that he could use another place to safely store them.

Get him a beautiful, lacquered Maple Esplenade 30 count humidor for the office so guests can admire his favorite cigars through the beveled glass top of this quality cigar storage device. He will also love a Spanish Cedar lined 20 Count Cherrywood Humidor

If the humidor is meant to be shown and used in your Father's home, get him something like a beautiful Churchill 125 Count Humidor. This functional work of art sports a dark cherry finish, an exterior hygrometer, and a beveled glass top to display the prized cigars in his collection.

Find these, hundreds of premium cigars, and other quality humidors at Thompson Cigar today.


Thompson Cigars with Free Shipping

PADRON FAMILY RESERVE NO. 85 NATURAL ROBUSTOA good, well-stocked online cigar store makes it so much easier to buy just about any of the quality sticks you could hope to enjoy. Instead of getting in the car and spending time in traffic to reach a tobacco emporium with a limited range of high-priced cigars, you just go online, open up the Thompson online cigar store and search for your favorite smokes. The process takes a matter of minutes, results in quality sticks for less, and you end up getting those cigars delivered to your front door. As with any online order, you of course have to pay for some shipping but that's par for the course and a small price to pay given the advantages of buying cigars online.

However, buy the right types of cigars from Thompson and you can forget about those shipping costs. Dozens of fine smokes ship for free when ordered from Thompson and include some of the finer sticks to grace a humidor. That would be choice cigars like the fantastic Padron Family Reserve Number 85, the wonderful 96 rated (!) Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill Corojo, and the legendary Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Cameroon Perfecto. In other words, some of the most premium, top-shelf smokes available for great prices.

Treat yourself to boxes of these premium cigars from Thompson Cigar and forget about fees for shipping.


Gift Cards for Quality Cigars

ACID COLLECTOR TIN ASSORTMENT INFUSEDLooking for a gift for someone who smokes cigars can be deceptively easy. While there are hundreds of cigar brands to choose from, how do you know if the lucky person in question prefers a silky smooth Connecticut over a full-bodied Maduro? If you haven't seen that person's collection of fine cigars, how do you know if they already own several Arturo Fuente and Oliva Cigars? Or, maybe they don't own any Acid Cigars but would love to try a few.

Instead of making guesses about which cigars someone has or not, on many occasions, it's easier just to give that person a gift card. That way, they can pick out exactly what they want the most from the Thompson online cigar store. That includes fine, flavored samplers like the Acid Collector Tin Assortment, or a box of Oliva Serie V Toro Maduro Cigars. Giving a Thompson Gift Card is also just as quick as it is easy to buy. All you need to do is go to our gift card page, decide on an amount that ranges from $25 to $1000, purchase it, and then send it as either a digital card or download and print it on your own computer. You will have given that lucky person a fantastic gift because he or she can use it to buy anything on our site.

This Father's Day, give Dad a Thompson gift card.


What Cigars Are You Bringing to the Wedding?

Cigars are an essential of every wedding. Whether the nuptials are a small, personal affair in City Hall, or a massive party that entertains hundreds of guests, the event should be marked with quality, cured tobacco. The fact that CUSANO FACTORY OVERRUNS TOR CONNECTICUT TOROtobacco has played a role in special occasions for centuries is a demonstration of the quality, royal experience that comes from smoking fine cigars. As aficionados, we are well aware of this fact but sometimes, we only bring a stick or two to a wedding or even leave the cigars at home. Never make that error because although you might be the only person in your family who enjoys premium cigars on a regular basis, many a cousin, uncle, aunt, and sibling would be happy to enjoy a fine smoke on such an important event as a wedding.

It's also the perfect occasion for introducing people to the wonder and enjoyment of cigars so make sure that you not only bring enough smokes to share with a dozen or more people, but that you also bring the right type of cigars. You want to bring mild-mannered, easy going, quality sticks like Cusano Factory Overruns that aren't going to cost you an arm and a leg yet always provide a fine cigar experience. In addition to those fine, low-priced smokes, you also want to bring a few top-shelf sticks such as Arturo Fuente Chateau Series Cigars to share with the groom (and maybe even the bride), and their parents.

Save on the best cigars for weddings at Thompson Cigar today.