How to Get 10 Oliva Cigars for Free

Oliva Cigars are one of those premium brands that we strive to have in the humidor. The reliable, premium nature of Olivas can always be counted on for a top shelf smoking experience.  Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro Connecticut Plus  BONUS Oliva 10 Pack SamplerThe cigar masters at Oliva came up with the wonderful Nub, and many other series of smokes that demonstrate their expertise and pride when it comes to cigars. With that in mind, it's always a good day when you can find Olivas for free! Not that Thompson Cigar is giving them away but then again, they sort of are because when you buy boxes of just about any Oliva Cigar from Thompson, you also get a free Oliva ten pack sampler!

For example, buy a box of wonderful Magna Carta Toro Habanos and you get a very fine sampling of Oliva sticks. Since that box of fine cigars is already sold for a discount, the 10 extra Oliva cigars turn it into a pretty good cigar deal. Not to mention, those fine Magna Cartas are also exclusively available from Thompson Cigar.

Enjoy those Magna Carta cigars when you feel like experiencing an excellent, medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro but when the situation calls for a full-bodied smoke, you can't go wrong with a 24 count box of Oliva Habano Rothschild Nubs, especially because it also includes that fine cigar sampler at no extra cost!

Find the best deals on Oliva and hundreds of other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Three Excellent Reasons for Taking Part in the Thompson Cigar Auction

Brick House Sampler - Box of 4The modern online cigar store has made it much easier to find great deals on cigars. Instead of heading to a tobacco shop and paying more for fewer choices of cigars, a good online store can provide hundreds of cigar opportunities. There are also several ways to save at an online store, including something called the cigar auction. If you have yet to partake in this means of finding deals on cigars, the following trio of reasons show why it's worth it to check the Thompson cigar auction every day of the week:

  • Auctions can equal fantastic deals: While you don't always find amazing discounts with the auction, that's typical when bids are involved. However, if you partake in enough auctions, you will eventually win some that provide you with cigars for fantastic discounts.
  • Auction items vary: The Thompson auction doesn't just include a few items now and then. There is a constant flow of items ranging from cigar accessories to a wide variety of cigars. Keep checking to have a chance at deals on your favorite cigar brands.
  • Try new cigars: The auction also makes it easy to try new cigars for a bargain. If you see something you have never tried before, it's worth it to make a bid. You might win and get a chance at trying a different brand of cigars for a great low price.

Partake in the Thompson cigar auction to have a chance at great deals on cigars and accessories.


The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Cigars

Wholesale CigarsThere is more than one way to buy cigars but not every one of those ways will save you money or provide you with quality brands. For example, head to the nearest brick and mortar store and they may or may not have the types of cigars you prefer, nor very many cigars available for a discount. One of the reasons why those brick and mortar stores aren't able to offer as much in terms of variety and low prices is because they don't carry as much merchandise as larger online distributors that deal with wholesale cigars.

An online cigar store that offers a huge variety of cigar brands and deals in wholesale cigars is almost always going to sell all of those cigars for lower prices than brick and mortar stores. An online distributor like Thompson Cigar can offer so many deals on cigars because Thompson gets cigars directly from the cigar makers (in addition to offering several exclusive Thompson brands) and deals with large numbers of smokes. This translates to lower prices for aficionados who shop at the Thompson online cigar store and also partly explains why Thompson can offer dozens of truly amazing cigar deals in cigar auctions and on the sale page every day of the week. It's hard to think of a better benefit that comes from buying wholesale cigars than consistent, excellent low prices although the huge variety of smokes is pretty nice too!

Find the best deals on wholesale cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


The Best Methods of Finding Fantastic Discount Cigars

Cigars that sell for a discount don't always end up being the best cigars in your humidor. Many of us have purchased wholesale cigars that ended up generating a less than ideal smoking experience. Although we might have Victor Sinclair 55 Series 20 Cigar Sampler Churchillused them for everyday smokes or gave them away, we didn't exactly reach for those cheap sticks when we wanted to smoke a quality cigar. That experience has kept many of us from buying other discount smokes but the smartest aficionados keep on buying discount cigars and enjoy quality sticks for low prices with every purchase. Here are a few hints on how they make that happen:

  • Shop for cigars at a trusted, well established online cigar store: Buy cigars from an online store like Thompson Cigar and not only can you trust what is said, but there's also a much better chance of finding a variety of quality sticks for low prices. Search the Thompson Cigar sale page and you might find great cigar deals on sticks like the Victor Sinclair 55 Series Churchill Sampler.
  • Shop at the Thompson Cigar Outlet: This is an excellent way of finding great discounts on many types of cigars, including such deals as a Vintage Especiale Twelve Sampler for less than $25.
  • Cigar auction: Partake in the cigar auctions held by Thompson Cigar and you have a very good chance of getting quality cigars and accessories for excellent low prices.

Find the best discount cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Surefire Ways to Buy Cigars Online and Save

Rocky Patel Edge Toro CorojoThere are two main places for buying cigars but one of them offers far better deals on a consistent basis than the other. That one place to shop for cigars, cigar accessories, and other tobacco-related items is the online cigar store. Buy cigars at the right online store and you can be sure to find great savings on many types of cigars every day of the week. However, you also have to know where to look for the best cigar deals. These are a few surefire ways to always save on cigars every time you shop for them:

  • Only buy cigars from a well known, online cigar store that has been in the business for a while: A cigar distributor that has been around for nearly 100 years is going to be a much more reliable place to shop for smokes than fly by night sites or ones that have little experience with cigars. The Thompson online store demonstrates deep connections and experience with the cigar industry by always offering discounts on hundreds of smokes, offering great deals on exclusive cigar brands, and wonderful prices on a huge variety of smokes.
  • Check the Thompson Cigar sale page: Click on the Thompson Cigar sale page and you will find far more than cigars on sale. There are also pages for closeout deals, outlet cigars, cigar deals, and other ways to save on premium smokes.

Find the best deals on Rocky Patel cigars, and hundreds of premium cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.


An Argument for Buying Five-Packs of Cigars

Cigars can come in boxes, be bought as single sticks, be purchased as cigar samplers, or come in bundles. Each form of purchasing the sticks we love to smoke has its purpose but Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Toro Madurothere's at least one other way to buy cigars. Shop at the Thompson online cigar store and you can also buy smokes as five packs. But why buy cigars in the form of a five pack when you can get more of them in boxes and bundles?

There's more than one good argument for purchasing five-packs, including the following two reasons:

  • Travel: Unless you happen to be taking a vacation of a month or more, you won't need to bring a box of cigars with you. Besides, carrying a box of cigars while traveling is kind of a pain anyway. Instead, buy a couple of choice five-packs to have just the right number of sticks for travel. It will also be a good excuse for treating yourself to fine smokes like a five pack of Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Toro Maduros.
  • Buy more five-packs and get a bigger discount: When you buy certain five packs from the Thompson online cigar store, you also save more. For example, if you buy 2 five packs, you can get 41% off, buy 3 and you might get a discount of 51%. However, when you buy 4, you can get up to 59% off!

Find the best selection of five packs for travel and cigar savings at Thompson Cigar today.


Great Cigar Deals Happening with Torano Cigars

TORANO RESERVA SELECTA ROBUSTO HABANO PLUS TORANO TUMBLER & 5PKTorano cigars are premium, hand-rolled smokes that blend quality tobaccos from two of the finest cigar producing nations to make sticks that can only be described as being top shelf in nature. Choice cured tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are used as long fillers, and fine Esteli Nicaraguan leaf is used as the binder. The wrapper might be a select Ecuadorian Habano, choice broad leaf Connecticut, or other tobaccos selected for excellence and appearance. No matter which Torano series you buy, you know that it's going to be a premium smoke and when you purchase them at the Thompson online cigar store, get ready to enjoy some fantastic cigar deals.

For a limited time at Thompson Cigar, not only are most Torano Cigars on sale, but they also come with a couple of nice freebies. Buy a box of excellent Torano Casa Maduro Churchill Cigars for more than 50% off the regular price and you also get a free Torano tumbler and a Torano Robusto five pack sampler! Yes, that's five extra premium cigars for free and a sleek tumbler on top of an excellent price for top shelf cigars. A box of very fine Torano Reserva Selecta Robusto Habano cigars can be had for an even bigger discount along with the same free tumbler and 5 pack, and similar discounts are offered for other Torano series cigars.

Enjoy this and other excellent cigar deals from Thompson Cigar today.


Three Tips to Find Discount Cigars and Reduce the Cigar Budget

Flor De Filipinas Londres Natural CoronaWe would all love to enjoy a couple Cohibas a day but for many of us, that's not even close to being an option because we just can't afford it. Sadly, some of us have other responsibilities that don't allow for a huge cigar budget. Nevertheless, there are ways to enjoy many a great cigar even with a low budget and the following three tips will help:

  • Check the Thompson Online Cigar Store every day of the week: If you shop for choice smokes at a brick and mortar cigar store, that reduced cigar budget might only allow for 3 or 4 sticks a month. Fortunately, the online store at Thompson Cigar makes it possible to find a variety of ways to save on cigars. Just search for your favorite brands and there's a good chance you will find a discount. However, if you are looking for even better deals, check out the excellent low prices at the Cigar Outlet.
  • Buy more and save: This is one of the easiest ways to spend less on cigars and still manage to fill the humidor with quality smokes. For example, a 25 count bundle of hand-rolled Flor de Filipinas might sell for less than $14!
  • Work the cigar auction: Our cigar auction could be the best way to buy premium cigars for rock bottom prices. Since you won't be the only aficionado at the auction, you can't expect to win every deal but work it enough and you will eventually get great cigars and accessories for fantastic prices.

Find the best deals on cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Celebrate Baseball and Fine Cigars with a Box of Gary Sheffield 500 Homerun Club Cigars

GARY SHEFFIELD 500 HOMERUN CLUB TORO HABANOOne of the biggest accomplishments in Major League Baseball is the 500 Home Run Club. Players who have hit 500 home runs are automatically inducted into the club, the first to do so being Babe Ruth. Since the days of the Babe, just 24 other players have made it into this esteemed association, the latest being Gary Sheffield when he clobbered the ball in 2009 for his 500th home run. The modern baseball great retired shortly after that and has since become a sports agent. He has also showed his interest in fine cigars by teaming up with Rocky Patel to put his name on a fantastic smoke that does justice to the Home Run Club.

The Gary Sheffield 500 Homerun Club Cigar is a rare cigar crafted with select long filler tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras, and a delicious dark Habano seed wrapper. This is a very fine cigar to enjoy on the rarest and most special of occasions. Buy a box of these quality cigars to celebrate your team during the World Series or when watching an important game with good friends.

On August 24th, you can also have the opportunity to get an autograph by Gary Sheffield when you purchase a box of Gary Sheffield 500 Homerun Club Cigars. The event takes place on August 24th and lasts from 10 in the morning until 4 pm at the Thompson Cigar store (t 5401 Hangar Court, Tampa FL 33634). There will also be complimentary Yuengling beer samples, a 20% discount on any Rocky Patel product, autographed baseballs, free humidors, and more!

Stop by the Thompson Cigar store on August 24th for a fun day filled with great savings on quality cigars and much more.


Quality Cigars for Sale and Excellent Deals for the Humidor

SONADOR HABANO ROBUSTO GRANDE COROJO CigarsShop at the Thompson Online Cigar Store and you will find your fair share of cigar deals. Many of the cigars are going to cost less than buying them at a nearby tobacco shop because they are offered for low, on sale prices. However, while saving on cigars by simply searching and finding your favorite everyday smokes and premium cigars, you can also find some of the best deals on the site by checking out the offerings on the Cigar Sale page. Visit the page, take a look around, and it won't take long to find some truly amazing discounts on quality cigars and accessories.

For example, how about a box of twenty, fantastic, premium Honduran cigars for less than $2 a stick? The Sonador Habano Robusto Grande Corojo originally sells for more than $130 but if you order before supplies run out, a 20 count box of these fine smokes is available for $39! Crafted with choice tobaccos that have been aged four and five years, this is truly a top shelf smoke that deserves a premium spot in any humidor.

Or, how about the Best of Boutique Blends 10 Cigar Sampler? Originally available for more than $70, if other aficionados don't buy them all first, you can get this wonderful sampler for less than $35! It includes such boutique Dominican smokes as Swap, Small Batch King (S.B.K.), and Aging Room.

Find excellent deals on quality cigars by shopping at the Thompson online cigar store today.


Where to Find Good Cheap Cigars for Late Summer Weddings


Summer may be drawing to an end with the dog days of August, but it's still a great time of the year to enjoy a fine morning of golf, smoke choice evening cigars in the privacy of your backyard, and attend the wedding of a beloved family member or friend. Yes, many weddings are planned for August, so you need to be prepared for them by having a good selection of cigars on you. Although there's a good chance that attending a wedding isn't at the top of your list of favorite summer activities, the guests of honor may be counting on you to show up. It's an extremely important day for the bride, groom, and their family members, and it's just as important that you and other guests are there to help celebrate.

In fact, since it's a celebration, we aficionados should probably look forward to each and every wedding since it gives us an opportunity to enjoy and share some of our select smokes. Bring a few Cohibas for yourself, the newlyweds, and close friends, but hand out quality discount cigars to non-smokers and other wedding guests. The perfect place to find top notch discount cigars is at the Thompson online cigar store, especially at the Outlet Cigars in Bundles page. On their website you are sure to find dozens of wonderful bundles for low prices, including fantastic deals like 20 excellent Don Lino Churchill Habanos for less than $40 and Tesoro Cubanos Robusto Sumatras for less than $20!

Have you ever attended a summer wedding? If so, what cigars would you recommend bringing for yourself and the guests?


Cigar Samplers for Less than $3 a Stick!

Cigar samplers are always a treat. Instead of getting a box with the same cigars, you get an assortment of delicious smokes to compare and contrast with each other. Samplers help add variety to the humidor and are ideal for sharing at poker games and other festivities. Samplers get even better when you can find them on sale. At Thompson Cigar, browse through the fine selection of samplers and it won't take long to find several for great, low prices. There are even samplers that offer top shelf cigars for less than $3 a stick! That fine discounted assortment of smokes can be found by clicking on the Cigar Deals page and then clicking again on the link for "Best Selling Under $3 per Stick".

Follow that route and you will come to a page where you might find a fantastic 16 count Victor Sinclair Powerhouse Sampler that sells for less than $30 or an Extra Mild 14 Sampler for less than $40! Both of these samplers are packed with top shelf smokes, the 14 Sampler hosting such treasures as Barlovento, Rocky Patel, and a fine Cusano 18. Buy those sticks on their own and you are going to pay a lot more than the deal offered by these and other samplers on the under $3 a stick page.

Find the best savings on quality samplers such as these and other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about the beauty of Barlovento Cigars in this video.


Why Cusano Factory Overrun Cigars Are a Major Cigar Deal

CUSANO FACTORY OVERRUNS ROBUSTO MADUROCusano is one of those cigar brands that produces great smokes on a very regular basis. Their cigars have earned several 90 plus ratings, have been raved over by many a cigar expert, and earn a special spot in just about any humidor. Although the brand name might not be as well known as the likes of Cohiba or Macanudo, when you buy a Cusano, you can bet that you are in for a top shelf experience. With that in mind, it's very much worth it to keep an eye out for any deals on Cusano Cigars. Smart aficionados don't hesitate to buy Cusano smokes in cigar auctions or on the rare occasions when they are offered for a discount because those deals tend to sell out pretty fast.

With that in mind, one of the best deals on Cusanos (and perhaps cigars in general) is now available in the form of Cusano Overruns. These are the same fantastic cigars made by Cusano but just happen to be extra sticks that don't make it into their main boxes. Instead they are offered in bundles of 16 sticks for a much lower price. Recently, such bundles went from being a good cigar deal to becoming a must-have amazing deal whenThompson started offering them for less than $40 a bundle!

Find great deals on Cusano cigars and other quality cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.

See what cigar expert Al Remp has to say about a fantastic Cusano Cigar in this video.


Want to Hand Out Cigars at a Wedding? Get the Trust Me Combo!

The Trust Me Cigar ComboWe have said it before and will say it again: "Weddings were made for cigars". Whether you happen to be celebrating your own nuptials, your daughter's, or the wedding of a friend, this is one occasion that just wouldn't be complete without smoking a few fine cigars. Of course, you shouldn't be the only person to partake in the pleasure of quality tobacco at a wedding. Other aficionados will probably bring their own set of smokes but what about the attendees who only smoke a cigar on special occasions or who would be happy to try their first cigar? They aren't going to bring any sticks so it's up to people behind the scenes to provide them.

If you happen to be involved in helping plan the wedding in any way, all you have to do is get the Trust Me Combo and there will be enough cigars for 150 guests! This excellent cigar deal includes 6 bundles of premium, hand-rolled cigars on sale for less than $150. Yep, that's less than a buck per stick! We can offer such a great deal because we get so many handmade cigars that we just don't have enough room in the warehouse for all of them. You get to enjoy a major discount on fine smokes and 150 wedding guests can partake in a fine cigar to mark such a special day.

Find this fantastic deal on cigars and other quality cigars for low prices at Thompson Cigar today.

Watch cigar expert Al Remp give tips on lighting a cigar in this video.


Find Quality for a Great Low Price with Class Seconds Cigars

CLASS SECONDS 2-FER CONNECTICUT LONSDALEFinding great deals on cigars is almost as fun as smoking them. For most cigar budgets, the more deals you find, the easier it is augment the variety and quality of cigars in the humidor. In general, it helps you enjoy more cigars so it's always worth it to actively search for cigar deals every chance you get. It also pays to know where and how to look for discounts on smokes and cigar accessories. In addition to shopping at the Thompson online cigar store, you are also getting a good deal on fine smokes every time you buys seconds.

"Seconds" are those cigars that didn't pass inspection. Although quality control varies by factory, most premium cigar makers are very strict when it comes to cigar standards. At the Leon Jimenes factory in the Dominican Republic, it only takes a tiny blemish or other slight imperfection to keep a cigar from making it into the box. Even though such sticks are very much ready to be enjoyed, they don't match up to the very high standards put into place by Leon Jimenes and therefore end up as seconds. This is always excellent news for aficionados in search of cigar deals because instead of being thrown away, those quality sticks are sold as Class Seconds. The deal gets even better when you consider that you can get a 50 count bundle of premium Class Seconds Connecticut Lonsdales for just $84!

Find great savings on bundles of Class Seconds Cigars and hundreds of other quality smokes at Thompson Cigar today.


The Beauty of Bagatelle Cigars as an Everyday Smoke

BAGATELLE ROBUSTO JAVAWhen we search for an everyday smoke, most of us look for cigars that meet at least two main requirements. These are:

  • Sufficient quality: As with any cigar, everyday smokes have to meet a certain standard. They don't have to exhibit flavors that rival those generated by premium, rare cigars but they they should always make for enjoyable, satisfying smokes.
  • A low price:  Since these are the cigars that you light up on any, average occasion, you will probably be smoking them fairly often. Since you are also going to go through a lot of these cigars, they have to be available for an affordable price. That translates to cigars that are sold by the bundle or smokes that frequently sell at discounted prices.

One such cigar is the Bagatelle. Many who sample one of these Philippine cigars attest to the wonderful flavors generated by a combination of a robust Habano wrapper and Cuban-seed filler tobacco. Although they aren't going to be as good as top-shelf, premium sticks, they make for a very nice everyday smoke, especially when you buy them from the Thompson online cigar store. Bagatelles are often available from Thompson for slightly more than a buck a stick and at that low price, they more than fulfill the second main requirement for being a choice everyday cigar.

Get Bagatelle Cigars and hundreds of other quality smokes for great low prices at Thompson Cigar today.



Get Great Deals on Fine Dominican Cigars with 829 Maduro Churchills

829 MADURO CHURCHILL 2-FER - 40 CIGARSAhh, how glorious it can be to visit the Dominican Republic. As every aficionado knows, this small Caribbean nation is big on fine cigars. Like that neighboring island known as Cuba, the Dominican Republic is blessed with ideal conditions for growing premium tobacco and has been coming up with wonderful tobacco creations for many years. If you are lucky, you might get the chance to see a tobacco farm while visiting this fun, beautiful country, but fortunately, you don't need to travel to the Caribbean to smoke quality cigars. Buying the best in Dominican smokes is as as easy as heading to the Thompson online cigar store, picking out choice sticks, and placing your order. Furthermore, take a look around the Thompson site, and it won't take long to find discounts, sales, and others ways to save on excellent Dominican smokes.

One of those choice sticks for cheap is the 829 Maduro Churchill. This beautiful cigar is a mild to medium bodied Maduro that packs in the flavor with fine Dominican tobacco, binder, and a delicious, deep brown wrapper. These big Churchills are a wonderful cigar to enjoy when you want to experience the flavors of quality, aged Dominican tobacco. When you get two 20 count bundles of these big beauties for less than $50, the price makes them even harder to resist!

Find great deals on 829 Maduro Churchills and hundreds of excellent cigars at Thompson Cigar today.

See what cigar expert Al Remp has to say about cigars and their country of origin in this video.


Where to Truly Find Cigars for Sale

When you go shopping for cigars, it seems like just about every purveyor of tobacco claims to have plenty of smokes for sale. The cigar shop in the airport or at the local mall usually has a sign talking about sales on great cigars and just about every cigar website claims to offer smokes for great low prices. With so many supposed sales going on, how can you really know if you are getting great savings on premium cigars? The best way to find the truth about cigar sales is by doing a little research and shopping at the places that have been around the longest.

The next time you see cigars for sale at a brick and mortar shop, note the price and then check a few other spots, including the Thompson online cigar store. If it happens to be cheaper at that store, you can bet that they truly are selling it for an amazing low price because Thompson offers excellent discounts on hundreds of fine cigars every day of the week. The reason that Thompson can sell so many smokes for such low prices is because we have been in the cigar selling business for nearly 100 years. Over the course of close to a century of working with cigar makers and supplying aficionados with their choice of smoke, you tend to get a very good handle on what goes into the makings of a fine cigar as well as connections with various tobacco growers and cigar makers. The end result is an ability to find lots of great deals on premium smokes that are then offered to the customer. This is one of the main reasons why you can browse just about any page on our site and find numerous discounts on fine cigars.

Find the best deals on hundreds of cigars brands at Thompson Cigar today.

We also rely on cigar experts like Al Remp to find great deals and the best smokes for our clients. Watch Al talk about the fine art of smoking a cigar in this video.


Two Places to Find Cigar Deals for Amazing Low Prices

The cigar world is filled with thousands of cigar brands and accessories that help us enjoy this premium pastime. This makes for a neverending cornucopia of cigars to sample, humidors to pick from, and torch lighters to buy. However, the large variety of quality items in the realm of the cigar can make it tough to decide on cigars to smoke and accessories to purchase, especially due to their cost. For that reason, most aficionados are always looking for a good cigar deal or two (or three). Basically, discounts, sales, and other ways to save help us enjoy more fine cigars so it's pretty important to know how to find those deals. The following are two of the best "places" for finding some of the best deals on cigars anywhere on the planet:

  • Cigar deals at $19.99 and under at the Thompson online cigar store: Thompson offers deals that fall into a range of price brackets. Check out the page for cigar deals at $19.95 and under and you find items like the quality Super Eight Sampler and Noah Edge 2-fer Lighters for less than $15!
  • The second site for finding great deals is the Thompson cigar auction: Keep checking and participating in our cigar auctions and you are going to find plenty of fantastic deals.

Of course you can also find discounted cigars and sales on premium smokes by visiting most of the pages at the Thompson Cigar site.

Watch cigar expert Al Remp give tips on how to properly smoke a cigar in this video.


Enjoy Rare Tobaccos for a Great Low Price with Hammer and Sickle Berlin Wall Cigars

HAMMER & SICKLE BERLIN WALL NO. 22 DELUXE CRIOLLO ROBUSTOMany a creative name has been given to cigar brands but few are as thought provoking as that of Hammer and Sickle Berlin Wall cigars. Quite a few aficionados have done a double take upon seeing the name of these fine cigars. It makes you wonder if they might be cigars that were made in the Soviet Union or perhaps a Cuban brand  attempting to glamorize communism. However, the truth behind the name of these quality cigars is pretty much the opposite. Hammer and Sickle Berlin Wall cigars actually hail from Honduras and instead of paying tribute to communism, they were given such an evocative name to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism.

Their name isn't the only unusual thing about these cigars either. Hammer and Sickle Berlin Walls also make use of very rare, very fine tobaccos. These include a careful blend of three-year aged premium Honduran and Dominican tobaccos, a Honduran Habano binder that has been aged for four years, and a delicious Honduran Criollo wrapper that has been carefully aged for six long years. These premium, rare tobaccos work together to generate a very enjoyable, satisfying cigar smoking experience that includes hints of spice and hearty, woody aromas. Even better, when you buy these excellent smokes from Thompson Cigar, you can usually get them for a fantastic discounted price.

Save on Hammer and Sickle Berlin Wall cigars and hundreds of other high quality cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.

To learn more about how a cigar's place of origin can affect its taste, watch this video with cigar expert Al Remp.