Great Cigar Samplers for Great Low Prices

Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar SamplerCigar samplers are always fun to buy. Even though you know which sticks are going to arrive in the sampler, there's always a few that you have never tried. It's fun to compare those with our favorite everyday sticks and well known, premium cigars. It's also a good feeling to know that the humidor is going to receive a nice variety of sticks. Some are different sizes, come from different cigar makers, and showcase different types of wrappers. However, another nice thing about samplers is related to their price. Buy a sampler and you typically end up spending a lot less on premium smokes. It gives you a chance to try some top shelf sticks without breaking the cigar budget while other samplers are just fine cigar deals in every sense.

To find the best deals on samplers, visit the Value Cigar Samplers page. This is where you will find several excellent assortments of cigars for very good prices. For example, recently, the World Class 20 Sampler has been on sale for less than $30. That's four brands of 20 fine cigars for less than half of the regular price. The same can be said of the Victor Sinclair Super Selection 15 Cigar Sampler. Buy that assortment and pay less than a third of the regular price for premium Victor Sinclair smokes.

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How to Pay Less for Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat Platinum Connecticut CoronaSome cigars go beyond everyday smokes on account of the fine flavors they generate, their overall presentation, and select wrappers that are used. Baccarat Cigars fall into this category and are therefore nothing short of premium in nature. They demonstrate that distinction with choice Cuban-seed, carefully aged Honduran tobaccos and select flawless wrappers. True to their name, these are the smokes that you want to bring to classy casinos, for use at high stakes poker games, and for finishing off a fine day on the greens. However, as befits any top shelf cigar brand, we can't expect them to sell for cheap. Nevertheless, these excellent smokes are currently on sale at the Thompson Online Cigar Store for great low prices.

Since this sale is only going to be happening while supplies last, now is the time to order Baccarat Cigars. Buy a box of Baccarat Churchill Sweet Cigars to treat yourself to 25 fantastic, mild Connecticut wrapped smokes for less than $70. In addition to using premium tobaccos, these great smokes also have a mild, slightly sweetened cap to crown them with just the right touch of extra flavor. You could also go for a box of Platinum Baccarat Coronas for less than $50 and save on Baccarat Luchadores Lonsdales.

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Find Fantastic Value with Vista de Cuba Cigars

Vista De Cuba Torpedo MaduroThe best cigar deals aren't the ones that sell smokes for the lowest prices. They happen to be the deals and sales that sell quality cigars for a very good price. For example, when you buy Vista de Cuba cigars at the Thompson Online Cigar Store, you get nothing short of a fantastic deal on high quality cigars. How can you trust that Vista de Cubas are top shelf smokes? How about the fact that they were created by the same cigar experts behind the 90 plus rated Aging Room and Swag cigar brands!

Yes, Vista de Cubas are made by Oliveros and show it by generating a top shelf, very fine cigar smoking experience. Choice long filler Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos are used in conjunction with a Dominican binder and excellent wrappers to conjure up a mild to medium-bodied tobacco treasure. That's part of the reason why buying a box of these sticks is such a good deal. The other part is related to the low price paid for a box of these fine smokes. For a limited time, 20 count boxes of Cuba de Vista Cigars are selling for less than $40 and 20 count boxes of premium Churchills are going for less than $50. Compare that to original pricing of $110 and $116 and we have an excellent deal on fine cigars.

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Buy Factory Overruns to Save Money on Quality Cigars

Cusano Factory Overruns Churchill ConnecticutWe all want to spend less on cigars but none of us want to make any sacrifices on quality. That' the conundrum of being an aficionado who has a monthly cigar budget but there are ways to make that key combination happen. Shop for cigars at the Thompson Online Cigar Store (and you are going to find plenty of deals and sales) but if you really want premium cigars for low prices, check out the page with Factory Overruns. This is where you will find page after page of quality cigars for much lower prices than sticks of the same brand and series that get a cigar band and make it into a cigar box.

The last step of the cigar manufacturing process involves one final bit of quality control. If a cigar has certain wrapper flaws or just doesn't pass inspection for some other small reason, it is excluded from the cigar box even though it's made from the same high quality tobacco blends and has the same delicious wrapper. Those sticks are the factory overruns and much to the fortune of aficionados on a budget, they are sold as cigar bundles for a fraction of what they would cost if they had made it into a cigar box. This is an excellent way to buy Rocky Patel Cigars, Gurkha Cigars, wonderful Cusano Cigars, and other premium brands for low prices.

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Enjoy Even Lower Prices on Premium Cigars

La Caya II Habano ChurchillAt Thompson Cigar, we have always made efforts to offer quality cigars for great, low prices. The working relationship that we have with many expert cigar makers, and the fact that we deal with thousands of cigars, makes it possible for us to offer so many deals on samplers, cigar bundles, and even boutique cigars. However, if you thought you found some great cigar deals at the Thompson site during the past ten years, get ready for even better savings on quality smokes because for a limited time, we are able to offer more savings on more cigars than ever before.

For example, how does 100 premium Churchill cigars for less than $100 sound? Yes, we are offering 100 La Caya II Habano Churchills for just $99. Compare that to an original price of $250 and the fact that these are full sized, hand-rolled Dominican Churchills and you know that this is a good cigar deal! This is a fine buy for weddings, New Year parties, and other events that call for lots of fine cigars.

Or, how about 30 Cohiba cigarillos for less than $55? Tins of Cohiba Pequeno Cameroon Cigarillos are on sale and these fine little smokes show the same fantastic flavors as their full sized brethren. Pair those great Cohiba cigarillos with a box of Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Maduro Lonsdale Cigars for even more savings on top shelf sticks.

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Cigars for the Bargain Buyer

Bally 100 Count Humidor Some of us are lucky enough to have a cigar budget that allows for the monthly purchase of multiple boxes of Cohibas, Macanudos, limited edition Rocky Patels, and other top shelf cigars. While we all strive to be in that fortunate position, most of us have to be a bit more careful about what we pay for smokes. To get as many quality sticks as possible for a modest cigar buying budget, we spend a fair amount of time searching for sales and finding true bargains on premium cigars. However, once we discover the Thompson online cigar store, we don't usually shop anywhere else because there are just too many cigar deals to pick from.

If you really want to take the bargain buying a step further, though, check out the Thompson Cigar Gifts for a Bargain Buyer page. Once you do, it won't take long to realize that this is a veritable bargain gold mine for cigars. For example, there aren't too many places where you can get 20 Churchills for less than $30 or a high quality, beautiful Bally 100 count humidor for less than $60. bargain deals on this page change all of the time so check it every day to find the best savings on cigars.

 Shop the Thompson Cigar Gifts for a Bargain Buyer page and pay much less for quality smokes.


809 Red Label Cigars are Premium Everyday Cigars

It's always a good day when you come across a good deal on everyday cigars and even better when those sticks are premium in 809 Red Label Maduro Churchillnature. Unless you have a massive monthly cigar budget, everyday smokes are limited to cigars that cost a lot less than most boxes of top shelf brands. Since we might smoke one or two a day, it's better to buy a bunch for as low a price as you can find. However, at the same time, you don't want to shortchange yourself on quality so it's worth it to look around until you find excellent deals on bundles of quality smokes. That's exactly what you find when you buy bundles of 809 Red Label cigars.

809 Red Labels are premium sticks and lately, bundles of these quality cigars have been on sale at Thompson Cigar for an excellent low price. If you like the flavors of a fine Maduro, buy bundles of 809 Red Label Maduro Churchills to keep the humidor stocked with premium everyday Maduros. If you would rather smoke a Connecticut a day, you can't go wrong with bundles of 809 Red Label Connecticut Churchills. Or better yet, buy bundles of both to have everyday sticks for every time of the day. Both of these cigars are smooth, wonderful Dominican smokes and at less than $30 a bundle, a major bargain for quality everyday cigars.

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Buy Cigars Online for a Better Cigar Budget

Flor De Las Antillas Toro Sun Grown Single CigarAlthough we would all love to enjoy three ultra premium cigars a day, that luxury just doesn't fit into most of our cigar budgets. We do buy premium smokes now and then but have to be careful about how we spend money on cigars if we want to enjoy a few sticks every day of the week. That is possible no matter what your cigar budget may be but you have to be careful about the everyday cigars you choose to enjoy. However, even with a minimal cigar budget, it's still possible to enjoy everyday sticks and cigars of a much higher caliber once or twice a month. The way to make that happen is twofold and includes (1) shopping for cigars at the Thompson online cigar store, and (2) planning monthly expenses when you buy cigars online.

The Thompson Cigar online store makes it easy to spend less on cigars because there are so many ways to save money. Buy bundles of quality sticks and you can find great deals on everyday smokes. Buy factory overruns and you get the chance to enjoy premium sticks by Rocky Patel and other top shelf brands for a fraction of the price. Check the sale page, buy a single or two of 90 plus rated cigars, and spend some time at the cigar auction and it becomes easy to plan all of your cigar expenses for the month without sacrificing your supply of everyday cigars and chance to enjoy a couple of quality cigars each month.

Buy cigars online from Thompson Cigar to lower your monthly cigar budget.


The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Cigars

Wholesale CigarsThere is more than one way to buy cigars but not every one of those ways will save you money or provide you with quality brands. For example, head to the nearest brick and mortar store and they may or may not have the types of cigars you prefer, nor very many cigars available for a discount. One of the reasons why those brick and mortar stores aren't able to offer as much in terms of variety and low prices is because they don't carry as much merchandise as larger online distributors that deal with wholesale cigars.

An online cigar store that offers a huge variety of cigar brands and deals in wholesale cigars is almost always going to sell all of those cigars for lower prices than brick and mortar stores. An online distributor like Thompson Cigar can offer so many deals on cigars because Thompson gets cigars directly from the cigar makers (in addition to offering several exclusive Thompson brands) and deals with large numbers of smokes. This translates to lower prices for aficionados who shop at the Thompson online cigar store and also partly explains why Thompson can offer dozens of truly amazing cigar deals in cigar auctions and on the sale page every day of the week. It's hard to think of a better benefit that comes from buying wholesale cigars than consistent, excellent low prices although the huge variety of smokes is pretty nice too!

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The Best Methods of Finding Fantastic Discount Cigars

Cigars that sell for a discount don't always end up being the best cigars in your humidor. Many of us have purchased wholesale cigars that ended up generating a less than ideal smoking experience. Although we might have Victor Sinclair 55 Series 20 Cigar Sampler Churchillused them for everyday smokes or gave them away, we didn't exactly reach for those cheap sticks when we wanted to smoke a quality cigar. That experience has kept many of us from buying other discount smokes but the smartest aficionados keep on buying discount cigars and enjoy quality sticks for low prices with every purchase. Here are a few hints on how they make that happen:

  • Shop for cigars at a trusted, well established online cigar store: Buy cigars from an online store like Thompson Cigar and not only can you trust what is said, but there's also a much better chance of finding a variety of quality sticks for low prices. Search the Thompson Cigar sale page and you might find great cigar deals on sticks like the Victor Sinclair 55 Series Churchill Sampler.
  • Shop at the Thompson Cigar Outlet: This is an excellent way of finding great discounts on many types of cigars, including such deals as a Vintage Especiale Twelve Sampler for less than $25.
  • Cigar auction: Partake in the cigar auctions held by Thompson Cigar and you have a very good chance of getting quality cigars and accessories for excellent low prices.

Find the best discount cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Surefire Ways to Buy Cigars Online and Save

Rocky Patel Edge Toro CorojoThere are two main places for buying cigars but one of them offers far better deals on a consistent basis than the other. That one place to shop for cigars, cigar accessories, and other tobacco-related items is the online cigar store. Buy cigars at the right online store and you can be sure to find great savings on many types of cigars every day of the week. However, you also have to know where to look for the best cigar deals. These are a few surefire ways to always save on cigars every time you shop for them:

  • Only buy cigars from a well known, online cigar store that has been in the business for a while: A cigar distributor that has been around for nearly 100 years is going to be a much more reliable place to shop for smokes than fly by night sites or ones that have little experience with cigars. The Thompson online store demonstrates deep connections and experience with the cigar industry by always offering discounts on hundreds of smokes, offering great deals on exclusive cigar brands, and wonderful prices on a huge variety of smokes.
  • Check the Thompson Cigar sale page: Click on the Thompson Cigar sale page and you will find far more than cigars on sale. There are also pages for closeout deals, outlet cigars, cigar deals, and other ways to save on premium smokes.

Find the best deals on Rocky Patel cigars, and hundreds of premium cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.


Two Reminders of Why it’s Better to Buy Cigars at Online Cigar Stores

Gran Habano Gran Reserva 6 Cigar SamplerIf you are still buying your cigars from brick and mortar cigar shops, there are several reasons why you might be better off buying cigars from a reliable online cigar store. If you have already ordered cigars from an online store then you are probably already aware of the main reasons why this is the best way to buy cigars. However, if you have yet to shop for cigars online or still make most of those cigar purchases at a local cigar shop, the following two reasons might convince you to do all of your cigar buying at the Thompson Online Cigar Store:

  • More and better cigar deals: A good online store can offer so many deals, you might not know where to look first. For example, click on just about any page at the Thompson Cigar site and you will find sales on cigars, accessories, humidors, and much more. However, head to the cigar deals page and the Cigar Auction and you will probably find some of the best deals on cigars that you have ever seen. This is because unlike brick and mortar stores, an online store can carry more product, has far more customers, and can thus offer more deals.
  • Cigar samplers, cigar accessories and more: A good online store like that of Thompson Cigar carries products held in a warehouse and can thus offer many more samplers, quality cigars, and much more than a brick and mortar shop.

Find excellent deals on premium cigars and much more at Thompson Cigar today.


Save on Cigars with Cheap Bundles

Victor Sinclair 40 Churchill Sampler When you enjoy as many cigars as we do, you always need to be keeping an eye out for cigar deals. Fortunately, if you check the Thompson online cigar store on a daily basis, you can't help but find savings on everything from premium cigars to cigar lighters and other accessories. If you check the sales page, you can also connect with many a fantastic deal by purchasing cigars bundles. In opting for bundles instead of boxes, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars on cigars and we aren't talking about poorly made, unsmokeable sticks either but quality, hand rolled smokes.

Just one fine example of a great cigar bundle deal is found with the Victor Sinclair 40 Churchill Sampler. While supplies last, this assortment of 40 quality, hand made cigars sells for just $49! The deal gets even better when you realize that each of those 40 sticks is a full-sized quality Churchill cigar. All of these mild to medium bodied smokes are also crafted with delicious Dominican tobaccos and include such brands as Flor de Dominguez, Cuban Delight, and Tesoro Cubanos. The quality and price of this sampler makes it a nice one to get when you could go for an everyday Churchill, for parties, or when the humidor could use a few extra Dominican smokes.

Find excellent deals on cigar bundles, boxes, and cigar accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Great Cigar Deals Happening with Torano Cigars

TORANO RESERVA SELECTA ROBUSTO HABANO PLUS TORANO TUMBLER & 5PKTorano cigars are premium, hand-rolled smokes that blend quality tobaccos from two of the finest cigar producing nations to make sticks that can only be described as being top shelf in nature. Choice cured tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are used as long fillers, and fine Esteli Nicaraguan leaf is used as the binder. The wrapper might be a select Ecuadorian Habano, choice broad leaf Connecticut, or other tobaccos selected for excellence and appearance. No matter which Torano series you buy, you know that it's going to be a premium smoke and when you purchase them at the Thompson online cigar store, get ready to enjoy some fantastic cigar deals.

For a limited time at Thompson Cigar, not only are most Torano Cigars on sale, but they also come with a couple of nice freebies. Buy a box of excellent Torano Casa Maduro Churchill Cigars for more than 50% off the regular price and you also get a free Torano tumbler and a Torano Robusto five pack sampler! Yes, that's five extra premium cigars for free and a sleek tumbler on top of an excellent price for top shelf cigars. A box of very fine Torano Reserva Selecta Robusto Habano cigars can be had for an even bigger discount along with the same free tumbler and 5 pack, and similar discounts are offered for other Torano series cigars.

Enjoy this and other excellent cigar deals from Thompson Cigar today.


Cigars for Sale Since 1915

 CIGAR ACCESSORIESIf you were ever wondering how we can offer so many cigars and cigar accessories for such low prices, it's partly because we have been in the cigar business for nearly 100 years. In fact, you could probably say that we are one of the pioneers when it comes to mail order cigars because that's how the company got started in 1915. We still hold Postal Permit #1 for Tampa, Florida and have been filling out orders for premium cigars ever since.

We have always been able to offer great deals on cigars in part because our huge, 300,000 square foot humidor storage site (the largest inventory storage humidor in the country) enables the storage of equally large numbers of cigars,and we sell quite a few of our own quality cigar brands. Not to mention, being a major cigar distributor for so long has provided us with the type of connections to cigar makers and insight into tobacco growing that results in great cigar deals for our customers. Of course, we also absolutely love fine cigars and are very pleased to share that passion for quality, cured tobacco with like-minded people. Since we started out as a mail order business and have always worked with a catalog, selling cigars online was an easy, natural transition. That said, if you happen to be visiting the Tampa area, make sure to stop by our on site, retail store. It is open from 9:00 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, and from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. You will find the same cigars and inventory as our catalog and website plus fantastic deals only found at the store!

Find deals on hundreds of quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Sales on Cohiba Cigars!

The Cohiba is a legend among legendary cigars. We have all heard of this wonderful, much talked about and wanted smoke and most of us have enjoyed them at some time or another. For those who have yet to sample a Cohiba, yes, they are most definitely premium, high quality sticks. In case you were wondering, Dominican Cohibas can also hold a flame to the original Cubans. However, many aficionados don't smoke as many Cohibas as they would like because those classic cigars cost more than so many other wonderful sticks. Instead of paying more for a box of Cohibas, a lot of us buy cigars that cost less but still offer up a wonderful cigar smoking experience.

If you happen to be one of the many aficionados who has passed up buying Cohibas now and then because of the price they command, you might not have any more excuses to not buy those premium smokes when you see the sales going on at the Thompson online cigar store. Recently, some select Cohiba Cigars went on sale at Thompson and the prices are some of the lowest you will ever see on these legendary smokes. Ultra premium Cohiba Maduro Robusto Black Tubes are selling for $50 less than their regular price and a box of fantastic Cohiba Pequenos Cameroon Cigarillos are available for around 40% off the regular price!

Find the best deals on Cohibas and other premium cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Buy Cigar Boxes to Help Provide Guide Dogs for the Legally Blind

Southeastern Guide Dogs

The Thompson online cigar store is the best place for finding great deals on premium cigars on and off the web. That's old news to many an aficionado but did you also know that we are helping a very worthwhile cause through the sale of our empty cigar boxes? Recently, Thompson Cigar had a meeting with a non profit organization known as Southeastern Guide Dogs to discuss how we can help them provide trained guide dogs for folks who are legally blind. During that meeting, we learned that Southeastern Guide Dogs has provided a guide dog and free training for more than 2,800 legally blind people since 1982. Candidates for training have come from throughout the 48 contiguous states, need to be legally blind, and have to be capable of providing full care for the guide dog.

The training for each student and dog lasts for nearly a month on a 35 acre campus in Palmetto, Florida and has a value of $60,000. To help them with these costs, Thompson Cigar will be donating proceeds from sales of empty cigar boxes. Southeastern Guide Dogs also stands out as a very worthwhile organization to support because:

  • The public are invited to help with the training process: Hug a Puppy invites visitors to come to the campus to spend time with 6-9 week old puppies.
  • Visitors can “check out” and walk a dog in-for-training around campus.
  • Exceptional dogs not suitable for guide work are placed into careers that benefit veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress. Gaining confidence from these dogs, veterans expand their lives, regain mobility and independence, and re-integrate into their communities.
  • Facility Therapy dogs are placed into military hospitals to spread cheer and encouragement and help wounded warriors heal from their injuries.

To get a look at some of the dogs that will help people live better lives, see their Puppy Cam! The next time you buy quality cigars and cigar accessories from our online cigar store, consider buying (and collecting) some of our beautiful cigar boxes to help Southeastern Guide Dogs. Check out Thompson Cigar on Pinterest for great ways to use empty cigar boxes: DIY Cigar Box Projects

Support Southeastern Guide Dogs- Place your order today:


More Benefits of Buying Cigars from an Online Cigar Store

FLOR DE LAS ANTILLAS TORO SUN GROWN CigarsOnce aficionados buy cigars online, they rarely purchase any more smokes from brick and mortar shops. Even during travel, they pass up the cigars being sold in airport kiosks or at the train station because they bring their own. They don't need to buy any extra cigars because it's so easy and so much cheaper to just stock up on cigars from an online cigar store. In addition to better prices overall and the quick and easy process of ordering cigars online, the following are a few more benefits of buying smokes from an online store:

  • The best cigar deals: An online store run by an experienced, wholesale cigar distributor is filled with deals and sales on cigars. Unlike a brick and mortar cigar store, the online store can afford to sell cigars for lower prices because they sell directly from their warehouse and have ample supplies.
  • Variety: A good online cigar shop can carry literally hundreds of cigar brands. For example, at the Thompson Cigar website, you can find good prices on everything from the amazing 96 rated Flor de las Antillas Toro Sun Grown (the top cigar for 2012) to bundles of lesser known, quality, everyday sticks.
  • The cigar auction: No brick and mortar shop hosts an auction 365 days of the year on cigars and cigar accessories. Thompson Cigar does, though, and it gives aficionados the chance to find amazing savings on cigars and cigar-related items.

Buy cigars with less hassle and lower prices at Thompson Cigar today.


The Beauty of Wholesale Cigars

DON OSVALDO 2-FER SUMATRA CHURCHILLIf you buy cigars once in a while, then you are probably familiar with them being sold as single sticks and boxes at brick and mortar shops in such places as airports and malls. While that is a pretty straightforward way of buying cigars, it's far from being the least expensive. In fact, unless those cigar shop owners have decided to give cigars away for free, it's probably the most expensive means of acquiring the sticks we love to smoke. If you really want to find great savings on cigars, you are going to find some of the best deals when purchasing cigar bundles from an online cigar store.

To find those great wholesale prices, look for big cigar bundles and deals that offer two bundles for the price of one. Since these deals give you more cigars for less, it's an excellent way to stock your humidors, get a good batch of everyday smokes, and cigars to pass out at parties and events. Look around the Thompson online cigar store and you will discover that many of those cigar deals also include quality sticks. For example, the Don Oswaldo 2-fer Sumatra deal makes it possible to buy 40 delicious Dominican cigars with Sumatra wrappers for about $40. For an even cheaper cigar deal on Sumatra wrapped smokes, 40 La Veleza Coronas have been on sale for less than $30!

Find the best deals on cigar bundles and hundreds of quality cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Delicious Flavored Cigars for Sale

COJIMAR SENORITAS NATURAL PETITE CORONA CHERRYCured tobacco has its own set of natural flavors but some of us enjoy a bit of extra flavor with our cigars. Flavors like the delicious tang of ripe cherries, the aroma of sweet vanilla, and the hearty hint of satisfying rum add a nice touch to aged tobacco. They add a further dimension to the smoke that greets the palette and this probably explains why flavored tobaccos have been popular among pipe and hookah smokers for centuries. Flavored cigars make for a very nice after dinner tobacco dessert or when you just feel like treating the palette to an array of wonderful flavors. However, those flavors taste even better when you can get those cigars for excellent, low prices.

To find the best deals on flavored cigars, visit the Thompson cigar outlet. This page is where we post dozens of excellent deals on cigar accessories, many a fine stick, and wonderful flavored cigars. For example, Cojimar Senoritas Natural Petite Corona Cherry flavored cigars have been on sale for a great low price as have Isla del Sol Gran Corona Sumatra Coffee cigars. Both of these brands are high quality flavored smokes fit to be enjoyed at celebrations and those times that call for excellent tobacco flavors highlighted with such delicious aromas as cherry and coffee.

Find the best deals on quality flavored sticks and hundreds of cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.