Two of the Quickest Ways to Get Started with Cigars

Once you start smoking cigars, you quickly realize that there aren't just a dozen or so brands to choose from. While there might have been a few cheap cigars available at a local service station, those were just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. There are of course, hundreds of brands of cigars, some of them made by machine, many made by hand, and others that have been infused with the fine flavors of vanilla, rum, and cherries. With so many smokes to try, it can be tough to find a good everyday smoke, premium cigars for the best prices, and cigars to stay away from. Try the following duo of ideas and you will be on the fast track to enjoying cigars as every aficionado should:

  • Join the Thompson cigar of the month club: Sign up for the Cigar Tour Sampler and you will get several premium cigars each month. We pick out the cigars to sample and savor and provide information about each stick in a monthly newsletter. You also enjoy free shipping and a free cigar cutter with the first month's sampler.


  • Buy cigar samplers: Samplers are perfect for the new aficionado because they make it possible to try several brands and types of cigars for a great price. Buy a different sampler each month to quicken your enjoyable cigar education. The All Star VI Sampler is a good choice for your first sampler.

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Three Important Things that People New to Cigars Should Know

You tried a cigar and it turned out to be an eye opening experience. Now you know why so many successful, refined gentlemen and women partake in such classic smokes as Cohibas and Partagas. Welcome to the club, now here is a bit of handy advice:

  • Where to find cigar deals: For people just getting started with cigars, it can be tough to know where to find the best deals. It's easy to feel confused or know which prices are true deals when confronted by hundreds of different brands. Most of us have all been there so take it from us, the best deals on cigars are found at the Thompson online cigar store. Thompson can sell cigars for less because this company has been in the business for nearly 100 years. While there are plenty of deals on every page of the site, the best are usually found in the Thompson cigar outlet and in the Thompson cigar auction.
  • Cigar samplers: These assortments of smokes are the easiest means of trying out a bunch of different cigars for an affordable price. Get a sampler every month or two and you will quickly become well versed in cigars.
  • A humidor is essential: Get a humidor as soon as possible. Basically, you can't start collecting cigars without one. These devices are absolutely necessary for safely storing any of your cigars.

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Do Quality Cigars Improve Your Golf Game?

At long last, the highly anticipated golf season is finally upon us once more! While aficionados who reside in Florida or Arizona can walk the links throughout the year, those of us who live in other parts of the country are not so lucky. We only get the chance to go golfing for half of the year or sometimes even less. However, those few precious months of warm weather are here again, and we are more than ready to head to the club for 18 holes of happiness. We might be eager and ready to play golf, but how many of us can say that our game is truly as good as it was when we last touched a driver? It's easy to get rusty when you haven't gone golfing for a few months and while the indoor driving range can help, it still can't compare to playing a round of golf out on the green.

We try all sorts of tricks to get back in to prime golfing shape. Purchasing a new set of clubs, better golf shoes, and even bringing our own personal good luck charms to the greens are only a few of the things we do to regain our former glory. Some of those lucky items happen to be quality cigars and whether or not they improve your golf game, at least the right cigars add an additional layer of fun to any day on the links. Bring a few creamy Connecticut wrapped wonders like Oliva Reserve Churchills from Thompson Cigars to the course and you will be in for a very fine day indeed!

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How to Join the Thompson Cigar Club

Cigar Sampler of the Month ClubAs an aficionado, there's a good chance that you are a member of a number of clubs. Whether the association is something like a local, yacht sailing club or a large, national organization, you join because you want to connect with people who share similar interests. In addition to establishing friendships and making strategic connections, you also end up broadening your horizons and learning more. The same goes for a cigar club although in this case, instead of going to meetings or a club house, you get a variety of hand-picked, premium cigars delivered to your front door. When you join the Thompson Cigar of the Month Club, you also end up expanding your knowledge of cigars by receiving a wealth of information about each of the prize smokes that arrives at your door.

It might also be the easiest club to join. To become a member, all you need to do is sign up and pay the membership fee for the Cigar Tour sampler. There are also a number of options that range from 5 cigars for one month to 5 cigars a month for 12 months, or 10 cigars a month for 9 months. No matter which tour you end up taking, you are going to get select, hand-rolled cigars delivered to your place for free, a monthly newsletter with information about the cigars you receive, and a free cigar cutter with the first month's selection of fine smokes.

Sign up for a cigar sampler tour with Thompson and start expanding your cigar experience for a bargain.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about the beauty of enjoying fine cigars in this video.


Enjoy a Gem of a Cigar Deal with the Cigars Known as Little Havana Wheels

LITTLE HAVANA WHEELS ROBUSTO HABANOThose of us who have been enjoying good cigars for years have our own methods for finding great deals on good cigars. Many of us join a cigar of the month club, some of us spend an hour or more per day at the Thompson Cigar auction site, and others just click on every deal of the day. Some of us also buy bundles of cigars because we know that this is a surefire means of finding excellent deals on great smokes.

The fact that some of the best cigars come in small, little known packages is demonstrated by a quality brand known as Little Havana Wheels. These fine cigars might not arrive at your door in a fancy box but they sure display characteristics that mark them as a top shelf smoke. The Robusto Habanos use select Nicaraguan filler and binder rolled in a quality Habano wrapper to provide the lucky aficionado with a top shelf cigar smoking experience. Although you may or may not have heard of Little Havana Wheels, there's a pretty good chance that you have heard about and smoked cigars made by the experts behind this satisfying brand. Although we won't name them here, let's just say that they have created several 92 and 92 rated cigars.

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Three of the Best Cigar Gifts

CAMACHO SLR GIFT SET MADURO ROTHSCHILDThe Thompson online cigar store has plenty of gift ideas for the aficionado. While a box of fine cigars will put a smile on the face of any aficionado, here are three creative suggestions that will always be appreciated:

  1. A year's subscription to a cigar club: Give that special friend a whole year's subscription to our Good Life Cigar Tour and they will be thanking you all year long when they get five, hand-picked premium smokes delivered to their door each and every month. They will also enjoy a free cigar cutter and a monthly newsletter describing the monthly smokes.
  2. A Camacho Cigars gift set: A dozen, fine Camacho Maduro Rothschilds and an equally fine cutter are presented with class in this excellent gift. The price also happens to be so low for these high quality Honduran smokes that you might want to also give one or two to yourself!
  3. The Top Leaf Humidor Gift Set: Humidors are always appreciated because they help us add even more cigars to our treasured collections of smokes. This handy gift set also comes with a two finger, fine leather case, double guillotine cutter, ashtray, humidifier, and hygrometer.

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Where to Go for Cigar Reviews?

THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR 6 MONTHSOne of the advantages of being an aficionado is the huge number of cigar brands just waiting to be tasted and tested. Even veteran cigar smokers haven't sampled every brand of fermented, wrapped tobacco and those who are barely starting out on their journey with cigars have so little experience that just about every smoke is a new one. How do you know which cigars to buy? How can a seasoned aficionado be informed about brands they have never smoked? 

Signing up for a cigar of the month club is an excellent strategy to learn about and try new brands. It's an easy way to get hand-picked smokes delivered to your door and that's a beautiful thing but there is also another, simpler way of getting the average scoop on lots of cigar brands. Just check the Thompson Cigars blog on a regular basis and you should see reviews of a wide range of smokes and accessories written by average aficionados like yourself. Most are brief but they get to the point about what they liked or didn't like about the cigar in question. Many of the cigar brands on the site also have reviews and comments from fellow aficionados. It's an easy way to hear what other cigar smokers are saying about any number of brands. If no comment has been added, please share your own review!

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Three Excellent Reasons for Joining a Cigar Club

Joining a club dedicated to smoking cigars should be a priority for every serious aficionado. Although ASHTON CLASSIC CORONA CONNECTICUTmeeting with other like-minded cigar smokers is a worthwhile endeavor, that's not the type of club being referred to here. This club is one where five premium cigars get delivered to your door each month. If those five, hand-picked smokes weren't reason enough for joining, here are three other very good reasons to sign up for the Thompson cigar of the month tour:

  1. Save money: The fee for the club is much less than what you would pay for boxes of the quality brands that arrive at your door.
  2. Learn about unfamiliar, high quality brands: The club is perfect for aficionados who feel hesitant about buying boxes of unfamiliar smokes. Since they are hand-picked by seasoned experts at Thompson, you can bet that they will be good! In-depth information about those choice smokes is also provided in a newsletter that comes with each month's selection.
  3. Get free stuff: What better reason to sign up for a club is there than free stuff? Although it only happens when you sign up for the first time, it's still nice to get a free cigar cutter. Free shipping, though, is a part of every monthly delivery.

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How to Save on Cigar Gifts

ULTIMATE DOMINICAN ROBUSTO SAMPLERWhen you need to buy a gift for a fellow aficionado, it's actually fun to go shopping! Don't worry, it's not like you have to venture into some mall and wander around in search of overpriced or even non-existent  smoke shops. Nor do you need to wind your way through traffic to find a tobacco emporium and then still wonder what you are going to buy. Actually, there's no need to even leave the house because you will find more gifts for less at the Thompson Cigars website.

There, you will find everything from great premium smokes to a sampler of the month club, discount smokes, and just about every possible accessory. Although you could pick out any number of items from any part of the website, it might be easiest to just click on the tab that says, "Gifts". Note that as soon as you get to the tab, a menu drops down with more categories than flavors in a deep, dark maduro.

There you will find gift boxes, gift sets, all sorts of cigar-related gadgets, and much more. Also, if you buy items from the "gift" category of the website until June 30th, you get a further 15% off the regular price!

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How to Know When You Have Found the Right Premium Cigars

THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR 12 MONTHSThere are dozens of fine cigars available to the aficionado. We all know the names of the most popular brands but there are also many other cigars that promise an excellent experience. The well-known, top-shelf brands are certainly known for a reason. They are made with care, use quality materials, and are consistently good. When you pick one out, you know that you are in for a fine smoking experience but Partagas and Cohibas aren't the only fine smokes in town.  

Every aficionado would love many of the lesser known brands but if you haven't tried them, how on earth are you going to know which brands stand out from the rest for their premium flavor, texture, and overall experience? Well, you can't really know which premium smoke is right for you until trying them but there are ways of finding the right top-shelf smokes for you without spending a mint on box after box of cigars. Instead of taking a chance on one box after another, start out with high-rated samplers and sign up for the Thompson sampler of the month club. Each will give you great smokes that represent a variety of brands and flavors and help you find the premium stick that hits the spot.

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Get Ready for Golf Tournaments by Purchasing Fine Cigars

ARTURO FUENTE HEMINGWAY CLASSIC CAMEROON PERFECTO CIGARSummer is golf tournament time in many parts of the country. The greens are fresh and shorn to perfection, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the golf clubs are itching to be brought into action. There's a good chance that a lot of aficionados who play golf are going to be participating in one tournament of another. Although we wish we could be in those pro-golfer shoes, it's not like I'm talking about the PGA or anything. I mean the smaller tournaments held at local country clubs and at the courses where you play one a regular basis.

However, whether a golf pro or not, every aficionado needs to be truly prepared to compete on the greens before donning golf shoes and attempting to win that trophy. Aficionados who practiced their swing during the winter months or spent that time on courses in Florida are going to be in good shape for any tournament but that's not really the preparation I'm referring to. Before they head out to the greens, every aficionado should have taken the time to pick out a few choice premium cigars to bring to the course. Whether you happen to get a hole-in-one, win the tournament, or just play a good round of golf, I can't think of a better way of ending the day than lighting up and enjoying a quality smoke.

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Why Join a Cigar of the Month Club?

THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR 9 MONTHSThere are many ways to enjoy cigars. We smoke fine fermented tobacco masterpieces at important events. Many of us enjoy our favorite smokes at the end of a long day or to finish off an excellent meal and what aficionado doesn't  accompany his or her golf game with great smokes? No matter how you enjoy cigars, there is yet another means of improving the cigar smoking experience: the sampler of the month club at Thompson Cigars. The following are a few reasons why it's worth it to sign up for this cigar extravaganza:

  • Don't have the time to pick out cigars: If you are on a tight schedule and don't have the time needed to find the right smokes for your palette, let the expert aficionados at Thompson do it for you. They hand pick some of the finest smokes around and send them right to your door.
  • Broadens your cigar knowledge: Every true aficionado doesn't just enjoy a great smoke. He or she also loves to learn about them. Those that arrive at your door as part of the sampler of the month club also come with information that details their nature and history.
  • Premium smokes each and every month: The best reason to sign up is simply because club members get to try excellent, hand-picked smokes every month.

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Picking Out Fine Cigars for the Greens

MONTECRISTO WHITE LABEL COURT CONNECTICUT CORONAAs the warm weather kicks into gear, aficionados across the nation are itching to get out onto the links and hit some balls. While some lucky cigar smokers reside in Florida and other places where they can go golfing just about any time they please, those who live in more northerly, colder locales need to get in most of their local golfing during a few, short months. With a frown, they put their golfing gear away for the Winter until the warm temperatures of April and May come back around to melt the snow and welcome golfers back onto the greens.

While lovingly taking your clubs, golf shoes, and other essential out of storage, don't forget to also pick out some choice smokes for the greens. You never want to go golfing without some quality cigars on hand because you just never know how your game is going to go. The day you neglect to bring cigars to the links will probably be that lucky day when you finish way under par or hit a hole in one. Those unforgettable times need to be marked with one of your finest smokes so always be sure to pick out one or two of your best brands along with four or five everyday smokes whenever you go golfing.

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Quality and Expertise Delivered to Your Door

CAO CHAMPIONS SAMPLERIt can be tough to pick out cigar brands to try. There are so many available that it's almost worth it to just order the first three different types of smokes that you see on the Thompson Cigars website. However, the difference in strength, taste, quality, and price shown by many cigars strongly suggests a more careful approach. Cigar samplers are always a good bet in this regard because the smokes are hand-picked by the experts at Thompson. In essence, they want to share the great smokes that they have discovered with fellow aficionados. The advice and expertise associated with such a purchase is priceless and is also why it pays to join the Thompson cigar of the month club.

Sign up and you get five, hand-rolled premium smokes that are delivered to your door each month. These are serious smokes that get hand-picked by veteran aficionados at Thompson. They have tried and personally tested each of the brands that arrive in the monthly sampler and share stories about these smokes in an information packet that comes with each sampler. Shipped for free, straight to your home, this sampler ensures a quality smoking experience.

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How to Broaden Your Cigar Smoking Horizons

The world of cigars is meant to be explored. Every aficionado has his or her own favorite brand THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR 12 MONTHSof smoke but that doesn't mean that it has to be the only cigar you enjoy. The love and appreciation that most cigar makers have for fine smokes means that there are hundreds of high quality cigars to choose from. In addition, since the quality of tobacco leaves can vary by year and region, even brands you have smoked in the past might pleasantly surprise you in 2012. You might also want to branch out and give flavored smokes a try. If you are used to smoking mild cigars, why not treat yourself to a highly-rated robust cigar?

With so many cigars just waiting to be tasted, it would be a big shame to not broaden your smoking horizons. One of the easiest ways to do this by joining a sampler of the month club. Sign up for the Thompson Cigars sampler of the month and you get 5, carefully chosen, high quality smokes each month. They come with information that gives details about each type of cigar to enhance your experience. It's almost like meeting with the experts from Thompson Cigars to discuss and smoke some hand-picked favorites.

Sign up for your personal monthly cigar tour and find all of your smoke-related needs at Thompson Cigars today.


A Few Basic Tips for a Cigar Beginner

THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR ONGOINGIf you just joined the cigar smoking club, don't be surprised if it seems rather overwhelming. It actually should be considering the history, creativity, and fine art of cigar making and smoking. The world of the aficionado is no small place. There are hundreds of brands of cigars to choose from that involve different wrappers, fillers, seeds, flavors, and other factors that can be a source of confusion for people new to the good life. Although personally discovering the world of smokes on your own is the best way to learn about it, it's always good to have a few tips from seasoned aficionados:
  • Try a different brand every time you smoke: Even if you have already settled on the smoking just one brand, you probably haven't been exposed to the huge variety of flavors and experiences associated with other types of cigars. Make efforts to try as many cigars as possible to discover the best for each smoking occasion.
  • Sign up for a cigar of the month club: This is probably the best way to learn about and try a large variety of high quality smokes without spending big sums of money in the process.
  • Get a humidor: Cigars need specific, proper storage or they can go bad in more than one way. Buy one of these as soon as possible to preserve and age your treasured smokes.
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Welcome to the World of the Aficionado

ARTURO FUENTE HEMINGWAY BEST SELLER CAMEROON PERFECTOIf you have just discovered the wonderful world of cigars, welcome aboard the ship called, "aficionado". You have now embarked on a voyage that will probably go on for the rest of your life. No worries there because it's going to be the most relaxing trip you have ever taken and there's no way that you would want to get off the boat in any case. Thousands of new smokes are awaiting your personal judgment. Exclusive, high-rated brands will accentuate important occasions. In your search for a favorite smoke, you are going to learn about the different flavors associated with different wrappers, fillers, and brands.

You are going to learn about humidors and how to protect your treasured collection of cigars. In joining a cigar of the month club, participating in cigar auctions, and buying cigar samplers, you are going to add to your collection without breaking the bank. You will discover when and where to enjoy your prized possessions as well as more common, everyday smokes. With time, you might try and enjoy flavored smokes crafted by the creative folks at ACID. You might find out that you like Swisher Sweets or Backwoods Smokes more than the hand-wrapped brands. No matter where this voyage takes you, it's guaranteed to be a good one.

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Rate that New Smoke with Your Own Cigar Rating Club

Cigars get rated by expert aficionados. These fortunate judges have many years of THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR 1 MONTHexperience with every type of cigar and know how it should feel, how it should smell, and what it takes to merit a 90 plus rating. They know how to discern the complex flavors that come out of high quality cigars because they have tried many of the best. They have smoked top quality, award-winning Cohibas and other excellent cigars so it's safe to say that the people who make up these enviable judging panels know what they are talking about.

That's not to say that you don't also know how to rate the cigars you smoke. Whether you have been smoking cigars for three decades or just three years, you know what you like and what you don't. You know many of the ins and outs of cigar smoking, and if you belong to a cigar of the month club, there's a pretty good chance that you have smoked your fair share of quality cigars. Trust the opinions of the experts, but why not have your own cigar rating club? It's a great excuse for getting together with other aficionados and discussing the cigar smoking experience. You will probably find some new smokes and it gives you a chance to share one of the great things in life.

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How to Smoke High Rated Cigars for Cheap

While the rating of cigars does involve a fair degree of subjectivity, the people that do the judging are cigar experts that have known the ins and outs of cigar smoking for many years. That said, they probably know what they are taking about. If they give a cigar a high rating, they didn't do it for nothing. The tastes are probably going to complex and the experience THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR 9 MONTHSwell worth the high price paid for such quality smokes. Nevertheless, there are times when we would rather pay a bit less for cigars with high ratings.

Here are a few ideas for spending less to enjoy highly rated cigars:
  • Cigar samplers: There are all sorts of samplers available but some definitely include high-rated cigars. In fact, a few samplers only include cigars with high ratings. Buy these and you get the chance to smoke such quality cigars for far less than buying each brand by the box.
  • Cigar of the month club: Although you never know what you are going to get, the experts are only going to pick smokes that they have personally honored with a high rating.
  • Look for overruns and discards: Some companies such as Rocky Patel offer cigars with blemishes at a lower price. Other than the difference in color, these are just as good as the smokes that passed quality and control.
Find high-rated cigars for low prices at the best online cigar store.

Why Join a Cigar of the Month Club?

THE GOOD LIFE CIGAR CLUB CIGAR TOUR 2 MONTHSCigar smoking can be enjoyed in any number of ways but joining a cigar of the month club could make be the most worthwhile. When you are a member of a cigar of the month club, you save time, money, and know that you are going to get five, high-quality smokes each and every month. The following are just a few of the reasons why it's worth it to sign up for a cigar of the month club membership:
  • Variety: Get a membership and get five new cigars every month. With the wide array of cigar brands available, you can be assured that interesting, quality smokes will arrive at your front door every month.
  • Expert's choice: If you have a hard time deciding which cigar to try, you are a perfect candidate for the cigar of the month club because expert aficionados do the choosing for you. People that have been in the business for decades and truly know their smokes are bound to pick out some excellent cigars for your enjoyment. They also share their expertise by providing you with a newsletter that gives details about each premium smoke.
  • Savings: You save money when paying for a membership because it would cost much, much more if you bought a box of each cigar brand separately.
Sign up for the best cigar of the month club and enjoy fresh, quality smokes delivered to your door on a monthly basis.