The Importance of Enjoying Cigars the Right Way

Jetline Gotham Quad Flame Black Finish LThose of us who enjoy smoking cigars don't just partake in the experience because we enjoy fine, fermented tobacco. We also smoke cigars because we relish the experience of testing and tasting the subtle difference in flavors that come from different types of tobacco and wrappers. We enjoy inspecting cigars and noting the quality of their construction, and focusing on the difference between the start, sweet spot, and end of the cigar. These are a few of the reasons why it's important to enjoy cigars the right way and that procedure includes:

  • Choosing the best cigar for the moment: Pick a mild stick for the morning, medium-bodied smoke for the afternoon, and full-bodied cigar for the evening. It might be an everyday smoke or premium cigars for special situations.
  • Inspecting and cutting the cigar: After checking and appreciating the construction of the stick in question, carefully snip off the tip with a quality cigar cutter. It's important to use cigar cutters and not a knife or scissors because the cutter results in the type of  good, even cut necessary for properly enjoying the cigar.
  • Lighting and smoking it: Use proper cigar lighters to evenly light the end of the stick and then casually smoke it with enough time to savor the fine flavors.

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Have Some Extra Time? Spend It at the Cigar Auction!

Perdomo Patriarch Torpedo CorojoWe live in a busy world but it's very much worth it to take time out to reflect and relax. No matter how busy you may be, if you don't take time out to enjoy the good life then it just doesn't happen. You end up putting it off again and again and before you know it, are enjoying fall less of the good life than you would like. Smoking cigars reminds us of the importance of scheduling in some free time because that's the only way to truly and fully enjoy a top shelf stick. Once we realize that not only is it possible to have that bit of extra free time to enjoy cigars, we also realize that it's essential for living a full, satisfying life.

One other way of spending a bit of that free time is by participating in the Thompson Cigar Auction. It doesn't take long to do and even if you check it a few times a day, you might still get lucky and win auctions that result in premium cigars for bargain prices. There are dozens of items being auctioned off every day of the week with new offerings on a very regular basis including everything from wonderful Perdomo Cigars to quality cigar lighters and much more. So, the next time you find yourself with ten minutes to spare, check out the Thompson Cigar Auction and place a few bids.

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How to Get Macanudo Cigars and a Cigar Lighter for less than $40

Macanudo Collection With Lighter Toro GordoMacanudos. For any aficionado who has experienced these classic cigars, the brand name alone invokes fine memories of superb tobaccos, very smooth smokes, and the reason why we look forward to enjoying Macanudos on every occasion. These cigars are one of the most famous of the classic, premium smokes and as befits their distinguished status, they aren't exactly available for bargain basement prices. Although the premium experience of a Macanudo is worth the higher cost, it's still very nice to pay less for these high quality cigars whenever the opportunity presents itself.

One such opportunity is found with the Macanudo Toro Gordo Collection with Lighter combo. For less than $40, this premium gift comes with 6 genuine Macanudo cigars and a fine double torch cigar lighter. Since there are three different types of Macanudos, this combo also makes for a fine little cigar sampler. Enjoy the Macanudo Cafe as a premium after breakfast smoke or when you feel like sampling fantastic double aged Dominican long filler tobacco bound with a San Andres Valley binder and rolled in an excellent Connecticut wrapper. Save the Macanudo Maduro for a fine afternoon smoke, and the excellent Cru Royale for the most special of occasions.

Buy the Macanudo Toro Gordo Collection with Lighter combo as a gift for a fellow aficionado or to treat yourself to fine flavors in the form of an excellent cigar deal.


The Classic Cherrywood VI Combo is an Excellent Gift and a Great Cigar Deal

Classic Cherrywood VI ComboGifts for the aficionado come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Some samplers of premium cigars cost two or three times as much as samplers of lesser known brands and the same can be said of cigar lighters, and other cigar accessories. Although higher quality items tend to cost more, shop at the right place and you can still find great deals on quality cigars even though they cost less. One such deal also makes an excellent gift, especially for people just getting started with cigars.

That fine cigar deal and gift is the Classic Cherrywood VI Combo. Since this nice combo was originally priced at $107 and presently sells for less than $40, it's one of the better cigar combo deals at the Thompson online cigar store, especially when you see what you get for that low price! The lucky buyer of this combo gets a beautiful Cherrywood humidor that uses a quality humidification system and has Spanish Cedar linings and dividers. No humidor should ever be empty and that's why this combo also comes with 20 Hacienda Rio Churchill Connecticut cigars. A Noah Edge cigar lighter is also included so you can sample one of those Churchills as soon as this combo is delivered to your door.

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Some Gift Ideas for People Who Love Cigars and Gadgets

Lighter ExcaliburA lot of people who relish the fine flavors of fermented tobacco also love all sorts of gadgets. Whether that curiosity is related to being an aficionado or not, it's uncanny how many of us are engineers, like to tinker with engines, build things, and love to buy gadgets. With that in mind, Thompson Cigar has some great gift ideas for people who like gadgets. Check out the Cigar Gifts for the Gadget Guy page and you will see a fine assortment of cigar-related gadgets and technologies that will put a smile on the face of many an aficionado.

On that page, you will find cool little electronic humidifiers including the wonderful Cigar Oasis Ultra and the excellent La Veil Dch-210 Humidifier. Both of these digital humidifiers are easy, efficient ways to ensure that your cigars are kept safe and sound.

There is also a fine selection of cigar lighters, including such lighting gadgets as the sleek Excalibur. This little gadget is a fine, dual torch lighter that also hosts a razor sharp guillotine cigar cutter. If you or that special aficionado already have more than enough cigar cutters, you could also just buy a fine Lotus Vertigo Dual Torch Lighter.

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Different Torch Cigar Lighters for Different Situations

Jobon Gold Double Torch Lighter With PunchWhen we smoke cigars, we don't light it with a cheap plastic cigarette lighter. Those small, unsteady flames are only going to light part of the stick if they even light it at all! Instead of seriously diminishing the cigar smoking experience by using a cheap lighter, stick with quality torch lighters designed to light a cigar the right way.  There are a few different types and several brands, and some are meant for different situations. For example, if you are going to meet at an indoor location with clients or someone else you would like to impress, use a cigar lighter like the Jobon Gold Double Torch Lighter. This sleek modern lighter has the type of elegant, classy appearance that commands attention and exhibits self assurance. The dual jet will also light any of your quality cigars in an instant.

Although that sleek lighter will work anywhere, you might not want to bring it to the great outdoors. Whether playing a round of golf, or hunting deer or turkey with good friends, the powerful triple flame of the Green Jetline Super Torch will light Churchills, Maduros, and all of your sticks no matter what the weather may be.

For travel, you might want to go with the Xicar Black Element Lighter. This fine torch lighter combines durability with a sleek look so you can light your favorite cigars with reliable class during travel.

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When to Know If It’s Time to Buy a New Cigar Ashtray

Padron Family Reserve Crystal AshtrayEnjoying cigars is more than buying the sticks we love to smoke. Although picking out and buying cigars is of course an essential part of being an aficionado, we also need various cigar accessories. The humidor is the accessory you probably need to buy first because you can't store your cigars without one. The cigar lighter probably comes second and the cutter is a close third. However, there's one other accessory that often gets overlooked when buying cigars and supplies for enjoying them. That item is the ashtray and you know you need a new one when the following happens:

  • The old ashtray breaks or gets too dirty to clean: Ok, so a dirty ashtray can still be used but let's face it, it looks terrible and doesn't work as well for holding the ashes. Buy something along the lines of the Padron Family Crystal Reserve ashtray to add a touch of class to your smoking room.
  • You just don't have one: Even if you have an ashtray in the den at home, you might also need one in the office or one to bring with you during travel. The Thompson Jumbo is a fine, basic cigar ashtray to use in the office as is the Stinky Cigar Original. Both also work well as ashtrays to bring on trips.

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Save on Cigars with Cheap Bundles

Victor Sinclair 40 Churchill Sampler When you enjoy as many cigars as we do, you always need to be keeping an eye out for cigar deals. Fortunately, if you check the Thompson online cigar store on a daily basis, you can't help but find savings on everything from premium cigars to cigar lighters and other accessories. If you check the sales page, you can also connect with many a fantastic deal by purchasing cigars bundles. In opting for bundles instead of boxes, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars on cigars and we aren't talking about poorly made, unsmokeable sticks either but quality, hand rolled smokes.

Just one fine example of a great cigar bundle deal is found with the Victor Sinclair 40 Churchill Sampler. While supplies last, this assortment of 40 quality, hand made cigars sells for just $49! The deal gets even better when you realize that each of those 40 sticks is a full-sized quality Churchill cigar. All of these mild to medium bodied smokes are also crafted with delicious Dominican tobaccos and include such brands as Flor de Dominguez, Cuban Delight, and Tesoro Cubanos. The quality and price of this sampler makes it a nice one to get when you could go for an everyday Churchill, for parties, or when the humidor could use a few extra Dominican smokes.

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Which Are the Best Torch Cigar Lighters?

Cigars require a certain type of lighter. The tobacco treasures we enjoy so much won't burn as well or evenly if they are lit with a small, cheap lighter. For this reason, torch lighters that Jetline New York Dual Flame Lighterhave been designed for smoking cigars are the much preferred tool of the trade. The following is a comparison of a few choice torch lighters:

  • The Jetline New York Dual Torch Lighter: This fine torch lighter is tough, reliable, and has the type of powerful adjustable flame that works well for lighting cigars. Its low price also makes it a great cigar lighter for aficionados on a tight budget.
  • The Jetline Houston Triple Torch Lighter: This is an excellent lighter that is both easy to use and easy to refill. It's strong triple torch also ensures that this lighter is going to get your cigar going in just about any condition.
  • Xicar Vitara G2 Double Flame Lighter: Xicar is known for crafting sleek, classy, and reliable cigar accessories. This lighter is no exception and combines several features to be one of the best lighters on the block. For example, not only is the gun metal finish an expression of power and self confidence, but it also has an easy to use side trigger, strong double flames, and a lifetime guarantee. This beauty makes a fine gift for any aficionado (including yourself!).

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Two Cigar Accessories to Carry at All Times

400t Tcc Logo CutterThose of us who truly love smoking cigars rarely leave home without one or two sticks to enjoy during a lunch break, while taking a walk in the park, or while driving to and from the office. However, even if you limit your cigar smoking to the home, there are at least two accessories you should never be without. Those accessories and the reasons for carrying them at all times are:

  • The cigar cutter: It's always good to have a quality cigar cutter with you even when you aren't carrying any cigars because you never know when you might need one. Just as folks who love the fermented grape rarely leave home without a wine key in their purse or on a key chain, having a cutter ensures that you will always be prepared to cut and smoke a fine cigar when the occasion presents itself. Such an occasion can happen while visiting the club, playing a round of golf, during an unexpected meeting, or other situations. Not to mention, a cigar cutter is also small enough to carry on your person at all times.
  • The cigar lighter: As with the cutter, a lighter is small and easy enough to carry around, and makes it possible to enjoy cigars in proper fashion if the situation presents itself. It goes without saying that a quality torch cigar lighter is called for and not some cheap, unsuitable plastic lighter.

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Get “Stranded” with a Prize Pack of your Favorite Cigars!

Are you the self-declared cigar expert of your group of friends? Would you find it impossible to go a single day without the smooth taste of your favorite quality smokes? Do you know exactly which sticks you would want with you if you ever found yourself stranded on a deserted island?

If so, Thompson Cigar is willing to make your fantasies a reality!  If a fine collection of sticks would be as important to you as water, food, and shelter, you’re just who we’re looking for! Aficionados and new comers alike are welcome to participate in the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” going on right now!

Thompson Cigar is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cigars and smoking accessories like humidors, cigar cutters, lighters and more! Since 1915, we have prided ourselves in offering the smoking world the best selection at reasonable prices. To thank our loyal customers, we want to give a little something back.

To participate, head over to the Thompson Cigar Facebook page, click on the “Like” button, and enter to win! We’ll reveal a new prize package (worth over $900) every week starting 8/2/13 for a total of 4 weeks. That’s over $3600 worth of cigars and gear that you won’t want to miss!

After liking the page and providing the required information, check back every Friday at 11AM to see the latest set of prizes. No purchase is necessary but you must be 21 years or older to enter. Consider it our way of protecting you the next time you find yourself stranded!


Cigar Lighters and Other Cigar Accessories to Get with That First Box of Cigars

JETLINE SUPER TORCH CLEAR FINISH LIGHTER for CigarsIt may have been a gift from a friend, or hearing about the beauty of cigars. Whatever the reason may be, you have come to the realization that smoking a good cigar is a very enjoyable, relaxing, distinguished experience. Welcome to the club, here is some advice on accessories to buy with that first box or bundle of cigars:

  • A cigar lighter: While you may already have a few small lighters lying around the house, please don't even attempt to use them with any of your cigars. The sticks we smoke deserve a device that lights them in a proper, measured manner and this is why we use lighters that were specifically developed for enjoying a cigar. That would be something along the lines of a Jetline Super Torch Clear Finish Lighter or a slick Xikar Element Lighter.
  • A cigar cutter: Yes, you need something to cut the tips off the cigars you smoke but you don't want to ruin the cigar by employing a crude knife. Instead, we use tools like the Thompson Perfect Cut Cutter or a Xikar X8 Black Cutter.
  • A humidor: Of all of the accessories you get, this is probably the most important. Without it, you won't be able to safely store cigars nor collect them. Although a beautiful Bally 100 Count Humidor will give you more than enough room for a while, you could also go with a nice 30 Count Executive Starter Kit Humidor.

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What Cigars Are Found in the Cigar Auction?

ACID KRUSH CLASSICS RED CAMEROON CIGARILLO INFUSEDOne of the best places to find amazing cigar deals is the Thompson Cigar Auction. This is the places to go when you feel like trying your luck and naming your price for quality cigars and cigar accessories. As with any auction, you might be outbid or the price might go above your highest bid but there's also that chance of getting some very fine cigars for fantastic low prices. Although we can never predict what might show up on the Cigar Auction block, you can bet that there will be a good variety of cigar brands, cigars samplers, lighters, and more.

The offerings are also always changing so it's worth it to check the auction at least once a day, and if you are bidding on several items, you might want to check the auction several times a day. To give an idea of the cigars that make it into the auction, these are two of the choice items that were recently bid upon and won by fortunate aficionados:

  • The Supreme Delight Sampler: The ten smokes in this sampler are all premium cigars and include such delights as Rocky Patel, Macanudo, and Padilla.
  • Acid Krush Classic Red Cameroons: These very fine little cigars are wrapped in a delicious Cameroon wrapper and infused with Acid's wonderful blend of flavors.

Participate in the auction to try a variety of fine smokes and find great savings on quality cigars.


Give the Classic Gift of a Savinelli Pipe

SAVINELLI TIGER RUSTIC BENT PIPEWhen you need to find a gift for an aficionado, you are in luck because most cigar smokers are going to love to receive just about any high quality cigars. They will also love quality cigar lighters and opening the gift wrapping to find a beautiful humidor. However, if you want to surprise and please an aficionado with something they might not have, try giving that special person a pipe.

You shouldn't just give them any old pipe either but an elegant, hand-made pipe like a Savinelli. These pipes are such beautiful works of art that you might be tempted to just put them on display instead of using them to enjoy tobacco. As with other Savinelli Pipes, the Savinelli Tiger Pipe is hand made by pipe craftsmen in Italy and uses a classy acrylic, non-oxidizing mouth piece. These fine pipes are made to last and impress with their quality construction and elegant looks. Of course, a gift of one of these fine works of art should also come with a tin or two of delicious pipe tobacco and you couldn't find a more fitting blend of cured leaf than the Savinelli Special Tobacco Blend. Savinelli also offers such classic blends as English Mixture and Cavendish.

Find great deals on Savinelli pipes, cigars for every occasion, and other tobacco accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Great Savings and Great Maduro Taste with the Premium 9 Maduro Sampler

PREMIUM NINE MADURO SAMPLER CigarsThe unique, wonderful flavors that come from fine tobacco are a result of carefully cultivated and selected plants, leaves, and their blends. However, the flavors don't really show themselves unless the leaves are cured. Like fine wines and spirits, tobacco must also be aged for a specific amount of time in a certain way to let subtle chemical changes take place that result in the flavors we love. Age those leaves for a short period of time and you get lighter colored, easy-going wrappers. Let them mature over a number years, though, and we get those deep, delicious wrappers known as "Maduros".

"Maduro" can be translated as "aged" or "mature" but for aficionados who truly enjoy a fine Maduro, the word is synonymous with a fantastic, very satisfying experience. One of the best ways of delving into an excellent Maduro experience is by purchasing a selection of cigars that features several premium smokes that come rolled in oily, dark, and satisfying Maduro wrappers. One of the finest of such assortments is the Premium 9 Maduro Sampler. As the name says, this sampler provides the aficionado with 9 absolutely premium Maduro smokes, including such hard hitters as Rocky Patel, Arturo Fuente, CAO Gold, and Oliva Serie G. With names like that, it might come as a surprise to know that this excellent sampler sells for less than $30!

Find the best savings on premium cigars and fantastic cigar samplers at Thompson Cigar today.

Watch cigar expert Al Remp extol the virtues of Rocky Patel, CAO, and other cigars in this video.


Any Aficionado Would Cherish the Gift of a Padron No. 88 Sampler Natural

PADRON NO. 88 SAMPLER NATURALIt can be hard to find gifts for aficionados who seem to have everything. If the lucky guy or gal in question has nothing more than a small humidor with 20 or so cigars, they will probably be happy to get anything from a good torch lighter to a selection of infused Acid cigars. However, those aficionados who own a well stocked humidor in the office and two or three more at home can be a bit more difficult to please. They have been collecting cigars for so long that it's increasingly tough to find something they haven't seen or that will always put a smile on their face.

You have to go high quality with the gift in question and even then, you should still search for one that stands out in some personal, unique manner. One such gift is the Padron No. 88 Sampler Natural. This very fine sampler is beautifully presented in an elegant box with information about the five premium smokes inside. These are the 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo (a top shelf smoke that earned a 90 plus rating), and one each of Padron 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 series cigars. Each uses choice, carefully developed Nicaraguan leaf and a select natural wrapper to generate a premium cigar smoking experience.

Find the Padron No. 88 Sampler Natural and hundreds of other excellent cigar gift ideas at Thompson Cigar today.


A Cohiba Comes with this Classy Trifecta of a Cigar Combo

TRIFECTA WITH CUTTER AND LIGHTER SAMPLERCohibas. We yearn to enjoy those classic, top brand cigars and often save them for special occasions. Their high quality and legendary status also makes Cohibas very much appreciated when received as a gift. While any aficionado would love to receive a box of those fine smokes, let's face it, a box of Cohibas is a pretty expensive gift. There's nothing wrong with being so generous but if the person in question is new to cigars or a box of Cohibas goes way beyond your gift budget, you might want to opt for a lower priced combo that includes a Cohiba. One such combo is the Trifecta sampler with cutter and lighter.

A lot of class gets packed into this little combo and starts with a trio of cigars that would please the palette of the most discerning of aficionados. In addition to a genuine Red Dot Cohiba, you also get an excellent Montecristo Classic, and a coveted Graycliff Vintage 2005. This trio of fine, quality sticks would be a fine present all on their own. However, the combo gets even better with an elegant, three finger, telescoping cigar case, a quality torch lighter, and a double guillotine cigar cutter. It's a wonderful combo to get for any aficionado and is perfect for a one, or two day, business trip.

Find the Trifecta sampler with cutter and lighter for less than $25 and savings on hundreds of other quality smokes at Thompson Cigar today.

See cigar expert Al Remp give tips on smoking cigars in this video.


Surprise Dad with the Macanudo Toro Gordo Collection with Lighter

MACANUDO COLLECTION WITH LIGHTER TORO GORDOThis Father's Day, surprise your cigar smoking Dad with an unforgettable, wonderful little gift that includes some of the best cigars around. Instead of a tie, subscription to a magazine, or gift certificate for the golf store, make him smile with the Macanudo Toro Gordo Collection. This excellent assortment of fine smokes includes six genuine, limited edition Macanudo cigars. He would certainly be happy with any of the precious sticks that carry the Macanudo label, but the six cigars in this little collection are tobacco treasures of the highest caliber. Macanudo has exceeded expectations with cigars partly due to the efforts of cigar master Benji Menendez. Benji shows his expertise and winning creativity with the cigars in this fine sampler through the likes of Macanudo Cafe, Macanudo Maduro, and the Cru Royale.

The Macanudo Cafe is a true Macanudo delight that uses fine Dominican long fillers that have been double aged, a wonderful Connecticut wrapper, and a fine San Andres Valley, Mexican binder for a seriously smooth, mild mannered smoke. The Maduro has more of a medium body and comes wrapped in a wonderfully aged, downright delicious Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. The Cru Royale is a premium, medium-bodied cigar that boasts a choice blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long filler tobaccos, a Dominican La Vega Especiale binder, and an Ecuadorian Habano seed wrapper. Not to mention, this selection of humidor champions also comes with a quality double torch lighter.  

Save on this excellent Macanudo sampler and other gifts for Dad at Thompson Cigar today.

To learn more about cigars and their countries of origin, watch this video featuring cigar expert Al Remp.


Buy Single Cigars and Get Free Cigar Accessories

PADRON 2000 MADURO ROBUSTO SINGLE CIGARIt's always a good day when you buy quality cigars for low prices but it's a great day when you can also get cigar-related accessories for free. At Thompson Cigar, we offer a number of deals that include free cigars or accessories but one of them just about takes the prize for giving away the most free stuff. For a limited time, when you buy 10 single sticks, you also get a free cigar cutter, free cigar case, and a free torch cigar lighter! Since we could all use an extra lighter, cutter, and cigar case, these quality freebies are even more incentive for buying single cigars.

A couple other reasons for buying single sticks:

  • Save money on quality cigars: Instead of stretching the cigar budget to buy a box of just one type of premium smoke, you can purchase several different premium sticks for less.
  • Try more types of quality cigars: Buying smokes by the stick makes it much easier to try more top-shelf sticks in a short amount of time. This way, you can also sample a few very choice sticks like a Rocky Patel Decade Toro Sumatra or a Padron 2000 Maduro Robusto before spending more on boxes of unfamiliar cigars.

If you don't feel like ordering ten sticks and getting three free cigar items, don't worry about missing out on free stuff because an order of five single sticks still gives you a free cutter and lighter.

Find the best in cigar deals at Thompson Cigar today.


Do Cigar Deals for Less Than $20 Really Exist?

Cigars don't usually come cheap. That makes sense when you realize that a lot of time and effort goes into making the tobacco creations that we enjoy. Tobacco has to be cultivated, properly cured, and is then often carefully blended SUPER EIGHT SAMPLERwith other types of tobacco before being matched with the right binder and select, quality wrappers. Then there are the cigar experts in charge of that process who have to invest in the time and energy necessary for finding those select tobaccos before everything is carefully rolled by hand. Once those sticks are packaged, they are ready for sale and with so much involved in their making, it's easy to understand why top shelf smokes aren't sold at rock bottom prices.

Nevertheless, the high number of cigars and varying availability of tobacco crops result in many an excellent cigar deal for the aficionado. Some actually do sell for $20 but you probably won't be finding deals like that at your local cigar emporium. For the lowest prices and deals on cigars, you need to go to Thompson Cigar, a cigar distributor that has been been involved in the tobacco business for nearly a century. Visit our "Cigar Deals at $19.95" page and everything you see costs less than $20. Items vary but can include such sweet deals as the Super Eight Cigar Sampler and Thompson Red Label Natural Coronas.

Find excellent deals on cigar lighters, cigar samplers, and many brands of fine cigars at the Thompson Online Cigar Store.