The Importance of Enjoying Cigars the Right Way

Jetline Gotham Quad Flame Black Finish LThose of us who enjoy smoking cigars don't just partake in the experience because we enjoy fine, fermented tobacco. We also smoke cigars because we relish the experience of testing and tasting the subtle difference in flavors that come from different types of tobacco and wrappers. We enjoy inspecting cigars and noting the quality of their construction, and focusing on the difference between the start, sweet spot, and end of the cigar. These are a few of the reasons why it's important to enjoy cigars the right way and that procedure includes:

  • Choosing the best cigar for the moment: Pick a mild stick for the morning, medium-bodied smoke for the afternoon, and full-bodied cigar for the evening. It might be an everyday smoke or premium cigars for special situations.
  • Inspecting and cutting the cigar: After checking and appreciating the construction of the stick in question, carefully snip off the tip with a quality cigar cutter. It's important to use cigar cutters and not a knife or scissors because the cutter results in the type of  good, even cut necessary for properly enjoying the cigar.
  • Lighting and smoking it: Use proper cigar lighters to evenly light the end of the stick and then casually smoke it with enough time to savor the fine flavors.

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Cigar Gifts for Firefighters

Firefighter CutterGiving and receiving gifts is a big part of the winter holiday season. However, there are some people who deserve gifts at every time of the year. Firefighters are one of those special people. Time and time again, they risk their lives to save the lives of others and do their best to save homes from terrible, tragic fires. Although they just say that it's part of the job and don't usually ask for any recognition, it's always nice to remember the active and volunteer firefighters who work in our communities. One of the easiest ways to thank those heroes is with quality cigars and other cigar gifts.

Some firefighters are aficionados while others have yet to experience the fine flavors of quality tobacco but all of them will appreciate receiving cigar samplers like the Ultimate 90 Plus. Each of the cigars in this sampler is a premium, high-rated smoke that will be very much enjoyed by any aficionado. The quality of the top shelf sticks in the Ultimate 90 Plus Sampler also befits the type of cigars our community heroes deserve. In addition to bringing one of these samplers to the local firehouse, don't forget to give several of the firefighter cigar cutter to your favorite firefighters.

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Some Gift Ideas for People Who Love Cigars and Gadgets

Lighter ExcaliburA lot of people who relish the fine flavors of fermented tobacco also love all sorts of gadgets. Whether that curiosity is related to being an aficionado or not, it's uncanny how many of us are engineers, like to tinker with engines, build things, and love to buy gadgets. With that in mind, Thompson Cigar has some great gift ideas for people who like gadgets. Check out the Cigar Gifts for the Gadget Guy page and you will see a fine assortment of cigar-related gadgets and technologies that will put a smile on the face of many an aficionado.

On that page, you will find cool little electronic humidifiers including the wonderful Cigar Oasis Ultra and the excellent La Veil Dch-210 Humidifier. Both of these digital humidifiers are easy, efficient ways to ensure that your cigars are kept safe and sound.

There is also a fine selection of cigar lighters, including such lighting gadgets as the sleek Excalibur. This little gadget is a fine, dual torch lighter that also hosts a razor sharp guillotine cigar cutter. If you or that special aficionado already have more than enough cigar cutters, you could also just buy a fine Lotus Vertigo Dual Torch Lighter.

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Cigar Gifts for the Marine in Your Life

Us Marine Cigar CutterIt's that time of year again to look for holiday gifts. However, there's another holiday that happens just before Christmas and other winter holidays. That special day is November 11th and is known as Veterans Day. We celebrate this special date to recognize the sacrifices that members of the armed forces have made for their fellow Americans time and time again. If you have a family member currently serving in the military, this holiday takes on special importance, and if that brother, sister, son, or daughter happens to be a Marine, we have just the right gift.

In addition to giving your Marine a fine box of cigars (believe us when we say that those sticks will be greatly appreciated), give a Marine cigar cutter. While he or she could just use a K-Bar to cut off the tip of a fine smoke, no matter how sharp the knife is, it's more likely to ruin the cigar than ready it for smoking. A cigar cutter is what is truly needed to cut the tip off of a cigar because it is designed for just that purpose, and what better cutter for a Marine to use than one embossed with the emblem of the Marine Corps. Of course, it's also good to give that special person some cigars to go with this important accessory. The 90 Plus Rated Sampler is a fine choice.

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When to Know If It’s Time to Buy a New Cigar Ashtray

Padron Family Reserve Crystal AshtrayEnjoying cigars is more than buying the sticks we love to smoke. Although picking out and buying cigars is of course an essential part of being an aficionado, we also need various cigar accessories. The humidor is the accessory you probably need to buy first because you can't store your cigars without one. The cigar lighter probably comes second and the cutter is a close third. However, there's one other accessory that often gets overlooked when buying cigars and supplies for enjoying them. That item is the ashtray and you know you need a new one when the following happens:

  • The old ashtray breaks or gets too dirty to clean: Ok, so a dirty ashtray can still be used but let's face it, it looks terrible and doesn't work as well for holding the ashes. Buy something along the lines of the Padron Family Crystal Reserve ashtray to add a touch of class to your smoking room.
  • You just don't have one: Even if you have an ashtray in the den at home, you might also need one in the office or one to bring with you during travel. The Thompson Jumbo is a fine, basic cigar ashtray to use in the office as is the Stinky Cigar Original. Both also work well as ashtrays to bring on trips.

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Why the Black Leather 20 Count Humidor is the Perfect Gift for a New Cigar Smoker

Black Leather 20 Count Humidor With AccessoriesFinding gifts for people who are just starting out with cigars can be easy as long as you shop in the right place. The gift possibilities at most local brick and mortar shops are going to be limited at best and probably over-priced.  Instead of looking for gifts at a local cigar shop (if you can find one), check out the Thompson Online Cigar Store for a wide array of gift items that range from singles of premium cigars to every type of cigar accessory. However, if you want to spend as little time as possible in picking out a gift for a new aficionado, buy the Black Leather 20 Count Humidor with Accessories. This makes for a fantastic gift for anyone just starting out with cigars because:

  • It includes a humidor: Every cigar smoker needs a humidor and the sooner that special person gets one the better. Cigars can't be safely stored without it! In addition to the 20 count humidor, this cigar deal also includes a small traveling humidor.
  • Double-bladed cigar cutter: Cigars need to be cut before smoking them and a cigar cutter is designed for the task. The new aficionado is going to need one and this double-bladed cutter works like a charm.
  • Cigar case: Cigars should never be carried in a pocket without some form of protection. The black leather two finger pocket cigar case is ideal for bringing a couple of smokes to the golf course, or to enjoy after a fine meal.

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Two of the Quickest Ways to Get Started with Cigars

Once you start smoking cigars, you quickly realize that there aren't just a dozen or so brands to choose from. While there might have been a few cheap cigars available at a local service station, those were just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. There are of course, hundreds of brands of cigars, some of them made by machine, many made by hand, and others that have been infused with the fine flavors of vanilla, rum, and cherries. With so many smokes to try, it can be tough to find a good everyday smoke, premium cigars for the best prices, and cigars to stay away from. Try the following duo of ideas and you will be on the fast track to enjoying cigars as every aficionado should:

  • Join the Thompson cigar of the month club: Sign up for the Cigar Tour Sampler and you will get several premium cigars each month. We pick out the cigars to sample and savor and provide information about each stick in a monthly newsletter. You also enjoy free shipping and a free cigar cutter with the first month's sampler.


  • Buy cigar samplers: Samplers are perfect for the new aficionado because they make it possible to try several brands and types of cigars for a great price. Buy a different sampler each month to quicken your enjoyable cigar education. The All Star VI Sampler is a good choice for your first sampler.

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See cigar expert Al Remp talk about different cigar sizes in this video.


Two Cigar Accessories to Carry at All Times

400t Tcc Logo CutterThose of us who truly love smoking cigars rarely leave home without one or two sticks to enjoy during a lunch break, while taking a walk in the park, or while driving to and from the office. However, even if you limit your cigar smoking to the home, there are at least two accessories you should never be without. Those accessories and the reasons for carrying them at all times are:

  • The cigar cutter: It's always good to have a quality cigar cutter with you even when you aren't carrying any cigars because you never know when you might need one. Just as folks who love the fermented grape rarely leave home without a wine key in their purse or on a key chain, having a cutter ensures that you will always be prepared to cut and smoke a fine cigar when the occasion presents itself. Such an occasion can happen while visiting the club, playing a round of golf, during an unexpected meeting, or other situations. Not to mention, a cigar cutter is also small enough to carry on your person at all times.
  • The cigar lighter: As with the cutter, a lighter is small and easy enough to carry around, and makes it possible to enjoy cigars in proper fashion if the situation presents itself. It goes without saying that a quality torch cigar lighter is called for and not some cheap, unsuitable plastic lighter.

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Get “Stranded” with a Prize Pack of your Favorite Cigars!

Are you the self-declared cigar expert of your group of friends? Would you find it impossible to go a single day without the smooth taste of your favorite quality smokes? Do you know exactly which sticks you would want with you if you ever found yourself stranded on a deserted island?

If so, Thompson Cigar is willing to make your fantasies a reality!  If a fine collection of sticks would be as important to you as water, food, and shelter, you’re just who we’re looking for! Aficionados and new comers alike are welcome to participate in the “Cigar Lover’s Survival Sweepstakes” going on right now!

Thompson Cigar is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cigars and smoking accessories like humidors, cigar cutters, lighters and more! Since 1915, we have prided ourselves in offering the smoking world the best selection at reasonable prices. To thank our loyal customers, we want to give a little something back.

To participate, head over to the Thompson Cigar Facebook page, click on the “Like” button, and enter to win! We’ll reveal a new prize package (worth over $900) every week starting 8/2/13 for a total of 4 weeks. That’s over $3600 worth of cigars and gear that you won’t want to miss!

After liking the page and providing the required information, check back every Friday at 11AM to see the latest set of prizes. No purchase is necessary but you must be 21 years or older to enter. Consider it our way of protecting you the next time you find yourself stranded!


Cigar Lighters and Other Cigar Accessories to Get with That First Box of Cigars

JETLINE SUPER TORCH CLEAR FINISH LIGHTER for CigarsIt may have been a gift from a friend, or hearing about the beauty of cigars. Whatever the reason may be, you have come to the realization that smoking a good cigar is a very enjoyable, relaxing, distinguished experience. Welcome to the club, here is some advice on accessories to buy with that first box or bundle of cigars:

  • A cigar lighter: While you may already have a few small lighters lying around the house, please don't even attempt to use them with any of your cigars. The sticks we smoke deserve a device that lights them in a proper, measured manner and this is why we use lighters that were specifically developed for enjoying a cigar. That would be something along the lines of a Jetline Super Torch Clear Finish Lighter or a slick Xikar Element Lighter.
  • A cigar cutter: Yes, you need something to cut the tips off the cigars you smoke but you don't want to ruin the cigar by employing a crude knife. Instead, we use tools like the Thompson Perfect Cut Cutter or a Xikar X8 Black Cutter.
  • A humidor: Of all of the accessories you get, this is probably the most important. Without it, you won't be able to safely store cigars nor collect them. Although a beautiful Bally 100 Count Humidor will give you more than enough room for a while, you could also go with a nice 30 Count Executive Starter Kit Humidor.

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Need More Room for Cigars? Get the Lucky 7 Humidor!

Cigar HUMIDOR LUCKY 7If you collect cigars (and what aficionado doesn't), there eventually comes a time when you need more storage space. Even if you are just starting out, it doesn't take long to acquire a fair number of cigars. Buy a few choice samplers, bundles, and cigar boxes and before you know it, the humidor fills up with a fine assortment of sticks. We of course need to properly store those tobacco delights before they dry out so we either stop buying cigars for a while or get another humidor. if you shop at the Thompson online cigar store, though, you quickly run into a problem with the first option. Even if you already have a good selection of smokes, it's just not feasible to stop buying smokes when the online store offers such excellent deals on everything from cigar cutters to premium cigars.

Instead of turning down great savings on fine smokes, you are better off buying a nice big humidor like the Lucky 7. Aficionados who purchase this great cigar storage device count themselves lucky indeed because it has seven beautiful cedar drawers with enough room to house 200 sticks and various cigar accessories. This fine humidor also stores your treasured smokes the right way by using a double humidification system and an analog hygrometer.

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Watch cigar expert Al Remp talk about humidors in this video.


A Cohiba Comes with this Classy Trifecta of a Cigar Combo

TRIFECTA WITH CUTTER AND LIGHTER SAMPLERCohibas. We yearn to enjoy those classic, top brand cigars and often save them for special occasions. Their high quality and legendary status also makes Cohibas very much appreciated when received as a gift. While any aficionado would love to receive a box of those fine smokes, let's face it, a box of Cohibas is a pretty expensive gift. There's nothing wrong with being so generous but if the person in question is new to cigars or a box of Cohibas goes way beyond your gift budget, you might want to opt for a lower priced combo that includes a Cohiba. One such combo is the Trifecta sampler with cutter and lighter.

A lot of class gets packed into this little combo and starts with a trio of cigars that would please the palette of the most discerning of aficionados. In addition to a genuine Red Dot Cohiba, you also get an excellent Montecristo Classic, and a coveted Graycliff Vintage 2005. This trio of fine, quality sticks would be a fine present all on their own. However, the combo gets even better with an elegant, three finger, telescoping cigar case, a quality torch lighter, and a double guillotine cigar cutter. It's a wonderful combo to get for any aficionado and is perfect for a one, or two day, business trip.

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See cigar expert Al Remp give tips on smoking cigars in this video.


Buy Single Cigars and Get Free Cigar Accessories

PADRON 2000 MADURO ROBUSTO SINGLE CIGARIt's always a good day when you buy quality cigars for low prices but it's a great day when you can also get cigar-related accessories for free. At Thompson Cigar, we offer a number of deals that include free cigars or accessories but one of them just about takes the prize for giving away the most free stuff. For a limited time, when you buy 10 single sticks, you also get a free cigar cutter, free cigar case, and a free torch cigar lighter! Since we could all use an extra lighter, cutter, and cigar case, these quality freebies are even more incentive for buying single cigars.

A couple other reasons for buying single sticks:

  • Save money on quality cigars: Instead of stretching the cigar budget to buy a box of just one type of premium smoke, you can purchase several different premium sticks for less.
  • Try more types of quality cigars: Buying smokes by the stick makes it much easier to try more top-shelf sticks in a short amount of time. This way, you can also sample a few very choice sticks like a Rocky Patel Decade Toro Sumatra or a Padron 2000 Maduro Robusto before spending more on boxes of unfamiliar cigars.

If you don't feel like ordering ten sticks and getting three free cigar items, don't worry about missing out on free stuff because an order of five single sticks still gives you a free cutter and lighter.

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Premium Cigar Cases for Premium Cigars

XIKAR HAVANA COLLECTION 5 COUNT CASEThere's nothing like the experience generated by top-shelf, high quality cigars. When you have an excellent cigar on hand, it's a fine, memorable experience from the first draw to the end of that choice stick. While many of our favorite everyday smokes also provide satisfying experiences, they still don't measure up to the wonderful, subtle flavors that come from a premium cigar. These are the tobacco creations that earn 90 plus ratings from Cigar Aficionado and typically stand a head above other smokes.

While every cigar merits proper care and treatment, rare premium smokes deserve extra special attention. You don't want anything to happen to such sticks because many of them are rare cigars that are hard to come by, and cost more than other sticks. With that in mind, you don't want to tote those top-shelf cigars around with nothing more than their cellophane wrappers. In addition to doing a disservice to such fine cigars, you also run the risk of bruising or ruining them. Instead, keep those fine smokes safe with cases that are of a similar high standard. Those are cigar cases like the classy, crush-proof Xicar Envoy and the airtight, watertight Xicar Havana Collection 5 Count Case. Both of these cases exhibit the type of quality and protection needed for housing precious, top-shelf cigars during travel.

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How to Become an Expert on Cigars

As people who enjoy fine cigars, we often hear about and smoke cigars that have received a 90 plus rating from the cigar experts at Cigar Aficionado. We have all wondered who these expert testers are, and no doubt, many of us have also wondered how we can be eleigible for such an amazing job! How did those exteremely fortunate cigar testers become experts on cigars and knowledgeable enough to rate any of the fine sticks that meet their cigar cutters? Although we don't know exactly how you can get hired for such a dream job, we do know that cigar experts are people who have an especially high degree of expertise, experience, and knowledge about everything associated with cigars. That means knowing about the various types of tobacco that are used and how that tobacco is cultivated and cured, about the fine differences in taste shown by various wrappers, and how to discern a multitude of subtle flavors.

If there is one thing for certain about the top cigar experts, it's that they didn't earn that title from one day to the next. They became experts on such a noble subject because they have spent several years learning about every aspect of cigars. They have first hand knowledge of the subtle differences between true premium cigars and good, yet more average smokes. Most of all, they have a true passion for enjoying fine cigars that only grows stronger as the years go by.

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To see a true cigar expert giving advice on how to smoke a cigar, watch this video of Al Remp.


How to Join the Thompson Cigar Club

Cigar Sampler of the Month ClubAs an aficionado, there's a good chance that you are a member of a number of clubs. Whether the association is something like a local, yacht sailing club or a large, national organization, you join because you want to connect with people who share similar interests. In addition to establishing friendships and making strategic connections, you also end up broadening your horizons and learning more. The same goes for a cigar club although in this case, instead of going to meetings or a club house, you get a variety of hand-picked, premium cigars delivered to your front door. When you join the Thompson Cigar of the Month Club, you also end up expanding your knowledge of cigars by receiving a wealth of information about each of the prize smokes that arrives at your door.

It might also be the easiest club to join. To become a member, all you need to do is sign up and pay the membership fee for the Cigar Tour sampler. There are also a number of options that range from 5 cigars for one month to 5 cigars a month for 12 months, or 10 cigars a month for 9 months. No matter which tour you end up taking, you are going to get select, hand-rolled cigars delivered to your place for free, a monthly newsletter with information about the cigars you receive, and a free cigar cutter with the first month's selection of fine smokes.

Sign up for a cigar sampler tour with Thompson and start expanding your cigar experience for a bargain.

See cigar expert Al Remp talk about the beauty of enjoying fine cigars in this video.


The Premium Five with Case Sampler is a Great Gift Idea for Any Aficionado

The nice thing about knowing an aficionado is that you already know what to give for his or her birthday. For most aficionados, as long as you give them some brand of premium cigars, they are going to appreciate the gift very much. However, you don't just have to give cigars. You can also give them any number of wonderful cigar accessories such as high quality torch lighters, cutters, or even a beautiful humidor. They are going to smoke the cigars they get and will make use of the accessories so they are usually much easier to find gifts for than non-aficionados.

Premium FIve with Case SamplerAlthough a wide variety of cigar-related items will work as gifts, one of the best gift ideas is the Premium Five with Case Sampler. The reason why this cigar combo is such an excellent little gift is because it offers so much in such a small package. First and foremost, you get five premium smokes. Since just one of the five sticks in this sampler would make for a sweet little present, the five Rocky Patel, Romeo and Julieta, PDR, La Flor Dominicana, and Padilla cigars turn it into a phenomenal gift. Better yet, those five top-shelf sticks are presented in a tough, Extreme cigar case! This gift is so good and can be had for such a bargain that you might also want to give one to yourself.

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Small Humidor or a Large Cigar Storage System?

CHERRYWOOD HUMIDOR 40 COUNT CAPACITYOnce you start smoking cigars, you have to get a humidor. Accessories like a proper cigar cutter and torch lighter are also important but a proper place to store cigars is vital to keeping them safe, sound, and in proper smoking condition. Basically, that means making sure that your cigars are just as moist as they were upon arrival at your front door and a humidor makes this happen by maintaining your precious smokes in conditions with 70% humidity.

So, getting a humidor may be an essential part of enjoying cigars but which kind of humidor do you buy? They generally come in three main sizes, including some that hold 30 sticks and others with enough room to safely store 150 cigars.

With that in mind, the number and types of humidors you need depends on where you smoke cigars and the number of sticks in your collection. If you only smoke at home and maintain a small collection of cigars, a medium-sized humidor like the 60 count Art Deco is a good idea.

If you also enjoy cigars at the office, a small, classy humidor like the 40 Count Cherrywood works out nicely. Aficionados who like to collect large numbers of cigars need equally large humidors such as the beautiful Half Dome 150 Count Humidor.

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When to Know if you Need Another Humidor

MERGER HIGH LACQUER BURL 30 COUNT HUMIDORAn aficionado should get at least one humidor as soon as he or she buys the first box of cigars. It's a necessity for storing smokes and is arguably more important than a case, cutter, and even a cigar lighter. Since precious cigars start to go bad without a humidor, you have to always make sure that you have more than enough room for storing the smokes that you buy. 

The following are three situations that call for a new humidor:

  • The other humidors are full: If you buy a new sampler and suddenly find that none of your cigar storage units have room, your next purchase needs to be a new humidor.
  • You need one for the office: Make sure that the office has at least one small humidor. Even if you don't enjoy cigars at work, it's important to have a humidor stocked with quality cigars to make a good impression on important guests. If you already have one that is full, buy another back-up humidor for the office.
  • Classy decor: A fine humidor also happens to be quality, beautiful decor. Pick out a particularly elegant humidor for the living room and use it to display your treasured smokes with class.

Find the best deals on humidors, premium cigars, and accessories at Thompson Cigar today.

Watch this video of Al Remp to learn how to prepare a humidor for your cigar collection.


A New Cigar Combo that Features an Elegant Leather Humidor

LEATHER HUMIDOR WITH ACCESSORIESThe dynamics of the cigar world ensure that we can provide a steady supply of exciting new cigars, deals, and accessories. Find those new items by clicking on the "Just Landed" link right on the front page of the Thompson Cigar site and get ready to be tempted by a variety of new items. One of the more interesting new cigar combos is a slick leather humidor that comes with a double-bladed cigar cutter, small travel humidor, and a two finger cigar case. This fine assortment of classy accessories is just what every distinguished aficionado needs for business trips and short vacations.

The leather humidor makes a classy statement with its elegant, black covering but don't let that fool you into thinking that it's a sub-standard cigar storage device. As with any quality humidor, the inside is lined with cedar, and comes with a hygrometer and humidifier. It holds twenty of your fine cigars and is an easy way to bring them along on trips and display them to fellow aficionados. The cutter helps to prepare your cigars for a proper smoking experience, the small travel humidor is ideal for keeping those smokes fresh when bringing a few choice cigars to work, and the two finger pocket case comes in handy at the casino.

Save on this elegant cigar combo and hundreds of top shelf cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.