Have Some Extra Time? Spend It at the Cigar Auction!

Perdomo Patriarch Torpedo CorojoWe live in a busy world but it's very much worth it to take time out to reflect and relax. No matter how busy you may be, if you don't take time out to enjoy the good life then it just doesn't happen. You end up putting it off again and again and before you know it, are enjoying fall less of the good life than you would like. Smoking cigars reminds us of the importance of scheduling in some free time because that's the only way to truly and fully enjoy a top shelf stick. Once we realize that not only is it possible to have that bit of extra free time to enjoy cigars, we also realize that it's essential for living a full, satisfying life.

One other way of spending a bit of that free time is by participating in the Thompson Cigar Auction. It doesn't take long to do and even if you check it a few times a day, you might still get lucky and win auctions that result in premium cigars for bargain prices. There are dozens of items being auctioned off every day of the week with new offerings on a very regular basis including everything from wonderful Perdomo Cigars to quality cigar lighters and much more. So, the next time you find yourself with ten minutes to spare, check out the Thompson Cigar Auction and place a few bids.

Find the best cigar deals at Thompson Cigar today.


Three Excellent Reasons for Taking Part in the Thompson Cigar Auction

Brick House Sampler - Box of 4The modern online cigar store has made it much easier to find great deals on cigars. Instead of heading to a tobacco shop and paying more for fewer choices of cigars, a good online store can provide hundreds of cigar opportunities. There are also several ways to save at an online store, including something called the cigar auction. If you have yet to partake in this means of finding deals on cigars, the following trio of reasons show why it's worth it to check the Thompson cigar auction every day of the week:

  • Auctions can equal fantastic deals: While you don't always find amazing discounts with the auction, that's typical when bids are involved. However, if you partake in enough auctions, you will eventually win some that provide you with cigars for fantastic discounts.
  • Auction items vary: The Thompson auction doesn't just include a few items now and then. There is a constant flow of items ranging from cigar accessories to a wide variety of cigars. Keep checking to have a chance at deals on your favorite cigar brands.
  • Try new cigars: The auction also makes it easy to try new cigars for a bargain. If you see something you have never tried before, it's worth it to make a bid. You might win and get a chance at trying a different brand of cigars for a great low price.

Partake in the Thompson cigar auction to have a chance at great deals on cigars and accessories.


Buy Cigars Online for a Better Cigar Budget

Flor De Las Antillas Toro Sun Grown Single CigarAlthough we would all love to enjoy three ultra premium cigars a day, that luxury just doesn't fit into most of our cigar budgets. We do buy premium smokes now and then but have to be careful about how we spend money on cigars if we want to enjoy a few sticks every day of the week. That is possible no matter what your cigar budget may be but you have to be careful about the everyday cigars you choose to enjoy. However, even with a minimal cigar budget, it's still possible to enjoy everyday sticks and cigars of a much higher caliber once or twice a month. The way to make that happen is twofold and includes (1) shopping for cigars at the Thompson online cigar store, and (2) planning monthly expenses when you buy cigars online.

The Thompson Cigar online store makes it easy to spend less on cigars because there are so many ways to save money. Buy bundles of quality sticks and you can find great deals on everyday smokes. Buy factory overruns and you get the chance to enjoy premium sticks by Rocky Patel and other top shelf brands for a fraction of the price. Check the sale page, buy a single or two of 90 plus rated cigars, and spend some time at the cigar auction and it becomes easy to plan all of your cigar expenses for the month without sacrificing your supply of everyday cigars and chance to enjoy a couple of quality cigars each month.

Buy cigars online from Thompson Cigar to lower your monthly cigar budget.


The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Cigars

Wholesale CigarsThere is more than one way to buy cigars but not every one of those ways will save you money or provide you with quality brands. For example, head to the nearest brick and mortar store and they may or may not have the types of cigars you prefer, nor very many cigars available for a discount. One of the reasons why those brick and mortar stores aren't able to offer as much in terms of variety and low prices is because they don't carry as much merchandise as larger online distributors that deal with wholesale cigars.

An online cigar store that offers a huge variety of cigar brands and deals in wholesale cigars is almost always going to sell all of those cigars for lower prices than brick and mortar stores. An online distributor like Thompson Cigar can offer so many deals on cigars because Thompson gets cigars directly from the cigar makers (in addition to offering several exclusive Thompson brands) and deals with large numbers of smokes. This translates to lower prices for aficionados who shop at the Thompson online cigar store and also partly explains why Thompson can offer dozens of truly amazing cigar deals in cigar auctions and on the sale page every day of the week. It's hard to think of a better benefit that comes from buying wholesale cigars than consistent, excellent low prices although the huge variety of smokes is pretty nice too!

Find the best deals on wholesale cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


The Best Methods of Finding Fantastic Discount Cigars

Cigars that sell for a discount don't always end up being the best cigars in your humidor. Many of us have purchased wholesale cigars that ended up generating a less than ideal smoking experience. Although we might have Victor Sinclair 55 Series 20 Cigar Sampler Churchillused them for everyday smokes or gave them away, we didn't exactly reach for those cheap sticks when we wanted to smoke a quality cigar. That experience has kept many of us from buying other discount smokes but the smartest aficionados keep on buying discount cigars and enjoy quality sticks for low prices with every purchase. Here are a few hints on how they make that happen:

  • Shop for cigars at a trusted, well established online cigar store: Buy cigars from an online store like Thompson Cigar and not only can you trust what is said, but there's also a much better chance of finding a variety of quality sticks for low prices. Search the Thompson Cigar sale page and you might find great cigar deals on sticks like the Victor Sinclair 55 Series Churchill Sampler.
  • Shop at the Thompson Cigar Outlet: This is an excellent way of finding great discounts on many types of cigars, including such deals as a Vintage Especiale Twelve Sampler for less than $25.
  • Cigar auction: Partake in the cigar auctions held by Thompson Cigar and you have a very good chance of getting quality cigars and accessories for excellent low prices.

Find the best discount cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


Two Reminders of Why it’s Better to Buy Cigars at Online Cigar Stores

Gran Habano Gran Reserva 6 Cigar SamplerIf you are still buying your cigars from brick and mortar cigar shops, there are several reasons why you might be better off buying cigars from a reliable online cigar store. If you have already ordered cigars from an online store then you are probably already aware of the main reasons why this is the best way to buy cigars. However, if you have yet to shop for cigars online or still make most of those cigar purchases at a local cigar shop, the following two reasons might convince you to do all of your cigar buying at the Thompson Online Cigar Store:

  • More and better cigar deals: A good online store can offer so many deals, you might not know where to look first. For example, click on just about any page at the Thompson Cigar site and you will find sales on cigars, accessories, humidors, and much more. However, head to the cigar deals page and the Cigar Auction and you will probably find some of the best deals on cigars that you have ever seen. This is because unlike brick and mortar stores, an online store can carry more product, has far more customers, and can thus offer more deals.
  • Cigar samplers, cigar accessories and more: A good online store like that of Thompson Cigar carries products held in a warehouse and can thus offer many more samplers, quality cigars, and much more than a brick and mortar shop.

Find excellent deals on premium cigars and much more at Thompson Cigar today.


Where Is the Best Place to Buy Cigars for Low Prices?

90 Rated 9 Sampler IIIIf you are just getting started out with cigars, it can be tough to find the best place for buying your smokes. Although you might find a few choice sticks at a local cigar chop, you don't really know if the prices are good ones until you get the chance to compare them with smokes from other shops and online stores. Since it can be tough and time consuming to find several brick and mortar cigar shops, it's much easier to look for smokes online. At online cigar stores, you also have to look around and see which ones offer the best bargains on cigars the most often.

During that process, you also have to watch out for online stores that might not deliver the goods. Although that's not such a common occurrence, it has happened enough to warrant shopping for cigars from a company that has been around for nearly one hundred years. That company is Thompson Cigar and since we have been meeting the needs of aficionados since the early part of the 20th century, new cigar smokers should feel good about buying cigars from our online cigar store, especially when they see the multitude of cigar deals that we offer every day of the week. At our site, you can get free shipping on certain cigars, find plenty of premium cigars for low prices, and even participate in cigar auctions.

Whether just starting with cigars or having enjoyed them for 30 years, you will find the best deals on cigars at the Thompson online cigar store.


Three Tips to Find Discount Cigars and Reduce the Cigar Budget

Flor De Filipinas Londres Natural CoronaWe would all love to enjoy a couple Cohibas a day but for many of us, that's not even close to being an option because we just can't afford it. Sadly, some of us have other responsibilities that don't allow for a huge cigar budget. Nevertheless, there are ways to enjoy many a great cigar even with a low budget and the following three tips will help:

  • Check the Thompson Online Cigar Store every day of the week: If you shop for choice smokes at a brick and mortar cigar store, that reduced cigar budget might only allow for 3 or 4 sticks a month. Fortunately, the online store at Thompson Cigar makes it possible to find a variety of ways to save on cigars. Just search for your favorite brands and there's a good chance you will find a discount. However, if you are looking for even better deals, check out the excellent low prices at the Cigar Outlet.
  • Buy more and save: This is one of the easiest ways to spend less on cigars and still manage to fill the humidor with quality smokes. For example, a 25 count bundle of hand-rolled Flor de Filipinas might sell for less than $14!
  • Work the cigar auction: Our cigar auction could be the best way to buy premium cigars for rock bottom prices. Since you won't be the only aficionado at the auction, you can't expect to win every deal but work it enough and you will eventually get great cigars and accessories for fantastic prices.

Find the best deals on cigars at Thompson Cigar today.


More Benefits of Buying Cigars from an Online Cigar Store

FLOR DE LAS ANTILLAS TORO SUN GROWN CigarsOnce aficionados buy cigars online, they rarely purchase any more smokes from brick and mortar shops. Even during travel, they pass up the cigars being sold in airport kiosks or at the train station because they bring their own. They don't need to buy any extra cigars because it's so easy and so much cheaper to just stock up on cigars from an online cigar store. In addition to better prices overall and the quick and easy process of ordering cigars online, the following are a few more benefits of buying smokes from an online store:

  • The best cigar deals: An online store run by an experienced, wholesale cigar distributor is filled with deals and sales on cigars. Unlike a brick and mortar cigar store, the online store can afford to sell cigars for lower prices because they sell directly from their warehouse and have ample supplies.
  • Variety: A good online cigar shop can carry literally hundreds of cigar brands. For example, at the Thompson Cigar website, you can find good prices on everything from the amazing 96 rated Flor de las Antillas Toro Sun Grown (the top cigar for 2012) to bundles of lesser known, quality, everyday sticks.
  • The cigar auction: No brick and mortar shop hosts an auction 365 days of the year on cigars and cigar accessories. Thompson Cigar does, though, and it gives aficionados the chance to find amazing savings on cigars and cigar-related items.

Buy cigars with less hassle and lower prices at Thompson Cigar today.


What Cigars Are Found in the Cigar Auction?

ACID KRUSH CLASSICS RED CAMEROON CIGARILLO INFUSEDOne of the best places to find amazing cigar deals is the Thompson Cigar Auction. This is the places to go when you feel like trying your luck and naming your price for quality cigars and cigar accessories. As with any auction, you might be outbid or the price might go above your highest bid but there's also that chance of getting some very fine cigars for fantastic low prices. Although we can never predict what might show up on the Cigar Auction block, you can bet that there will be a good variety of cigar brands, cigars samplers, lighters, and more.

The offerings are also always changing so it's worth it to check the auction at least once a day, and if you are bidding on several items, you might want to check the auction several times a day. To give an idea of the cigars that make it into the auction, these are two of the choice items that were recently bid upon and won by fortunate aficionados:

  • The Supreme Delight Sampler: The ten smokes in this sampler are all premium cigars and include such delights as Rocky Patel, Macanudo, and Padilla.
  • Acid Krush Classic Red Cameroons: These very fine little cigars are wrapped in a delicious Cameroon wrapper and infused with Acid's wonderful blend of flavors.

Participate in the auction to try a variety of fine smokes and find great savings on quality cigars.


Collect Cigars but Don’t Forget to Smoke Them!

MONTECRISTO ROBUSTO CONNECTICUT SINGLE CIGARThe online cigar store has made it easy to collect cigars. All it takes is a quick search and a click of the mouse to find great deals on boxes of your favorite brands and more than a few smokes you would love to try. Look a bit further at the right online cigar store and you can find bundles of fine smokes for excellent prices, fantastic deals on cigars that have to go, and auctions that provide opportunities to get everything from humidors to top shelf cigars for incredible prices. Add deals on excellent cigar samplers to the mix and it's easy to end up with a fantastic cigar collection.

However, the more rare, high quality sticks you acquire, it sometimes becomes that much more difficult to smoke them not because you don't want to but because you end up saving many of those smokes for extra special occasions. While it is important to save certain cigars for important occasions, it's also just as important to remember that cigars are meant to be experienced by smoking them much more than leaving them in the humidor. Don't be shy about smoking a Montecristo Robusto now rather than saving it for some supposedly distinguished occasion because life is meant to be lived to the fullest every day of the week.

Find hundreds of excellent deals on quality cigars and cigar accessories at Thompson Cigar today.


Why Cusano Factory Overrun Cigars Are a Major Cigar Deal

CUSANO FACTORY OVERRUNS ROBUSTO MADUROCusano is one of those cigar brands that produces great smokes on a very regular basis. Their cigars have earned several 90 plus ratings, have been raved over by many a cigar expert, and earn a special spot in just about any humidor. Although the brand name might not be as well known as the likes of Cohiba or Macanudo, when you buy a Cusano, you can bet that you are in for a top shelf experience. With that in mind, it's very much worth it to keep an eye out for any deals on Cusano Cigars. Smart aficionados don't hesitate to buy Cusano smokes in cigar auctions or on the rare occasions when they are offered for a discount because those deals tend to sell out pretty fast.

With that in mind, one of the best deals on Cusanos (and perhaps cigars in general) is now available in the form of Cusano Overruns. These are the same fantastic cigars made by Cusano but just happen to be extra sticks that don't make it into their main boxes. Instead they are offered in bundles of 16 sticks for a much lower price. Recently, such bundles went from being a good cigar deal to becoming a must-have amazing deal whenThompson started offering them for less than $40 a bundle!

Find great deals on Cusano cigars and other quality cigar brands at Thompson Cigar today.

See what cigar expert Al Remp has to say about a fantastic Cusano Cigar in this video.


Three Important Things that People New to Cigars Should Know

You tried a cigar and it turned out to be an eye opening experience. Now you know why so many successful, refined gentlemen and women partake in such classic smokes as Cohibas and Partagas. Welcome to the club, now here is a bit of handy advice:

  • Where to find cigar deals: For people just getting started with cigars, it can be tough to know where to find the best deals. It's easy to feel confused or know which prices are true deals when confronted by hundreds of different brands. Most of us have all been there so take it from us, the best deals on cigars are found at the Thompson online cigar store. Thompson can sell cigars for less because this company has been in the business for nearly 100 years. While there are plenty of deals on every page of the site, the best are usually found in the Thompson cigar outlet and in the Thompson cigar auction.
  • Cigar samplers: These assortments of smokes are the easiest means of trying out a bunch of different cigars for an affordable price. Get a sampler every month or two and you will quickly become well versed in cigars.
  • A humidor is essential: Get a humidor as soon as possible. Basically, you can't start collecting cigars without one. These devices are absolutely necessary for safely storing any of your cigars.

Find the best deals on cigars and accessories at Thompson Cigar today.

Get some valuable tips on buying cigars from cigar expert Al Remp in this video.


What Exactly is a Cigar Club?

Cigar ClubWhen searching for cigar deals, you will probably hear about cigar clubs. If you have never joined one, you may have overlooked it thinking that it's a private club where one goes to partake in fine cigars. While such exclusive places do exist, a cigar club isn't really a location. It's more like a membership or subscription that helps you enjoy and learn about quality cigars for good prices. In the case of the Thompson cigar clubs, the following are a few of the benefits:

  • Five free premium cigars: After signing up, you get five top shelf smokes for free! It's hard to think of a better incentive for joining a club than free premium cigars!
  • Earn points with each cigar purchase: Join the club and you will get a point for each cigar that you buy (except for auction, bonus sticks, and free cigars). Eventually, those cigar purchases add up until you have enough for a voucher. If you smoke cigars on a regular basis, this is pretty much a win win deal.
  • Get 10% back with each purchase: When you are an active cigar club member, you get a voucher for 10% of the value of each of your cigar purchases. Basically, the more you buy, the more free cigars you can get!

These are just a few of the main reasons to sign up for the Thompson cigar club. To learn more about the club, just fill out and send the entry form.

Find the best deals on great cigars at Thompson Cigar.


The Thompson Cigar Auction Is the Place to Find Amazing Cigar Deals

Finding good deals on cigars can be a challenge until you know just where to look. For example, while you can start with a quick online search, the results are going to turn up a multitude of sites that promise savings on fine cigars. However, a closer look at those websites will reveal that few of them actually truly offer deals on a wide variety of smokes, and most haven't been around for very long. The Thompson online cigar store, on the other hand, is the website for a company that has been in the cigar distribution business for nearly 100 years and shows this with expertise and deals on literally hundreds of cigars. Go to just about any page on the site and you will find savings on everything from mild sticks to classy humidors. For some of the best savings, though, you really need to check out the Thompson Cigar auction page.

As the name implies, it's an auction in every sense of the word that includes wonderful cigars and cigar accessories that need to be sold. Although prices are more or less determined by aficionados participating in the auction, many an item ends up being sold for far less than the going price in the online store. In other words, they get sold for excellent low prices because other bidders weren't interested or simply weren't aware of the quality cigars on the auction block. As with any auction, you never know what you are going to find, and might be outbid on several occasions, but you also have a good chance of finding some of the best deals you will ever come across for quality cigars.

Find excellent deals on cigars at the Thompson Cigar auction today.


Two Places to Find Cigar Deals for Amazing Low Prices

The cigar world is filled with thousands of cigar brands and accessories that help us enjoy this premium pastime. This makes for a neverending cornucopia of cigars to sample, humidors to pick from, and torch lighters to buy. However, the large variety of quality items in the realm of the cigar can make it tough to decide on cigars to smoke and accessories to purchase, especially due to their cost. For that reason, most aficionados are always looking for a good cigar deal or two (or three). Basically, discounts, sales, and other ways to save help us enjoy more fine cigars so it's pretty important to know how to find those deals. The following are two of the best "places" for finding some of the best deals on cigars anywhere on the planet:

  • Cigar deals at $19.99 and under at the Thompson online cigar store: Thompson offers deals that fall into a range of price brackets. Check out the page for cigar deals at $19.95 and under and you find items like the quality Super Eight Sampler and Noah Edge 2-fer Lighters for less than $15!
  • The second site for finding great deals is the Thompson cigar auction: Keep checking and participating in our cigar auctions and you are going to find plenty of fantastic deals.

Of course you can also find discounted cigars and sales on premium smokes by visiting most of the pages at the Thompson Cigar site.

Watch cigar expert Al Remp give tips on how to properly smoke a cigar in this video.


How to Find Gurkha Cigars for Great, Low Prices

Gurkha Cigars are as reliable as the famed, loyal soldiers they are named after. No matter which Gurkha cigar you try, it seems like all of them are crafted with premium tobacco, expertise, and creativity. As with most well-known premium brands, this one doesn't usually come cheap. As aficionados, we understand and accept this because we realize that certain products command higher prices by merit of the valuable experience they generate. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that we wouldn't like to pay less for great smokes like Gurkhas.

Gurka European Selection CigarsAlthough it's not easy to find Gurkha cigars for low prices, look long enough and you can sometimes find them for a bargain. The best way to find great deals on Gurkhas is the same for finding other premium cigars for low prices. Two very worthwhile ideas are:

  • The Thompson Cigar auction: Check and participate in the cigar auction on a daily basis and you might eventually come across a fantastic deal on Gurkhas.
  • Check the Thompson Cigar "final markdowns": This is where the final, lowest prices are offered for a wide range of cigars and cigar accessories. Smokes aren't going to be sold for cheaper than the prices shown there so check this page and check it often! Recently, upon checking it out, I saw that bundles of Gurkha European Selection Cigars were being sold for about 75% off the original price!

Save on Gurkhas and hundreds of other excellent cigars by shopping at Thompson Cigar today.


What Can You Find in the Cigar Auction?

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Magnifico (6" x 52) ToroThe online cigar store has pretty much replaced the neighborhood tobacco emporium. Shop at the right online store and it's just a lot easier to find great deals on everything from fine humidors to select, flavored cigars. The online store also offers up plenty of cigar deals on a daily basis. Many of those deals can be found in cigar auctions and just like the name says, this a "place" where cigars get auctioned off for whatever the bidders are willing to pay. As with any auction, you can find a variety of deals, some going for more than you would like and others that can be had for a steal. The offerings change all of the time but the following items hint at the excellent finds that await in the Thompson cigar auction:

  • Rocky Patel vs. The World III Sampler: This fine selection of quality cigars was recently featured as an auction item for a week. The ten top shelf cigars that come in this sampler typically retail for more than $70 but when the auction was over, a lucky buyer got them for just $27!
  • Oliva NUB Maduro 5-Pack: Another choice item that was featured as a recent auction item was a 5 pack of Oliva NUB cigars. These sweet spot smokes are high quality cigars that normallyt sell for much more than the winning $19 bid.

In addition to the pair of great deals shown above, auctions can also feature hundreds of other quality cigar brands, fine accessories, and even cigar memorabilia.

Check the Thompson Cigar auction every day to find the best in cigar deals.



Enjoy a Gem of a Cigar Deal with the Cigars Known as Little Havana Wheels

LITTLE HAVANA WHEELS ROBUSTO HABANOThose of us who have been enjoying good cigars for years have our own methods for finding great deals on good cigars. Many of us join a cigar of the month club, some of us spend an hour or more per day at the Thompson Cigar auction site, and others just click on every deal of the day. Some of us also buy bundles of cigars because we know that this is a surefire means of finding excellent deals on great smokes.

The fact that some of the best cigars come in small, little known packages is demonstrated by a quality brand known as Little Havana Wheels. These fine cigars might not arrive at your door in a fancy box but they sure display characteristics that mark them as a top shelf smoke. The Robusto Habanos use select Nicaraguan filler and binder rolled in a quality Habano wrapper to provide the lucky aficionado with a top shelf cigar smoking experience. Although you may or may not have heard of Little Havana Wheels, there's a pretty good chance that you have heard about and smoked cigars made by the experts behind this satisfying brand. Although we won't name them here, let's just say that they have created several 92 and 92 rated cigars.

Enjoy savings on Little Havana Wheels and other quality cigars by shopping for all of your cigar needs at Thompson Cigar today.


How to Buy More Quality Cigars for Less in 2013

The start of a new year is a great incentive for beginning anew with resolutions, exercise regimens, and Thompson Cigar Auctionsother important endeavors. For an aficionado, one of those activities is figuring out how to improve the overall smoking experience. One of the best, basic strategies for making this happen is by purchasing more cigars for less.

Start the year off with these two quick tips in mind and you should see yourself smoking more quality sticks throughout 2013:

1. Visit the Thompson Cigars auction page every day: While you will probably get some good deals by checking out our cigar auction page once or twice a week, the people who check it once or even a few times a day can truly reap the benefits and find everything from high quality smokes to aficionado accessories for fantastic, low prices.

2. Take advantage of our daily and weekly deals: This is as easy as checking the Thompson Cigars website on a daily basis. If a sale doesn't seem all that appealing on Monday, you might find the perfect discount on Tuesday. Just keep checking but don't wait to buy because supplies can sell out faster than you think!

Start saving on hundreds of excellent cigars today at Thompson.