When to Know If It’s Time to Buy a New Cigar Ashtray

Padron Family Reserve Crystal AshtrayEnjoying cigars is more than buying the sticks we love to smoke. Although picking out and buying cigars is of course an essential part of being an aficionado, we also need various cigar accessories. The humidor is the accessory you probably need to buy first because you can't store your cigars without one. The cigar lighter probably comes second and the cutter is a close third. However, there's one other accessory that often gets overlooked when buying cigars and supplies for enjoying them. That item is the ashtray and you know you need a new one when the following happens:

  • The old ashtray breaks or gets too dirty to clean: Ok, so a dirty ashtray can still be used but let's face it, it looks terrible and doesn't work as well for holding the ashes. Buy something along the lines of the Padron Family Crystal Reserve ashtray to add a touch of class to your smoking room.
  • You just don't have one: Even if you have an ashtray in the den at home, you might also need one in the office or one to bring with you during travel. The Thompson Jumbo is a fine, basic cigar ashtray to use in the office as is the Stinky Cigar Original. Both also work well as ashtrays to bring on trips.

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The Best Cigar Ashtrays for Poker Games

STINKY CIGAR TALL BROWN ASHTRAY WITH 4 STIRRUPSFor many aficionados, that weekly or monthly poker game is when we get together with the guys for an evening of gambling, laughs, and good times with friends. For those of us with families and a busy schedule, it's a rare chance to just hang out and forget about the office or other stressful situations. Of course, it's also one of the perfect occasions for sharing the enjoyment of fine, cured tobacco. Guys have been getting together to enjoy the wonderful flavors of tobacco for hundreds of years and cigars have played a central role. Where there are cigars, you also need cigar accessories and one of the first to be developed was the ashtray.

Whether smoking a pipe in a hut with a dirt floor or enjoying quality cigars in the luxury of a beautiful den, no one wants to clean up ashes from an evening accompanied by a dozen or so cigars. The first ashtrays were probably small wooden bowls or some other simple tool that could be used to catch the remains of a fine smoke. Nowadays, we can choose among a variety of quality ashtrays for cigars but even then, some are better for poker games than others. For example, you want an ashtray that can not only hold several cigars at once, but one that can also hold a lot of ashes so you don't have to keep getting up to empty it. It should also be easy to clean and durable. The accessory that might best meet those expectations is the Stinky Cigar Ashtray. This no nonsense ashtray surpasses in all of those regards and as a bonus, sells for a great low price.

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Do You Have All of the Cigar Accessories You Need?

THOMPSON SOLUTION PLUSAs aficionados, we strive to search for cigars that bring interesting and novel flavors to the palette, high-rated cigars for premium smoking experiences, and cigar deals that fill the humidor with complex flavors for a bargain. Nonetheless, when you smoke cigars, you actually need much more than the cigars themselves. Sometimes we forget about this fact and end up searching for a lighter in vain, or just can't find enough room in the humidor for that new delivery of premium smokes. This post is a reminder of the need to buy accessories for cigar smoking on a regular basis because humidors fill up, lighters can be lost or break, and a cigarette ashtray should not be used for a cigar.

If the humidor looks a bit full, then it's time to buy an additional one. You want to have enough room for a large number of cigars in case you see some great deal on bundles or someone happens to give you something like an Ultimate 90 Rated Sampler. Even if you already have a couple of cigar lighters, don't hesitate to buy another because you always want to be prepared to to enjoy a cigar with the proper set of tools. Among other accessories, it's also always a good idea to stock up on humidor solution.

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Get tips on preparing a new humidor in this video.


What Is the Best Cigar Ashtray?

Cigars require a certain set of accessories that measure up to the high quality experience that comes from smoking carefully cured tobacco. As every aficionado knows, cigars aren't just something that we partake in by habit. We take a draw on a cigar because the experience adds depth to our lives. Meditating on the complex flavors of fine cigars helps us appreciate and live life to the fullest. With that in mind, you only do yourself a disservice by using poor quality cigar accessories. Don't make the mistake of using a cheap cigarette ashtray for your treasured smokes. Instead, get the best ashtray to provide your cigar smoking experience with the right combination of function and elegance.

There might not be just one best ashtray but the following two characteristics are what every aficionado should look:

  1. Slots for cigars: One of the main features of a quality ashtray are slots that can hold cigars. Most ashtrays have four of these and they should be capable of safely holding anything from a Robusto to a Churchill.
  2. Classy appearance: The appearance of the ashtray says just as much about you and your tastes as the cigars you enjoy. Use ashtrays like the Padron Family Reserve Crystal or an elegant porcelain Davidoff ashtray.

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To learn more about the beauty of smoking cigars, watch cigar expert Al Remp in this video.


Starting Out with Cigars? Get the Executive Starter Kit Humidor!

After being impressed by that first cigar, you looked forward to smoking cigars with friends, as a means of EXECUTIVE STARTER KIT HUMIDORfinishing off fine meals, and at the end of long days at work. Like many aficionados, you probably found yourself intrigued by the scents and complex flavors of fine, cured tobacco and before you knew it, you started buying cigars by the box and bundle. Once that happens, you should congratulate yourself on enjoying one of the best parts of living the good life but you shouldn't buy any other sticks until you have acquired a basic cigar smoking essential.

That much needed object is a humidor and it's absolutely needed if you plan on keeping a cigar collection of any size. Humidors are required because they help to maintain your treasured smokes at a level of humidity that keeps them in a prime condition for smoking. In addition to getting the correct storage device for your smokes, it's also a good idea to pick up accessories like a cigar cutter, ashtray, and at least some kind of case for two or three cigars. Get the Executive Starter Kit to get all of these items in one easy purchase and start your journey with cigars the right way.

To learn more about using a humidor, watch this video given by cigar expert Al Remp.

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Buy Padron Cigars and Get a Free Sleek Ashtray

PADRON LONDRES WITH ASHTRAY MADURO CORONAThe soils and climate of Nicaragua have turned out to provide some of the best conditions for growing tobacco on Earth. This continues to be demonstrated by dozens of excellent cigar brands but the one that could easily be called the "King of Nicaraguan cigars" has to be Padron. The master cigar makers at Padron show that they know cigars by coming up with these fantastic creations that earn high ratings and win awards. They don't add flavors or attempt to blend tobaccos from different parts of the globe. No, they work with carefully cultivated and aged leaf that comes from high quality Cuban seed. In other words, they pay close attention to growing conditions and use high quality materials to make some of the best smokes around.

Padrons are the type of smokes that every aficionado should strive to get for the humidor because they help you to truly enjoy the best in life. No matter how fantastic that cigar is, though, you can't really enjoy it without accessories like a lighter and cutter. A fine ashtray also helps and when you order any box of Padrons, we throw in a sleek, jet black Padron ashtray. It has grooves to hold four different cigars and the type of quality and appearance merited by the best in Nicaraguan smokes.

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Three of the Best Cigar Gifts

CAMACHO SLR GIFT SET MADURO ROTHSCHILDThe Thompson online cigar store has plenty of gift ideas for the aficionado. While a box of fine cigars will put a smile on the face of any aficionado, here are three creative suggestions that will always be appreciated:

  1. A year's subscription to a cigar club: Give that special friend a whole year's subscription to our Good Life Cigar Tour and they will be thanking you all year long when they get five, hand-picked premium smokes delivered to their door each and every month. They will also enjoy a free cigar cutter and a monthly newsletter describing the monthly smokes.
  2. A Camacho Cigars gift set: A dozen, fine Camacho Maduro Rothschilds and an equally fine cutter are presented with class in this excellent gift. The price also happens to be so low for these high quality Honduran smokes that you might want to also give one or two to yourself!
  3. The Top Leaf Humidor Gift Set: Humidors are always appreciated because they help us add even more cigars to our treasured collections of smokes. This handy gift set also comes with a two finger, fine leather case, double guillotine cutter, ashtray, humidifier, and hygrometer.

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The Importance of the Ashtray for the Cigar Smoking Experience

We have all seen the erstwhile ashtrays that have been used by people who smoke cigarettes. Everythingcigar ashtray from potted plants to coffee cups are deployed to catch their ashes. Although it could be related to the quick burn of the average cigarette, I suspect that it has just as much to do with the cheap experience associated with that lesser tobacco product. While cigars also produce ashes, they aren't going to so readily fall off of a quality, tightly rolled stick . Sometimes, you have to just about knock that cigar against the side of the ashtray to make them fall off.

Whether those ashes break off on their own or need to be tapped off the stick, your cigars deserve quality ashtrays. Using something like a cup diminishes the experience and thus doesn't provide your quality smokes with the respect they deserve. It's also just as important to remember to knock off those ashes before they fall onto clothes, carpets, or your favorite pool table. So, the next time you buy a box of premium cigars, make sure to order a quality ashtray at the same time, preferably one that has slots to hold four smokes.

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Buy Select Ashton Cigars and Get a Great Ashtray

ASHTON CLASSIC PLUS ASHTRAY CONNECTICUT CHURCHILL CIGARA fine cigar deserves a fine ashtray. Although some might say that it's just a place to put ashes, any aficionado who lives the good life will beg to differ. While an ashtray is a place for depositing the remnants of carefully aged and rolled tobacco leaf, it's also a place for holding the cigar when you need to put it down to take a drink or carry out some other important task. In addition, a quality ashtray contributes to the smoking experience and says something about you.

For example, when you would like to make a good impression on future associates or guests, you can't have them flicking off the ashes of their cigars in some cheap, dirty, random ashtray. Such an item is also unworthy of choice smokes that you have been carefully aging in the humidor. No, you need an ashtray that looks as good as the cigar band of a top-shelf smoke and you can get just such an ashtray for free when purchasing select boxes of Ashtons. An elegant jet black Ashton ashtray comes with every box of such Ashtons as Connecticut Churchills and Maduro Coronas and other fantastic Ashton blends.

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Patel Quality Cigars That Pack a Punch

THUNDER BY NIMISH PATEL THUNDER BY NIMISH PATELL PLUS ASHTRAY NATURAL ROBUSTOSince he first made his name in the world of the aficionado, the name "Patel" has become recognized as being associated with fine cigars. Rocky Patel, the man behind the brand, was actually a lawyer before entering the cigar business. It takes a serious aficionado to leave a successful career for another, much more risky endeavor. Nevertheless, Rocky knew what he wanted to accomplish and did so with flying colors. Apparently, cigar making runs in the family because his cousin, Nimish, had a hand in blending one of the most flavor-filled smokes to grace your humidor.

Thunder by Nimish Desai is a real powerhouse of a smoke. He uses plenty of high quality, Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos that are heavy on natural flavors to make a seriously robust cigar. However, the big kick for the taste buds might actually be generated by its premium Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Dark as the rich soils that grew it, the mature wrapper is overflowing with flavor. If you are looking for a complex, ultra-robust experience, Thunder by Nimish Patel is the brand of your dreams!

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The Recipe for Amazing Cigar Deals

ACID BLONDIE PLUS 5 PACK CONNECTICUT BELICOSO INFUSEDThe world of cigars is a big, wonderful place but experiencing it doesn't come cheap. You can't expect to pay nothing for excellent, hand-rolled cigars. After all, they are akin to works of art that took years to make so in reality, even the best of smokes should probably cost even more. Nevertheless, the prices for quality smokes doesn't mean that you have to eliminate them from your budget. There is more than one way to enjoy excellent cigars without overstepping your personal budget. Stick to the following recipe for good deals on great smokes and you will be saving money by living the good life:

  1. Head to the Thompson Cigars website: You are going to see some good deals and discounts on cigars as soon as you get to that first page.
  2. Click on the "Freebie Deals" box: Yes, it actually says that and when you follow the link, freebie deals is exactly what you find! Among the dozens of deals on this page are cigars that are shipped for free, deals that offer FREE 5-packs of quality smokes when buying certain products, various promotions, and free cases and ashtrays.

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Two Cigar Gifts to Please Any Aficionado

TOP LEAF 25 CT HUMIDOR GIFT SETIf you have friends or family who are aficionados, you are fortunate indeed. Unlike cigar smokers with very few friends and no family members who enjoy a good smoke, you can go to parties and events knowing that at least one person will be there to share the cigar experience. When your birthday comes around, there's a good chance that a fellow aficionado is going to give you a prized possession for your humidor or a some tobacco-related treasure. Likewise, on their birthdays, you already know the types of gifts that will be truly appreciated.

Two such gifts that will please aficionados of all levels of experience are:

  • Hammer and Sickle Connecticut Robusto Cigars that come with a crystal ashtray: This nice cigar combo from Thompson will be much appreciated. The smooth Hammer and Sickle cigars are presented in a crystal box and make use of Dominican filler and a 5 year old Connecticut wrapper for a wonderful blend of creamy flavors. The crystal ashtray adds the perfect touch to these medium smokes.
  • Top Leaf 25 Count Humidor Gift Set: Every aficionado appreciates and can use an extra place to store their smokes. This gift combo also includes a two finger leather case, ashtray, and guillotine cutter.

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Two Cigar Acessories that Make a Statement

Aficionados smoke great cigars because they appreciate and enjoy the complexities of fine, fermented tobacco. From picking out that hand-rolled stick to taking the last draw, the cigar smoking experience ALEC BRADLEY THE BUMP ASHTRAYincludes a world of changing flavors and relaxing feelings. In addition to personally enjoying great smokes, certain cigars can't help but make a statement. For example, when you light up a Davidoff, you show that you are successful and appreciate high quality items.

Statements can also be made with accessories. Get the impressive Alec Bradley "The Bump" ashtray and your aficionado guests will be impressed by the big, bold nature of this quality ashtray. Designed to hold the biggest of sticks, there are four slots in this large, deep ashtray that provide a secure, comfortable place for hefty cigars.

Another item that makes a statement is a Xicar VX cigar cutter. When you take this sleek, high-quality cutter out of your pocket, you demonstrate efficiency and productivity. You show anyone around that you are in control of the situation, have a keen appreciation for the good things in life, and know how smoke a cigar the right way.

Make statements with these and other cigar accessories available from Thompson Cigars.


Good Cigars That Come with a Classy Ashtray

ROMEO Y JULIETA RESERVA REAL WITH ASHTRAY CONNECTICUT TOROThere's so much more to being an aficionado than cigars. While enjoying quality tobacco is at the heart and soul of the aficionado experience, there are also other items that play important roles. You need a good, torch lighter to properly light and enjoy smokes in any circumstance. No person who enjoys the wonder of fine tobacco should ever store their precious, treasured smokes in anything other than a humidor. When traveling, you need to have the right sort of carrying cases to protect those hand-rolled cigars from harm.

There are quite a few items and accessories associated with fine tobacco and one that frequently gets overlooked is the ashtray. Although you could conceivably use any old ashtray for your smokes, it's best to employ one specifically made for cigars. One of the biggest reasons for this is because such ashtrays are often designed to hold your cigar when you aren't actively smoking it. The ashtray in the Romeo and Julieta Reserva Real cigar/ashtray combo is engineered for this purpose and makes for a classy addition to any desk. The inclusion of 5 quality Connecticut Toros is pretty nice too!

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Give the Gift of Elegance with a Davidoff Cigar Sampler

DAVIDOFF TUBOS ASSORTMENT SAMPLER CONNECTICUTCigars have always been in a class of their own since the first tobacco leaves were fermented and hand-wrapped with care. For many Native American cultures, it was and still is a sacred plant reserved for special occasions. Over the centuries, other cultures have likewise adopted a high degree of respect and appeal for fine tobacco. This has evolved into various cigar brands that have striven to be associated with the art of fine living. Aficionados tend to call this "the good life" and not many cigar brands sum it up better than Davidoff. 

This company has become synonymous with the good life as it has always focused on providing items of the highest quality. Even a Davidoff cigar ashtray looks like an elegant, classy wok of art as are the cigar lighters, and of course the cigars themselves. For this reason, anything made by Davidoff makes for a fine, classy gift. If you know an aficionado and want to give him or her a gift that will leave them speechless, try giving a Davidoff Tubos Assortment Sampler. They will get three different Davidoff smokes presented in white tubes in one of the most elegant cigar boxes you have ever seen.

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Where to Find Deals on Cigars

Everyone likes a good deal. No matter how many resources you have at your disposal, you ROMEO Y JULIETA HABANA RESERVE ROBUSTO MADUROdon't want to pay more than you need to. The price is always better if you can get a discount and this is why most people shop around before deciding to spend their money. No matter what you are in search of, waiting and looking for a bargain can pay off with big savings. The same goes for cigars and cigar accessories but you won't find savings at every single smoke shop. You have to know where to look and where to shop if you want to get good deals on cigars.

Fortunately, getting discounts on cigars has never been easier since online stores started offering their wares on the Internet. Instead of fighting traffic to find a brick and mortar establishment, all you have to do is turn on the computer, go online, and head to the Thompson Cigars website. You will see the deal of the day and a chance to save on items that include everything from high-rated smokes to lighters and ashtrays. Take it one step further though and click on the cigar deals page and you won't believe how much you can save by living the good life.

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Quality Cigars Merit Quality Ashtrays

Cigars should never be placed in the same category as cigarettes. This would be like lumping a bottle of vintage, single malt scotch with boxed wine. The two are clearly very different and this extends to factors that go beyond their taste. While any ashtray will do for ROSEWOOD ASHTRAY WITH GUILLOTINE CUTTERcigarettes, cigars deserve something a bit more refined. They require ashtrays designed to hold them because they last much, much longer than any cigarette. The ashtray should be capable of catching and storing the ashes generated by a quality smoke, and its appearance should match the prestige of cigar smoking. Here are three ideas for quality ashtrays engineered for the cigar smoking experience:
  • Xicar Portable Stainless Steel Ash Can: This small ashtray is perfect for the car, boat, or carrying around the house. Sturdy and svelte in appearance, it also has an internal cigar holder.
  • Davidoff White Ashtray: This is an ashtray with a large dose of elegance. The simple, square design and fine, gleaming white porcelain make it one of the classiest ashtrays around. The two cigar holding grooves also make it perfect for sharing a smoke with a friend.
  • Rosewood Guillotine Cutter Ashtray: This beautiful ashtray includes a guillotine cutter for providing the perfect, full draw slice.
Find these and other fine ashtrays and cigar accessories in online cigar stores.

Cutter and ashtray sets are great gifts in bad weather

One reason that a cutter and ashtray cigar set may be a great holiday gift is because it is impervious to being ruined because of weather and travel delays.Golden Ashtray with Guillotine cutter

I'm addicted to those stories on the news about major winter storms (and most of you probably are too, which is why the networks air those stories so often), and I thought about that when those record snowfalls were reported in Minnesota. I bet on several front stoops there were holiday packages that were perishable -- fruit, candy, perhaps even something from Thompson Cigar -- now buried under three feet of snow and in unknown condition.

OK, that may be melodramatic. That was a once in a generation blizzard. But it's also good for folks who I know smoke cigars, but don't know well enough to have a good sense of their taste. I may not know whether they prefer Maduro wrappers or Connecticut Shade, but I have a pretty good idea that the Golden Ebony Ashtray with Guillotine Cutter combination will be appreciated.

The great thing about that combination is that it combines a double-cigar ashtray and dual-size table cutter, so it's got a lot of practicality. When you're having a casual drink and smoke with a friend, this can be used for both of your cigars, saving the mess of two separate ashtrays and the necessity of passing the same cigar cutter back and forth. Of course, it also looks cool, which is a requirement of any of my gifts.

And now, I can also rest easier when I give these, because I figure even being caught in a blizzard won't make this any less effective.


Don't forget about ashtrays when you look for combos

Cigar ashtrays may be the most underrated of the cigar accessories. They aren't as cool or portable as cigar cutters or cigar lighters, and they won't keep your cigars fresh like humidors will. But somehow, I always find myself searching in vain for these when I have guests over.Cigar plus Ashtray Combo

I think that's because when I first started smoking cigars, I didn't think much about ashtrays. Generally, I used a plastic cup half-filled with stale beer to do the trick at the end of the night, because that's just the kind of classy guy I was. And don't snicker -- I'm betting you've done that yourself once upon a time.

Then I reached an age where I realized that just looked silly. You get out of college and grad school, you start having to wear ties at work, and the plastic cup starts to look ridiculous. And then you start playing catch-up to try and get enough cigar ashtrays to not look unsophisticated when company comes over, and odds are that you just start picking up random ones that don't do the job well or break too easily.

One quick way of making up the gap: One of the cigars plus ashtray combos for sale at Thompson Cigar.  There are a lot of options, but if your cigar preferences are like mine you can't go wrong with the H Upmann Magnum with Ashtray combo. It's five excellent cigars plus a stylish ashtray, so you get both the smokes and something practical for you and your guests to put them out in. Because really, aren't we all too old to go back to that plastic cup thing?


Good Smoke

Dan from Norman, OK reviewed the PADRON 3000 WITH ASHTRAY COMBO MADURO ROBUSTO

tasty delicious chocolately smoke... a lot lower on the Padron pricing scale, but not on the quality meter. Good stick for the price.

Bottomline: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


Pros: Tasty affordable smoke
Describe Yourself: Aspiring Aficionado

Padrón "#1 Best Selling Brand In America" Cigar Insider Magazine Poll. Padrón; one of the most respected names in the business, the yardstick by which other brands are measured, and the reigning king of Nicaraguan cigars! Padrón is a perfectly drawing, medium bodied smoke blended from Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long fillers and finished in your choice of Natural or Maduro wrappers. Padrón has an earthy aroma and pleases your palate with notes of dark roasted coffee and semi-sweet chocolate. Buy any size box of Padrón and receive a FREE Padrón ashtray (a $25 value)!