Stock up on Special Smokes if Your Team is in the Super Bowl

ASHTON CLASSIC 898 CONNECTICUT LONSDALESuper Bowl 47 is just around the corner! Are you ready for some football?! Even though my team didn't make it, I know I am! I admit that I would be a lot more excited and ready to light up one of my choice Padron Cigars if my team had made it to the finals but I'm still looking forward to the game. However, if you happen to be fortunate enough to be a fan of the 49ers or the Ravens, you better go out and buy the right types of celebratory smokes!

Each to his or her own, but if I were in your enviable shoes, I would get a CAO Mx2 or maybe an Ashton Vsg. Both of these smokes provide the type of high quality experience merited by this special evening although I would save them for the end of the game. I'm not sure if you should smoke that special cigar if your team loses but you don't want to be empty-handed if there is cause for celebration. I also suggest getting some other cigars to smoke during half time. After all, no matter what happens, this is still one of the most special evenings of the year and is meant to be accompanied by cigars.

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Always Use a Humidor for Your Cigar Collection

CAO MX2 GORDO MADUROCigar storage is a critical part of cigar smoking. Well, if you don't ever keep cigars in your home or office then it's not really an issue but the aficionado who never has a cigar in the house mist only be a casual cigar smoker at best. Part of the enjoyment aficionados get from smoking cigars comes from collecting them. Although you can't try every cigar at once, you can certainly save new acquisitions for the next day or important occasions that merit high-rated smokes. Or, you might just want to wait and try out that CAO Mx2 when you can sit back and fully enjoy it with plenty of time to spare. 

The variety and beauty of cigars makes it easy to collect them but you also need the right place to put them. Forget about leaving them in the cupboard or just putting them out on your desk. That would be a tragedy as it would just about assure their demise. To preserve those smokes and age them the right way, you need to use a quality humidor and maintain the temperature and moisture at the right settings.

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How Long Should you Age Your Cigars?

Cigars are like fine wine, scotch, and quality drinks in a number of ways. Time-tested processes BACCARAT CHURCHILL CONNECTICUT SWEETare used to craft cultivated products into quality works of art that provide a unique drinking or smoking experience. Part of the process for both fine spirits and cigars involves a certain amount of aging. This is carried out to allow particular flavors to develop and help the liquid or tobacco evolve into the masterpieces that we enjoy. Even after you buy fine wine, scotch, or CAO Mx2 cigars, you can continue with the aging process. You can also enjoy them as soon as you buy them but storing them for later use might improve their flavor.

Then again, it might not so you have to be careful about how you store cigars and how long you keep them in the humidor before smoking them. The most important thing to keep in mind when aging your cigars is their storage. To prevent those prized cigars from drying out, being attacked by beetles, or growing mold, you need to take care of your humidor. As long as you properly maintain it, you can probably age cigars for at least a few years before smoking them. You can also keep them in there for much longer but the chances of something happening to your cigars goes up the longer you keep them in storage.

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The CAO MX2 Cigar- Now that's a Maduro!

Maduros are those cigars with the deep, dark wrappers. They are known as "maduro", CAO MX2 ROBUSTO MADUROmeaning "ripe" in Spanish because this refers to the fermenting and aging process of the leaves used for the wrapper. Maduro wrappers attain that rich, dark color because they were carefully aged for at least 3 years. It takes that long for the cut tobacco leaf to release its tannins and become the cured, much sweeter wrapper for cigars like the CAO MX2 and other maduros.

The MX2 is often considered to be one of the best maduros around because it provides such a wonderful, sweet, and earthy aroma. Much of this character comes from using maduro wrappers for both the outer and inner wrappers. The outside is made of broad-leaf Connecticut maduro while the inside uses a Brazilian maduro leaf. The oils found on these fermented leaves provide a lot of flavor but they aren't the only source of the cigar's excellent smoke. The filler tobacco also adds a spicy touch to the sweetness generated by the maduro wrappers.

With so much flavor going on with this quality smoke, you would think that it was overly robust. However, any aficionado who has enjoyed one of these cigars will quickly tell you that this is just not the case because the MX2 is fairly mild and smooth.

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great buy

coin2200 from west bend wi reviewed the CAO MX2 TORO MADURO


Bottomline: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


Pros: Easy To Light, Good Draw, Great Flavor, Undamaged Wrapper, Well Constructed
Best Uses: Events, Everyday, Gifts, Special Occasions
Describe Yourself: Aspiring Aficionado, Cigar Aficionado, Special Occasion Smoker

This is the one that’s hard to find… C.A.O. Mx2, Maduro times two, features a perfectly aged Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper carefully rolled around a blend that features filler from Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and a Maduro Arapiraca binder from Brazil. With its medium body, earthy aroma, and lingering finish, the C.A.O. Mx2 is one of the most popular Maduro cigars available, so order while we still have some!


Coffee and Cigars

Baccarat Churchill Connecticut SweetIt isn't the beverage that one traditionally associates with cigars, but for me a strong cup of coffee and a good smoke are the best way to spend some quality time sitting outside, watching the leaves change colors, and contemplating life and its mysteries or why my fantasy football team can't find the end zone with a map and compass.

A month ago, when the weather was so hot and humid that you could either fry or poach an egg on the sidewalk, I drank a lot of iced coffee. I really liked how the Baccarat Churchill Connecticut Sweet went with that -- that was a great summer cigar for me, blending well with the sweetness of the iced coffee.

Now that it's not so oppressively hot, I tend to drink my coffee with one of the Rocky Patel Cigars, or the CAO Mx2. I like my hot coffee to be as strong as humanly possible, and those cigars can both stand up to whatever my French press can brew while augmenting the spiciness of the drink with their own flavor. It's a great way to start off a weekend morning, with the drink I depend on and the cigars I so enjoy.


If you're looking for a top-notch cigar, take a look at the CAO Mx2. It's earned raves throughout the cigar-smoking world as one of the best smokes on the market, and it comes at a great price.

The Mx2 in the name indicates that it's a double maduro. The outer wrapper is made from aged Connecticut Broadleaf, while the interior is a flavorful Brazilian. With filler tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Peru, this is one fantastic cigar.

One problem: it can be very hard to find. They didn't roll a lot of these, and many brick-and-mortar cigar stores have trouble keeping them in stock. Thompson Cigar can get them to you in time to make your next cigar-smoking gathering one to remember.

Exclusive CAO International Interview!

Tim Ozgener, the President of CAO International, Inc. stopped by Thompson Cigar in May and was kind enough to sit down and discuss what's in store for CAO! Watch the two videos to learn more about the La Traviata name and packaging, hear about how Mr. Ozgener's life has changed since the sale of CAO, and find out about the new La Traviata Connecticut broadleaf wrapper cigar that will hopefully be on the shelves right after the trade show! You will also get to see hilarious impressions of some cigar industry big-shots performed by Mr. Ozgener himself and even an impression of one of our own cigar aficionado's Joe Silvestro.

Check out the CAO Mx2 (Maduro two times) Dagger Tins - Maduro Cigarillo, it's one of the most popular Maduro cigars available! A Thompson customer from Los Angeles said "These little CAOs are the petite versions of the much much larger MX2... but with all the same great flavor, taste and draw. If you like maduro cigars, these are awesome as they are double-maduro! Thanks CAO."

Another great product worth checking out is the CAO Brazilia with Case Brazilia Toro, you'll plan a vacation just so you can bring it along! It comes with a travel humidor case and 5 CAO Brazilia cigars.