The Best Cigars to Bring to Weddings and Other Important Events

Padron 1964 Aniversario Exclusivo Maduro RobustoYou got the wedding invitation in the mail but the humidor is kind of low on cigars. Although the bride has way more to worry about, now you are posed with your own dilemma. It's a wedding and you need to bring cigars to the event but which ones do you buy? Are they are also going to work for other events? In general, the same cigars you buy for a wedding are also going to taste just fine at any other special event but keep in mind that there are two main types of cigars for a wedding. These are:

  • Cigars for yourself and the wedding party: These are going to be special premium cigars that you save for the most special of occasions. While you could share them with other guests, the truth of the matter is that the fine flavors of these choice sticks are best reserved for the wedding party and yourself. You have saved them for just such an occasion and this is when you should enjoy super premium cigars like a Padron 1964 Aniversario Exclusivo or a fine Cohiba Cameroon Lonsdale.
  • Cigars for other guests: Although you might save the premium sticks for yourself and the wedding party, that doesn't mean that other guests should be bereft of good cigars. A couple bundles of Don Oswaldo Sumatra Churchills are a good bet because these are good mild cigars for a great low price.

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For Full-Bodied Flavors in a Small, Affordable Package, Try Parodi Cigars

Parodi Ammezzati Natural CigarilloAlthough most of us love to sit back and enjoy smooth and mild cigars with a morning cup of coffee, there are other times that call for hearty, full-bodied flavors. It might be a lunch break on a challenging day at work, a chance for a brief smoke during a long day of travel, or just when you feel like taking in the robust, full flavors of fine, cured tobacco. One of the best cigars for those situations is also one of the most popular all-American cigars. That choice smoke is known as the Parodi and it's a fine little smoke indeed.

Parodi Ammezzati Natural Cigarillos are made with a secret tobacco filler blend that has been used since the Suraci brothers began to make them more than 100 years ago. Each of these fine cigarillos uses choice tobacco from three different crop years, solely comes from select tobacco farms in Kentucky and Tennessee, and uses a curing process that involves Hickory logs. The end result is a natural cigarillo that generates wonderful tobacco flavors and has earned millions of fans over the years. Another reason why Parodi cigars and other brands from the Avanti cigar company have become one of the top American made cigars in the country is because they sell for a very affordable price.

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Plastic or Wooden Tips on Black and Mild Cigars?

Black and Mild Cigars are one of the more popular cigarillos in the USA. Easy to find and easy to enjoy, you get the best prices for these small cigars at an online cigar store. Black and Milds also have the distinction of being a BLACK & MILD CIGARILLO NATURAL WINEcigar that helps you enjoy the flavors and beauty of pipe tobacco without using a pipe. If you haven't had a fair amount of practice with smoking a pipe, Black and Milds make the process far easier. In addition to that tasty Middleton pipe tobacco, most Black and Milds also come with a distinctive tip or mouth piece. These small cigars come with either a plastic or wooden tip because this acts as a filter for the pipe tobacco inside the stick.

The tips are very similar in size and shape to those found on pipes and have a similar purpose. Although most Black and Milds use the plastic tip, you can also find some with the wooden tip such as the Black and Mild Wine Natural Wood Tip Cigarillo. So, the big question about Black and Milds is why some have plastic tips and others use the wooden variety? While the quick answer to this is probably related to cost (with plastic tips being cheaper), many an aficionado claims that the wooden tips actually provide a further bit of wood smoke flavor to the cigar and can help to retain other flavors found in the rich pipe tobacco. Nevertheless, the best way to look for differences between plastic and wooden tipped Black and Milds is by comparing each of them on your own.

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Go For a Full Bodied Masterpiece with Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Cigars

ROCKY PATEL OLDE WORLD RESERVE ROBUSTO COROJOThe mild cigar is a very popular type of smoke. Although quality mild cigars still boast the beautiful flavors of aged tobacco, they present an easy going, relaxing character, can be enjoyed during the morning hours, and are good smokes for people new to cigars. As pleasant as fine mild cigars may be, there are also plenty of aficionados who love a full-bodied, spicy cigar that fills the palette with flavor. These are the sticks for finishing off a long successful day and a fine, four course meal. As with any type of cigar, the higher the quality, the better the flavors of full bodied smokes and one of the best of the bunch has got to be the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve.

Rocky Patel has always been consistent in creating quality cigars and this one definitely does justice to his name with absolutely wonderful, full-bodied flavors. This fine smoke is crafted from a distinguished blend of tobaccos that have been carefully aged to cultivate the flavors that meet the mouth. Perhaps because of that careful aging process, these quality sticks also happen to generate a very smooth cigar smoking experience. Without a doubt, these are premium sticks but when you take their excellent price into account, they also become a fantastic cigar deal.

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Buy Paso Doble Connecticut Cigars and Pay Less for Quality, Easy-Going Smokes

PASO DOBLE ROBUSTO CONNECTICUTSmoking cigars is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Putting the focus on the subtle flavors that meet the palette helps clear the mind and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the best that life has to offer. It's especially nice to relax with fine cigars after a good meal or at the end of a long day and some of the best smokes for that purpose are mild sticks that use Connecticut wrappers. A Connecticut wrapper can lend a wonderful, smooth and easy going character to an already fine cigar and can remind you of why you love to smoke cigars so much.

One of the most easy going smokes around has to be the Paso Doble. Named after a type of Spanish dance, this cigar brand will take you on a truly enjoyable, gentle cigar smoking waltz. The Paso Doble Connecticut Robusto uses an interesting blend of Costa Rican and Dominican tobaccos to give it a mild, pleasing character and tops off the experience with a select silky Connecticut wrapper. These are quality cigars that will be treasured by anyone who enjoys a mild smoke as well as aficionados in search of an excellent cigar deal. At less than $20 for a bundle of 25 sticks, Paso Doble cigars are one of the best deals on mild cigars available.

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The Boldest Wedding Cigars


Everyone knows that weddings are a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than by making cigars a part of that picture?  Yet, which cigars  are the best to bring to a wedding? Unless you happen to be a wedding planner, most people don't go to nuptial celebrations very often, so it can be tough to pick out the right cigar for the occasion. In all honesty, the solution to this problem may be much easier than you think! The best cigars to bring to nuptials are simply the ones you enjoy the most. Aside from this, there are a few small factors to keep in mind. You obviously don't want to bring everyday cigars to such an important event, so provide something like a sweet, premium five-pack of Cohiba Cameroon Lonsdales instead. Another choice would be to go for a full-bodied celebration with cigars that fill the palette with strong and varied flavors.

A wedding is, after all, a serious time for celebration, so save the mild cigars for a relaxing day on the greens. Bringing something along the lines of Swag Fierce Habano Torpedos to the party instead will better fit the mood. This 90 rated Dominican Puro is a fine, full-bodied smoke that deserves to be enjoyed on the best of occasions. Have several Swag Cigars on hand for yourself and a few choice friends, as well as a medium to full-bodied sampler to share with other people at the party. The twenty fine smokes in this sampler are an impressive collection of great tastes that express a wonderful cornucopia of delicious tobacco flavors.


Experience a Blend of Rich Flavors and Mild Body with the Macanudo Maduro Crystal Cafe


In the world of smoking aficionados, there are many of us who relish a fine Maduro. The aged, rich brown wrappers used in those delicious cigars can generate a pleasing, complex array of flavors that you don't soon forget. In fact, what smoker claiming to be a fan of Maduros over other types of cigars doesn’t look forward to their next Maduro as soon as they finish one? Given the curing process and flavors involved with aged tobacco, mild Maduros aren't as easy to come by as mild Naturals or Connecticuts. They exist, but it's a real treat when you discover a world class Maduro that produces an equally wonderful, mild, and satisfying experience.

One of those rare treats is the Macanudo Maduro Crystal Cafe. This premium cigar shows that Macanudo has successfully created the perfect blend of wonderful Maduro flavors and a very mild cigar smoking experience that achieves new levels of excellence. That beautifully unique combination is best experienced by using select filler and binder, as well as a Connecticut Valley Broadleaf wrapper. Of course, the quality Dominican tobaccos used in this cigar would make for a fine smoke when rolled in just about any wrapper, but when they are presented in this cigar's deep, dark aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper the end result is absolutely sublime. These Macanudos make for a very enjoyable end to a long, satisfying day.


Three Tips for Finding Ideal Everyday Cigars

THOMPSON CLASSICS ROBUSTO NATURALIf you are just getting started with cigars, you may have yet to settle on an everyday smoke. Don't be surprised if it takes a while because most aficionados go through a few different brands before choosing a favorite cigar for everyday use. However, the following three tips should help speed up the search in finding that ideal everyday stick:

  • Buy cigar samplers: This is by far, the easiest advice to give in searching for an everyday smoke. There are dozens of samplers available in the Thompson online cigar store that feature everything from mild cigars to Maduros and 90 plus rated masterpieces. However, keep in mind that as good as those 90 plus rated smokes are, you might not be able to afford them as an everyday smoke. Buy lower-priced samplers, taste and sample a wide variety of brands, and you should find several everyday candidates.
  • Don't settle on a cigar you don't enjoy: This might sound like obvious advice but some aficionados do settle on less than average smokes due to their low price. Although your everyday smoke probably won't turn out to be an amazing premium cigar, you should still be able to find a sufficient degree of quality for a good price (and especially when shopping for them at the Thompson online cigar store).
  • Think about budget: Last and most importantly, think about how much you want to spend per month on those everyday cigars to further narrow your choices.

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Find Fantastic Mild Cigars for the Morning in the Extra Mild Fourteen Sampler

Although a lot of people think that cigars are meant for the evening hours and to be enjoyed at special events, every seasoned aficionado knows that there is a stick for every time of the day and every occasion. For example, nothing tops off a fine breakfast better than a good cup of premium coffee, a favorite morning read, and an easy-going, mild cigar. You don't want to light up a Maduro or full-bodied smoke right after breakfast because it's going to taste a bit too harsh. Such sticks are better off enjoyed later in the day when the palette has already experienced a variety of flavors. This is basically why mild cigars taste and work best when enjoyed right after breakfast.

As long as a cigar is mild in nature, it's going to be a satisfying, morning smoke. However, when your morning is accompanied by the high quality cigars in the Extra Mild Fourteen Sampler, it's going to be a fine morning indeed. This golden assortment of wonderfully mild cigars includes such silky smooth beauties as Rocky Patel Autumn Collection, Barlovento, La Paloma, and other top shelf smokes. The 14 sticks in this sampler are among the finest of mild cigars and will turn any morning into a beautiful, satisfying way to start the day.

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See cigar expert Al Remp talk about the best times of the day to enjoy cigars in this video.


The Best Cigars for a Fine Morning Smoke

EXTRA MILD FOURTEEN SAMPLERMany of us love to enjoy great cigars at the end of the day. After a long day at the office or trying to form that strategic partnership, it just seems like the perfect way to wind down, relax, and congratulate yourself. Nevertheless, cigars are meant to be enjoyed at all times of the day, the morning included. A quality morning smoke is a truly pleasurable way to start the day but they aren't meant to be smoked as soon as you hop out of bed. Instead, you do the smoking experience far more justice if you bring that morning stick to breakfast. After eating breakfast, enjoy that fine smoke with a quality cup of coffee while reading the morning paper and you have a glorious start to any day.

You can't just pick out any old cigar for the morning though. For example, while a full-bodied Maduro might taste fantastic at the end of the day, it's probably going to be a bit too harsh when smoked in the morning. Instead, pick out very mild cigars for your quality morning smokes. These are delicious, creamy cigars with Connecticut wrappers such as the 14 delicious cigars in the Extra Mild Fourteen Sampler. All of the cigars in this fine sampler are excellent, mild smokes that help you start the day the right way.

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When You Want to Treat Yourself to a Premium, Full-Flavored Smoked, Try a Q-Ban Fuerte

Q-Ban Fuerte Robusto HabanoA mild cigar is always a fine thing to enjoy. It's always a great day when you can start it out with creamy, Connecticut wrapped cigars accompanied by a fine cup of coffee. However, there are also times that call for something with a lot more flavor and a much fuller body. For example, although that mild, golden-colored smoke that tasted so fine in the morning probably isn't going to taste half as good in the evening. As the day matures, the palette changes and becomes more tolerant of stronger flavors. For this reason, the evening is the best time to enjoy a rich, full-bodied cigar and if you need to add a few premium, full-bodied smokes to the humidor, it could be time to purchase a box of Q-Ban Fuerte cigars.

These very fine cigars were created by the experienced hands and minds of the Flor de Gonzalez family. Straight from Miami, Q-Ban Fuertes use premium long filler tobacco and a robust Habano wrapper to generate a fantastic, full-bodied smoking experience. The quality of the smoke and the construction of these Habano beauties could turn them into one of the best full-bodied smokes to grace your humidor. Enjoy them as a top shelf, after dinner treat, and on important celebrations.

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Cohiba Black Label Cigars Blend High Quality with Elegance

COHIBA BLACK TUBES MADURO ROBUSTOThe Cohiba. It's such a legendary smoke. We all know that there are two Cohibas out there and that the first ones came from Cuba but that doesn't diminish the
value nor fine smoking experience of Dominican Cohibas in any way. They are premium, top shelf smokes that always deserve a special place in the humidor and typically generate a supreme smoking experience. That said, it's hard to find a more elegant, classy smoke than the Cohiba Black Label. Given the wide variety of
cigars available to the aficionado, that might sound like a pretty big statement but when you get a look at a Cohiba Black Label, you will probably agree.

With their jet-black wrapper, red dot Cohiba cigar band, and glass case, they look like a cigar sporting a tux or some rare, valuable treasure. That latter part of the description is pretty close to the truth because these fine smokes are certainly a treasure for any humidor. They use a beautiful, aged Connecticut Maduro wrapper and three-year aged choice Dominican long filler tobacco to give the lucky aficionado a full-flavored, wonderfully smooth experience. Cohiba Black Labels are among the creme de le creme of premium Maduro cigars and are smokes truly fit for a king, as well as for a trip to the casino, Super Bowl game, or other major event.

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CAO Gold Double Corona Connecticuts are Some of the Best Mild Cigars in Town

CAO GOLD DOUBLE CORONA CONNECTICUTThe beauty of mild cigars is two-fold. Many a mild cigar comes rolled in a gorgeous, golden-hued Connecticut wrapper. When you take one of those smooth golden treasures out of the humidor, you can't help but admire its appearance especially if it has been carefully and beautifully constructed. Hold that stick between your fingers and the silky smooth feeling of the wrapper hints at the creamy, wonderfully mild flavors just waiting to be released. The second beautiful aspect of mild smokes comes from the fine, easy-going flavors that are generated by the winning combination of quality tobacco and a select Connecticut wrapper.

That double dose of beauty might be best expressed by the CAO Gold Double Corona Connecticut. This 90 rated cigar is simply a top shelf wonder that could easily become the best mild cigar in your humidor. This masterpiece of a mild cigar dishes out a wonderful assortment of rich, buttery flavors with hints of vanilla and nutmeg. It sounds like a fine dessert and indeed, you easily use one of these quality smokes to finish off a fine lunch or turn breakfast into a luxury experience. The fine flavors of this smoke stem from the cigar knowledge of the people at CAO cigars combined with using select Nicaraguan filler and binder that are rolled in a choice Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

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How to Pay Less for Fine Cigar Samplers

POWERHOUSE SAMPLER 16 CHURCHILL SAMPLERThe cigar sampler is a wonderful creation. Instead of having to spend a lot of money on twenty different boxes of quality cigars, a sampler makes it possible to try each of those twenty choice smokes for a fraction of the cost. It's also a great way to augment your cigar collection with a fine assortment of mild smokes, Robustos, Churchills, Maduros, or other sizes and types of cigars. Although samplers give you a great deal on cigars pretty much by default, it gets even better when you can buy samplers at discounted prices.

The easiest way to get samplers for low prices is by shopping at the Thompson online cigar store. Just click on the link for "cigar samplers" and you will see a nearly endless assortment of wonderful samplers. Check out the left side of the screen to see links to samplers composed of 90-plus rated cigars, mild to medium smokes, top shelf cigars, and other choices. If you just want to see the samplers offered at a discount, click on the link to "cigar sampler deals' in the middle of the screen. On a recent visit to this page, I saw such major deals as a Powerhouse Churchill sampler that normally sells for over $100 being sold for less than $30 (!) and a fantastic, mouth-watering sampler of 14 high quality extra mild cigars offered for a similar discounted price. Who knows how long such amazing deals will be available so buy those fantastic samplers for low prices while supplies last!

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Enjoy the Great Flavors of Pipe Tobacco with Black and Mild Cigars

BLACK & MILD CIGARILLO NATURAL WINEThe smoke that comes from pipe tobacco has a beautiful, delicious scent. It's no wonder that many people who enjoy smoking a pipe now and then have done so for many years and even prefer it over a fine cigar. Although you couldn't convince any true aficionado to exchange his or her quality cigars for a pipe filled with fine tobacco, it's still nice to smoke one now and then. The problem for many aficionados is that we just don't have a pipe for enjoying that wonderfully scented leaf.

This problem isn't a new one but fortunately, someone came up with a pretty easy solution to enjoying fine pipe tobacco without having to use a pipe to smoke it. One solution was the Hookah and while that is a fun way to enjoy flavored tobacco, the easiest solution is provided by Middleton Black and Milds. This cigar brand was based on the premise that many people would love to try pipe tobacco in the form of a cigar and that hunch was right because Black and Milds have been one of the more popular tobacco products ever since. These great little cigars are filled with wonderful pipe tobacco and come rolled in a natural leaf wrapper to provide aficionados with an absolutely delectable, easy-going tobacco experience.

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Get Ready for Beautiful, Relaxing Cigars with the Extra Mild 14 Sampler

Relaxing with a fine smoke at the end of a long day is one of life's pleasures. After a long day at work, dealing with traffic, or just feeling stressed out by any number of annoyances, the fine, complex flavors of quality aged tobacco makes for a perfect, soothing "cure". However, no one says that you have to wait until the end of the day to enjoy great cigars. Get the right ones and you will savor their flavors as soon as you open the morning paper. The best morning cigars are the ones that display the mildest of bodies. These are usually smokes that come wrapped in golden Connecticut leaf and create a silky, smooth experience.

There are a wide variety of wonderful mild cigars out there but a fine sampling of the best can be found in the Extra Mild Fourteen Sampler. This great bunch of smokes includes several fantastic brands of cigars that provide a top shelf, very mild smoking experience. Order this beautiful cigar sampler and you get mild, premium cigars like the Rocky Patel Autumn Collection, PDR 1878, Alec Bradley Reserve, Barlovento, La Paloma, Vintage Especiale, and Cusano 18. Each of those smokes generates a premium, very mild, high quality cigar experience. This is the sampler to get when your humidor could use a few extra, top shelf, mild-mannered cigars.

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See what Al Remp has to say about a fine, mild cigar in this video.


Thompson Explorer Flavors are Fine Panetela Cigars for a Bargain

THOMPSON EXPLORER FLAVORS PANETELA NATURAL VANILLAThe Panetela is a fun little type of cigar. Although their five inch length is as long as many, larger, thicker cigars, the 35 ring gauge turns them into very slender smokes. Although they aren't quite as small as a cigarillo, they are still small enough to turn them into ideal smokes for a lunch break or other situations too brief for enjoying a full-sized Robusto. The "Panetela" essentially refers to a type of sweet bread in Cuba and Puerto Rico and reflects the common practice of using sweet or flavored tobaccos in Panetela cigars.

Some Panetelas work as flavored everyday cigars while others are boutique works of art that are meant to be savored like a fine dessert. Then there are the Panetelas that offer a high quality smoking experience for a very acceptable low price. The Thompson Explorer Flavors is one such brand of Panetela and it entertains by combining the quality natural flavors of Cuban-seed tobacco with hints of rum, vanilla, honey, and cherries. These absolutely delicious flavored smokes make for a fine finish to lunch or dinner, and those with a sweet tooth will probably even want one or two for breakfast! Try just one of these mild cigars and you are going to want more.

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Why the World Class Cigar Sampler is Perfect for Vacation

WORLD CLASS TWENTY SAMPLERSome of us are lucky enough to be able to escape the cold with a vacation to warmer climes. It would be great to get away for a couple months but even if you can only leave town for a week, that's still a very welcome respite from frigid winter conditions. Of course, when you pack, whatever you do, don't forget to bring the right set of cigars! You may or may not find a tobacco shop while away and why waste time in looking for one when you can bring a variety of favorite sticks with you? You could just pick out smokes from your humidor but there's no need to deplete your cigar collection when you can order a sampler that has everything you need for a short vacation.

Our World Class sampler comes with 20 fine cigars suitable for every situation. Enjoy the mild, creamy flavors of Cosechero Connecticuts with your morning coffee and when those run out, switch to the classy Pinar del Rio Value Line Reserve Connecticuts. You might want to enjoy the Gran Habano Green Connecticuts after lunch but save the delicious Black Habanos and Pinar del Rio Habanos for the evening hours. A great addition to any humidor, this wonderful set of cigars also adds a satisfying touch to any vacation.

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Some Advice on Cigars for the Beginning Cigar Smoker

Discovering cigars is an exciting time. After that first, wonderful smoke, you suddenly realize that a world of satisfying smoking experiences are just around the corner. That realization is quickly followed by hundreds of questions about cigars. How do flavored smokes compare to naturally-flavored sticks? Which cigar wrapper is best when you are just starting out? What type of cigar should you pick out for an everyday smoke?

Although there is something to be said about discovering your own answers to these and other cigar-related questions, you will save a great deal of time and money by getting advice from an expert or two. One such expert is Al Remp. Al has been enjoying fine cigars for decades and also enjoys sharing advice on cigar smoking for both veteran aficionados and people who are new to the game. In a video about Cigars for Beginners, Al talks about what every beginning cigar smoker should do. Al says that beginners should pick out a nice mild cigar, think about a good Dominican cigar, and think about when you plan on smoking cigars. He also shows how to cut a cigar and most importantly, that cigars are never meant to be inhaled but should actually be sipped like a straw.

To get advice on the best cigar brand for you please call Thompson Cigars today at 800-216-7107. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and tell you about the many ways you can save on quality smokes at our online cigar store.


Get the Extra Mild Fourteen Cigar Sampler for Beautiful Morning Smokes

EXTRA MILD FOURTEEN SAMPLERAlthough some aficionados go for a full bodied robusto at eight in the morning, not many of us can appreciate so much flavor at such an early hour. In fact, experiencing such powerful, flavor-filled cigars in the morning seems to be more of a waste than a quality, tobacco-inspired wake up call. The palette for most people just isn't ready for all of that flavor in the morning so mild smokes are a much better choice.

For a fantastic assortment of mild, morning smokes, you can't go wrong with our Extra Mild Fourteen Sampler. True to its name, there are fourteen of the finest in mild cigars and each of them has a smooth, wonderfully mild finish. These aren't just any old sticks either but quality, premium brands like the Rocky Patel Autumn Collection, Alec Bradley Reserve, PDR 1878, Vintage Especiale, and others. This sampler is ideal if you are going on a two week cruise or other vacation, or visiting family for a couple of weeks. It's also perfect if you just want a set of fine sticks to smoke in the morning. However, once you start off the day with the sticks in this sampler, it might be tough to go back to smoking any other cigar in the early hours of the day!

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