What Are the Best Cigars?

Flor De Las Antillas Toro Sun GrownEvery aficionado is always on the lookout for the very best in cigars. Those of us who have been searching for premium cigars for many a year have realized that cigars of the highest quality tend to show certain characteristics lacking in other smokes. A few of the things to look for in high quality sticks include such factors as:

  • Rating: Although we can all give our personal ratings to every cigar we sample, it's worth it to pay attention to the opinions of the best cigar experts in the country. If someone who has tried and tested literally thousands of cigar brands says that a particular cigar merits a rating of 96, then that smoke is going to be one of the best you have ever had. At least that's what many aficionados have said about the 96 rated Flor de Antillas Toro Sun Grown.
  • Smoking experience: The very best in cigars are going to exhibit an excellent experience from start to finish. There isn't any waiting for the stick to show flavors with the best smokes because they taste wonderful with every draw. The 91 rated Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story is a good example of one such cigar.
  • Presentation: Although it's a combination of what's inside and outside that counts, the best in quality cigars are also going to look like works of art. They only use beautiful, flawless wrappers and are rolled by expert hands.

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Enjoy Free Shipping on Padron, Arturo Fuente, and Other Quality Cigars

When we buy quality cigars, we reward ourselves with the fine flavors of choice, carefully cured tobaccos, flawless wrappers, and an overall high quality cigar smoking experience. These are a few of the reasons why we strive to fill the humidor with cigars that have received ratings of 90 or more and why most of us would rather search for deals on premium cigars instead of just buying large numbers of cheap, everyday smokes. At the Thompson Online Cigar Store, yet another reason to buy top shelf cigars is because you won't have to pay a thing for shipping. While not every cigar at Thompson gets a pass on shipping costs, most of the premium brands do.

For example, if you feel like giving a good friend an absolutely beautiful sampler of five stunning Davidoff Robustos, buy it from Thompson Cigar and it gets shipped to your place for free. If the time has come to reward yourself with a box of 94 rated, super premium Padron 1964 Aniversario Torpedo Maduros, you won't have to pay an extra cent on shipping that box of treasures right to your front door. Likewise, if you need another box of fantastic Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story Torpedos, they get shipped to your place for free.

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Two Main Reasons for Buying Single Stick Cigars

TATUAJE COJONU 2012 SUMATRA TORO SINGLEWho says that cigars can only come in boxes or bundles? While that is the ideal way for purchasing everyday smokes, cigars for parties, and favorite brands, there are also better times for buying single sticks. We realize that purchasing singles sometimes works better than buying an entire box and show it with a large offering of premium single cigars. The following are the two main reasons why every aficionado should remember to buy single cigars at least once a month:

  • An affordable way of sampling rare, premium cigars: Many of the single sticks we offer are rare, high quality cigars that are hard to find in a box and if you do find that coveted cigar box, it's going to cost a lot. While buying the box would be ideal, it just might not be in your cigar budget this month or even any time this year. Instead of writing such fine cigars off for being too expensive, order them as single sticks. Just about anyone can afford to buy them as single cigars and it gives you the chance to experience, top-shelf, high rated smokes such as the Tatuaje Conoju 2012 Sumatra Toro.
  • Your deserve it: You should treat yourself to a very fine cigar on a regular basis. We aren't talking about a good everyday smoke either but premium, award winning, 90 plus rated cigars like an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Cameroon Perfecto. They help you live the good life and that should be the goal of every aficionado.

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Accompany a Good Book with a Good Cigar

HEMINGWAY SAMPLERFor some aficionados, sitting down to a good book can be nearly as relaxing as enjoying a high-rated smoke or playing 18 holes of golf on a gorgeous summer day. In all honesty, it would have to be a pretty darn good book to compare to teeing up on the greens but reading is a surefire way to stimulate the mind and provides a means of escape from worries and stress. Whereas some aficionados prefer to accompany that book with ice and a good Scotch, cigars are even better for appreciating well-written prose.

You can also match a cigar to your reading material. If you have a fishing-related book or magazine in your hands, a mild, Sumatra wrapped smoke will put you in that same sort of Zen-like frame of mind generated by wading into a creek in pursuit of wily trout. When reading the "Snows of Kilimanjaro" and other short stories by the adventurous Ernest Hemingway,  what better stick to light up than Arturo Fuente cigars of the same name?

Whether reading your daily copy of the Wall Street Journal, enjoying good fiction, or perusing a magazine, a good cigar is going to add depth to the experience.

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When a Short Story is all you have time for...

I've never been more grateful that so many makers of premium cigars have gotten into the smaller cigar market than I was this December, on vacation at my in-laws.Arturo Fuente Short Story

My wife's great-uncle tends to go big rather than small with his smokes, but he happened to have a batch of fresh Arturo Fuente Short Story cigars that had just arrived (they must have been a gift from someone, because they hadn't yet made it to the humidor). He smokes all the time, so his place has become the hangout where the adults feel more free to chain-smoke around the kids, and all of us parents of youngsters indulged.

Let me tell you, the Arturo Fuente Short Story cigars were perfect. Four inches of cigar is about as much as I had time to smoke before a small child had to be fished out of the pool because of chattering teeth or forced inside for time-out as a result of whacking another cousin. The combination of presents and desserts made everyone a little off-kilter, and calmness was a rare treat to find, so I needed some premium tobacco to maintain my sanity.

Obviously, Arturo Fuente cigars are nothing if not premium tobacco wrapped in something outstanding. The Cameroon wrapper is particularly nice here, combining with the Dominican long filler to create an outstanding cigar. Sure, it's not the biggest cigar in the world -- but who has time for that when there are children to chase around? This short story was all I had time for, and it was more than worth that time.

What is a stogie?

Most people use "stogie" and "cigar" as synonyms. Frankly, you could look at the content on this blog and note that I am often guilty of that myself. But in fact, historically the word "stogie" refers to a specific type of smoke, and has story that reveals a little slice of Americana.

"Stogie" is short for Conestoga, the name for the valley in Lancaster, Pa. that was a cigar-making hotbed back in the day, as well as the wagons that transported people across distances in the 19th century. Stogies generally have both ends clipped during the manufacturing process, making them cheaper to roll by machine, and therefore are usually cheaper to make and inexpensive to buy.

A typical stogie is short (less than 6.5 inches), with a ring gauge from 33 to 37. It's designed as something to be smoked on the run if need be, by folks who want both good tobacco and good value and don't have an hour to sit and marvel over their cigars.

Nowadays, stogie has taken on a couple of other connotations. As noted above, it's become a synonym for any cigar, and it's also specifically been used as a pejorative for a cheap or less-well-made cigar. Do me a favor, and don't use it in either of those contexts when making conversation. It sounds silly to refer to your full-size Arturo Fuente cigar as a "stogie" at the cigar lounge, and it's an insult to the fine makers of smaller, thinner cigars to assume that they are anything but fine smokes.


Could anything Hemingway be less than spectatular?

If you have quality cigars, you also want to make sure they are cared for properly. The Hemingway Executive Traveler Sampler takes both needs into account, combining 10 premium cigars with a travel case to put them in.Hemingway Executive Traveler Sampler

Each sampler comes with 10 Arturo Fuente Hemingway cigars: two Hemingway Classic cigars, two Hemingway Best Seller cigars, three Hemingway Signature cigars and three Hemingway Short Story cigars. That's 10 excellent sticks from Arturo Fuente, enough for several smoking sessions with friends and family.

Obviously you don't need me to go on too long about Arturo Fuente cigars and how good they are, because I've done it dozens of times here already, but especially when you're looking at options for gifts or special occasions it's critical to look at reliability. You know exactly what you're getting with a Fuente cigar, something excellent and hand-made that will be a pleasure to smoke. This is no exception.

Of course, unless you are lucky enough to live close to all your friends and family, odds are good that you have to travel to get to see them. That's where the travel case comes in. More than a simple holder, this is an aluminum travel humidor that will keep each cigar fresh until you're ready to light up.

Particularly around the holidays, this is a combination that is tough to beat. And at just around $80, it's a great price as well. And doesn't a good deal always make premium cigars taste even better?

Arturo Fuente's are a great smoke


I use the fuentes to relax and sit back in my chair outside and enjoy life to the fullest. My favorite is the "Short Story"

Bottomline: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


Pros: Great Flavor
Best Uses: Special Occasions
Describe Yourself: Special Occasion Smoker

Arturo Fuente Hemingway has long been a favorite among the smoking elite. Together with a 10 count aluminum case you will get to try 4 of the most prolific sizes in the Hemingway line. Inside you get 2 Classics, 3 Signatures, 2 Best Sellers, and 3 Short Stories. A total of 10 smokes with the case at an exceptional price. Buy now!


The best sample pack!!


Hemingways are the best that Fuente offers. What a great sampler pack, enjoy a short or long smoke any time, anywhere.

Bottomline: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


Pros: Easy To Light, Good Draw, Great Flavor, Undamaged Wrapper, Well Constructed
Best Uses: Events, Special Occasions
Describe Yourself: Aspiring Aficionado

Arturo Fuente Hemingway has long been a favorite among the smoking elite. Together with a 10 count aluminum case you will get to try 4 of the most prolific sizes in the Hemingway line. Inside you get 2 Classics, 3 Signatures, 2 Best Sellers, and 3 Short Stories. A total of 10 smokes with the case at an exceptional price. Buy now!


Arturo Fuente Best Seller

I have often heard people say that when you smoke an Arturo Fuente cigar, you're a Fuente smoker for life. Well, while I do - - and have, enjoyed everything Arturo Fuente, that statement never really felt truer to me than right now. I'm a full bodied cigar smoker who enjoys a churchill sized cigar, so naturally, I'm not the biggest fan of little cigars. However, when I lit up an Arturo Fuente Best Seller - - to my surprise - -  I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed the little cigar and how satisfying it was.

Nothing short of wonderful is a good start. While the Arturo Fuente Best Seller is a smaller cigar, it has an immense character that is not at all hindered by its size. Boasting an exceptionally smooth draw and an intriguing aroma that is extremely rich, this cigar produces an ample cloud of smoke and a nice white ash. When smoking this cigar, you're rewarded with mild spice, earthy notes, a hint of leather and a slight sweetness thanks to its delectable Cameroon wrapper. At roughly thirty to thirty-five minutes, this amazing cigar will leave you with the feeling of time very well spent.

If you enjoy a shorter smoke of twenty minutes also consider trying the Arturo Fuente Short Story as well. It is now easy for me to understand the highly coveted 93 rating given by Cigar Aficionado and why Arturo Fuente would name this cigar after a man like Ernest Hemingway. The Arturo Fuente Short Story and the Arturo Fuente Best Seller are two cigars I sincerely recommend for any cigar smoker, as they are of exceptional quality with a name and reputation unmatched in their industry.

The Hemingway Short Story by Arturo Fuente

"About the same time as we introduced the Hemingway Classic and Masterpiece (1988), my father wanted to develop something totally different, unseen in cigars. So we started fooling around with a very short cigar, which was only for our own personal use. That cigar became the Short Story." -Carlos Fuente, Jr.

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story became one of the most coveted sizes in the Hemingway series, the line dedicated to "The Old Man and the Sea" himself, Ernest Hemingway. The mild-medium bodied Dominican cigar is perfectly constructed with a golden Cameroon wrapper every palate is sure to enjoy. And the stubby and  look is enough to attract anyone's eye to it. This is no ordinary cigar. But it has become one of the most popular A-Fuente cigars available, especially among all of the smokers here at Thompson Cigar.

The Short Story is a 4 1/2" interpretation of the Perfecto shape. With a Cigar Aficionado rating of 91, this brilliant smoke is sure to be a big hit! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this unequaled smoking experience! Supplies are extremely limited.